Friday 30 June 2023

Thames Water bankrupt - privatisations - Thatcher

Last night it emerged that bosses at nine water companies were paid £13million in just one year, as public outrage over river pollution and ongoing water leaks.

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Thames Water bankruptcy and 

The 40 year UK disaster of 'privatisation'

Excerpts from newsletter of top London investment advisor Bill Blain:

"The imminent collapse of Thames Water – the UK’s largest water company – reveals just how disjointed, hollowed-out, ineffective, but most importantly, how bust and broken the last 40 years has left the UK economy.

On Tuesday the CEO of Thames Water, Sarah Bentley, did a runner. She was paid a £3.1 to join the firm 3-years ago, received a £2 million salary and over £727,000 in additional bonus payments last year despite running the worst raw sewage polluter in the UK. 

She scarpered off with immediate effect yesterday. Was it the reaction to her proposals to fund debt with a 40% increase on customer bills?

Thames Water was once a modern public utility with roots back to the 1600s. It provided clean sweet water to 27% of England’s population. But it was privatised in 1989, acquired by German energy firm RWE in 2001, who flipped it on to Australia’s more malevolent native version of Goldman Sachs, the Vampire Kangaroo: Macquarie Bank, in 2005.

The Aussie Asset Strippers did well. They pushed up debt by $10bn, paid less than £100k in taxes, while paying themselves £1.2 bln in dividends for doing squat in terms of real investment into water infrastructure, before dumping its looted corpse on some pension funds.

Thames Water bonds are trading sub 50%. There are calls for the company to be re-nationalised – leaving shareholders with zero.

There is significant domino risk – Thames Water was first. Which will be next?

Margaret Thatcher said:

“Socialist governments ... always run out of other people’s money.”
We might think:

“Conservative governments ... always give away our money to their chums."

The UK’s infrastructure crisis might be solvable if it was just one water company – but it's all of them. And the Railways. And the Roads. And Education. And the NHS. And the power companies. 

40 years of privatisation – the flagship Tory policy of the Thatcher-Major era - left the UK’s infrastructure broken.

Tories took great delight in privatising everything. Royal Mail, Capita, British Aerospace, Cable & Wireless, British Gas, British Telecom, British Steel, BP, Rolls Royce, British Airways, Water Companies, electricity companies, British Coal, National Power, Powergen, British Rail.

Many of these companies are less good today. Pretty much the same thing happened to every privatisation… new owners came in, levered them up to pay themselves dividends, flogged them on and left them broken.

British Rail was, in every single respect, a better, more profitable, more reliable firm before privatisation created a quagmire.

The privatisation of utilities in the UK has been a disaster. Now we pay for it."

Tucker Carlson Today [Ep. 8] 6/30/23

UK Column News 28 June

UK Column News - 28th June 2023

Facebook, Meta, porn

Facebook did not respond to our most recent report of child abuse images on its site...

Is META/Facebook Embracing the Porn Industry?

Meta taskforce to combat trade
of child sex abuse materials ...

How Facebook and Instagram

became marketplaces for ...

Facebook has a porn problem, and it's live

22 May 2023 — Several Facebook handles are misusing the platform's live streaming feature to broadcast pornographic content.

Will Facebook respond to our most recent report of child abuse images on its site ...



RFK - murder

Anonymous said...

It clearly has been a rough life for RFK Jr


Another Daily Mail hit piece covers his past admitted heavy youth drug addiction, with the charge that Robert Kennedy Jr "allegedly forced his brother, David, to take mescaline, a frightening psychedelic. Looking wild-eyed at Bobby, David screamed: 'You're dying just like Daddy.' But it was David who would die of a drug overdose at the tragically young age of 28."

New York Times, 1983 - RFK Jr 'arrested for heroin possession' -

RFK Jr's speaking voice problem, that became visible in the 00 decade - 'spasmodic dysphonia', a condition starting in the brain - is widely thought to be related to his heavy youthful drug use.

But the Daily Mail charge of RFK Jr 'having too much baggage' s
ounds strange these days, given all the massive revelations of Biden corruption, the millions with his son Hunter and Ukraine and China, exposed directly in the US Congress ... but the media still largely ignoring all that.

Seems it is just a matter of who major media favour, not the actual scandals or facts.


Jackie AND Bobby Kennedy 'BOTH had affairs with ballet dancer Rudolf Nureyev', new book based on interviews with Jackie's 'closest confidantes' claims

Biden Age


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Biden claims Putin is losing ‘war In Iraq’—latest gaffe amid concerns about his age

Banned landmines

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Human Rights Watch reports new evidence of Ukrainian use of banned landmines

Human Rights Watch (HRW) said that it uncovered new evidence of the indiscriminate use of banned anti-personnel landmines by Ukrainian forces against Russian troops.


Thursday 29 June 2023

Russia, RFK 'mysogyny', Madeleine McCann, Charities - Africa

The key witness explained how he discovered the shady past of Brueckner (pictured) and how his former acquaintance later appeared to incriminate himself in Madeleine's disappearance

Scam - Israel - Instagram - You Tube

'A video ad on Instagram and YouTube has fleeced victims out of hundreds of thousands of dollars, experts have warned. 

'The 'heart-wrenching' one-minute clip depicts an eight-year old boy called Semion who pleads for money to pay for his lung cancer treatment.' 

'The organisers of the fundraising page claim to be from World Champions, an organisation in Israel...

Another video starring Semion along with his mother has been posted by the World Champions account on Instagram

According to Avast researcher Luis Corrons, World Champions is not legit. 

Who Are The RNLI Rescuing From The FRENCH Coast? 🤔

ISIS plot

'CIA plot' to carry out large-scale atrocity in the UK using British terrorists is uncovered by Iraqi intelligence after they carried out raid in a desert hideout

British-based 'CIA terrorists' have been making plans for an atrocity on a major public gathering, according to Iraq's chief counter terror officer General Abdul Wahab al-Saadi.
The general said: 'We discovered that the UK is the next target outside Iraq. I can tell you that from the information we found at the site of one of our recent raids the next intended terror attack will be in the United Kingdom.'

'ISIS leader and cleric Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi (Simon Elliot)  is Jewish and was trained by the Mossad.'

Wednesday 28 June 2023

The World Beats ... in Honolulu ジョン海山ネプチューン

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Nice job clarifying what this is about. A shiksa is the most filthy thing in the world (to some jews.) Most jewish males are sex-obsessed with shiksas! Dad married a shiksa because she was the most attractive woman he'd seen. He broke his parents' hearts with his ... lack of loyalty. (edited)

Ukraine - Alliance between “revisionist Zionists” and “integral nationalists” confirmed

Nazi Dmitry Dontsov.

The Ukrainian “integral nationalists” claim against all evidence that the famine of the 1930s which affected the South of the Soviet Union was Stalin’s will to kill the Ukrainian people, while the “revisionist Zionists” conceal that Dmitry Dontsov, the theorist of integral nationalism, was one of the architects of the “final solution” of both the “Jewish and Gypsy questions”.

by Thierry Meyssan

Ukrainians - Nazis, Zionists, Russians

Anonymous comments on the post 'Ukraine - Alliance between “revisionist Zionists” and “integral nationalists” confirmed':

It is extremely difficult for people to sort through the many utterly conflicting narratives of the 20th century, if not pre-disposed

So Thierry Meyssan - a pro-Russia author - absolves Stalin of intending to mass-kill Ukrainians ... but alleges millions being murdered, instead by Nazis and collaborators, crimes hidden with some Zionists aiding

For many Russians, given the USSR being Russia's great time of world power, there is motivation to see Stalin as perhaps rough sometimes, but not a mass-murderer

Russian-Jewish Israel Shamir on Unz Review, cited Russian archives as documenting 'only' about 600,000 executions and 10 million arrests over the entire Stalinist three decades ... whereas the USA arrests about 10 million annually now

Canadian leftist Douglas Tottle, did a 1987 book denying the Ukraine starvation 'Holodomor' altogether, claiming the story comes from Hitler-Nazi propaganda plus Hearst media obsessive anti-Bolshevism; Tottle's 'Fraud, Famine, and Fascism: The Ukrainian Genocide Myth', is free online here -

The above ideas are versus long-running Cold War Western narratives of Stalin and Bolsheviks murdering maybe even 60 million, by some accounts

And some of those who ascribe huge genocide-level killings to Bolsheviks and Communists, also claim Nazis and their collaborators did not do intentional killings of millions, the 'holocaust deniers'

A few even think that neither Stalin nor Hitler were genocidal, tho both perhaps brutal war-making imperialists ... and state a suspicion, that both Stalin & Hitler are smeared, because both were involved in purging Jews from power in their countries, the Nazis putting Jews in camps 'like the USA did to the Japanese'

With so many lies from governments even on current events ... consider a young person today asking, who do I believe?


The Names & Faces of 150 Bilderbergers who controlled COVID-19 Pandemic response

Dr. Denis Rancourt: Covid injections have killed 13 million people worldwide

NHS Whistleblower: 'We were ordered to "Euthanise" Patients to falsely increase COVID Death Counts while Hospitals were Empty'...

Is the WHO the Terrorist Wing of the UN?

Exceptional volumes of sea ice are a headache for climate alarmists

Richard D. Hall exposes BBC’s nefarious operations fronted by Marianna Spring

UK independent researcher Richard D. Hall investigates all manner of topics.  The establishment is particularly unhappy about his exposés of the 2017 Manchester 

Tuesday 27 June 2023

Quantum Physics, Love, Dispenza, Braden


Closing down the High Street

Boots to close 300 shops despite strong quarterly sales

Albania - Tirana - Crime


"Perhaps Tirana is more than just a crime syndicate hotspot ..."

 Anonymous -

Why Edinburgh?

Why not you might say. 

It appears Edinburgh needs 3 flights per week to Tirana starting mid December. 

Is it just me that finds an obscure backwater in a corner of Southern Europe suddenly needs 3 flights per week?

(Further to my earlier comment on Wizz Air from Edinburgh to Tirana, Ryanair are adding 2 more flights to Tirana. Therefore we now have 5 flights per week from 2 different carriers. Because that makes sense - right?)

Clearly December isn't a good time to trial obscure routes to nowhere. Not a huge demand to head off to Tirana all the way through winter, you might think. However, Wizz Air disagree. They think it's a great time to trial this endeavour.

I wonder what Wizz Air know that we evidently don't. Wizz Air offer a few routes to Poland from Edinburgh and I imagine they would be popular with tourists and ex-pats, however, Tirana????

Not to be outdone though, apparently Liverpool needs 4 flights per week to Tirana also. 

Perhaps there are business, cultural or touristic ties I don't know of, however, forgive me for thinking that there may be some sinister Kalergi styled agenda or underhanded reason for this new adventure.

Maybe we could ask the newly appointed Privacy Council member, Humza Yousuf for an explanation. Given his new role as King Charles 3rd advisor in Scotland, he might know. 

Perhaps Tirana is more than just a crime syndicate hotspot and we should all be thinking of next year's summer holidays because it may very well be our last, should the climate emergency (communism) become our new reality.

Oorah's Fiveish Gets Attacked In Mea Shearim - SHOCKING FOOTAGE!!!

The Fiveish Dance 2 - In Israel!

Tucker Carlson: RFK Jr Is WINNING

Monday 26 June 2023

Daniel Korski


Daniel Korski is a Conservative politician.

He is a vice-president of the UK's Jewish Leadership Council.

He is the typical Conservative politician?

Creator of Victoria TV show names former Cameron aide bidding to be London mayor in

Daisy Goodwin, creator of the hit ITV drama Victoria, said Tory candidate Daniel Korski  groped her breast during a visit to No 10 a decade ago. She has previously spoken about the alleged assault but it is the first time she has named Mr Korski - who strongly denies the allegation. He is one of three Tories battling it out to become the party's candidate in the London mayoral election in May 2024 to replace Labour incumbent Sadiq Khan. Mr Korski reportedly left a Tory hustings event mid-debate last night after being alerted by an aide to the publication of Ms Goodwin's claims.

Yandex - false flag

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Love it. FF, intrigue - 

YANDEX I also love. 

The Russian equivalent of Google but it doesn't block stuff as Youtube, Google etc do. 

eg Yandex - Prigozhin Coup False Flag - results -

UK Column News - 26th June 2023

UK Column News - 26th June 2023

UK Property Prices

Unknown commented on "Fewer beds, fewer doctors"

The better-off middle and upper classes, who were able to buy property with mortgages - some of them investors doing 'buy-to-let' landlording - are getting a UK government bail-out

'UK Govt Bails Out Broke Homeowners'

But would it maybe be better, to let housing prices fall ... so more and poorer people could own where they live?

Financial Times:

"There are few unfairnesses greater than the fact that property owners get all the benefits of real estate price booms and low interest rates, but demand bailouts, often successfully, when rates rise and prices fall."

- Adam Posen, president of the Peterson Institute for International Economics, and former member of Bank of England’s Monetary Policy Committee

'Prigozhin & Putin have split the money'

Photo on Rostov streets of Prigozhin departing for Belarus ... totally happy look on his face

Anonymous has left a new comment on 'Putin False Flag':

It's in major media that US authorities 'knew in advance' about the Russian 'coup' events, and were briefing some Congresspeople on it the week before.

Prigozhin's Wagner was regularly receiving Ukraine troops who were surrendering

It is a common suggestion now, that under a 'white flag', Prigozhin was approached by Western intelligence services, and offered more than a billion dollars in cash, to run a coup against Moscow, with the majority paid when Wagner was halfway to Moscow

The suggestion goes on to say, that Prigozhin informed his old friend Putin, and after the money was delivered, the 'coup' was called off ... and Prigozhin & Putin have split the money

Also to note, that with Prigozhin and perhaps some Wagner people stationed now in Belarus, they will possibly be less than 200 kilometres from Kiev ... Russia's most effective fighters, ready for a final move against the Zelensky government

Tucker Carlson 6/26/23 FULL END SHOW | BREAKING FOX NEWS June 26, 2023

Sunday 25 June 2023


Fewer beds, fewer doctors

The idea is to sell off the UK's National Health Service (NHS). 

During the 'Covid' crisis there were attempts to make hospitals seem over-crowded.

The NHS has 'strikingly low levels of key clinical staff' with fewer doctors and nurses and a heavier reliance on internationally trained workers. 

The UK has just three doctors per 1,000 people while Greece has 6.3.

Our health service is failing to deliver world-leading care as it has fewer beds, scanners and doctors than many developed nations, a report warns today.

US Charities


The WORST charities in America? These are the organizations giving over 90 PERCENT of donations to their fatcat executives - while ignoring their causes

  • From greedy executives taking huge bonuses to giving funds for victims to fatcat fundraisers, some charities are worse than others
  • The 50 worst charities in America gave less than four percent of donations to their advertised recipients from 2003 to 201 
Some charities are said to be run by the security services and used to run child abuse rings and false flag terrorism.

Village rampaged by settlers is 90% American

"Over 90% of residents have American citizenship.

West Bank Palestinian village rampaged by settlers is 90% American ...

Putin False Flag


Fox News guest Rebekah Koffler claimed during an interview with host Eric Shawn on Saturday that Russian President Vladimir Putin worked with Wagner mercenary chief Yevgeny Prigozhin to stage the recent armed coup as a “classic false flag.”

Ex-CIA analyst Rebekah Koffler claimed Russian President Vladimir Putin 'orchestrated' the coup with Wagner mercenary chief Yevgeny Prigozhin as a 'classic false flag.'