Thursday, 21 October 2021


Unknown writes -

'A video, allegedly leaked from China, was posted, allegedly by Jarome Bell.

'Jarome Bell is a retired US Navy officer and a black Republican/MAGA candidate for the US Congress.'

'The video claims that the Western covid vaccines are a 'death sentence' ... the vax campaign will end shortly when enough of the US military and leadership is vaxed, as this will mean US power is destroyed, and China will have the victory.' 

'Could this be an Epoch Times / Falun Gong type psy-op about what they keep calling the Chinese Communist Party virus'?'



    1. That 7 minute video is astonishing

      Posted 20 September 2019 - more than two years ago - and correctly predicting everything that has happened

      Claudia Stauber of Vermont USA 'Cabin Talk' noted and warned:

      Bill Gates had already said there will be a pandemic

      Then-President Trump signed an order to specially develop 'flu' vaccine for this 'possible pandemic'

      Vaccines will become mandatory, in the course of this pandemic

      Vaccines will have 'toxic sh-t'

      Vaccines will be mandatory for kids and risk their death

      Global lockdown and economies crushed, everywhere along the same plan

      Martial-law-type impositions because a few people 'have a virus'

      Pharma paying bonuses to doctors for 'shooting us up'

  2. A theme in the 'Jarome Bell video from China' - about how it will become widely known the covid vaccines are toxic, and vaccine campaigns will end -

    That is a theme in other places now too

    An anonymous internet poster in New Zealand says he has had some social time with some of the billionaires setting up camp there

    New Zealand well-known as the easily-defensible island nation of 'billionaire bunkers'

    The New Zealand anon is un-vaccinated, and he says his billionaire contacts told him to remain that way, as it will shortly be in major media that the vaccines are toxic

    The plan they said, is that the global social upheaval resulting when the vaccine fraud is exposed, will then in turn help lead to a New World Order, with the richest in redoubts like New Zealand till things get sorted

    1. It might be planned and they are just letting the cat out of the bag. When I saw the Royal Kosher family meeting Bill Gates and not wearing any masks, following social distance, or following any of the COVID rules imposed on the general population, I knew they already accomplished their goals. Probably Bill Gates went there to see the Rothchilds and receive his medal for his accomplishments.

  3. Completely the opposite - China will have victory because the US have shot themselves in the foot again.