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"Mega yachts populate the waters off the southern face of Capri.

 "You’ll find Roman Abramovich's Eclipse, Les Wexler’s Limitless, or David Geffen’s Rising Sun."

Inside the Rich, Young and Wild Scene of Capri


People who have loved Capri include -

Bill Gates

Les Wexler

Paul Allen

Mariah Carey

Lindsay Lohan

Jackie Kennedy

Grace Kelly

Audrey Hepburn

Naples Museum.

Ernest Hemingway

Gracie Fields

Sophia Loren

Giorgio Armani

Thomas Mann

Pablo Neruda

In 1902, German Steel magnate Friedrich Alfred Krupp was involved in a big gay sex scandal.

Krupp was a politician and a close friend of the Kaiser.

Krupp was accused, in opposition newspapers, of having had sexual relations with various local boys on the island of Capri.

When Krupp was first in Capri, he stayed at the Hotel Quisisana.

In 1897, Oscar Wilde briefly stayed at the Quisisana, with his lover Lord Alfred Douglas.

Wilhelm von Plüschow

Other gay characters who lived on Capri included -

The  photographer of male nudes, Wilhelm Pluschow, cousin of gay photographer Baron von Gloeden

The author Norman Douglas, whose most famous novel, South Wind, is set on Capri.

And steel millionaire Jacques d’Adelswärd-Fersen.

Fersen's Villa Lysis is on Capri.

In 1903, Fersen was put on trial in France for arranging tableaux vivants of nude or semi-nude schoolboys.

He was given a very short jail sentence.

The 1903 scandal dashed Fersen's marriage plans.

Fersen moved to Capri with his long-time lover, Nino Cesarini, whom Fersen had met in Rome when Nino was aged 14.

Villa Lysis, Capri.

Fersen became a "character" on the island in the inter-war years, featuring in novels by Compton MacKenzie and others.'

Fersen died after drinking a mixture of cocaine and champagne - in 1923.

The famous German painter Paul Hoecker (1854-1910) stayed with Ferson on Capri after it was reported that Hoecker had used a male prostitute as a model for a painting of the Madonna.

Capri beach by John Singer Sargent.



Young boys were an interest for novelist Graham Greene, who made his home on Capri

Young boys were an interest for Emperor Tiberius, German industrialist Friedrich Alfred Krupp and many others who made their homes on Capri.

This island of satyrs has a licentious reputation.

Graham Greene of MI6

'For occasional homosexual adventures', novelist Graham Greene used to take young Italian boys to Villa Rossaio, his home on the island

(Source: Graham Greene, The Man Within, by Michael Shelden, publ.Heinemann.)

Greene's friend Doctor Elizabeth Moor confided in her friend Gitta Bittorf that the boys used to stay with Greene on Capri for one or two days.

And postman Attilo Scoppa found that Greene often had boys, aged 14-16, staying at Villa Rossaio.

People in the town of Anacapri told Scoppa "the boys came for sex."

Greene was sufficiently well liked by his fellow citizens to be given the title of Honorary Citizen of Anacapri.

Emperor Tiberius's Villa Jovis on Capri

Emperor Tiberius, who retired to Capri around 30 AD, is reported to have indulged in endless orgies with boy concubines.

It is said that the walls of his villa were covered with huge pornographic paintings.

According to some sources he enjoyed having mullet nibble his crumb-coated genitals as he relaxed in rock pools.

And he used to have his organ covered in milk and honey so that babies would suckle his glans.

There were stories, put about by his enemies, that Tiberius had boys flung into the sea from the high cliffs beneath his villa.

One of the hundreds of boys who lived with Tiberius was Vitellius, who after working as catamite for Caligula, Claudius and Nero, became Emperor in 69 AD.

So they can't all have been flung from the cliffs.


Multimillionaire German industrialist Friedrich Alfred Krupp (1854-1902) set up a comfortable 'palace' in a grotto on Capri, where he entertained underage Italian boys, mostly the sons of local fishermen.

Sex was performed to the accompaniment of a string quartet, and orgasms were celebrated with bursts of fireworks.

Krupp on Capri

When Krupp's wife heard rumours of what was going on, she went to the Kaiser, who had her put into an insane asylum.

The Krupp military-industrial empire was too vital to Germany.

However, the German press eventually found out about Krupp's activities, and printed the whole story, complete with photographs taken by Krupp himself inside the grotto.

Capri was where Oscar Wilde was reunited with Lord Alfred Douglas after being released from jail.

Noel Coward took the title of his song 'A Bar on the Piccola Marina' from the island's favourite meeting place for 'free spirits'.

Norman Douglas

Capri was home to paedophile Norman Douglas, who was Greene's best friend on the island in the late 1940's and early 1950's.

Norman Douglas was the author of 'South Wind' which captured the air of sensuality associated with Capri and Southern Italy.

Compton Mackenzie of MI6

Famous Scot, Compton Mackenzie, was apparently another boylover who fell for Capri.

He moved there with his wife in 1913 and remained about ten years.

Two of his books were set on Capri: 'Vestal Fire' and 'Extraordinary Women.'

According to biographers, he bought a small villa in the plain of Cetrella, 'where he used to hold his amorous encounters with young boys.'

In 1918, the arrival in Capri of a group of lesbians, gave Mackenzie the inspiration to write 'Extraordinary Women.'

The Famous Swede Axel Munthe wrote:

"I sprang from the Sorrento sailing-boat onto the little beach.

"Swarms of BOYS were playing about among the upturned boats or bathing their shining bronze bodies in the surf....."

Munthe's autobiographical "The History of S. Michele" was published for the first time in English in 1929.

Since then this book about Capri has been translated into many languages and is now among the most read books after the Bible.

It was in 1887 that Munthe decided to settle on Capri and work as the municipal doctor.

Munthe's first visit to Capri had been in 1884 at the time of a cholera outbreak in Naples.

As soon as he had landed on the island, he had fallen in love with the ruins of a little medieval chapel dedicated to S. Michele, surrounded by a large vineyard hiding the ruins of a Roman villa.

He decided to create his dream villa called San Michele and bought a whole mountain to make this possible. "My house must be open to the sun, to the wind, to the sea, like a Greek temple, and light, light everywhere".

Munthe was a lover of the arts, a philanthropist, and a great lover of animals.


Baron Fersen of Adeswarde, born in Paris in 1880 of a family of steel industrialists, was another lover of Capri.

On 10 June 1903, the day of Fersen's engagement to the Viscount of Moupeou's daughter, he was arrested on charges of gross indecency and corruption of young boys.

After that event he decided to take up permanent residence on his favourite island of Capri.

Here he rented Villa Certosella.

Just what are the attractions of Capri to the rich, the famous and the cognoscenti?

Gay names associated with Capri include Ezra Pound, Tennessee Williams, Jean Cocteau, Andre Gide...

Visitors to the island have included Leonardo DiCaprio, Lenin,Tom Cruise, Tommy Hilfiger and Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen 


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At 30 June 2020 at 04:38 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

When a civilisation has passed its heyday and begins its decline the incidence of sexual deviancy correspondingly rises.
Britain is full of homosexuals and deviants seek to justify this by making absurd comparisons with primates in the forests of downtown Congo.
Cadbury the confectionary company is now trying to capitalise on the exploding gay market by selling products like "CADBURY FUDGEPACKERS ".

At 30 June 2020 at 05:03 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

This Capri article has been posted here before.

At 30 June 2020 at 05:27 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Aang, do you think there is a connection between gays and paedophilia (e.g. boy rape) just wondering out loud?

At 30 June 2020 at 05:36 , Anonymous Anonymous said...


At 30 June 2020 at 05:42 , Anonymous Anonymous said...


At 30 June 2020 at 05:55 , Blogger Christian said...

Jew Magnus Hirschfeld was the one..

At 30 June 2020 at 05:56 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Israeli billionaire, the pornographer, and the Tory minister at the center of a scandal


At 30 June 2020 at 05:57 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

What are you jabbering on about?

At 30 June 2020 at 08:03 , Blogger Anon said...

The research shows that most paedophiles are not highly sexed and are relatively harmless. Most child sexual abuse is carried out by highly-sexed married men and women, many of whom are bisexual.

At 30 June 2020 at 08:07 , Blogger Anon said...


At 30 June 2020 at 10:54 , Anonymous Brabantian said...

Fascinating short video of life in an Orthodox Jewish quasi-slum in Jerusalem

Well-made 15-minute film of favela-like living conditions amongst traditional Orthodox religious, largely non-Zionist Jews, in Jerusalem's old Mea Shearim neighbourhood

You see all sorts of clumsy, unauthorised informal structures piled on top of each other to create extra living units and space, and much rubbish strewn about

With a Jewish narrator and guide, there are chuckles over the stereotypes that all Jews are rich, and mirth over how the area is just like slummy neighbourhoods in Russia

Property is expensive so the poorer in Israel, Jews as well, live in very crowded conditions

Many religious Jews in Israel do not work, and receive welfare benefits whilst their men pursue Talmud studies and have many children

There is significant tensions within Israel about the Orthodox, as secular working taxpayer Jews feel that many of the religious Jews are lazy welfare recipients

English subtitles if you click on the first of the buttons in the lower right of the video

The first minute is a collage of the remainder, it is easier to start viewing at the 1m01 timepoint


At 1 July 2020 at 10:43 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Paphos is similar - de Carcaci family and other royals. St John of the Apocalypse links - "they" probably enjoy defiling the holy cave.


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