Tuesday 25 July 2023

Ukraine, Poland, Belarus ...

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More signs of bigger war near

The other day Putin said that Ukraine selling its land to Poland was 'their business' ... but this has now shifted after Putin's talks with Belarus President Lukashenko.

Lukashenko notes that if Poland takes over Western Ukraine, Belarus will be half-surrounded on 3 sides - Baltics to the north, and Poland to the west and south. Luka indicates Belarus is ready to fight Poland over this, and Putin is supporting him.

But there are already Polish troops in Ukraine, 'unofficially' ... with over 1000 Polish soldiers reported killed so far, Poles reporting a new military cemetery in Poland being filled with Ukraine dead. So it will not be hard to have a pretext for war over 'Polish troops in Ukraine'.

Also, Putin has been bombing a small Ukraine port town, Reni, directly on the border with NATO country Romania - another place where things can go quickly severe, if Russia's missiles stray onto Romania,

Even Ukraine media is expressing pessimism now, over its minimal ability to replace dead soldiers. Ukraine's 'successes' recently are the showy drone attacks on Crimea and Moscow ... but on ordinary battlefields Ukrainians are dying in huge numbers, and NATO tanks are being destroyed rapidly. Russia now has vast numbers of killer drones it uses effectively.

A wider war is the way to both deflect from the Ukraine debacle and extend it

Precise numbers are hidden but we are now having estimates of more than 1 million persons killed or wounded in the Ukraine conflict. Ukraine dead perhaps over 300,000 now, Russians over 100,000, and then many more hundreds of thousands maimed or wounded.

War blogger 'Simplicius' has some of the most detailed reporting on this tragic war in English, his latest with info on the above.



At 26 July 2023 at 05:04 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

IMF and 115 billion in cash flow for Kolomoisky, Zelensky, and Ukraine oligarchs

per John Helmer

USA has given 41 billion to Ukraine in weapons, with an additional 15 or so billion from other NATO countries ... and many believe there is much corruption from this in Ukraine's military, Defence Ministry and the Zelensky government

But this, it turns out, is dwarfed by the cash in 'external support' for Ukraine's central banks and then downstream to oligarch-owned private banks, chiefly via the IMF International Monetary Fund, under effective USA control under its current Bulgarian chief, Kristalina Georgieva

That support - with huge direct profit opportunities for Zelensky and his oligarchs - is estimated by the IMF itself at $115 billion dollars ... soon to expand to $140 billion

This is 10x the cash flows for Ukraine in the old days with former Ukraine President Petro Poroshenko and former IMF chief Christine Lagarde

The IMF has allowed Ukraine's banks to stop lending to businesses and postpone paying on obligations

But Ukraine's banks - owned by oligarchs such as Igor Kolomoisky (Privatbank) and Victor Pinchuk (Credit Dnepr) - are making massive profits by 'lending' to the Ukraine government itself ... at interest rates as high as 25%! ... and these 'Ukraine government borrowings' profiting Ukraine's oligarchs, are being guaranteed by the IMF!

The IMF has issued a report declaring Ukraine's banks in wonderful shape ... tho no audits or inspections can be conducted until 'conditions allow' someday ... and no mention of profiteering by Zelensky and his oligarchs


At 30 July 2023 at 14:58 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yet another pretext for a war-inciting false flag event in Poland soon

Polish Prime Minister says some of Prigozhin's Wagner forces in Belarus are moving toward Poland and the Suwalki gap ... and he warns of Wagner infiltrating Poland and possibly able to do terror attacks inside Poland

Many of the millions of Ukrainian migrants in Poland have Russian (not Ukrainian) as their native language, so Wagner 'undercover agents' posing as Ukrainians couldn't be identified just by speech or appearance ... US-NATO bases in Poland can easily source a false flag blaming 'Wagner terrorists' who may be entirely mythical

Polish news:

'Wagner forces in Belarus have moved towards Suwałki Gap for “hybrid attack on Poland”, says Polish Prime Minister Morawiecki

“The situation is becoming even more dangerous: We have information that over 100 mercenaries from the Wagner Group have moved towards the Suwałki Gap, near Grodno in Belarus,” he said.

“This is certainly a step towards a further hybrid attack on Polish territory,” said the prime minister. “Presumably, they will also try to infiltrate Poland, pretending to be illegal immigrants, they will try to pass through, penetrate."

Morawiecki warned that “Wagner’s troops are ruthless criminals, often recruited from prisons ... They are ruthless killers, as they have shown in Africa, in the Middle East, in Ukraine,” he continued. “Now they are on the borders of Poland.”'


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