Friday 22 November 2019


"Johnson talks his usual gold-plated nonsense about how his wonderful Withdrawal Agreement will 'Get Brexit Done', and open the way to a brilliant future. There are two clear answers to this.

Why Boris Johnson's political career may not survive next three weeks – Joyce McMillan

"The first is the familiar argument that no withdrawal agreement will 'get Brexit done', but will only mark the beginning of a protracted and agonising trade negotiation with the EU 27.

"The second, though, is that Johnson's Withdrawal Agreement is a dreadful deal for the people of Britain; one that, even for Brexiteers, absolutely should be renegotiated, as Labour policy suggests.

"It takes Scotland, England and Wales out of the single market to which we desperately need access, abandons a whole swathe of EU-guaranteed employment rights, and opens the way for a serious deterioration in environmental protection and food standards."

Jeremy Corbyn's £75billion  Labour manifesto ...

Labour vows to end sale of arms to Israel 

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Tuesday 19 November 2019


Giacomo Casanova, 1725 - 1798, had affairs with women, and girls, and boys.

Casanova suffered from syphilis.

"One suspects that, writing his memoir to amuse himself when dogged by syphilis and melancholy towards the end of his life, he embroidered the more salacious episodes."

Casanova: the scandalous libertine who seduced his own daughter

"Casanova spent his final years as a poor outcast, bored and dissatisfied with life.

Casanova Was Also a Grave Robber 

Casanova was born in Venice.

"Casanova was initiated into carnal pleasures at the age of 11 by the 14-year-old sister of his tutor in Padua."

"Casanova was thrown out of the seminary in which had trained to become a priest for being discovered in bed with another male student."

"Casanova was a committed follower of the Kabbalah, the mystical Jewish cult holding a deep fascination for him to the extent that he attributed his life's successes to its power."

Enlightenment on Casanova's sexual preferences 

"Casanova’s fascination with the teachings of the Kabbalah, codes and zodiacal mysticism allowed him to exploit the outlandish beliefs of the credulous rich, and extract serious amounts of money from them."


"Cadsanova presented Louis XV with a 13-year-old candidate for his entourage, whose virginity was confirmed by the royal hand before purchase."

Casanova: the scandalous libertine who seduced his own daughter

"Having newly met the 16-year-old who turned out to be his own daughter and finding her longing for a child but yoked to an impotent duke, he left her pregnant."

Casanova: the scandalous libertine who seduced his own daughter


"Same-sex behaviour has been identified among more than a thousand animal species, from variegated sea urchins and molluscs to bonin flying foxes , snow geese and domestic cows.

"Perhaps we’ve been looking at it all wrong, suggest Julia Monk, from Yale University, US, and colleagues, by assuming that heterosexuality is the default position."

Were animal ancestors bisexual? | Cosmos


"Researchers believe that  homosexual behaviour was part of our earliest DNA."

Gay behaviour 'is the norm for most animals' ... - Daily Mail

Giacomo Casanova.

Casanova took part in sexual acts with males, "and without complaint".

"He fell in love with a boy." (physics - Giacomo Casanova)


In Chapter 11 of The memoirs of Casanova ( The memoirs of Jacques Casanova de Seingalt, by Giacomo Casanova ... ) we read:

"One of the two boys... was remarkably handsome and might have been seventeen. I thought he was a ‘castrato’ who, as is the custom in Rome, performed all the parts of a prima donna. 

"The mother presented ... her other son, likewise very good-looking, but more manly than the ‘castrato’, although younger. His name was Petronio...

"I returned to my room and sent Petronio for a bottle of Cyprus wine. He brought the wine and seven sequins, the change for the doubloon I had given him. 

"I divided them between Bellino, Cecilia and Marina, and begged the two young girls to leave me alone with their brother.

“Bellino, I am certain that your natural conformation is different from mine; my dear, you are a girl.

“I am a man, but a castrato; I have been examined.

“Allow me to examine you likewise, and I will give you a doubloon.

“I cannot, for it is evident that you love me, and such love is condemned by religion.

“You did not raise these objections with the bishop’s chaplain.

“He was an elderly priest, and besides, he only just glanced at me.

“I will know the truth,” said I, extending my hand boldly.

"But he repulsed me and rose from his chair. His obstinacy vexed me, for I had already spent fifteen or sixteen sequins to satisfy my curiosity."

John Masters' 1969 biography, Casanova, pointed out that Casanova practiced bisexuality. (The Casanova Controversy - TIME)

John Masters, in his book Casanova , 1969:

"A page of notes in his handwriting, found among his papers, contains the following notes, as though for chapter headings:

"Mes amours avec Camille; Pédérastie avec X."

Prof. Luna on p. 70 of her book:

"Three specific allusions to homosexual relations were censured at the time of Casanova's final revision of the Memoirs: 'My love for the Duke of Elbouef's fancy boy'.

"'Pederasty with * in Dunkirk'.

"'Pederasty with Bazin and his sisters' (Marr 31-61).

"Perhaps one should also add to this series the note on 'the ring in Etorière's underpants' (Marr 16 k 45), which was also cut; it is well-known that in vol. 4 (p.49), where Casanova is in love with the beautiful M.M., he compares her to Antinoos and to Etorière whom he had 'met in Paris,' and who had a reputation as 'one of the handsomest men in Paris.'"



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Monday 18 November 2019


A conservative, Lord James of Blackheath, claims that he handled billions of pounds of terrorist funds at the behest of the Bank of England during his business career, with the IRA as his "biggest client".

"He also had extensive connections with North African terrorists."

Lords stunned by Tory peer's IRA funding claim 

James, in the House of Lords on 16 February 2012, mentioned a massive $15 trillion money-laundering fraud from the United States Federal Reserve in the name of "Yohannes Riyadi" [17]

Tarek Kaituni, 54, helped to broker secret meetings for the Duke of York with Colonel Gaddafi.

Libyan gun smuggler who brokered meetings between Prince ...

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Sunday 17 November 2019


A 2019 study by The King’s Fund estimated that, in 2017/18, about a quarter of the NHS’s budget was spent on the private sector.

Conservative leader Boris Johnson.

The UK's Conservative Party is on 37%, according to the latest BMG survey.

Conservative Ministers have made clear they are abandoning the party's long-standing commitment to get net migration down below 100,000 a year - a target they have never met.

Labour has scrapped its conference resolution to maintain free movement of labour.

Children murdered.

A Special Air Service (SAS) soldier burst into a room in an Afghan village and shot dead Mohammed Tayeb, aged 14, and his friend Ahmad Shah, aged 12.

Boris Johnson vows to change human rights law to protect war criminals...

Boris Johnson's novel is entitled Seventy Two Virgins.

In 72 Virgins, a terrorist is portrayed as, above all, beautiful, 'with full red lips and skin that was startlingly pale for a Palestinian Arab'.

Johnson writes about a 'darkish kid', a 'dark young man', and a 'young half-caste'.


David Gauke says Boris Johnson is 'not being straight' with voters.

"The UK has been sliding down the UN Human Development Report since 1991, and by 1996 became the most unequal nation in the developed world."

Wealth Inequality in UK Now Equal to Nigeria, UN Report ...

Who will pay for the Labour Party's proposed reforms?

"Income tax rates, national insurance, and VAT will not increase for 95% of people.

"It is only the 5% we will ask to pay a little more.

"We will reduce the threshold for 45p rate to £80,000 and reintroduce the 50p rate for £125,000.

"That is our pledge."

Labour Party's McDonnell says 95% of taxpayers won't face tax rises..

80% of the UK Conservative Members of Parliament belong to the party's Friends of Israel group.

The Kosher Nostra runs the UK child abuse rings?

Israel runs UK child abuse rings?

Conservative's general election poll lead over Labour narrows to 6%.

Annunziata Rees-Mogg (above) has laughed off rumours she is carrying out an extra-marital affair with Nigel Farage (above)

The Times

"Those who knew Annunziata during her journalism career described 'wild' parties in the basement of her brother's Mayfair home."

Annunziata Rees Mogg reveals she is 16 weeks pregnant - 20 Sep 2019

Gary Lineker (above) has said he would scrap Trident and other nuclear weapons.

Lineker tweeted: 'Nuclear thing is bonkers. We’re all f**ked if they’re ever used.'

Valerie Vaz - Left

The Walsall South constituency, north of Birmingham, supports Brexit and usually supports the Labour Party.

The Labour candidate is Valerie Vaz, who has voted for the UK to Remain in the UK.

Valerie Vaz MP, generally voted for UK membership of the EU.

Valerie Vaz is the sister of the Labour MP Keith Vaz, who has been linked to rent boys and cocaine.

Valerie Vaz's parents were originally from Goa in India.

Valerie's father committed suicide when Valerie was 16.[6]

Gurjit Kaur Bains - right

In Walsall South, the Conservative candidate, Gurjit Kaur Bains, supports Brexit.

Gary Hughes, who lives in Norfolk.

In Walsall South, the Brexit Party has a 'popular' candidate Gary Hughes, a former policeman and civil servant, who could take votes from both Labour and the Conservatives.

Craig Murray (above) writes:

"This election is sordid, tawdry, corrupt and uninspiring; a fitting end for the UK and its long history of callous exploitation.

"Never has a state been more adept at using its system of law to shift resources from the poor to the rich. Never has a state’s dissolution been more overdue.

Lib Dem candidate quits over racist and homophobic tweets ...

Craig Murray writes:

"The Lib Dems role in austerity that, just when the opportunity should arise for them to make massive gains as the major Remain party in England, they are saddled with Jo Swinson as leader. Her instincts are entirely right wing. 

"When asked at her campaign launch why she said Jeremy Corbyn was unsuitable to be Prime Minister, by a journalist seeking more Corbyn knocking copy, her first and most immediate response was that Corbyn would not be prepared to give the order to British submarine commanders to fire nuclear weapons. 

"Swinson combines inanity, delusion and ambition in a deeply unpleasant mix."

The UK's Macabre Final Election - Craig Murray

Jewish Conservative Member of Parliament Robert Halfon has been challenged on cash received from an associate of Dmitry Firtash.

The critical question is how close was the connection between Trump-Manafort-Giuliani-Stone and the Kremlin & Russian organized crime? The crucial link between all of them seems to be gas trader Dmytro Firtash.

Firtash told U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine William Taylor of needing permission from alleged Russian crime boss Semyon Mogilevich to do business in Ukraine


The Conservatives may struggle to hold on to Remain-leaning Conservative seats while failing to make sufficient gains in Leave-leaning Labour seats.

There are only 12 or 13 very Leave-leaning Labour seats where the Conservatives stand a realistic chance of winning based on the kind of historically large swing in votes that would be needed – and the party could lose that number in Scotland alone were they to be wiped out North of the Border.

Tories beware! That lead does not guarantee you victory-  pollster JOE TWYMAN. 

There is a suspicion that Boris Johnson secretly favours 'Remain' and 'Immigration'.

"Boris Johnson has ripped up Theresa May's plans for immigration after Brexit – including her  pledge to slash annual numbers to “tens of thousands” – and ordered officials to explore more liberal rules.

"Johnson also repeated his support for an amnesty for existing migrants without documents, acknowledging it could see “perhaps half a million people” gaining the right to remain in the UK."

Brexit: Boris Johnson rips up Theresa May's immigration plan - 25 Jul 2019

'Johnson is a liar who only backed Leave to help his career' - David Cameron ...

Boris Johnson once said he was 'a bit of a fan' of Brussels, and he famously wrote an unpublished column declaring his support for the remain campaign.

Boris Johnson on Europe 

In his 2001 book ‘Friends, Voters, Countrymen’,  Johnson wrote that Britain’s interests were “still on balance served by maintaining our membership” and said withdrawal would mean “a worrying loss of influence”.

Boris and his friend Greville Janner.

In 2003, Boris Johnson looked forward to the expansion of the EU, adding: “I do not know whether any honourable Members are foolish enough to oppose eventual Turkish membership of the European Union.”

In 2016, Boris Johnson argued that it was in “Britain’s geostrategic interests to be pretty intimately engaged” with Europe and warning that leaving the single market would cause “at least some business uncertainty”.

The UK's Electoral Commission identified some areas where vote-rigging could occur.

9 November 2019 -

The Labour Party is up one percentage point at 30%, a poll by Panelbase shows.

It had a sample size of 1,046 people and was conducted between Nov. 6 and 8.

"There is a plus or minus 2 or 3% statistical margin of error in a poll.

"This error applies to each party’s vote.

"So if a poll shows the Tories on 40% and Labour on 34%, could mean both Tory and Labour are on 37%, neck and neck."

The limitations of opinion polls

The BBC refuse to tell you this. So here goes
• Last week Boris Johnson was booed out of an NHS Hospital • Today, School Pupils of voting age were contained in a Common Room when he visited their school Corporate media are sanitising this campaign for the Tories

Boris Johnson denied having ever met Joseph Mifsud, a Russian go-between. Right up until photographic evidence appeared... Mifsud is key figure in the FBI's Trump-Russia investigation

Does the Kosher Nostra decide who wins?

Taki tried to expose Epstein early on. Was his column spiked by Boris Johnson?

Centre - Stanley Johnson, father of Boris Johnson, at the garden party of the Kit-Kat Club, founded by Ghislaine Maxwell

Michael Bloomberg and Ghislaine Maxwell.

Donald Trump and Ghislaine Maxwell.

Lord Rothschild's son Nat Rothschild (left) with Ghislaine Maxwell.

Daily Mail editor Geordie Greig with Ghislaine Maxwell.

Ghislaine Maxwell at Stowe School, mentioned by child abuse whistleblower Carl Beech.



Is Jewish oligarch Evgeny Lebedev similar to Jeffrey Epstein?

Evgeny Lebedev's Italian Villa has Bunga Bunga parties.

Lebedev's four-strong team of armed personal bodyguards is headed by an ex-SAS soldier.

Boris Johnson is just one in a long list of senior politicians and celebrities entertained by Evgeny Lebedev. 

People who have been entertained by Evgeny Lebedev include:

Nigel Farage
Rupert Murdoch
Bernard Hogan-Howe (The former head of the Metropolitan Police)
Boris Johnson
Peter Mandelson (Jewish friend of Lord Rothschild, and of Jeffrey Epstein)

George Osborne (Friend of the Rothschilds, former chancellor, editor of Lebedev's Evening Standard)

David Cameron 
Vince Cable (Jewish Liberal Democrat)

Sarah Sands (editor of the BBC Today Programme)
Amol Rajan (media editor of the BBC).

Revealed: Boris, the Russian oligarch and the Page 3 model  / PUTIN VERSUS THE MAFIA?


Today, UK pensions are low, compared to those in the Netherlands.

Pensions – percentage of average earnings.

Netherlands – 100.6%

Portugal – 94.9%

Italy – 93.2%

Austria – 91.8%

Spain – 81.8%

OECD average – 62.9%

UK – 29%

What it means to be a pensioner under the Tories

Jo Swinson - a Friend of Israel.

Jo Swinson is the Leader of the Liberal Democrats, the party of Cyril Smith, Clement Freud and Jeremy Thorpe.

Liberals - Cyril Smith (right), Clement Freud (centre) linked to Madeleine McMann, and David Steel (left), linked to Dolphin Square. 'Paedophile' Sir Clement Freud shared an office in Parliament with Smith

"Oct 2018: Protecting paedophiles in politics – a petition was submitted to Westminster calling for an amendment to the Official Secrets Act preventing its use in cases where child abuse was involved.

"Swinson and her colleague MP's voted against a proposed change to the Official Secrets Act so that public servants, including MPs, will continue to be protected from any investigation of allegations about child abuse."

Jo-Swinson – More Right Wing than Boris ...

Mark Oaten. By 2003, Mark Oaten had become the UK Liberal Democrat home affairs spokesman and he was tipped as a future party leader. In 2004, the married Oaten began seeing a rent boy. CYRIL SMITH COVER UP - SAVILE'S TEAMS

Jo Swinson has been the Member of Parliament (MP) for East Dunbartonshire since 2017, having previously held the seat between 2005 and 2015.

It is possible that in the 2019 election, she may lose to the Scottish National Party.

Swinson studied at the spooky London School of Economics and once served as a Parliamentary Private Secretary to the spooky Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg.

Swinson was supportive of  zero hours contracts

Between 2017 and 2018, Swinson received political funding from Mark Petterson, the director of Warwick Energy Ltd, which has fracking licenses across England.[72] She has also voted against plans to ban fracking in the UK.[73]

Swinson condemned Venezuela's Maduro government.

Swinson came out in favour of erecting a statue of former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher in Parliament Square.

On 13 May 2011, Swinson married then fellow Liberal Democrat MP Duncan Hames,[106] in a humanist ceremony.[107] 

Boris Johnson of the Bullingdon Club.

A 4 November 2019  poll shows that support for the Conservatives is in decline.

Data collected by ICM between November 1 and 4 shows that the Conservative party has 38 per cent of support, while Labour has 31 per cent.

The Liberal Democrats were on 15 per cent and the Brexit Party behind with nine per cent.

A study by Heriot-Watt University has  found that over 94% of people at food banks are destitute, while three-quarters live in households affected by ill-health or disability.

The average weekly income of people at food banks is only £50 after paying rent, and almost one in five have no money coming in at all in the month before being referred for emergency food.

"Nigel Farage’s Brexit Party has already racked up donations worth £1,049,000 from a super-rich elite linked to tax havens, think tanks and private members’ clubs, according to new data from the Electoral Commission."

In 2014, the Conservative government announced a policy of "starter homes" - to be aimed at those under the age of 40 and sold at a 20% discount.

This plan to create 200,000 new homes in England for first-time buyers has resulted in no homes being built, the National Audit Office has found.


Above, we see the Scottish National Party's Richard Arkless, in Dumfries, in 2015.

Arkless was elected MP for Dumfries and Galloway in 2015, but was defeated by the Conservative Alister Jack, in 2017.

Alister Jack is in Boris Johnson's cabinet.

Alister Jack has been criticised for owning over £70,000 of shares in a firm registered in a territory described as the world’s 'worst' tax haven.

Alister Jack has the investment in Jardine Matheson Holdings (JMH), which is incorporated in Bermuda.

An SNP spokesperson said: 'Voters will have questions over whether these outside interests will influence Mr Jack’s positions – particularly when it comes to pursuing tax justice.'

Scottish Tory MP has over £70000 of shares in firm in world's 'worst' tax haven

Jim O'Neill, who wrote that "Labour's readiness to explore new ways of shaking up the status quo is admirable."

Terence James O'Neill, Baron O'Neill of Gatley, a former chairman of Goldman Sachs Asset Management, and a former UK Conservative government minister, is a British economist.

O'Neil is chair of the UK's spooky Chatham House think-tank (Like the USA's Council on Foreign Relations).

In 2018, O'Neill wrote that, 'in some respects, a Labour government would be better than the current Conservative government'.

O'Neill is not keen on Labours's far-left policies, and not keen on Conservative far-right policies, but he feels that the capitalist model has stopped functioning as it should.

O'Neill wrote at the ft :-

"I am not overly concerned by some aspects of a prospective Jeremy Corbyn (UK Labour) administration.

"In at least six policy areas, which Mr Corbyn and his shadow chancellor John McDonnell are treating as priorities, businesses and the Conservative government need to catch up."

O'Neil worries that the current Conservative government "has virtually no time for ... devolving powers and responsibilities to the urban regions.

"The Northern Powerhouse and Midlands Engine schemes now receive almost no attention."

O'Neill worries about Britain's productivity crisis.

Since the 2008 financial crisis, Britain has seen a 15-20% decline in GDP - "stemming from weaker productivity."

O'Neill wrote:

"Labour's readiness to explore new ways of shaking up the status quo is admirable."

O'Neill points out that lower corporation tax has not magically boosted investment spending.

O'Neill wrote: "we should stop cutting corporation tax to increase profits with little societal gain."

According to O'Neill, "it was once assumed that, when unemployment fell below a certain level, wage growth would accelerate.

"It has not happened."


O'Neill worries about chief executives being paid large sums of money, while their companies are failing to make Britain a better place.

O'Neill worries about the privately run railways and utilities being badly managed.

O'Neill writes: "The Labour party has stepped into the vacuum left by the Conservative government and appears to be offering the radical change that people seek."

O'Neill is opposed to Brexit.

Corbyn's policy is to renegotiate the Brexit deal and hold a referendum.

What  do UK voters want?

60% of voters want to increase taxes so as to spend more on health, education and social benefits.

More than half of Conservative voters want to increase taxes.

Fewer than one out of every 20 voters want taxes and spending to fall.

National Centre for Social Research

Most voters support capping the pay of senior executives.

Most voters think that government needs to do more to regulate how businesses behave.

Most voters think that companies have a responsibility to put their workers on company boards.

Legatum Institute


Between 53 and 65% of voters support the nationalisation or renationalisation of energy and water providers, rail networks and Royal Mail, although in some polls the figures are much higher.

One survey found that more than one in two Conservatives back the renationalisation of rail.

How Corbynomics is winning over Britain

Boris Johnson

3 - 11 - 19

New polls show a Labour improvement while Remainer parties are forming a pact to stop Boris Johnson.

"Support for Jeremy Corbyn's party grew by six points between Wednesday and Friday according to a YouGov poll, while a survey by ORB International said the Tory lead has been cut to eight points.

"It comes as the Liberal Democrats, Plaid Cymru and the Green Party are set to reveal a remain pact in 60 seats in an effort to deny Johnson and his Downing Street hopes."

Political scientist Sir John Curtice says-

'I will make a prediction. There are going to be a record number of non-Conservative and non-Labour MPs as a result of this election. That makes it difficult for the Conservatives and Labour to win an overall majority,' said Professor Curtice.

Curtice says that Boris Johnson is currently behind on vote share compared to his predecessor Mrs May at the 2017 election.


Nice guy?

DOMINIC CUMMINGS IS A RUSSOPHILE - SPEAKS RUSSIAN FLUENTLY - VISITS RUSSIA FREQUENTLY - IS IN CONTROL OF NO 10 One doesn`t need to be John Le Carre to see that Brexit is being directed by Putin.

Brexit in name only - BRINO

Boris Johnson is going to give the UK BRINO rather than BREXIT,

TopBritish civil servants have met US companies to discuss the National Health Service in post-Brexit trade negotiations.

Trump's Plan For The NHS: Channel 4 Dispatches | Channel 4

There have been six formal discussions with US trade officials.

"Representatives form American drug companies were given direct access to British officials in five meetings – two of which took place in Washington."

Trump's Plan For The NHS: Channel 4 Dispatches | Channel 4


Did Boris plan to fail?


Boris Johnson, while Mayor of London, twice brought a former model, an American called Jennifer Arcuri, to Tel Aviv in Israel.

This was despite strict regulations barring him from doing so.

Johnson and Arcuri. Social media photos show Arcuri spending time with Michael Gove and Justine Greening.

The Sunday Times has revealed that -

1. Boris Johnson overruled officials a number of times to get Jennifer Arcuri onto trade missions. 

2. Boris Johnson awarded money to Jennifer Arcuri's tech companies.

"She was not actually eligible for one £100,000 grant that she received, because her company was not based in the UK."

Johnson regularly visited Jennifer Arcuri at her flat in Shoreditch, east London, when he was Mayor of London between 2008 and 2016.

A profile on film database site IMDb says Jennifer Arcuri began her career as Radio Disney DJ Razzle Dazz at the Walt Disney Company.

Jennifer Arcuri currently lives in California, with her husband Matthew Hickey.

Arthur Wellesley‏ @ArthurWellesle1 21h21 hours ago

The Innotech Network Ltd was founded by Jennifer Arcuri and Julia Streets.

Ms Streets is, with the Headmaster of Stowe, a director/trustee of Street Child whose patron is the former wife of the Duke of York.

Dame Alun Roberts‏ @ciabaudo 32m32 minutes ago

While BoJo's pole dancer Jennifer Arcuri was offering Randy Andy endorsed cyber-security, her cousin Lawrence Lessing was a trustee of the Internet Society, a position held, albeit at different times, by Ghislaine Maxwell's sister Christine. … …

Margaret Hodge, nee Oppenheimer, is Jewish and has been linked to a child abuse scandal. (MYSTERIOUS DEATHS OF CHILDREN)

UK Labour Member of Parliament Margaret Hodge has been reselected as Labour’s parliamentary candidate in Barking.

Margaret Hodge is the UK politician who has been accused of covering-up the child abuse and child murder scandal in the London borough of Islington.

Philip Edmonds. 

Philip Martin Edmonds was at Praia da Luz in Portugal when Madeleine McCann disappeared.

Philip Martin Edmonds is the nephew of Margaret Hodge.

Jason Swift

In 1985, 14-year-old Jason Swift was killed by a child-abuse gang.

Jason is believed to have lived in Islington council's Conewood Street children's home. 

In 1982 Margaret Hodge (nee Oppenheimer) became Islington council leader.

She became a close friend of Tony Blair, who lived in Islington, a few doors away from Hodge.

In February 1990 Liz Davies and David Cofie, senior social workers, discovered evidence of sex abuse of children and reported it to a residents' meeting attended by Mrs Hodge.

In May 1990 Mr Cofie and Ms Davies were told by Lyn Cusack, assistant director of social services, to stop interviewing children about the abuse claims.

On 1 May 1997 Tony Blair moved from Islington to Downing Street.

In June 2003 Mrs Hodge was made minister for Children.

Above, we see Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn with his former agent Derek Sawyer, who has been linked to people involved in a child abuse ring.



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