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'Microsoft has been swamped with sexual harassment allegations against Gates going back to 2000.

'Gates stepped down from Microsoft amid an investigation into one of his relationships with a former employee in 2020, and on May 3, 2021, he announced his divorce to his longtime wife, Melinda French Gates.

'A few weeks later, The New York Times published an expose detailing how Gates sexually harassed several of his employees and remained a loyal friend to Jeffrey Epstein three years after he was convicted of soliciting prostitution from a minor.'

Lilburne & Friends
WORLD ECONOMIC FORUM networking club: "Global Leaders for Tomorrow"

The truth about Bill Gates, Microsoft and Epstein (Isabel Maxwell's CommTouch) Lady Lynn de Rothschild and Microsoft's Nathan Myhrvold (FirstMark) Lord Peter Mandelson and Microsoft's David Svendsen (NSPCC)

Peter Mandelson who is said to work for Jacob Rothschild.

Dame Alun Roberts
This article, which seems to want to tell us more, begs the question as to whether Mandelson has been running Labour behind the scenes as a front for a Zionist-inspired, sex-trafficking and paedophilia-fueled international crime syndicate for decades?

NO coincidence that SO MANY Microsoft execs worked with Epstein, Maxwells, Mandelson & Rothschild


'Paul McCartney wrote Let It Be after his mother Mary came to him years on from her death when he was a teenager
'When I was very ill and feeling down a few years ago, Michael came to see me long after he died. 

'He sat on my bed and held out his hand and told me it would all be OK and that he was watching over me.'

PLATELL'S PEOPLE: How my big brother who died of cancer came back from the dead to comfort me


Footage emerges of Sir Keir Starmer drinking a beer with staff last year when Covid rules were still in place: Tories accuse him of hypocrisy

Tahra Ahmed, 51, posted on Facebook.

'She also never lost her childhood habit of referring to herself as male, often calling herself a 'fellow' and signing her letters 'Harry' or 'Harry Boy'.
'Her favourite film part was playing the cross-dressing Swedish monarch Queen Christina and her dream roles were men: St Francis of Assisi, and Dorian Gray..

'Her celebrity lovers reportedly also included singer Billie Holiday and the extraordinary dancer and spy Josephine Baker.

'Both Garbo and Dietrich were members of the so-called Sewing Circle, a sisterhood of closet Hollywood lesbians and bisexuals who met at each other's for lunch, conversation — and more.'

How Greta Garbo was the world's first gender fluid celebrity: Big-screen sex siren of the 1920s dressed as a man, called herself Harry and devoured countless lovers 80 years before anyone had heard of the term

'The damning claims in a Texas lawsuit accuse Google of running a digital advertising monopoly that increased the cost to advertisers and harmed ad industry competitors and publishers.'

How Google RIGGED the online ad market: US tech giant is accused of manipulating ad auctions to increase Google's win rates and allocate ad spend to preferred clients - losing publishers up to 40% of revenue while raking in $370m-a-year

Private equity firms to bid for Boots - profits will be shifted offshore, UK taxes will be dodged whilst the company makes millions from NHS prescriptions paid by the people. Govt does nothing to check the predatory practices of private equity.

my GP came to my house yesterday to check up on me so I gave him a painting "B7*** B********" as he' retiring I think he liked it


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Nancy Pelosi's son Paul was involved in FIVE companies probed by the feds as shocking paper trail connects him to a slew of fraudsters and convicted criminals

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Why Do NATO States Commit Energy Hara Kiri ?

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Garbo was sexually abused by her own sister when the former was just 13.

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Almost 6.4 million EU citizens have applied for residence permits in Brexit Britain

In 2019, according to UN data, 1.3 million people born in the UK lived in EU countries. Spain hosted the largest group, at 302,000, followed by Ireland, with 293,000. France was third with 177,000, Germany was fourth with 99,000 and Italy was fifth with 66,000.

Whilst Britons getting an EU country passport were only 29,800 in 2019, up from 6,700 in 2016.

Top five EU countries for Britons getting EU citizenship:
Germany, France, Sweden, Netherlands, Belgium

From the first article above:
'According to the Home Office figures, 6,385,500 citizens from across the European Union had applied for settled status by Dec. 31, 2021, of which just 3 percent of applications were rejected.

The list is topped by Romanians with 1,133,980 applications for residence, closely followed by Poles (1,124,930). Italians (560,720), Portuguese (427,470) and Spanish citizens (364,170) make up the top five.

Of the citizens of the largest EU member states living in Britain, the French submitted 236,710 and the Germans 167,920 applications for permanent residence by the end of the third quarter last year.'

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Be alert. Expect Parliament to collapse forming a centralised government, banks to go under creating a digital currency. All part of the agenda (Great Reset). Read it.

Yes. Many are saying 'The House of Cards is Falling'. But their plan is going like clockwork.

Spot on. No more mileage in health fear, next stop economic meltdown fear

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Engineer working at Bill Gates' mansion gets JUST 90 DAYS in jail after he was caught sending 6,000 child porn images on Gmail

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Narrative Collapse:

UK Office for National Statistics @ONS
Freedom of Information request:

TOTAL deaths in England & Wales from COVID-19 with NO OTHER UNDERLYING CAUSES


Deaths from COVID-19 with no other underlying causes

Release date:
16 December 2021

FOI Ref: ​FOI/2021/3240
You asked

​​Please can you advise on deaths purely from covid with no other underlying causes.

Please see below for death registrations for 2020 and 2021 (provisional) that were due to COVID-19 and were recorded without any pre-existing conditions, England and Wales.

2020: 9400 (0-64: 1549 / 65 and over: 7851)

2021 Q1: 6483 (0-64: 1560/ 65 and over: 4923)

2021 Q2: 346 (0-64: 153/ 65 and over: 193)

2021 Q3: 1142 (0-64: 512/ 65 and over: 630)


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Check this out:

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Police in Texas respond to synagogue ‘hostage’ situation, reports say

At 15 January 2022 at 15:29 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

MEP Cristian Terhes - press conf. on police brutality in EU against peaceful protesters for freedom

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Leaked Fauci Financials Expose How Millionaire Doctor Profited From Pandemic

At 15 January 2022 at 15:53 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

CORONAVIRUSBritish Government Used “Propagandistic” Fear Tactics to Scare Public Into Mass Compliance

At 15 January 2022 at 15:54 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Report: German Government Considering Shutting Down Telegram

At 15 January 2022 at 15:56 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Great Omicron Sickout: Millions Of Unwell Americans Causing "Hellacious" Worker Shortages

At 15 January 2022 at 15:58 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

DNA test to be added to Covid screening

At 15 January 2022 at 16:00 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Iraq war: Secret memo reveals Bush-Blair plans to topple Saddam Hussein

At 15 January 2022 at 16:02 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Former Danish Defence Minister Charged With State Secret Leaks

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