Thursday 12 September 2019


In September 2019, I had lunch with Charles and Camilla, at a pub in Garlieston, a village in Dumfries and Galloway.

Lunch with the FT | Financial Times

Garlieston, in Dumfries and Galloway.

We tucked in to pheasant pie.

Charles and Camilla were visiting Garlieston, the Scottish D-Day planning port, and Camilla was visiting Moat Brae in Dumfries, the inspiration for J M Barries Peter Pan.

"All our family are fond of this area," said Charles. "Fergie stayed in Gatehouse after her divorce."

Moat Brae.

Camilla said: "I enjoyed my visit to Moat Brae, the place which inspired Peter Pan."

Moat Brae.

"It is an enchanted land," said Camilla.

"I met lots of children today," said Charles.

None of them mentioned Willie MacRae or Jimmy Savile's visits to Fort Augustus Abbey School.

(SPOOKS MURDERED TOP SCOT? / Savile 'was allowed to roam freely' around)


I asked Charles and Camilla about the roads in Dumfries and Galloway.

"There are no motorways, many of the railway lines have been closed, and the roads are narrow and twisting," said Charles.

"We used a helicopter for some of our journey," said Camilla.

"Boris Johnson wants a bridge from Northern Ireland to this part of Scotland," said Charles.

The barman quoted William McGonagall:

"Beautiful Railway Bridge of the Silv'ry Tay!
"Alas! I am very sorry to say
"That ninety lives have been taken away
"On the last Sabbath day of 1879,
"Which will be remember’d for a very long time."

Why DOES the Prime Minister think he can build a bridge?... - Daily Mail

Charles playing bowls, at Garlieston.

The above is partly fiction.

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At 12 September 2019 at 08:22 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Many thanks!
Laurens van der Post is vaguely linked to Fort Augustus through Kathleen Raine (poet who was in love with Gavin Maxwell)
Raine became a friend of Prince Charles through their mutual paedo friend Laurens van der Post.
So both Laurens van der Post & Willie Mcrae worked for Mountbatten... Small world eh?!

At 12 September 2019 at 09:09 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Always good info

At 12 September 2019 at 13:11 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

And Charles is partially, at least, human...
maybe the most human of all these royal 'addams family' haha.

Partially ;-) But that's something, anyway...

Greetings from France,


At 12 September 2019 at 14:42 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

At 12 September 2019 at 14:47 , Anonymous Anonymous said...


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