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Evgeny Lebedev with Geordie Greig, editor of the Daily Mail.

Private Eye, a satirical news magazine, nicknamed Evgeny Lebedev “two beards.”

The Social Rise of Russian Scion Evgeny Lebedev

Lebedev and his old friend Elton John.

Derek Laud (centre) has stayed at Lebedev's Palazzo Terranova in Italy.

According to Angus James: "Derek Laud sodomised an underage boy at one children's home so savagely that the child received hospital treatment for a ruptured anus."


Lebedev has become a lord. 

Other famous lords with links to the Russian empire include Lord Janner and Lord Brittan, both of Lithuanian Jewish extraction. 

Lynn Forester de Rothschild with Lebedev.

Jewish oligarch Evgeny Lebedev has links to the Rothschilds.

Evgenyis the son of former KGB officer Alexander Lebedev.

'Vladimir Putin was furious when an anti-establishment Moscow tabloid that Alexander Lebedev owned reported rumors that the president was about to marry a young gymnast. The newspaper was shut down within hours

'Within years, Alexander’s bank had been raided, and he was forced to sell his airline shares. Security goons in balaclavas raided his offices.'

theNabster #Doom #Gloom@meNabster

"Sarah Sands, editor of the BBC's Today programme and Amol Rajan, BBC Media Editor, receiving benefits in kind from their former employer, Russian oligarch Evgeny Lebedev. 

"They attended parties thrown by Lebedev in his Italian palazzo." - Sweeney letter to OfCom…

Britain's intelligence agencies are understood to be "furious" - shadow minister Thornberry raised a whitsleblower's claims regarding "relationships" Johnson's chief adviser Dominic Cummings made during the "mysterious three years he spent in post-communist Russia".

Murdoch, guest of Lebedev.

Evgeny Lebedev, Gorbachev, Alexander Lebedev, Geordie Greig.

Evgeny Lebedev is well connected.

Daily Mail editor Geordie Greig and Ghislaine Maxwell.

On Friday 13th 2019, Evgeny Lebedev held a party.

Among those attending were -

Boris Johnson,

Johnson's mistress Carrie Symonds.

Carrie Symonds has worked for John Whittingdale,[6] who was involved in a relationship with a female sex worker between August 2013 and February 2014.


Lord Peter Mandelson.

Mandelson is very close to Lord Rothschild.


Mandelson and Jeffrey Epstein

Prince Andrew's daughters Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie.


Sir Bob Geldof.


Jemima Goldsmith.


Lord Freddy Windsor




Is Jewish oligarch Evgeny Lebedev similar to Jeffrey Epstein?

Evgeny Lebedev's Italian Villa has Bunga Bunga parties.

Lebedev's four-strong team of armed personal bodyguards is headed by an ex-SAS soldier.

Boris Johnson is just one in a long list of senior politicians and celebrities entertained by Evgeny Lebedev. 

People who have been entertained by Evgeny Lebedev include:

Nigel Farage

Rupert Murdoch

Bernard Hogan-Howe (The former head of the Metropolitan Police)

Boris Johnson

Peter Mandelson (Jewish friend of Lord Rothschild, and of Jeffrey Epstein)

George Osborne (Friend of the Rothschilds, former chancellor, editor of Lebedev's Evening Standard)

David Cameron 

Vince Cable (Jewish Liberal Democrat)

Sarah Sands (editor of the BBC Today Programme)

Amol Rajan (media editor of the BBC).

Revealed: Boris, the Russian oligarch and the Page 3 model  / PUTIN VERSUS THE MAFIA?


Boris Johnson told the Daily Mail his favourite movie scene was “the multiple retribution killings at the end of The Godfather”.


"Boris Johnson’s father, Stanley, has been writing books promoting depopulation for almost 50 years."

Meet Prime Minister Boorish Johnson: A Sistema-Made Man ...

Stanley Johnson was in MI6 and has been linked to Ghislaine Maxwell.

Boris Johnson supported an earned amnesty for illegal immigrants.


At 31 March 2021 at 03:25 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Curious links - Suez container ship blockage, Ghislaine Maxwell, human trafficking, Egypt's Jewish President

The blocking of the Suez Canal 23-29 March 2021, by the Ever Given container ship operated by Evergreen Marine, is quite mysterious, including how the ship got wedged diagonally across the canal in the first place.

There is a doubted claim of 'wind and sandstorm' affecting this massive 400-metre (quarter mile) long heavy ship, and a claim the ship traced a path drawing human sexual anatomy before being wedged. Photos of this and other items below, in this article

Shipping containers are quite large - people live in them, people are trafficked in them, people are tortured and die in them

Poor people make them into homes. Old ones are recycled into student or temporary housing, or eccentric modern architecture.

They can be sound-proofed, and fitted with basic survival means. Migrants and likely sexual abuse victims are trafficked in them. People die in them sometimes when held too long inside. Containers have been used for illegal detention and torture, as in a recent case in the Netherlands

Evergreen Marine centred in Taiwan, is amongst the largest ship-owners in the world, the Evergreen Group has other transport companies as well

In 2016 Ghislaine Maxwell (born 1961) discreetly married American Scott Borgerson (born 1976), worth an estimated $100 million, Borgerson abandoning his former wife to unite with Maxwell

Borgerson has his wealth from container transit. He is CEO of CargoMetrics, doing data analytics for maritime trade and shipping. Borgerson helps to ship containers around the world, along with Evergreen

Maxwell reportedly has transferred large amounts of assets to Borgerson, so they are harder for Epstein victims to seize. Borgerson has helped to offer millions in bail for Maxwell.

The work to free the ship seemed to go inexplicably slowly for several days, with not so many resources assembled, despite the importance for global trade and the many billions in losses. The Suez Canal is under the authority of Egypt's President al-Sisi, who is in fact ethnically Jewish, the son of a Moroccan Jewish mother whose family is tied to the founders of the State of Israel

There is an 'Evergreen Aviation', that has a history of human trafficking and is linked to the CIA, accused of being involved in torture and illegal rendition

'Evergreen' has been the Secret Service code name for Hillary Clinton since her husband was USA President. The Ever Given Evergreen ship blocking the Suez Canal has its call sign as H3RC - Hillary Rodham Clinton

Joe Biden's Press Secretary, Jennifer Psaki, is the founder of an Evergreen Consulting company

In the midst of the Suez blockage crisis blocked by a Taiwanese Evergreen ship, an Evergreen lorry blocked a major highway in China

A television show 'Dexter' has a scene with an abused trafficked boy, and there is an Evergreen shipping container

The 'Ever Given' ship was built at Imabari shipbuilding Japan. Imabari was a town totally destroyed in WW2 bombing raids. On 6 August 1945, the day of the Hiroshima 'nuclear bomb' hoax, the 66-plane chemical firebombing fleet that actually bombed Hiroshima, was recorded in logs as going to 'bomb Imabari', which had already been bombed into nonexistence.

Very suddenly, the Suez Canal blockage was ended 29 March ... what is the real story? Was someone signalling something regarding human trafficking?


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