Monday, 18 November 2019


A conservative, Lord James of Blackheath, claims that he handled billions of pounds of terrorist funds at the behest of the Bank of England during his business career, with the IRA as his "biggest client".

"He also had extensive connections with North African terrorists."

Lords stunned by Tory peer's IRA funding claim 

James, in the House of Lords on 16 February 2012, mentioned a massive $15 trillion money-laundering fraud from the United States Federal Reserve in the name of "Yohannes Riyadi" [17]

Tarek Kaituni, 54, helped to broker secret meetings for the Duke of York with Colonel Gaddafi.

Libyan gun smuggler who brokered meetings between Prince ...


  1. Perhaps there's another Prince Andrew story yet to surface. I may as well get the ball rolling.

    Prince Andrew (I am informed) had other relations with a slightly younger female who happened to be a yacht girl at the time of their alleged meeting.

    The young lady in question being Megan Markle. I'd be tempted to say "keeping it in the family", howeve, as Harry is Hewitts look a like, I'm not sure if that phrase applies.

    Megan appears a bit unroyal/unruly maybe she has enough 'in the bag' at the moment to be able to be more assertive.

    Who knows.


    2. Google thrones out royal affairs


  3. The perv poop in Thailand. Grrrr.....



  6. US dirty hands behind violent protests in Iran?





  11. Cyprus police seize former Israeli intelligence officer’s surveillance vehicle

    "According to the Cyprus Times, police took an interest after reports by Forbes magazine in August that a high-tech surveillance vehicle was in Larnaca with the capability of intercepting WhatsApp messages, Facebook chats, telephone calls and all the content of smartphones. This prompted the main Cypriot opposition part, Akel, to ask on Friday how and why such a vehicle was present in Cyprus and whether it had been inspected at customs.

    Officials said that the vehicle is owned by a former senior Israeli intelligence officer called Tal Dilian. It is said that he operates in Cyprus through a registered company with Cypriot shareholders."

  12. Boris Johnson must waive any claim of immunity for Prince Andrew

  13. Epstein victim claims she was invited to party with Duke of York on Jeffrey Epstein's 'orgy island'

  14. @ANMarshall:

    "Prince Andrew dripping with sweat after leaving the nightclub 'Chinawhite' in 2000 - just as he was when dancing with the under-age [Virginia Giuffre nee Roberts] in 2001... "


  15. @Tiff_FitzHenry:

    "Imagine you're on the PR team for the Royals, right now, as the illusion that holds their imaginary power in place is melting. As the whole world is seeing they're just run of the mill criminals. And there's nothing you can do to hide it.

    "What do you do?

    "You quit."

    [RE: 'Prince Andrew's publicist quits over disastrous BBC interview about Jeffrey Epstein']

  16. @KateWilliamsme: [Professor Kate Williams]

    "Beatrice and Eugenie - not only did Prince Andrew drag them into it last night, using them as his #pizzaexpress alibi. But it's clear from flight logs they were taken on Epstein's plane and to his private island. How could Andrew have exposed his children to this?"


    "He has opened up Beatrice and Eugenie to be questioned as witnesses in the court cases that are pending, they are adults now who can be deposed, I believe Beatrice is in New York now, I wonder if David Boies was watching?"

  17. DOMINIC LAWSON: I believe Prince Andrew

    "There was nothing shifty or evasive in Prince Andrew's responses or his body language."

  18. @ANMarshall:

    "Johanna Sjoberg said in unsealed legal filings in the 2015 case that Prince Andrew posed for a photograph in 2001 touching her breast and touching Ms. Giuffre's breast with a puppet of himself..."

  19. @meldance00:

    "FLIGHT LOG of Lolita Express showing SARAH FERGUSON & HER KIDS meeting JEFFREY EPSTEIN on the ground where the plane lands ... Andrew was on that plane."


  20. Anonymous

    18 November 2019 at 20:06

    It's quite astonishing, isn't it.

    No one within Military intelligence, MI5, MI6, GCHQ, Police Special Branch, Buckingham Palace, or the royal family's personal security details, ever heard so much as a WHISPER about Uncle Dickie Mountbatten allegedly abusing boys, throughout multiple jurisdictions while mentoring Little Chuckie.

    Never heard a SINGLE THING about Sir Jimmy Savile's DECADES-LONG practicing of child rape and child trafficking, including ritual abuse, necrophilia, and God knows what else. Despite the fact he was investigated by police, and his activities known to all and sundry at the BBC and in numerous children's homes. So poor old Chuckie was kept in the dark about the 'bestie' who replaced Uncle Dickie in his affections.

    Didn't have EVEN A CLUE about Ghislaine Maxwell reportedly procuring girls over many years for a honey trap operation: waiting outside high schools to snag them.

    Didn't even register a CONCERN about Andrew's friend and 'hotelier' Jeffrey Epstein 'being a global child trafficker on a monumental scale'.

    Hadn't so much as A NOTION about Prince Andrew's friend Greville Janner allegedly abusing underage boys while the duke and he maintained a friendship. Didn't even realise that Janner would be reportedly grooming a trafficked youth from Northern Ireland *literally* right in front of Andrew and Sarah on a group 'date night' at the Earl's Court Olympia!

    Never so much as SUSPECTED that the queen's personal protection officer, Michael Trestrail, and her personal art curator, Anthony Blunt, were reportedly raping boys at the Elm Guest House boy brothel while working for Betty herself and enjoying her full confidence.

    Never once even SUSPECTED that Chuckie's special friend Bishop Peter Ball was sexually abusing scores of boys and young men for decades.

    Isn't it just INCREDIBLE how spectacularly useless Military intelligence, MI5, MI6, GCHQ and Special Branch in its various iterations must also be???

    How totally incompetent, how fantastically inept, they are?

    What we're invited to believe about all of this is, in a word... laughable.