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Mo Gawdat uses scientific models to explain why he believes life is continuous.

He says - "The real you and the real me, outside our physical forms", live for ever.


Solve for Happy by Mo Gawdat

Solve for Happy: Engineer Your Path to Happy by Mo Gawdat / Book notes: Solve for Happy by Mo Gawdat – Marlo Yonocruz

Mo Gawdat has been a top man at Google.

In 2001 Mo Gawdat was desperately unhappy.

He worked out that, in order to be happy, we need to try to understand how the brain takes in and processes joy and sadness.

After the sudden death of his son, Ali (a routine appendectomy in Dubai), Mo and his family turned to his equation for happiness - and it saved them from despair.


Make your own list of things that make you happy

Unhappiness is when your reality does not match your hopes and expectations.

Happiness starts with a conscious choice


Fun removes pain.

Switch off the excessive thinking that overwhelms our brains.

With no thoughts, we rerun to our default, childlike state: happiness


You are not your thoughts.

Those thoughts are there to serve you.

The easiest way to become happy is just to be happy.

Remove the unhappy thought, replace it with a happy one, and let the rest take care of itself.


Like a Russian doll, you need to remove the layers one by one, trying to distinguish the real you from the roles you’ve assumed over the years until you find your pure self.

As much as you might think so, you are not the star of the movie.

Most of what happens around you isn’t about you at all.

There are infinite numbers of other movies, you were just a supporting actor.


    Be a seeker of the truth, always ready to admit being wrong in order to continue the quest.

    Happy emotions are mostly anchored in the present moment.

    Whatever you’re upset about is rooted in a past you cannot change or a future that may turn out to be completely different from what you expect.
With so many things (apparently) out of our control the two things in our control are our actions and our attitude.


Fear is an illusion.

Pain is just a thought, and your brain can ignore it.

    The evidence shows that most of us tend to be negative most of the time.
    CHAPTER 10

    Practice awareness and noticing things around you in your life.

    While doing an activity, put your full attention and awareness into that activity.
    CHAPTER 11
    Try reframing ambition so that the focus is on the goal of becoming a better person regardless of how you compare to others

    CHAPTER 12
Relationships suffer because they are built on conditional love in an ever-changing world.

There’s no happiness without love. True love delivers lasting joy.

The more love you give, the more you get back.

    The Law of Conservation or Multiplication of Love: Love never goes to waste.
    The more you give it away, the more loved you will feel
Even the most annoying, seemingly hateful people you meet, when you see behind the egos, fears and thought-obsessed behaviors, you will find peaceful children who just want to be loved and appreciated.

Once loved, most of them drop the masks and turn real.

Love yourself.

Jott down everything about you that’s positive or admirable.

    CHAPTER 13
    The physical self is an illusion. 
    Life is not the body that is subject to the limitations of space-time.
    The real you is the observer, not the physical form that represents you. That is what life really is

    Everything we have will be left behind so why do we focus so much on our possessions?
    Nothing is really yours, and so nothing can be lost.

    Letting go and allowing things to leave from your life allows for space and new things to come in.

    Life is like a game in which the difficulty makes it fun, whereas easy would make it boring.
    Life is similar to a game in that we enter this level through a portal called birth and then leave it through death where we enter the next level.
    Death is just a portal to another life, and we never really die just our physical form.
    CHAPTER 14

    There is no scientific way to prove something does not exist.
    Ultimately the math is clear, nothing is random. We’re all a part of a grand design
    The designer doesn’t run the show, his equations do.

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