Sunday 8 October 2023

'The House Of Saud: Its Jewish Origin'

The Jerusalem Post
Saudi rulers descend from Jews 


'Ibn Saud, who founded the Saudi dynasty, was of Jewish origin...

'Ibn Saud is actually descended from Mordechai bin Ibrahim bin Mushi, a Jewish merchant from Basra.'

Unknown commented on "FALSE FLAG ATTACK ON ISRAEL?"

The House Of Saud: Its Jewish Origin And Installation By The British Crown.

The following exposés provide essential material regarding the true origin of the House of Saud, as well as vital background about the current monarchy ruling Saudi Arabia.


At 9 October 2023 at 04:58 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ah well, I'm sure every Jew will sign a document confirming that the Jewish race is in no way superior to non-Jews, especially since they've let thousands over the centuries 'become Jews' upon payment of indulgences. We can get Muslims to sign an identical document. We'll do this in Britain because we have a zero tolerance of racism and it is indubitably racist for either Jews or Muslims to consider non-adherents to be inferior in any way. If they won't sign it, they can have 28 days to leave or else.....


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