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Ghislaine Maxwell - Jewish Wizardry

Reported kidnapper of Madeleine McCann and Ghislaine Maxwell

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Artwork owned by ‘far-right devotee of Jewish wizardry’, Ghislaine Maxwell -

Ghislaine Maxwell at Stowe School, mentioned by child abuse whistleblower Nick.

If Ghislaine is in prison - Ghislaine Maxwell “has registered Judaism as her religion and therefore receives kosher food, access to a rabbi, and time off work on the Shabbat.”

JonBenét Ramsey and Ghislaine?

“Those familiar with the Maxwell family history won’t be shocked that Ms Maxwell is quoted calling the [gentile] girls ‘trash’ …

“the dismissal of otherness [non Jews] is characteristic of a wide circuit of those affiliated ideologically, politically and spiritually with Zion …”

Andrew Tate, Miles Sonkin,


In June 2023, ANDREW Tate was charged in Romania with rape, human trafficking and organising a crime group (War Room) to sexually exploit women. 

Miles Sonkin, an associate of Andrew Tate's, has been described by the BBC as Tate's War Room's "true leader and intellectual driving force".

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1. “The BBC published details … that suggest the trafficking operation was led not by [Andrew Tate] but by a Chicago native called MILES SONKIN …”

2.MILES SONKIN “was born in Chicago, Illinois, in 1961 and is alleged to have been a member of two alleged former cults.”

“It is believed SONKIN and Tate met in 2018, not long before Tate began selling his own courses and the War Room was started in 2019.”

3. “Sonkin is a grey-bearded self-styled HYPNOTIST - or 'WIZARD' - who calls himself Iggy Semmelweis after a 19th-century Hungarian physician … [He] developed an interest in the FAR-RIGHT in the 2000s.”

4. SONKIN, a/k/a Iggy Semmelweis, “also goes by the name Shi Yan Hui”

5. SONKIN now lives in Los Angeles —BBC.

6.“Sonkin Name Meaning:

JEWISH (from Belarus): metronymic from the Yiddish female personal name Sonke derived from an East Slavic pet form of Sofiya an equivalent of Sophie.”

Source: Dictionary of American Family Names 2nd edition, 2022

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An earlier ‘far-right Jewish wizard’

BAE in Ukraine - Weinstock - Israel - Diana

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British arms maker BAE Systems sets up in Ukraine

“The British defence company BAE Systems is setting up a local entity in Ukraine and has signed deals with its government to help ramp its supply of weapons …

“… BAE has manufactured much of the equipment that Britain and other governments have provided to Ukraine …

“BAE, which has benefited from increased defence spending as a result of the conflict, is already providing training and repair services to Ukraine’s armed forces …”

“BAE Systems supplies the Israeli military with a wide variety of weapons … 

"For years, these weapons have repeatedly been used against Palestinian civilians, resulting in numerous casualties as well as mass destruction of homes and civilian infrastructure …. These attacks include war crimes ….”

“A great deal of BAE’s muscle as a defence contractor was inherited from LORD WEINSTOCK”

During the Six-Day War in 1967, Weinstock “asked the leaders of the Joint Israel Appeal what he could do to help”. 

Weinstock “was put in touch with the Israelis and arrangements were made for a covert shipment of vital arms supplies to the Jewish state.”

“It is no coincidence that the [former] chief executive of BAE, Ian King [2008-2017], was a WEINSTOCK PROTEGE …”

SIR RIGER CARR has served as the Chairman of BaE since 2014. He has simultaneously served as Chairman of English National Ballet (from 2018).

From July 1995 to June 1997, English National Ballet boasted of Peter Mandelson as a non-executive director.

During this period of Mandelson’s involvement, Diana, Princess of Wales, served as the ENB’s Honorary Patron.

At an English National Ballet luncheon on August 28 1996, Peter Mandelson and Princess Diana were spotted engaged in conversation.

Mandelson then resigned from the board of English National Ballet on June 6 1997, having served less than two years.

A few weeks later, on August 31 1997, Princess Diana was ‘unlawfully killed’ in a Paris tunnel.

It is unknown if Diana’s alleged knowledge of a VIP paedophile ring (or indeed her campaigning against British landmines) played a role in her unlawful death. Equally unclear is whether Jeffrey Epstein’s friend Lord Mandelson has any knowledge of what really transpired on that fateful day in Paris.

The following year, 1998, Sir Richard ‘Dick’ Evans was appointed Chairman of BaE, succeeding Bob Bauman.

“Evans has also been elected an Honorary Member of the NSPCC Council.”



JPMorgan processed more than $1 billion for Epstein, US Virgin Islands says

Food Capital

Castle Douglas


Lost Glasgow group
John Mc Quillan · ·

I just really remember the Glasgow I grew up in. The supposed hardships we went through never seemed like that to us. It was our home and our environment. We never knew we were poor because there were poorer people than us. 

I remember a little boy with dark red hair and a pale face and his coat buttoned up to the neck and he invited me to his house.

I stepped in and it was one room and not a stick of furniture.

And his mother was lying on the floor ill and her face was as pale as her son's. 

She had a blanket on her and she raised her head and smiled at me and welcomed me. Now there was real poverty. 

We lived in a slum but we had a recess bed. Of course we never had a toilet or a bathroom etc and there was 5 of us but my dad had a job. 

I realised how lucky we were when I saw how that mother and her child lived. This would be about 1949 and I was 10 years old.

Grant Shapps - Defence Secretary


Grant Shapps, who is Jewish, appointed UK's new defence secretary, Downing Street says



And they made this man the Religion Editor! Martin Bashir is accused of preying on grieving parents, lying and crude sex jokes, write MARK HOOKHAM and ADAM LUCK

Martin Bashir made his name by persuading reclusive stars to bare their souls and in doing so secured some of the most sensational scoops of his generation.

But the once feted journalist now faces an inquiry into claims by Earl Spencer that he landed his historic 1995 interview with Princess Diana through 'sheer dishonesty'.

Despite a swirl of controversy around the 57-year-old dating back decades, the BBC sought fit to appoint him to the high-profile role of Religion Editor in 2016.

But over the years Mr Bashir has been accused of 'preying on the vulnerable', using techniques in a string of stories which could – and arguably should – have set alarm bells ringing at the Corporation.

Martin Bashir (pictured in 2019) made his name by persuading reclusive stars to bare their souls and in doing so secured some of the most sensational scoops of his generation

To secure a bombshell interview with Michael Jackson in 2003, Mr Bashir allegedly promised the singer that he would organise a trip for the pop star and the then UN Secretary General Kofi Annan to Africa to help children suffering from AIDS, court transcripts claim.

The TV presenter's sensational documentary Living With Michael Jackson attracted worldwide publicity after Jackson's admission that he shared his bed with children.

Yet Jackson maintained he had been duped. Two years later, during the pop star's trial for alleged child abuse and extortion, Mr Bashir faced intense questioning over his conduct.

Citing California's 'shield law' which protects journalists who refuse to answer questions about their sources or newsgathering, Mr Bashir blanked a series of questions from Jackson's lawyer.

'You told him [Jackson] that you were going to arrange a meeting with Kofi Annan… and would plan a trip to Africa with Mr Jackson and Kofi Annan to help African children with AIDS?' asked the lawyer. 

To secure a bombshell interview with Michael Jackson in 2003 (pictured), Mr Bashir allegedly promised the singer that he would organise a trip for the pop star and the then UN Secretary General Kofi Annan to Africa to help children suffering from AIDS, court transcripts claim

Asked by the judge if he wished to answer, Mr Bashir replied: 'I don't, your honour.'

Jackson, who died in 2009, was found not guilty on all 14 counts against him. In 2006, Mr Bashir denied that he had given the singer any assurances. 'He wasn't promised anything,' he insisted.

In 1991, Mr Bashir was working with award-winning reporter Eileen Fairweather on a possible documentary into the 'Babes in the Wood' double murders for the BBC's Public Eye programme.

Five years earlier, Karen Hadaway and Nicola Fellows, both nine, had been found murdered in a park near their homes in Brighton.

Ms Fairweather had met Karen's bereaved mother Michelle and persuaded her to speak to Mr Bashir.
Martin Bashir suggests someone should 's**t' in Palin's mouth

At the end of a three-hour meeting, Mr Bashir made a highly unusual offer – the BBC would pay for Karen's bloodied clothes to be DNA tested in a fresh bid to catch the killer.

'Michelle took us out to the garage and the bloodstained clothes were still in a police evidence bag,' recalled Ms Fairweather. 

'Martin took them away. I was very surprised. He got in the car and that was the last I ever saw of him. I was shoved off the programme. It was never made.' 

The clothes, including a sweatshirt, T-shirt, vest and knickers, were never returned. In 2004, Karen's family produced a receipt from Mr Bashir for the clothes, but he said he could not recall meeting them or taking the items.

'He raised their hopes,' Ms Fairweather said last night. 'Journalism is a rough old trade but you don't do that to bereaved parents.'

Martin Bashir’s interview in 1999 with the five men suspected in the murder of Stephen Lawrence won a coveted Royal Television Society award, but the programme provoked controversy

Martin Bashir's interview in 1999 with the five men suspected in the murder of Stephen Lawrence won a coveted Royal Television Society award, but the programme provoked controversy

Mr Bashir's interview in 1999 with the five men suspected in the murder of Stephen Lawrence won a coveted Royal Television Society award, but the programme provoked controversy. 

The Mail on Sunday revealed that Granada TV paid for Luke Knight, Gary Dobson, David Norris, Jamie Acourt and his brother Neil to be given a two-week holiday in a £900-a-week Victorian farmhouse in Scotland after their interviews were broadcast on the Tonight With Trevor McDonald programme. 

At the time, Granada said it made the arrangement on police advice.

A couple of years later, Mr Bashir 'misled' the father of a runaway child prodigy to secure an interview, the Broadcasting Standards Commission ruled. 

Sufiah Yusof, a maths genius, went to Oxford aged 13 but ran away two years later, claiming her parents had put too much pressure on her. 

She was found safe and well after two weeks and Mr Bashir was the first journalist to gain an interview with the family. 

Her father Farooq took part in an episode of Tonight shown in 2001, but the BSC found that the team 'lulled' him into a false belief about the content of the programme.

Graham Baldwin of Catalyst Counselling, a charity that helped Mr Yusof, said: 'We were approached by Martin Bashir who said he would help my client find his daughter and expose the authorities for the way they had treated his family. 

But Mr Yusof became suspicious and recorded his conversation with Bashir.' In fact, the film was highly critical of Mr Yusof. The BSC later ruled that he had been treated unfairly.
Inside story of Princess Diana interview revealed in new documentary

Four years after the Jackson interview, Mr Bashir was suspended from ABC's Nightline programme for crude remarks during a speech to Asian-American journalists.

He told the audience that he was 'happy to be in the midst of so many Asian babes', adding: 'In fact, I'm happy that the podium covers me from the waist down'.

Two years later, he joined MSNBC but resigned in 2013 after comments he made about US politician Sarah Palin caused uproar.

Mr Bashir described her as 'America's resident dunce', before suggesting that someone ought to defecate in her mouth.

Despite that, he was rehired by the BBC in 2016. Last night, a Corporation spokesman said: 'The post was filled after a competitive interview process.'

But Clare Kirby, the solicitor who represented Mr Yusof in his 2003 complaint, said: 'Martin Bashir is someone who preys on people at their lowest and most vulnerable. The BBC knew this and yet saw fit to employ him in a senior post. 

'What makes me even more angry is that he is the religion editor. It raises serious questions about the judgment of the BBC.' 

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Trump. Obama. Hawaii - Governor . Zelensky

Trump inflated his net worth by $2.2 BILLION in a year, New York's Attorney General claims in latest filing in $250 million civil lawsuit

Donald Trump regularly overstated his personal net work - sometimes by more than $2 billion - when he was actually worth far less, court filings from New York Attorney General Letitia James revealed.


Tucker Carlson claims Barack Obama enjoyed .... but that nobody reported it ahead of 2008 election


Lee White, 58, posted photos from the capital of the African nation hours before the military said it had seized power. He was a senior minister in the cabinet of deposed president Ali Bongo.




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71-year-old Ukrainian in Germany for NATO combat training

'Financial Times identified a 71-year-old Ukrainian in the ranks of the NATO-sponsored training program

Ukraine's military in its social media posts has even admitted that retirees are increasingly showing up in their ranks and on the battlefield...

"In their 50s, 60s & beyond, these Ukrainian soldiers defy their advanced age by carrying out combat missions with dedication."'

Meanwhile for the elderly in Zelensky's family

His own parents have the newly-bought $8 million luxury home in Rishpon Israel

And now Zelensky's mother-in-law Olga Kiyashko is reported to have been able to purchase a $4.85 million villa in the luxury El Gouna estate off the Red Sea in Egypt

villa photo

Cringletie, John Buchan

'Not many people had the tenacity of John Buchan, whose love of Peebles, where he spent his childhood holidays with his grandparents, was so visceral that he ended up standing as a prospective Tory MP here.

'That he lost to the Liberals didn’t seem to dim his ardour for this Scottish Borders town, the surroundings of which are the setting for the most famous of his Richard Hannay novels: The Thirty-Nine Steps.'

Discovering lasagne pies in Peebles in Scotland
Rob Crossan finds that there's a 'jollity' to the Scottish Borders town of Peebles. He stays at Cringletie, a 19th-century hotel surrounded by 'brooding woodland'.



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Mountbatten killed by CIA ?

'In a controversial speech in Strasbourg in 1979, Mountbatten suggested that nuclear arms had no military purpose.

'He questioned the opposition to arms limitation talks.'

The Deep State (the CIA and its friends) may have wanted Mountbatten dead.

'Enoch Powell argued, citing a source in the Northern Ireland police, that the CIA killed Mountbatten.

'An Irish criminal, Patrick Holland, claimed that the UK security services killed Mountbatten, because of a deep rooted secret Mountbatten knew about the royal family'

Document:The CIA and Mountbatten - Wikispooks


'In The Mountbattens: Their Lives and Loves - Anthony Daly, a rent boy to the rich and famous during the 1970s - claims Dickie’s friend Tom Driberg, told him that “Mountbatten had something of a fetish for uniforms ... beautiful boys in school uniform”.

'Ron Perks, Mountbatten’s driver in Malta in 1948, also told author Lownie he often took him to the Red House near Rabat, which “was an upmarket gay brothel used by senior naval officers”.'

Inside Lord Mountbatten & Edwina's 'bed-hopping' marriage

'My rapist drugged me, took photos and blackmailed me 

'Anthony Daly moved to London, taking all he possessed in a small suitcase.

'He was raped by Charles Hornby, a wealthy, upper-class socialite who worked at Lloyd’s of London and owned a large estate in Gloucestershire.'

'‘Charles offered me the chance to meet some very wealthy and powerful people in his social circle and to make a lot of money as a male escort,’ Tony remembers.

'Soon after that the threats and the blackmail started.

'‘They said they could see to it that an accident would befall a member of my family back in Derry,’ he reveals...

'‘They gave me a choice – I could either go to parties and entertain clients, or I would find myself in a police cell, having a terrorist confession kicked out of me, and end up in prison, possibly for the rest of my life.’

'Tony was delivered to a party that weekend, where he had been ‘pre-booked’ by one of the guests, who happened to be a Member of Parliament.

'One of Tony’s most disturbing memories is at a party he was taken to where he witnessed a group of paedophiles sexually abuse two young brothers.

'He was beaten unconscious when he tried to stop them.

'I soon found myself being offered exclusively to the upper echelons of society.'

'I was wined and dined in the finest hotels and restaurants in London and bedded by the city’s elite – businessmen from the world of finance, retail, publishing and bookselling, and men from academia and politics.'

'I also had sex with a theatrical set designer who went on to become one of the country’s most famous avant-garde film directors.’

'It was a city rotten to the core with police corruption, corruption in business and in politics, and, worse, the corruption of youth.'

Queen Elizabeth's close friends?

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Queen's decision to strip Prince Andrew of his HRH title was her 'final gesture of self-sacrifice'

No doubt the ‘self-sacrificing’ late queen didn’t want the nation she so-loved and so-cherished to ‘miss out’ on the benefits bestowed on British society by:

(1) Her equerry Commander Michael Trestrail


(Commander Trestrail, who served as Queen's Elizabeth II personal bodyguard for 16 years, was forced to resign in 1982 over revelations by British newspapers about his frequent sexual relations with a male prostitute.)

(2) Her art surveyor Anthony Blunt

Both Trestrail and Blunt allegedly raped boys at the Elm Guest House child brothel in London. 

Blunt also has been linked to the rape of boys from Kincora boys’ home in Belfast: part of the same Anglo-Irish circuit around which boys in the care system were trafficked;

(3) Her relation Lord Mountbatten, whom Elizabeth II must have known was part of the same Anglo-Irish VIP pedophile network as Anthony Blunt: allegedly raping boys from Kincora and elsewhere; and who introduced Sir Jimmy Savile (a fixer and blackmailer allied to the network who was pals with Elm Guest House owner Haroon Kasir) to Princes Philip, Charles and Andrew, and their respective wives;

(4) One of her private solicitors, the subject of devastating allegations recorded by psychiatrist Dr. Joan Coleman in 2008 that he was involved with a group which practiced ritual sexual abuse and murder;

(5) Her cousin, the Earl of Strathmore, Simon Bowes-Lyon, who was jailed for 10 months for forcing his way into the bedroom of a victim during a weekend event he was hosting at Glamis Castle, repeatedly assaulting her;

(6) Her favoured butler, Nicholas Greaves, who was jailed for two years “for a catalogue of sick child porn charges” committed ***while he was working directly for her***;

(7) Her chaplain, ‘Ronnie’ Selby Wright, the subject of a Sunday Times article “citing the private diaries of an unnamed deceased member of an upper class Scottish family, [claiming] that Wright was a persistent paedophile”;

(8) Her adviser Lord Justice Fulford, whom The Mail on Sunday said was a founder member of a campaign to defend the Paedophile Information Exchange (PIE).


The late queen gave up so much for Britain? No, not a bit of it.

In point of fact, for half a century or more, the late queen allegedly 'strategically ‘permitted’ a significant number of her near relations and servants to traffic and/or sexually abuse and/or rape Britain’s children in order to be surveilled doing so by Intel assets for purposes of assemblage of Control Files beloved by Mossad, the CIA, MI5/6, or factions and offshoots thereof, ‘rogue’ or otherwise.'

Some speculate that this was - and remains - the wicked ‘fee’ that a certain Zionist family demands of the Mountbatten-Windsors in each generation, in return for allowing this family  to remain in their extraordinary positions and wealth. (This particular Zionist family could depose the British monarchy and most Western leaders within a month if it so chose).

And queenie and Philip willingly paid the price. And now Charles and Camila pay it. Indeed, they pay it happily with a smile and a laugh. (One need only examine a list of those with whom this disgusting pair have agreed to spend past holidays.)