Thursday, 13 January 2022


Years ago I used to be able to laugh at the antics of Sacha Baron Cohen in his various persona's. No more. It is ultimate cringe, it is vile, vicious and hostile towards the audience. And then he takes pride with his affiliation with the ADL and is their keynote speaker. Not fun, just an agenda.

New US military base in Albania aimed at countering China

'It is not a question of overthrowing governments or launching new wars, but of forcing Moscow to intervene outside its borders in order to exhaust it. The Russian Federation already has a huge territory that it is unable to exploit with a population of only 150 million.

'In May 2019, the Rand Corporation, the think-tank of the US military-industrial complex, listed six options in this regard [2]:

1. Arming Ukraine ;
2. Increase support for jihadists in Syria;
3. Promoting regime change in Belarus;
4. Exploiting tensions in the South Caucasus;
5. Reducing Russian influence in Central Asia;
6. Rivaling the Russian presence in Transnistria.'

Washington pursues RAND's plan in Kazakhstan

'Some of the more ghastly Cheka methods are described by historian Orlando Figes in his book A People’s Tragedy:

'The ingenuity of the Cheka’s torture methods was matched only by the Spanish Inquisition. Each local Cheka had its own speciality. 

'In Kharkov, they went in for the ‘glove trick’ – burning the victim’s hands in boiling water until the blistered skin could be peeled off: this left the victims with raw and bleeding hands and their torturers with ‘human gloves’. 

'The Tsaritsyn Cheka sawed its victims’ bones in half. 

'In Voronezh, they rolled their naked victims in nail-studded barrels. In Armavir, they crushed their skulls by tightening a leather strap with an iron bolt around their head. 

'In Kiev, they affixed a cage with rats to the victim’s torso and heated it so that the enraged rats ate their way through the victim’s guts in an effort to escape. 

'In Odessa, they chained their victims to planks and pushed them slowly into a furnace or a tank of boiling water. A favourite winter torture was to pour water on the naked victims until they became living ice statues.

Unknown commented -

 Long-time head of Comintern (the Communist International) Grigory Zinoviev, a Jewish Communist terrorist and Holodomor perpetrator had a strong relationship with Lenin. 

His quote of 1918 establishes a deliberate policy of terror and mass slaughter where on the cards “We must carry along with us 90 million out of the 100 million the Soviet population. As for the rest, we have nothing to say to them. They must be annihilated”. 

Confirmation came from Lenin himself “Put more force into the terror. Shoot every tenth person; place all the suspects in concentration camps!”

The writer Maxim Gorky describes Lenin's reign of terror

It was under Lenin that the most horrific torture took place. Eyes were poked out, tongues cut off, and victims were buried alive. 

Jewish Communist Cheka (guards) cut open their victim’s stomach, pulled out a length of small intestine, nailed it to a telegraph pole, and with a club forced the victim to run circles around the pole until the whole intestine became unravelled.




  3. Off-topic: a personal note

    I live in Amsterdam: openly admitting you no longer believe Anne Frank
    was a literary genius or that the holy cause (holocaust) did NOT
    amount to 6 million and that the soapy suds & lampshades
    were made up of whole cloth etc:
    not done in polite conversation, not done at all.

    Detail: the famous soccer club of Amsterdam, Ajax also carries
    the nickname Super-Jews. Kid you not.
    (they also have the reputation of selling off all their talented players
    instead of developing them and letting them grow, and to top it off,
    one can buy shares of Ajax on the stock market & speculate.
    With Ajax it is money first and last, the game of soccer happens
    somewhere inbetween)

    The pedo power networks being in play and never having been
    unravelled centering around high level administration (NL/BE),
    EU commission and NATO HQ (Brussels): some vague uneasy awareness
    in the back of the population's minds.
    I do not even mention the total insanity centering around
    the Green party in Germany.

    I think I am not amiss when I postulate there is some
    Don't Ask/Don't tell framing that is somehow at play.
    (difficulty to formulate & pinpoint exactly)

    And ofcourse the misdirection and other nonsense:
    Oh noes, Putin went and did and said this, that and the other!
    Bad kitty naughty puppy no treat!

    To top it off: currently with the Rona powerplay ruling the roost,
    we are in the grip of Karl Rove's quote:
    “We’re an empire now, and when we act, we create our own reality.
    And while you’re studying that reality — judiciously, as you will —
    we’ll act again, creating other new realities, which you can study too,
    and that’s how things will sort out. We’re history’s actors . . . and you,
    all of you, will be left to just study what we do.”

    Meaning: 2 steps ahead while opposition & such is left bitching
    and moaning. I myself see no way out of this except for maybe
    barricades in the streets etc and total country wide strikes, which
    in part may play into the owners hands, but then again: just in part.

    Aye, do not mean to be guilty of treadsh*tting, just what my eyes
    doth see inside and out. Greetings from Amsterdam, Mishko_

  4. There is some strange odd's and ends as concerning history.
    Meaning: there are persons of notable infamy, such as Gilles de Rais
    and Elizabeth Bathory (The Blood Countess).

    But of the Blood Libel: nothing. Not the tiniest peep or squeek.
    Yet this very Blood Libel has been researched and documented
    by a jewish academic.

    ... there is also the deserved or imagined reputation of Rabbi's
    being gifted wizards and sorcerers all through the middle ages.
    But then with the renaissance this state of affairs supposedly changes?
    Something does not add up, does not follow, not compute IMO.

    Are these first two meant to hide, obfuscate? Ofcourse these brutal
    and cruel crimes serve to catch the attention.
    (in this instance I may be forgiven for jewing it up in my vida loca:
    I sense an unbalanced state of affairs with strange discontinuities
    thrown in. A "disturbance in the force" so to speak)





  9. If any one deserves cancelling is Sacha Baron Cohen Zionist promotor who constantly takes the piss out of Muslims. I never gave him the time of day and quicker he disappears the better for society. Reverse his humour and have Muslims poking fun at Jews. No it wouldn't last 5 minutes














  23. Understand Aangirfan did not yet report following event from Geneva Switzerland (former town of Banque de Credit Internationale, Permindex and IOS of Bernie Cornfeld (all said to be related to CIA/Mossad)) :
    January 7th, 2022, Stéfane Bled, a very talented and formerly renowned pianist, comitted suicide in Geneva, jumping from the balcony of the 5th floor of an appartment building. Stéfane had once been a freemason, but fell out with that gang and openly critizised the Jewish power groups in France. Consequently he had to emigrate to Turkey, reportedly receiving freqent death threats. TPTB managed to ban him completely from performing in public and finally he seemed to have had serious financial problems. Initial reports state, that Stéfane jumped intentionally. He was definitely railroaded to this tragic end, I would not be surprised, if future findings would prove that he had actually been murdered. See following reports in french from his friends:
    Needless to say, Google, and TOR all completely block these news...



  26. Ken Loach absolutely DESTROYS Keir Starmer



  29. Dutch police refuses to share information with whistleblower Huig Plug’s family on his situation and whereabouts

  30. 270 Angry Scientists Cite MSM 'Fact Checks' In Open Letter Urging Spotify To Censor Joe Rogan

  31. Irre: Deutsche Polizisten zwingen Bürger zu Blutproben, um “Impfbetrüger” zu jagen

  32. Corona-Hammer: Lebensversicherung steigt nach Impftod aus, da „freiwillige Impfung mit experimentellem Impfstoff“ wie Selbstmord zählt!

  33. U.K. government says vaccinated are dying at a rate 286% higher than unvaccinated

  34. Canada’s Quebec plans anti-vax tax to fine the unjabbed

  35. Turkey helped instigate uprising in Kazakhstan to advance “Great Turan” project

  36. Unvaccinated father stripped of visiting rights by judge

  37. I saw reporting on the demise of Bob Saget, his passing categorised
    as "carrying all the signs of Celebrity Vaccine Death". Maybe so.

    On his professional career and especially his role with the
    "Full House" TV-show, I never could get it, it's raison d'etre as it were.

    So grown ups acting childish and 2 little girls playing at
    having to be "the adults in the room" which they are clearly not,
    and this is then supposed to be cutesy and relatable and not an affront
    to common sense and reason?
    Not funny, offensive to good taste, immensely dull and boring.

    Yeah, his stint with Funniest Home Video's, where the video's do get
    to a point where the funny part is lacking and the commentary
    gets to be increasingly irksome and irritating.

    His standup material? Did he bring it? I don't know.
    Can't say that I am so classy and intellectual so as to be difficult
    as an audience: for example I can and have appreciated the visceral
    and in-your-face style of Doug Stanhope.

    Sorta kinda brutal, but he walks his walk and talks his standup talk
    as a living and breathing human being.
    Not really working class, yet not centered on abstract politically
    correct nonsense IMO.

    So... Bob Saget, how come we never knew ye? (shenanigans!)

  38. Off topic: There was this dutch journalist and celebrity of sorts
    who did the rounds with several talkshows, namely one
    Peter R. De Vries.

    So allegedly he was assassinated, shot in the head in Amsterdam
    the 6th of july 2021.
    Which led to the cabinet and parliament standing together and united
    with a statement directed toward upholding "the freedom of the press
    as a pillar that supports our democracy and the rule of law". YA RLY

    My recollection of this event, which rather quickly passed
    from the news cycle IMO which lead to the several spokes figures
    of whatever political party reverting to their normal position
    of bitching and moaning about who tweeted what.
    (oh the humanity, teh huge manatee)

    Was there actually a point to projecting this event towards
    the dutch population?
    FWIW, I cannot fathom if there be any meaning whatsoever.
    Wider implication/next layer?

    Very convoluted and involved narrative regarding some high level
    organised crime figures, oh so dangerous & lethal.
    According to "sources" that is.
    The dutch judicial system running amok?
    Not much to go on except for past high level criminal exploits.