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Murdered by the 'Nazis'? Children killed in Gaza by previous Israeli airstrikes

Two US congressmen were in Israel during the recent 'Hamas attack'

At least two members of congress were in Israel during the militant attack and were able to depart the country unharmed.

The UN agency for Palestinian refugees, UNRWA, said a school sheltering more than 225 Palestinians took a direct hit, according to the Associated Press.

Nineteen members of a single family killed in Israeli strikes on Gaza

Nineteen members of a family, including children, were killed as Israel rained missiles in the southern Gaza strip in retaliation against the Hamas militant group.

The waves of airstrikes has killed over 400 Palestinians so far, including dozens of women and children, health officials said on Sunday. There appeared to be several similar deadly airstrikes on crowded residential buildings.

Abu Quta, whose family was killed in the strike, told the Associated Press that there were no militants in his building.

“This is a safe house, with children and women,” he said.


Yes, Margaret, the War in Israel is Fake they all were.

 by Miles Mathis.

 Hamas conveniently flies into Jerusalem on motorized kites. . . because, you know, why not? The Gentiles will believe anything. 

They could have reported that Hamas rode in on tricycles and no one would have questioned it. Or if anyone did question it, Google would block them. 

 Hollywood east, I assume this is the usual Jewish theater. But we knew this was theater without even studying the pictures, since we already know Hamas is fake. Just like the PLO and all the other Arab organizations, it is a front for the Israeli army and was created by Mossad just for times like this.

As I say, Jews in turbans. For more proof of that, I send you back to my 2021 article by my writer-on-the-ground in Tel Aviv, Josh, who quotes mainstream Jewish sources admitting Hamas was created and funded by the Israeli Defense. He reminds us of the alleged founder of Hamas, Sheik Yassin: You have to laugh. A dead ringer for Jewish actor Christopher Lee. And remember what Gore Vidal taught us: Lee=Levi. 

Here's more horrific images from the Israel War: As you see, the carnage is incredible, with that little hooker wearing a bandage on her knee and running, that lady smiling because she is being groped by an Aryan dude, that guy tilted, and that smoke! Just offscreen children and grandmothers are being killed, held hostage, or made to watch American TV! 


UPDATE, Next day: More information continues to arrive, confirming this was all staged. That running girl in the last image was allegedly at a big peace party being held out in the desert— conveniently right on the Gaza border—and the parasailers were attacking this peace concert. Another prominent photo allegedly shows a girl dead in the back seat of a car, killed by a strawberry jam grenade, by the looks of it. Because that makes sense, right?

If you were Hamas, itching for revenge against Israel, you would target a bunch of kids at a peace party, and kill all their model girls: That's another model girl allegedly killed. Here is what we are being told. See if you find it believable at all. Hamas raped her, broke her limbs, killed her, they paraded around her naked dead body as they spat on her corpse and yelled "Allahu Akbar". Yeah, I bet. 

That's the video from the back of the pickup truck. Except that we are already getting confirmation this was all staged and that she was just an actress flown in for this part. To start with, we find she has an extensive previous photo and video presence online, indicating she is an actress. She has a bunch of spooky tattoos, including snakes, indicating she is bad news. I suspect her name given in the press Shani Louk/Luk isn't her real name. 

Within 24 hours the internet was littered with poorly written stories about her, like this. These stories appear to have been prewritten by agents who don't know how to write, using AI for help. In these stories, she is anywhere from 22 to 30. Her mother Ricarda Louk is quoted saying she was 22, while her cousin Tom Weintraub is quoted saying she was 30.

Weintraub is identified as both male and female, as Tom and Tomasina. And another problem. I have just looked at dozens of photos and videos of Shani Louk posted online, and I don't see a match to the death photo. We are told friends and family identified her by the leg tattoos, but Louk's leg tattoos go all the way around her leg, and are dark and obvious. 

In the video, the tats looked CGI'ed in later, and they are blurry, light, and don't go all the way around the leg. 

If you have the stomach to look more closely, you see why this is: that thing in the film isn't a person, it is a dummy made to look like Louk with dreads. All the limbs are bent backwards like they are rubber—which they are. As usual, we can't see her face, so there is no way to truly identify her. To answer that, we are told all her limbs were broken by these guys, but that isn't how broken limbs look. That is how rubber dummy limbs look. If these guys had completely broken her knee joints, you would see bones poking out and bruises and blood. All you see is pristine rubber knees.

If you don't believe me, ask your surgeon if that looks real. Plus, remember this recent paper, where I showed you how realistic these female mannequins/sex dolls have become. In a blurry video like this, you literally could not tell the difference. Here's another problem no one is mentioning. This video had to have been shot by Hamas, but there is no way those guys are going to appear by face in video and then allow it to be posted online worldwide. 

If any of this were real, it would just be asking Mossad to find you, torture you, and kill your whole family, including all pets. So all these guys are also actors. This whole thing was staged. Israel has now released the names of 42 of these young female models/actresses that are supposedly missing: Not surprisingly, several of them are Kohens. Even stranger, the site posting them,, has since scrubbed 9 of them, including the Kohens, taking us down to. . . 33. If that is because they were already found safe, it means 1/6th were found safe in the first few hours, meaning they weren't too careful compiling this list. What are the odd


At 9 October 2023 at 00:55 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is the answer 'Yes'. To the above by Miles Mathis (lol). Miles can clearly see through this rubbish as clear as day.

To be fair, however, he did better than I did. He at least looked at some of the material and details surrounding the event. My personal research went as far as seeing 1 picture of a paraglider and then not opening a newspaper, switching on TV, looking at the internet. Until the fake rubbish starts to filter away.

Should be okay in about a week before we get some new fake rubbish. He needs to be careful though. After the paraglider attack, a tricycle might actually be used (putting him in the spotlight as a potential collaborator).

It just gets sillier and sillier. On a serious note, however, the consequences for the poor, long suffering unarmed civilians in Palestine is another matter entirely.

At 9 October 2023 at 01:27 , Anonymous Anonymous said...


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