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“Friends of the Israel Defense Forces (FIDF) raised a record $53.8 million at its annual Western Region Gala on Thursday, Nov. 2 at the landmark Beverly Hilton Hotel … Celebrity guests included … PAUL REUBENS …”

Paul Reubens’ father was a founding pilot of the Israeli Air Force.

Paul Reubens was arrested for m..... in a porn cinema in 1991

Paul Reubens portrayed a rapist and killer in the film South of Heaven, West of Hell in 2000

Pail Reubens featured alongside fellow entertainer Elton John in the singer’s music video for This Train Don't Stop There Anymore. While on set, Reubens was told that police had entered his home with a search warrant to look for child p....... Images seized were so characterized by the city attorney’s office.

Child p..... charges were subsequently dropped in exchange for Reubens's guilty plea to a lesser misdemeanor obscenity charge. He received three years’ probation and was registered as a s.. offender. Reubens’ celebrity defenders included Joan Rivers and Bill Cosby.

In later years Rivers would argue that Palestinians “deserve to be dead”. Bill Cosby would be accused of dru ..... more than 60 individuals.

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Reubens appears in the photograph with friends Elton John, Joan Rivers, and Jewish rock singer and apparent satanist David Lee Roth. According to @TimOfLegend:

"Yankee Rose is a song by David Lee Roth, but it's also the last [phrase] Anton LaVay wrote in the Satanic Bible …”

NIGER - Putin v. US


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Another flashpoint for larger war - the coup in Niger

Niger is where France sources much of its uranium for its nuclear power plants

France and the USA are reportedly preparing military intervention to safeguard France's uranium and to defeat Russian / Chinese influence.

Russia may send in Prigozhin's Wagner to assist the Niger military against NATO invasion

The military group that has taken power in Niger's capital Niamey, is more pro-Russian and against what it feels is an exploitation history by France and Europe ... and there is significant popular support for Russia against the West as well

They may seek to nationalise the uranium and gold mines and demand better deals for Niger from France


Protestors have stormed the French embassy.

'Pro-coup protesters in Niger shout ‘long live Putin’ as new leaders face calls to cede power'

French-US military intervention would be under cover of the pro-western Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) led by Nigeria.

From Twitter & Telegram:

'Roughly what is happening in Ukraine, but in reverse.

French nuclear power plants rely heavily on uranium supplies from Niger - 35%. It’s mined by a French company called Orano.

France is preparing to invade the country with the Americans. Delivery of weapons and soldiers is possible only by air.

PMC Wagner is very likely to go to Niger. NATO transports will be shot down.'


Anonymous -

'Mali and Burkina Faso says that they will go to war alongside the coup leaders in Niger' against the Western powers in the event of an invasion

Faytuks News

A Certain Mafia? can reveal a trove of evidence that shows Hunter's potential foreign influence violations that span China, Russia, Ukraine, Mexico on day ex-partner Devon Archer is set to testify.

Has a certain Mafia taken over? 

Commander Julian Bennett, who has served in the Met since 1976, is said to have regular smoked week, leaving the flat resembling 'an Amsterdam coffee shop'.

John Stringer, 41, from Cardiff, is charged with five offences against the girl which allegedly took place over almost two years between December 2019 and July 2021.

Sue Arnold's son Jonathan was 'the head of the crime group' who used a furniture removal business as a front for a drugs empire which saw a 'colossal' amount of cocaine.


UK Column News - 31st July 2023



Gonzalo Lira

1 Jun 2023 — US citizen Gonzalo Lira faces a long prison term in Ukraine for criticizing the country's government. Shunned by the US government, his father ...

Stranraer Show 2023

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Australia - US or European choppers - China

'Australia to buy $1.3 billion fleet of US-made choppers as navy dumps troubled European-made MRH-90 Taipans' (October 2021)

An MRH-90 Taipan helicopter 

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July 2023 -

4 dead in $50,000 p/hr MRH-90 Taipan helicopter crash. 

Talisman Sabre Australian war games on hold. 

What was the 'war game zone'? 

Who was the MRH-90 Taipan helicopter "dropping off" at 11 pm near Hamilton Island A list tourist resort? 

$1.3 biln US replacement helicopter deal now on fast track as part of the AUKUS deal? 

4 dead - what incentive to ratify that Aust/US new helicopter deal, when the delay was in part due to Blackhawk replacement helicopter being useless in a war with China. 

The motive for all war games is CHINA, which is Australia's # 1 trading partner. 

Also 240 Germans participating & the Japanese have fired 12 anti-ship missiles in Talisman Sabre exercise in Australia. Where is the logic. 

WWII both Germany & Japan committed the worst war crimes whilst China was an ally. Losing 2 million of their military in ops. such as the Flying Tigers. see:




Wagner, Belarus, Poland

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Yet another pretext for a war-inciting false flag event in Poland soon

Polish Prime Minister says some of Prigozhin's Wagner forces in Belarus are moving toward Poland and the Suwalki gap ... and he warns of Wagner infiltrating Poland and possibly able to do terror attacks inside Poland

Many of the millions of Ukrainian migrants in Poland have Russian (not Ukrainian) as their native language, so Wagner 'undercover agents' posing as Ukrainians couldn't be identified just by speech or appearance ... US-NATO bases in Poland can easily source a false flag blaming 'Wagner terrorists' who may be entirely mythical

Polish news:

'Wagner forces in Belarus have moved towards Suwałki Gap for “hybrid attack on Poland”, says Polish Prime Minister Morawiecki

“The situation is becoming even more dangerous: We have information that over 100 mercenaries from the Wagner Group have moved towards the Suwałki Gap, near Grodno in Belarus,” he said.

“This is certainly a step towards a further hybrid attack on Polish territory,” said the prime minister. “Presumably, they will also try to infiltrate Poland, pretending to be illegal immigrants, they will try to pass through, penetrate."

Morawiecki warned that “Wagner’s troops are ruthless criminals, often recruited from prisons ... They are ruthless killers, as they have shown in Africa, in the Middle East, in Ukraine,” he continued. “Now they are on the borders of Poland.”'

'Remedy Film'

No more 'school runs'.

Keep the local schools going.

Taxis should not be used for 'school runs'.


'EXCLUSIVE: An office above a playschool in a Birmingham industrial park was at the centre of a multi-million pound investigation at Britain's biggest council.'

DEBANKING. LLOYDS BANK - Charlie Nunn, Robin Budenberg

The number of accounts being closed has ballooned in recent years from under 50,000 in 2016 to almost 350,000 last year.


Robin Budenberg is the Chairman of Lloyds Bank

Bilderberg  Attendees

 Robin Budenberg as head of the UK governmental body that oversaw the bailouts ...

Charlie Nunn

Charlie Nunn - Chief Executive at Lloyds Banking Group

'To mark #HolocaustMemorialDay, earlier this week I was privileged to join colleagues in welcoming Mala Tribich MBE into our offices to hear her experience as a Holocaust survivor.

'I’d like to share some of her incredible story here with you all.

Mala was born in Poland and had just turned nine when Nazi Germany took control of the country. Mala spent several years living away from her family in hiding and trying to pass as a Christian child, she later returned to her home in the Jewish Ghetto where she became a slave labourer. In 1944, Mala was deported to Ravensbrück concentration camp before being transported to Bergen-Belsen camp a few months later where she stayed until it was liberated by the British Army in April 1945...

I am so pleased that nearly 1,000 colleagues were able to hear Mala’s story, and I hope we can enable more people to hear Mala’s voice as when you listen to a witness, you become a witness.

A huge thank you to Karen Pollock CBE and her team from the Holocaust Educational Trust, Stephen Shelley for hosting the session, and to the Lloyds Banking Group Jewish Network and Inclusion & Diversity team for organising it.

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Do you Nazi the plan? Spiralling Sick Leave.


Spiralling sick leave as 36% of working-age people have a long-term health condition

Figures published by the Office for National Statistics (ONS) revealed there were more than 2.5 million people not working due to ill health in the first three months of 2023.

Anonymous -

UK Home Office secretly backs facial recognition technology

The 15-minute city is a working-class nightmare

Universal basic income to be trialled in England

Sweden is ditching cash

All headlines from the last few weeks.

1. Facial recognition.

2. Restrictions on movement with recurring lockdowns.

3. Universal basic income.

4. Cash abolished.

To coin a phrase, do you Nazi the plan?

What’s in the Pfizer Documents? | Naomi Wolf

Friday 28 July 2023

UKRAINE - drugs, trafficking, organs


UK Column News - 28th July 2023

RT: Ukraine: Drug testing ground 

As Ukrainian troops retreat, Russian forces discover that Ukrainian trenches are littered with syringes and unmarked pills.

GOV.UK: Foreign Secretary speech at the United Nations Security Council 17 July 2023

Save Ukraine: Home page

Mint Press: The Finders: CIA ties to child sex cult obscured as coverage goes from sensationalism to silence

Foundation to Battle Injustice: Foundation to battle injustice found exclusive evidence of trafficking disabled Ukrainian children in Spain

South Front: Legalized Sale Of Children For “Spare Parts” And Ukrainian Justice: Why Did Court Release Transcarpathian Child Trafficker?

Eva K Bartlet: Artyomovsk [Bakhmut] Refugees Speak of Ukraine's "White Angels" Abducting Children

Obama's chef , Tafari Campbell, Larry Sinclair, Anne Dunham, Indonesia...


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Spooky death of Barack Obama's chef , Tafari Campbell, in a shallow pond near Obama's estate in Martha's Vineyard island, Massachusetts

Numerous oddities and claims are emerging, and the official story has been changing

Allegedly this is a 'paddleboarding accident', in water said to be around 8 feet - less than 3 metres - deep ... even tho Cambell had been on social media discussing his swimming lessons in recent years

A 2nd 'someone' was also in the pond paddle-boarding, and 'tried to save Campbell' ... but the name is so far a police secret. Obama himself?

There was a story the emergency call came from the Obama residence.
There is another story the call came from two miles away

The police log for the area, lists the emergency calls of the day ... in every other case there is a standard police note about the reason for the call ... however the line is blank for the call re the Obama chef 'drowning'.

'Obama’s career was built on his relationships with generous Jewish contributors in Chicago.'

Photo of Tafari Campbell with the police log

'Tafari Campbell paddle boarding death riddle: Cops left call log reporting Obama private chef's drowning BLANK and said it came from 2 miles away - as they refuse to reveal who he was with on the water'.

'Tafari Campbell’s Death Mystery Deepens: Police Leave Call Log Detailing Obama’s Private Chef’s Drowning BLANK – Call was Made Two Miles from Obama’s Residence Contradicting Initial Report'.

Even stronger claims and suspicions have been voiced by 'CBK News' on Twitter, screenshots at links below

- That the hands and body of dead chef Campbell showed signs of defending himself 'body covered in small cuts and abrasions'.

- Obama's hand was seen bandaged after the death of the chef

- Obama was able to convince authorities to not do a full autopsy

A blogger, Dr Ann Kreilkamp, lists some of these claims along with wondering what is true or not, given we know little about 'CBK News'

There is a major previous public accusation, that a man allegedly Obama's gay lover, was murdered in order to help Obama become President in 2008

Larry Sinclair is a man who claims he had gay sex with Obama in the past, in 2009 he published a book.

'Barack Obama & Larry Sinclair: Cocaine, Sex, Lies & Murder'

'The 202-page book claims to be a “no-holds-barred, 100% true story” about Obama’s “homosexual affairs and the December 23, 2007 murder of Barack Obama’s former lover and choir director of Obama’s Chicago church of 20 years, Donald Young.”'

Obama's mother, Ann Dunham, at Borobudur in Indonesia in the early 1970s. 

While Obama was in Indonesia, 'around 1 million innocent Indonesians were murdered by the CIA'.

In Jakarta, the young Obama attended a school linked to international child ab... and child po.......

Obama has been very close to Penny Pritzker. 'The Pritzker family - which made its fortune through ownership of Hyatt hotels - had long ties to the CIA

Girl killed by Trump. 

Killing of Nora  

an eight-year-old American citizen who was killed on January 29, 2017



Giorgos Mahimaris, the mayor of North Corfu, told the state news agency APA-MPA that the fire was the result of arson.

He said he made the assessment after visiting three locations where fires broke out on Mount Pantokratoras. He said no properties were damaged in the blaze, which was attended by two helicopters and two firefighting planes.

Theofanis Skembris, deputy mayor of North Corfu, told the BBC the fire service believes the blazes were arson.

Greece: Wildfires on Corfu started by arsonists, officials claim

UK COLUMN NEWS - Ukraine - drugs, trafficking ...

UK Column News - 28th July 2023

RT: Ukraine: Drug testing ground 

As Ukrainian troops retreat, Russian forces discover that Ukrainian trenches are littered with syringes and unmarked pills.

GOV.UK: Foreign Secretary speech at the United Nations Security Council 17 July 2023

Save Ukraine: Home page

Mint Press: The Finders: CIA ties to child sex cult obscured as coverage goes from sensationalism to silence

Foundation to Battle Injustice: Foundation to battle injustice found exclusive evidence of trafficking disabled Ukrainian children in Spain

South Front: Legalized Sale Of Children For “Spare Parts” And Ukrainian Justice: Why Did Court Release Transcarpathian Child Trafficker?

Eva K Bartlet: Artyomovsk [Bakhmut] Refugees Speak of Ukraine's "White Angels" Abducting Children




www.vinmec.comGinger tea cleanses the lungs, right? - Vinmec

Some studies have shown that ginger extract can kill lung cancer cells. Therefore, one of the best ways to promote lung health and immunity is to drink ginger ...

16 Apr 2020 — One of the most widely used home remedies to cure cough and cold, ginger has been known for its anti-inflammatory properties, which helps in ...

Thursday 27 July 2023

Leaving the EU?


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Senior figures in Hungary now openly speak of leaving the EU, and Poland and others may follow

Jonathan Saxty in the Express documents how the EU has lost its lustre in some of the rest of Europe now, and the UK was just early in the curve

Easterners are weary of the battles with Brussels, and more and more in the East, think it's just better to leave

The prevailing idea in Hungary etc is to transit into the 'European Free Trade Association' or EFTA, along with Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland. Britain also was in EFTA during 1960-72.

EFTA countries follow many EU regulations, and allow other EFTA / EU citizens to apply for jobs and move in ... which the UK Brexit camp did not want to tolerate in Britain's 2016 decision, they wanted the 'total break'.

But EFTA countries are not chafing too much. Even tho all EU citizens can in theory move to Switzerland, in practice, to establish Swiss residency, you need to show you can either support yourself or be hired into a Swiss job.

And Switzerland will not be required to accept migrants which the EU will be 'distributing' across the core EU ... a major item leading Hungary and Poland to leave.


UK Column News - 26th July 2023

UK Column News - 26th July 2023

Greenmantle Ale , Fell Race

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There used to be an amazing Fell Race from Traquair House to Broughton called 'the Two Breweries': sponsored by Greenmantle Ale, it was memorable for the organiser advising runners 'not to drop down into Glen Sax, as you may get shot by stalkers!' 

The race had what is proverbially known as a 'sting in the tail' - the steepness of Trahenna Hill is sufficient to make tired legs cramp up! 

But at the finish, organisers included a plate of reviving chilli con carne and a few pints of Greenmantle prior to prizegiving. 

Many made a weekend of it, camping at Broughton on Friday and Saturday nights and utilising a race bus to get them round to the start on Saturday morning.

Hope the race still exists - it was a classic.


Frank Cohen.

2023 Berlin Fashion Show Was All About Mocking Christianity in the Trashiest Way Possible

During the 2023 Berlin Fashion Week, the brand Namilia presented its collection titled "In Loving Memory of My Sugar Daddy". It was a trashy, blasphemous mess...

Elite Pedophiles: Emmy award winner, James Meek, Former senior ABC News producer and senior counter-terrorism advisor to the U.S. House Committee on Homeland Security "convicted of possessing horrific child sexual abuse materials, including videos of infants being raped."

I think we know who dropped the booger sugar at the white house now lol

Liam Gallagher’s satanic alias: Singer called himself ‘Lou Cypher’ while on tour with Oasis

UNHINGED: Anthony Weiner Has a Meltdown When Asked About Clinton’s Kill List

A Comprehensive List of Food Companies and Products That Use Senomyx (Used Aborted Babies)

‘They Live’, Starring Roddy Piper, Returning To Theaters For 35th Anniversary

(Movie Theme) Pirates Of The Caribbean - Sungha Jung

Malcolm X assassination witness


An 84-year-old man who was present when Malcolm X was shot in 1965 revealed on Tuesday he had never been questioned by police, and said he believed the murder was a NYPD plot.

Wednesday 26 July 2023

Kevin Spacey found not guilty of sexually assaulting four men


The James Bond stories were inspired partly by the John Buchan Stories.

In John Buchan's Thirty Nine Steps, the hero Richard Hannay is up against an international Cabal.


The John Buchan Way is a walking route from Peebles to Broughton in the Scottish Borders, a distance of approximately 22 km (13 miles).


Walking the John Buchan Way: Broughton to Peebles - Fiona 

Cringletie - Hotel, Restaurant and Gardens - Peebles

John Buchan was in British army intelligence.

In London, John Buchan's Thirty Nine Steps, Richard Hannay comes in contact with Franklin P Scudder.

John Buchan - The Thirty-nine Steps.

Scudder was an American, from Kentucky.

According to Scudder:

Away behind all the Governments and the armies there was a big subterranean movement going on, engineered by very dangerous people. 

Most of the people in it were the sort of educated people that make revolutions, but beside them there were financiers who were playing for money. 

A clever man can make big profits on a falling market. 

According to Scudder:

The aim of the whole conspiracy was to get certain people at loggerheads.

Everything would be in the melting-pot, and they looked to see a new world emerge. 

The capitalists would rake in the shekels, and make fortunes by buying up wreckage. 

Capital, he said, had no conscience and no fatherland. 

Besides, the Jew was behind it. 

Glasgow - not much has changed.

According to Scudder:

The Jew is everywhere, but you have to go far down the backstairs to find him. 

Take any big business concern. 

If you have dealings with it the first man you meet is Prince von und zu Something, an elegant young man who talks Eton-and-Harrow English. 

But he cuts no ice. 

If your business is big, you get behind him and find a prognathous Westphalian with a retreating brow and the manners of a hog. 

But if you're on the biggest kind of job and are bound to get to the real boss, ten to one you are brought up against a little white-faced Jew in a bath-chair with an eye like a rattle-snake. 

Yes, sir, he is the man who is ruling the world just now.

British spy boss John Buchan wrote the spy novel Greenmantle in 1916.

In Greenmantle a shadowy Moslem figure threatens to spark an Islamic jihad.

This shadowy Moslem figure secretly works for the intelligence services.

"The Germans and their Turkish allies are plotting to cause a great uprising throughout the Muslim world, that will throw the whole of the Middle East, India and North Africa into turmoil..."

(Greenmantle - Wikipedia)


Who controls the prime ministers, presidents, police chiefs, spy chiefs, military generals, newspaper editors, TV bosses, trade union leaders, top civil servants, religious leaders, Islamist leaders and terrorist  jihadis?

Max von Oppenheim (above), of the Jewish banking family, had a plan to incite religious violence in various Moslem countries.

He described Islam as 'one of our most important weapons'.

His idea was to use Jihadis to advance a certain agenda.

Thus, spies were sent into Moslem countries, including Iraq, Afghanistan, Turkey and Iran.

Mullahs were bribed with large sums of money to get them to support Jihad.

Max von Oppenheim.

Of course Britain had the same idea, of using Moslems.

That was in 1914.

Fatwa and Jihad, promoted by Max von Oppenheim

During World War One, Germany used its Moslem prisoners of war to promote jihad.

"Muslim prisoners of war were used as pawns...

"Their duty was to deliver scripted lines in Arabic and Turkish promising the crowds that they would take the German jihad to North Africa."

Germany's Grand WW1 Jihad.

The leader of ISIS (Simon Elliot) with John McCainJAMES FOLEY FALSE FLAG FAKE

The Jewish bankers were not just friends of the Moslems; they were also friends of the Nazis.

American Ambassador in Berlin, William Dodd, wrote about Hitler's American and Jewish friends:

"One evening my wife visited Baron Eberhard von Oppenheim...

"Many German Nazis were present.

"It is said that Oppenheim gave the Nazi party 200,000 marks..."

Hitler's Secret Backers - / The rulers of the World are German

In real life, it is Mossad, MI6 and the CIA who control the shadowy Moslem figures.

Victor Rothschild, said to have controlled key British spies.

Anonymous comments:

The Oppenheim jihadi adventure is covered in McMeekin's Berlin to Baghdad Express account of German Middle East foreign policy up to WW1. 

McMeekin is a pro-Zionist writer so the fact that German intelligence was organized by the scion of a Jewish banking cartel goes unremarked.

Buchan in Greenmantle was a tad more forthright:

"The German has the poorest notion of psychology of any of God's creatures. 

"In Germany only the Jew can get outside himself and that is why, if you look into the matter, you will find that the Jew is at the back of most German enterprises."

Insidious psychological infiltration of host cultures which are vulnerable to the machinations of a hostile minority and international networking via the UN, CFR, the Rothschild fiat money scam et al are hallmarks of the Jewish crimes against humanity which are ongoing in Palestine, Iraq and Syria. 

Moreover the subversion is in plain sight now. 

The Project for the American Century is there for anyone to read.


Ian Fleming (1908 -1964), grandson of the banker Robert Fleming, wrote the James Bond novels.

In Dr No Bond meets Honeychile Rider whose bottom is "almost as firm and rounded as a boy's".

What do we know about the real Ian Fleming?

The source for most of the following is the excellent Ian Fleming -The Man Behind James Bond by Andrew Lycett.


1. William Plomer's Turbott Wolfe was published in 1925.

In this novel, the homosexual Plomer tackled gay relationships.

The teenage Ian Fleming was so impressed by Turbot Wolfe that he wrote a fan letter to the author.

Ian and the gay William Plomer became very close friends. (Lycett)

2. Ian Fleming attended Eton, the all boys private school. Some poems he wrote there are signed with the 'sexually ambiguous name Cary Anan'. (Lycett)

3. After Eton, Ian Fleming studied in Austria.

He decided to translate the text of Anja and Esther, a play by Klaus Mann, the homosexual son of Thomas Mann, the author of Death in Venice .

Anja and Esther was Ian's first publication. (Lycett)

Ian's favourite book was The Magic Mountain by Thomas Mann.

4. In Austria, Ian found that a number of young women threw themselves at him.

He wrote in his notebook about how these heterosexual couplings of Austrians with Anglo-Saxons could be 'so distasteful'.

Ian hiked in the Austrian hills with his male friends.

Sometimes they spent a couple of nights in Alpine huts. (Lycett)

5. In the summer of 1929 Ian and his mother were on holiday in Corsica. Ian met up with two homosexuals with whom he passed the time playing bridge. (Lycett)

6. Back in London, while strolling down Bond Street, Ian spotted, in the window of a bookshop, a book of poetry entitled Pansies.

Ian entered the bookshop to make enquiries about the book. (Lycett)

7. In 1935 Ian went to work as a stockbroker with the firm of Rowe and Pitman in London.

Lancy Hugh Smith, the firm's senior partner was a bachelor.

Lancy got on well with Ian who was good at charming older men.

One former colleague of Ian's described Ian as being 'a hell of a tart'. (Lycett)

8. In his late twenties, Ian was still living at home with his 'overbearing' mother.

Eventually he bought a central London flat. (Lycett)

9. One of Ian's female friends was Lady Mary Pakenham.

According to Lady Mary, Ian was feminine and nervous and he often had a look of melancholy and loss.

According to Lady Mary, "the average girl simply did not like him."

At parties, Ian would initiate a conversation with a put-down. (Lycett)

10. In some of Ian's erotic fantasies, there were schoolmistresses who whipped people.

According to Lycett, Ian had a large collection of books about flagellation. (Lycett)


11. During World War II, Ian worked for Naval Intelligence.

12. At this time, two of Ian's friends were Ann O'Neill, who strongly fancied Ian, and Sefton Delmer, an expert on black propaganda.

According to Ann, Delmer "rouses all Ian's brain mania, plus his sublimated homosexualism." (Lycett)

On the subject of marriage, Ian told a friend Peter Smithers: "I can't see anything in it for me." (Lycett)

Ian was eventually persuaded or manipulated into marrying Ann when he was aged 43. It was not a happy marriage.

13. One evening in London, in 1943, Ian stepped into a pub off Piccadilly and got talking to a stranger, who turned out to be the homosexual poet James Kirkup. Ian asked for Kirkup's address. (Lycett)

14. At a Christmas day party, in 1943, Ian gave each of the female guests a book of Verlaine's poems, with suitable passages marked by Ian.

Ann O'Neill found that her passage referred to lesbian love.

Paul Verlaine's poetry celebrates homosexuality. (Lycett)

15. One of Ian's American contacts was Lieutenant AlanSchneider of the US navy.

Ian told Schneider that "men were the only real human beings, the only ones he could be friends with." (Lycett)

16. Ian attended an Anglo-American naval conference in Jamaica.

He told his friend Ivar Bryce: "When we have won this blasted war, I am going to live in Jamaica ... and write books." (Lycett)

Jamaica was to become, for a time, a place that attracted many famous gay men, such as Ian's friend Noel Coward.

According to Ian, Kingston, the capital, "would provide you with every known amorous constellation and permutation." (Lycett)


16. Ian went to work for The Sunday Times as foreign manager. 

Many of the journalists he worked with, such as Antony Terryand Henry Brandon, had links to the intelligence services. 

According to Anthony Cavendish, a former British agent, the newspaper group for which Ian worked was happy to take on MI6 people as foreign correspondents. (Lycett).

17. In 1946, aged 38, Ian was smoking 70 cigarettes and drinking a bottle of gin each day. (Lycett)

Ian Fleming created the character of the Child Catcher, in his book Chitty Chitty Bangbang. The film script is by fellow spy Roald Dahl.

18. On Jamaica, Ian built a house called Goldeneye. 

Ian employed a houseboy and other staff for this bachelors' paradise. 

When Ivar Bryce and John Fox-Strangeways came to stay with Ian, the three of them would swim naked before breakfast. (Lycett)

Ian's first tenant at Goldeneye was his gay friend Noel Coward.

Ralph, the leading boy in Lord of the Flies, was found "in a swimming pool in an army camp in Jamaica." (Lord of the Flies - From the Current )

19. Around 1948, Ann O'Neill wrote a fictionalised account of her relationship with Ian. 

In this story, Ian is called Gervase. 

Ann explained that Gervase (Ian) was attractive to both men and women and his services were solicited by "middle-aged men of medium eminence."

Ann once told Evelyn Waugh that Ian's "only happiness is pink gin, golf clubs and men." (Lycett)

20. Ann divorced her husband Viscount Rothermere. In 1952, she became pregnant. Ian, aged 43, decided to marry her.

1952 - 1964

21. Marriage led Ian to start writing his Bond books. It was a form of escape.

22. Ian and Ann often took separate holidays.

23. Ian traveled to Jamaica as often as possible. 

Among the guests at Goldeneye at this time was Angus Wilson who lived in Jamaica with his companion Odo Cross, a former Guards officer who liked to wear his mother's pearls. (Lycett)

24. Ann and Ian were friends of the reportedly gay writer Somerset Maugham and they visited him at his villa in the South of France. 

Ian adopted a 'fawning role' with Maugham and Ann was struck by the similarities between the two writers. 

Both liked exotic-smelling soaps in their bathrooms. Ann had "a curious feeling that they both regarded 'women' with mistrust". (Lycett)

25. Truman Capote stayed at Goldeneye and Ian described him as being a 'fascinating companion'.

Errol Flynn was another visitor to Goldeneye.

The north coast of Jamaica was seen as having a growing gay enclave. (Lycett)

26. Ann began a long relationship with Hugh Gaitskell, leader of the United Kingdom's Labour Party, and seen as being a possible future Prime Minister. 

Ann reported to her friend Beaverbrook that Gaitskell was a "changed man - all he wants is wine, women and song". (Lycett)

Meanwhile, Ian was having a relationship with a wealthy Jewish woman in Jamaica, called Blanche Blackwell.

Gaitskell, leader of the UK Labour party, was reportedly murdered.

27. When Ian's four-year-old son Caspar came out to Jamaica, Ian noted that Caspar wore a hibiscus flower in his ear and called himself Mary.

When the family went to Austria, Caspar was dressed in lederhosen. (Lycett)

28. In 1957, Ian found himself in a Dean's Bar.

This was a gay bar, in Tangier in Morocco.

Ian had chosen Tangier as a place to meet retired MI5 agent John Collard who was based in South Africa.

Ian wanted to talk to Collard in connection with research for a book. (Lycett)


29. Ian liked Venice and when he traveled there with Ann he gave her a copy of Thomas Mann's Death in Venice, the story of a man's love for a boy. (Lycett)

30. In Dr No, we read of Honeychile: "It was a beautiful back. The skin was a very light uniform café au lait with the sheen of dull satin. The gentle curve of the backbone was deeply indented, suggesting more powerful muscles than is usual in a woman, and the behind was almost as firm and rounded as a boy's."

In 1963, Cyril Connolly wrote a parody of Bond for the London Magazine. 

This was called Bond Strikes Camp and it seemed to suggest that most British spies were secretly gay.

31. In the early 1960s, Ian would spend evenings with John blackwell.

Blackwell was a bachelor school teacher who had a house in the grounds of Wellesley House school at Broadstairs in Kent. 

Broadstairs was the home of Edward Heath.

The school takes boys up to the age of thirteen.

On Sunday afternoons Ian and Blackwell would take some pupils from the school on a car outing to a local golf course. 

Ian would give the boys Bond memorabilia. (Lycett)

32. Hugh Gaitskell died rather mysteriously in 1963.

33. Ian Fleming died in 1964, aged 56.

34. His son Caspar died in 1975, aged 22.


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