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Prince Mohammed

The Kosher Nostra wants 'reform' in Saudi Arabia, but, some time ago, decided that Prince Mohammed and the Saudi Royals are not capable of achieving this?

"Prince Mohammed's vision of an economy of innovative, educated Saudis and the dynastic rule of the al-Saud family are a complete mismatch.

"Prince Mohammed has shown not the slightest inkling of ceding any royal prerogatives - least of all his own - of absolute rule.

"Indeed, tolerance of dissent has diminished, as evidenced by the arrest of female activists and the threat of imposing the death sentence on one."

Aramco Flop: Beginning of the End for Crown Prince - Haaretz-25 Aug 2018


Saudi Arabia's Prince Mohammad "is well-known to US intelligence agencies as an aggressive homosexual with a preference for small Filipino boys, a significant number of whom seem to have totally vanished from his palace, never to be seen again.

"A small severed arm, with an identifiable tattoo was discovered in a trash dump near the royal palace but of the others, there has never been any sign of them or their obviously dismembered bodies."

The top Moslems have their problems.

Muslim cleric, 51, who runs Britain's largest network of sharia courts is quizzed over child rape claims.


"There is considerable evidence pointing to the fact that the U.S.' response to the Khashoggi affair is likely to be determined, not by any Saudi government responsibility for Khashoggi’s fate, but instead whether or not the Saudis choose to follow through with their promise to purchase the $15 billion U.S.-made THAAD missile system or its cheaper, Russia-made equivalent, the S-400. 

"According to reports, the Saudis failed to meet the deadline for their planned THAAD purchase and had hinted in late September that they were planning to buy the S-400 from Russia instead...

"There is every indication that the U.S. is not in fact seeking to punish the Saudis for their alleged role in Khashoggi's apparent murder but instead to punish them for reneging on this $15 billion deal to U.S. weapons giant Lockheed Martin, which manufactures the THAAD system.

S-400 gamechanger. / Saudi Plan to Purchase Russian S-400

At least five American-made Patriot missiles apparently missed, malfunctioned, or otherwise failed when Saudi forces tried to intercept a barrage of rockets targeting Riyadh on March 25, 2018.

US-Made Missile Defenses Spectacularly Failed in Saudi Arabia ...

Jamal Khashoggi

"Jamal Khashoggi is the nephew of notorious globe-trotting gangster and arms dealer Adnan Khashoggi, an associate of neocon Richard 'Prince of Darkness' Perle and long-time valued asset of the CIA and Mossad."


Lebanese-American academic and commentator As'ad AbuKhalil wrote of the Jamal Khashoggi disappearance - "I have no doubt that Israeli intelligence assisted the Saudi regime in the arrangement of the kidnapping."

Yossi Melman, a security analyst from Israel's Maariv Daily, has argued that Mossad might have been involved in the Jamal Khashoggi case.

Israel using Saudi statements on Khashoggi

Jerusalem Post columnist Seth Frantzman foresees the possibility of closer ties between Israel and Saudi Arabia coming following the suspected killing of Khashoggi.

"If the US loosens ties with Riyadh, that could bring Saudi Arabia and Israel closer, as the kingdom feels isolated. That is what happened during the Obama administration," he wrote.

Lamia Khashoggi, Adnan Khashoggi and Denise Rich (wife of Marc Rich). Dodi al Fayed's mother is the sister of the arms dealer Adnan Khashoggi.

Saudi Arabia's Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu have held secret meetings in Amman, Israel's Maariv newspaper reported.

Bin Salman, Netanyahu met secretly in Amman: Report
 - Jun 2018

Israel is ‘systematically’ targeting journalists with lethal weapons, killing many.

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Facebook, the CIA and Russians Trolls

Trump is Puppet of Kissinger, CFR and Rothschilds, the True Architects of Russian Collusion

Kompromat: Trump, Hollywood Sex Parties and the Russian Oligarchs (Part II)


China's export growth to the US rose to 14.0% year -on-year in September 2018.

The trade surplus of China’s trade with the US widened to USD34.1bn in September 2018.

China Trade Data Suggests Trump Is Not "Winning" The 'War'

Kavanaugh and Georgetown Prep: Pedophilia acceptance .

Saudi crown prince brags Jared Kushner handed him U.S. intelligence.



Roslyakov, or his body double.

Vladislav Roslyakov (aka Vyacheslav Roslyakov) is the alleged shooter in the 17 October 2018 attack at the Kerch Polytechnic College, in Crimea.

Vladislav Roslyakov attended the meetings of Jehovah's Witnesses with his mother.

"СМИ: керченский стрелок посещал 'Свидетелей Иеговы'".

The Jehovah's Witnesses are said to be run by the CIA.

Moscow charges CIA link to religious activist - UPI Archives


"Crimean chief Sergei Aksyonov told Russian news agencies on Thursday that it is possible that the attacker, identified as Vyacheslav Roslyakov, had an accomplice.

"'The point is to find out who was coaching him for this crime,' he said... 

"'This scoundrel could not have prepared this attack on his own, in my opinion and according to my colleagues.'

"There were angry disputes over whether the killer was alone."

Kerch college

Multiple eyewitnesses have described at least three loud blasts from bombs.

Unanswered questions about Crimea's college massacre - Meduza

Natalia Panikorovskaya, desk clerk, said: "I think it was more than one shooter, and they had automatic guns - they were shooting in bursts."

Sputnik‏Verified account @SputnikInt Oct 17

"Armed with assault rifles, they were running around the second floor, opening doors to the classrooms and killing everyone who came their way… a real terrorist attack! Like in Beslan!"

College director on blast in Kerch.

"Several eyewitness accounts from students suggested there was more than one gunman."

Mother of Crimean massacre gunman 'tried to kill herself'

"The Kerch Polytechnic College’s director said that multiple gunmen shot the students and teachers."

Massacre in Crimea - Global Research

Above, we see the house where Roslyakov reportedly lived.


The attack took place in Kerch, in Crimea.

Vyacheslav Roslyakov’s grandmother, Taisiya Roslyakova, told the Komsomolskaya Pravda daily that her grandson was a kind boy who was always helping her with chores.

Manhunt in Crimea for possible accomplice in school attack | PBS ...

The massacre of children at the school in Beslan was reportedly done by the CIA.

There is a suggestion that Azov Films may have exploited survivors of the Beslan school siege.


The Crimean attack has been linked to the COLUMBINE SCHOOL SHOOTING.

Klebold and Harris. "Eric Harris had deep military intelligence connections from birth. Eric's father, Wayne Harris, was some type of military intelligence spook." dylan klebold « In Search of Black Assassins

The Columbine High School massacre occurred on 20 April 1999, at Columbine High School in Colorado.

Allegedly, two senior students, Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold, murdered a total of 12 students and one teacher.

The pair then "committed suicide".

Over 100 witnesses dispute the official theory of only two shooters.

columbine Massacre Caused by Child Abuse by Sheriff

Columbine teacher Patti Nielson has stated that she was shot by a gunman who could not have been either Harris OR Klebold; and, MASKED gunmen invaded the school.

10 years later, the real story behind Columbine

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Amma, front centre.

The guru called Amma has drawn 32 million people 'into her embrace'.

Amma is the Hindu guru Mata Amritanandamayi.

Gabreal Jones wrote:

At the moment I am visiting Amma the Hugging Mother near Barcelona.

Amma, how real is she?

Rolling Stone: The Hugging Saint - OBC Connect

A former Amma devotee writes: "Allowing people to pray to you, kneel to you, and worship you as God Incarnate is not the behavior of someone who wants people to recognize themselves as magnificent, powerful expressions of God."

Rolling Stone: The Hugging Saint - OBC Connect

Amma and the Israeli consul.

Amma is one of the 25 core leaders in the U.N.'s religion parliament.

"An email from her former joint-secretary alleged that she cooks the books, that the money she gathers for charity doesn't go to the charities she claims.

"I've read accounts by her former monks of the unexplained wealth of Amma's family, how her charity hospitals won't take the very poor because the poor don't have money enough for treatment.

"I’ve read about 'suicides' and unexplained deaths of ashram devotees.

"So many dead bodies have appeared in the waters outside the ashram that The Indian Express, New Delhi's daily newspaper, printed an account of local citizens demanding a police investigation into the matter..."

Rolling Stone: The Hugging Saint - OBC Connect


"My husband and I were with Amma from 1987 to 1993, hosted her once in our home, and held the Seattle Amma gatherings in our clinic during that time.

"We left abruptly after learning directly from Kusuma, one of her closest disciples, that Amma had used orphanage money to pay for a Mercedes, then lied to the American board of the organization about it"

Crimes of Mata Amma Amritanandamayi aka Ammachi - Cult Education Forum

"It was discovered, after a team of independent financial investigators analysed the data, that only 10% of the foreign money donated actually finds its way to real charity. That over 68% is left sitting in foreign bank accounts.

"Gail Tredwell (author of ´Holy Hell` who was 20 years personal assistant to A. till 1999) states she delivered bags of gold and cash to the relatives."


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Harry Potter rail line.

Scotland is where people like to 'COORIE' (enjoy the things around you; be snug and cosy; slow down and be content.)

Dalbeattie in Dumfries and Galloway.

Tourists come to Scotland to coorie doon with friendly people.

Scotland was voted Most Welcoming Country by Rough Guides readers.

Rough Guides name Scotland as their 'favourite destination'


In Scotland you can COORIE with the coos.

Dumfries and Galloway.

In Scotland, you can cycle to a country inn, and coorie doon with John Buchan and a wee dram.


Dumfries and Galloway was where Fergie came when she wanted to relax and coorie.


Dalbeattie, in Scotland, a good place to 'coorie' (enjoy the things around you; be snug and cosy; slow down and be content.)

Some Scots like to coorie-doon with their bidie-in.

'Coorie' is a Scottish word meaning 'to snuggle' or 'cuddle'.

A bidie-in is a live-in wife or partner.

Balcary Bay, Dumfries and Galloway.

You can 'coorie' with anything Scottish - such as Arthur's Seat, the Old Man of Storr, Irn Bru, cullen skink or cranachan.


You can 'coorie' with Scottish dancing in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Queen Elizabeth (left)

Gabriella Bennett is the author of The Art of Coorie.

According to Gabriella, 'Coorie' is about using the things around you - in order to find contentment.

For the Queen, at Balmoral, that can mean the world of heather and lochs and dogs.

For Rabbie Burns, that meant coorying doon with various bidie-oots.


Top people like to coorie in Scotland.

Above, we see the art of coorie in Jakarta.




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"Hankey provides an interview with Christopher Wylie, research director for Cambridge Analytica where he says they developed slogans like 'Build the Wall,' 'Drain the Swamp,' 'Rebuild Roads and Bridges,' and 'Fake News' for Cruz which Trump adopted."

John Hankey - Trump is Rewarmed Bush Admin

Donald Trump is a crypto-Jew, according to Donald Trump's brother.


Former White House staffer Omarosa Manigault Newman spoke on Trump’s bond with his daughter Ivanka and did everything but use the word “incest” to describe it.

Omarosa said:

"He would kiss her on the lips. He would rub her for a very long period of time. It was awkward."

He would also "pat her on the behind" frequently.


Saturday, 13 October 2018



Within the Senoi culture, a high value is placed on non-violence and the avoidance of conflict. The Semai belong to the Senoi group.

"For the Semai of Malaysia nonviolence characterizes daily life.

"They do not war and they do not feud.

"Even when confronted with slave-raiders in the past, their response was to flee into the forest.

"The Mardu of Australia are another example.

"Anthropologist Robert Tonkinson observes that 'peaceful intergroup relations are imperative for long-term survival. …

"The Mardu have no word for either ‘feud’ or ‘warfare,’ and such forms of group violence are totally lacking there."

Worlds Without War | Greater Good

Mardu (Martu)

"Warfare was probably not very common before the advent of agriculture, when most if not all humans lived as nomadic foragers."

Is it natural for humans to make war? New study of tribal societies ...

"Most hunter-gatherer killing results from flared tempers and personal feuds rather than group conflicts."

Human Nature May Not Be So Warlike After All | WIRED

"Violence was an ever-present element of Polynesian cultures.

"This is reflected in the oral literature and in all aspects of traditional life.

"Various customs controlled and repressed the direct physical expression of aggression within the kin group and the tribe up to a point, but there were definite boundaries of behaviour beyond which only violence could restore status or assuage injured pride.

"Punishments for transgressing ritual prohibitions and social rules often incorporated ritual sacrifice or even the death of the transgressor.

"Inter tribal warfare was extremely common, particularly when populations began to outgrow available resources."

Polynesian culture 

The American Civil War, which killed up to 850,000 people.

The European colonization of the Americas led to up to 138 million deaths. [6]

Europeans slaughtering American Indians.

"Many Native American tribes were very peaceful.

Top 10 Common Misconceptions About Native Americans

"In two momentous early encounters, Native Americans greeted Europeans with kindness and generosity.

"Here is how Christopher Columbus described the Arawak, tribal people living in the Bahamas when he landed there in 1492: "They...brought us parrots and balls of cotton...

"'They do not bear arms, and do not know them, for I showed them a sword, they took it by the edge and cut themselves out of ignorance…..'"

"After the Pilgrims arrived in Plymouth in 1620 on the Mayflower, they almost starved to death. 

"Members of a local tribe, the Wampanoag, helped the newcomers, showing them how to plant corn and other local foods."

Thanksgiving guilt trip: How warlike were Native Americans before ...

Europeans slaughtering native people.

In China, the Three Kingdoms War resulted in up to 40 million deaths.

World War II (1939–45) is estimated to have led to up to 70 million deaths.

The country that suffered most in proportion to its population was Poland, with 6 million or 17.2 per cent of its population killed.

The US military slaughtered kids in the Philippines. Philippine–American War

The Thirty Years' War (1618 -1648) resulted in up to eleven million deaths.

Though it was primarily centred in Germany, several other countries became involved in the conflict, including France, Spain, and Sweden.

It began as a fight about religion - Protestants versus Catholics.

20 percent of the total population of Germany died during the conflict and there were losses up to 50 percent in a corridor between Pomerania and the Black Forest.

The Russian Civil War, beginning in 1917, led to up to 9,000,000 deaths.


"At the core of Dr Hew Len’s perspective is the idea of taking responsibility for more than your personal self because ‘you are in me and I am in you’.

"His way of expressing Ho’oponopono contains an awareness that the discordance we find in others and in the world outside ourselves is due to ‘errors’ in thought stored in our personal and collective memories.

"The belief in these errors existing in some form of collective memory accessible to all allows for a person practicing Ho’oponopono to clean these errors, whether the error originated in their personal thoughts or not."

Understanding the ancient Hawaiian practice of Forgiveness .


Friday, 12 October 2018


2,024 QI Facts To Stop You In Your Tracks by John Lloyd, James Harkin and Anne Miller, published by Faber on October 18

Valium is present in potatoes.

Dogs see in blue and yellow.

The dome of the Taj Mahal is held together with sugar, fruit juice and egg whites.

Eighty-five per cent of bikinis never get wet.

Chickens communicate using over 200 distinct noises.

Twenty-five per cent of the world's prisoners are in the U.S.

Half of all the plastic that has ever existed was made in the past 13 years.

Emmanuel Macron, president of France, spends £24,000-a-year on make-up.

Mosquitoes are responsible for half the deaths in human history.

Babies have half as much chance of developing asthma if there's a cat in the house.

2,024 QI Facts To Stop You In Your Tracks by John Lloyd, James Harkin and Anne Miller, published by Faber on October 18

Jamie Lockerbie

"Bagpipes have been played for a millennium or more throughout large parts of Europe, northern Africa, and western Asia, including Turkey, the Caucasus, and around the Persian Gulf."
QI: more amazing facts

Jimmy Carter once sent a jacket to the cleaners with the nuclear detonation codes still in the pocket.

In 1881, there were only six men in Britain called Derek.

China is the world's largest supplier of Bibles.

In 2009, a retired policeman called Geraint Woolford was admitted to Abergale Hospital in north Wales and ended up next to another retired policeman called Geraint Woolford. The men weren’t related, had never met and were the only two people in the UK called Geraint Woolford.





Joel Davis attended high school in Port Charlotte, Florida.

Port Charlotte is close to the Venice Florida flight school attended by Mohamed Atta.


Joel Davis campaigned against child abuse.

Joel Davis became the Director of a coalition of over 5,000 NGO's.

Who Is Joel Davis, Really?

Joel Davis traveled around the world, working alongside high-profile activists such as Angelina Jolie.

Angelina Jolie.

"When news broke that I was being considered for a Nobel Prize, I had a psychological breakdown - tormented by the recollection of my childhood sex abuse," Davis wrote in the Columbia Spectator.

Anti-child abuse advocate arrested for trying to have sex with kids

Joel Davis

norepetitivebeats 3 months ago -

"My guess is that he was probably going to blow the whistle on something and (they) launched into a counter attack."


Katie Johnson alleged in federal lawsuits that Donald Trump and his friend Jeffrey Epstein raped her when she was aged 13,  in New York City, in 1994.

Katie Johnson alleged that Trump and Epstein also raped a 12-year old - only identified as "Maria."

In 1993, 11-year-old Maria was kidnapped in Waterbury.

Waterbury is 77 miles northeast of New York City.

It is believed that Maria was kidnapped by a child abuse ring operating out of New York.

Wayne Madsen writes:

"Maria has been avoiding any public limelight since the Trump Organization discovered her actual identity, according to our sources. 

"During the 2016 presidential campaign, there was some interest in the Maria story by major corporate media outlets, but they were intimidated by Trump Organization legal threats."

Maria ended up at parties at a Manhattan townhouse owned by Epstein's billionaire friend Les Wexner where underage girls were allegedly sexually assaulted by Trump and Epstein.

"According to Former White House Staffer Claude TaylorMaria is still alive and well, and she’s given a video interview to a major broadcast network.

Taylor tweeted the following:

"I have important breaking news about ‘Maria’ who was reportedly sexually assaulted by Donald Trump. 

"Maria is not her legal name but she is alive and reportedly safe.

"She has given a taped, on camera interview to a major broadcast network. 

"That network is holding interview for “legal reasons”.

"In the interview on camera she confirmed facts as laid out in deposition.

"She was in fact sexually assaulted by Donald Trump and her life and her family’s life were threatened by him. All confirmed. This is subject of an ongoing criminal investigation. ‘Maria’ remains in hiding."

President Trump – Rothschild stooge - by Firestarter


"Hinduism does not teach that all worldly pleasures are sinful, but it teaches that they can never bring deep, lasting happiness or peace (ananda).

"According to the Hindu sage Adi Shankaracharya - the world as we ordinarily understand it - is like a dream: fleeting and illusory.

"To be trapped in Samsara is a result of ignorance of the true nature of being.

"After many births, every person eventually becomes dissatisfied with the limited happiness that worldly pleasures can bring.

"At this point, a person begins to seek higher forms of happiness, which can be attained only through spiritual experience.

"When, after much spiritual practice (sadhana), a person finally realizes his or her own divine nature - i.e., realizes that the true "self" is the immortal soul rather than the body or the ego - all desires for the pleasures of the world will vanish, since they will seem insipid compared to spiritual ananda.

"When all desire has vanished, the person will not be reborn anymore."


Thursday, 11 October 2018


In this faked photo of Petrov, the hair is above the red security stencil, not under it.

A certain security service selected Ruslan Boshirov and Alexander Petrov to be the patsies.

Boshirov is not Chepiga and Petrov is not Mishkin.

Mishkin exposed.

Reportedly, the security service bribed Boshirov and Petrov to deliver something to somebody in Salisbury.

'Boshirov and Petrov are a gay couple who seem to be involved in something shady such as  steroids or human growth hormones?'

The Framing of Russia - American Herald Tribune / Elena Evdokimova in detail

Sir Mark Sedwill

Skripal reportedly fell ill on 4 March 2018.

"On the 1st of May, the UK's National Security Adviser Sir Mark Sedwill told MPs that the agencies he oversaw - MI6, MI5 and GCHQ - had no information on who was responsible for the attack on Sergei Skripal and his daughter two months earlier."

The Framing of Russia - American Herald Tribune

General Leonid Ivashov

Retired Russian General Leonid Ivashov, a former member of the Russian Joint Chiefs of Staff, says that Russia's "Israeli lobby" is putting at stake Russia's sovereignty.

General Leonid Ivashov: The Pro-Israeli Lobby ...

'Mishkin' (left) 'Petrov' (right).

Bellingcat has claimed that 'Alexander Petrov' is Alexander Yevgenyevich Mishkin, who trained as a navy doctor.

They appear to have different noses?

"Only one anonymous alumnus of 'Mishkin's' alleged school was prepared to say that such a person with such a name had even attended there.

"All the other ex-students approached by Bellingcat claimed to have no memory of him at all."

Further down the rabbit hole with Eliot, Boshirov, Petrov, his grandma ...

Mishkin is a Jewish surname.

Have certain members of some Kosher Nostra infiltrated all the spy agencies?

Dmitri Mishkin

Saak Karapetyan 

On 3 October 2018, Russia's Deputy prosecutor-general Saak Karapetyan - a long-time ally of President Vladimir Putin - died in a helicopter crash, northeast of Moscow.

Reportedly, the pilot involved in the helicopter crash was found with two bullets in his body.

Karapetyan had been in charge of the Russian criminal investigations into the poisoning of Sergei Skripal.

He also led the investigation into the deaths of Putin foe Boris Berezovsky, and dissident Alexander Litvinenko - which both took place on UK soil.

Karapetyan has been linked to alleged offers of 'dirt' on Hillary Clinton to Donald Trump's election campaign via the 'glamorous' lawyer, Natalia Veselnitskaya, 43, who met with the Trump campaign in 2016.

Natalia Veselnitskaya met with Donald Trump Jr, Paul Manafort and Jared Kushner in Trump Tower during the 2016 campaign.

There are claims that Karapetyan leaked information to the British, US and Swiss secret services.


The couple at the centre of the Novichok scare are a suspected drug dealer and a reported Mossad asset.

Anna Shapiro, the glamour model, "told friends recently that she was a 'honeytrap spy' tasked with seducing men for Israeli spy agency Mossad."

The Russian newspaper Kommersant has been anti-Putin.

According to a 'fake news' story in Kommersant:

"Locals in Berezovka, population 3,139, recognised Chepiga from pictures of his alias Ruslan Boshirov taken on his trip to Britain...

"'This is him,' confirmed a former female schoolfriend to Kommersant newspaper.

"'One hundred percent him. Eyes almost black,' said the ex-classmate who refused to be identified, as did other locals, fearing reprisals from the FSB secret service."


The Russian newspaper Kommersant is owned by Alisher Usmanov, who is alleged to be a Heroin Trafficker and Mafia guy.

Usmanov owns Sutton Place, the former Surrey home of the oil baron J. Paul Getty, as well as a £48million mansion in London.

'Colonel Anatoly Chepiga' left; 'Ruslan Boshirov' right.The noses are different.

The Novichok suspect Ruslan Boshirov is Colonel Anatoly Chepiga, according to the 'spooky' internet site called Bellingcat.

Eliot Higgins's Bellingcat is backed by the Atlantic Council, a pro-NATO think tank.

Bellingcat has come up with 'fake' stories supporting the NATO line on Ukraine and Syria.

'Colonel Anatoly Chepiga' left; 'Ruslan Boshirov' right.

'Chepiga' has a concave nose. Are the ears and moles different?

How do we know that this is 'Colonel Anatoly Chepiga' ?

Only the picture on the left is 'Chepiga'. The two on the right are 'Boshirov's Russian passport application file', and the photo of 'Boshirov' issued by UK police.

Former ambassador Craig Murray refers to the photos of Chepiga and Boshirov.

Craig Murray writes:

", which runs industry standard software, puts the probability of them being the same person at 2.8%.

"By comparison it gives Craig Murray a 2.1% chance of being Chepiga."

"Chepiga has a snub nose and Boshirov something of a hook."

"Chepiga has a narrower mouth."

“Boshirov” is probably not “Chepiga”. But he is also not “Boshirov”

Bellingcat claims that Chepiga is Hero of the Russian Federation.

Craig Murray points out that "there is no Chepiga on the official list of Heroes of the Russian Federation, for the stated 2014 or for any other year.

"Bellingcat's other documents and anonymous sources are unverifiable."

BBC News at One 

On 27 September the BBC TV News ran the story showing only the two photos of 'Boshirov', which of course are the same person, and not showing the photo of Chepiga at all!

16 September 2018.

On 16 September 2018, in a Salisbury restaurant called Prezzo, a 'Russian' couple fell ill with symptoms similar to Novichok poisoning.

Wiltshire Police later confirmed that "there is nothing to suggest the nerve agent is responsible".

A source said: 'The symptoms of Novichok poisoning and particular types of narcotic abuse are very similar'.

Salisbury city centre sealed off .

The Russian-Israeli model at the centre of this latest Salisbury poisoning scare is Anna Shapiro, 30.

Her husband is Alex King, 42. 

Both fell ill while dining out at the Prezzo restaurant in Salisbury.

Alex King is a convicted criminal and once hoaxed Prince Charles.

Anna Shapiro is an Israeli citizen.

Shapiro worked as a £4,000-a-night escort and Alex King helped stage sex parties

Husband of Russian model

By pure chance, an army nurse was passing by the Skripals as they passed out.

By another pure chance, army-trained doctors were on duty at the Salisbury hospital at that same moment. 

"One message from @SkripalYulia shows an unidentified nurse."

A Twitter account, @SkripalYulia, claims to be Yulia Skripal, the daughter of Sergei Skripal.

'Yulia Skripal', according to the Twitter account @SkripalYulia, claims that she is living in the USA and has been 'pumped full of drugs' by Western doctors.

Yulia Skripal

These Twitter messages, to Yulia's relatives, are mainly in Russian.

One message said: 'They want me to lose memory!!! Rescue me!!!'

One message from @SkripalYulia shows an unidentified nurse and is captioned: 'My guardian angel.'

The badge of the registered nurse appears to be from New South Wales in Australia.


The substance used on Sergei Skripal was an agent called BZ, according to Swiss state Spiez lab.

The toxin was never produced in Russia, but was in service in the US, UK, and other NATO states.

Swiss Lab confirms "BZ toxin" produced in US

'The Skripals have been kidnapped by MI5.'

"The Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) has analysed samples taken from Sergei Skripal, his daughter Yulia and a British police officer

"An executive summary released by the OPCW does not name Novichok – or identify the source of the chemical."

The BBC says: Nerve agent inspectors back UK

The Daily Mail says: The Latest: Official: Source of poison 'impossible' to track

Hazmedic‏ @4azMedic

"So basically, the OPCW have not publicly confirmed that either a) nerve agent was used, or b) Novichok was used."

So the world has plunged into a new cold war over the murder of a cat and two guinea pigs. 
"The Skripals pet guinea pigs did die – along with their cat.

"From dehydration.

"The cat was 'distressed' and put down.

"The rodents – well the coppers forgot to give them water.

"A nerve agent which can be inhaled was smothered on their house and they died from lack of water."

The Skripals are alive but the guinea pigs are dead – the strange case of the Salisbury poisoning .

The precise source of the nerve agent used to poison the Russian ex-spy and his daughter has not been verified, says the head of Porton Down laboratory.

Gary Aitkenhead, chief executive of Porton Down, told Sky News they are not able to prove it was made in Russia.

Porton Down scientists CANNOT confirm nerve agent used on Skripals was made in Russia

Curiouser and curiouser: Yulia Skripal logged into VK while in a coma .

The 33-year-old daughter of Sergei Skripal, Yulia Skripal, visited her 'Vkontakte' page – sort of a Russian version of Facebook – on the morning of March 7th, three days after the “assassination” attempt that put her allegedly in a coma.

While in a coma: Yulia Skripal logged into her VKontakte page .


On 1 April 2018, Russian Ambassador to the United Kingdom Alexander Yakovenko said that the Skripal case is a false flag operation conducted by the UK secret services.

"This provocation has been carried out by UK secret services.

"We are not provided with any facts, they refuse to cooperate with us. 

Such a state of affairs brings us to the judgment that it is a provocation organized by secret services."

The diplomat said that the provocation has been caused by two reasons, including the need to hide the fact that London had accepted almost all the conditions laid down by Brussels in the Brexit talks. 

The second reason is the intention to be a leader in the so-called deterrence of Russia and the need to gain the support of both parliament and people.

Skripal Case 'Provocation' Carried Out by UK Intelligence - Russian Ambassador.

Sgt Nick Bailey

What is Mr and Ms Skripal's exact diagnosis and condition?

What treatment are they receiving?

Is that treatment the same as that provided to Sgt Nick Bailey?

Mr Bailey has been discharged, Yulia Skripal is getting better, but why is Sergei Skripal still in a critical condition?


Why are there no photos/videos confirming that the Skripals are alive and at hospital?

Through what methods did experts identify the substance so quickly?

Nerve agents act immediately. Why was it not the case with the Skripals?



Was a drone used to hit Skripal?

 The UK miltary's Exercise Toxic Dagger took place in the Salisbury area in March 2018.

"Troops from 40 Commando joined the country's leading experts in Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear warfare."

"Exercise Toxic Dagger involved Public Health England, the Atomic Weapons Establishment and the government’s military labs, Defence Science and Technology Laboratory."

Toxic storm for Royal Marines in major chemical exercise.

Where is Skripal?

"The Skripals' extended family say that they have been unable to find out where exactly Sergei and Yulia even are.

'I would like to know how (Sergei and Yulia) are - where they are,' Sergei’s niece, Viktoria Skripal, said.

'We don't even know where he is': Sergei Skripal's Russian family

Vladimir Timoshkov, a friend of Sergei Skripal, says that Sergei Skripal had asked Vladimir Putin to be allowed back into Russia.

Russian spy: Being an agent 'messed up' Skripal's life


A top French Intelligence boss has revealed Operation Beluga - a US-UK plot to discredit Putin and destabilize Russia.

Sergey Kapchuk

Sergey Kapchuk, a Russian businessman who claims he is on a 'death list', has fled from London and the UK.

He says that the real threat to his life comes from the British secret services.

Russian 'on Putin's death list' flees UK saying threat comes from Brit spies -

He says: "The British secret service might organise some sort of provocation."

In the UK, his bank accounts and credit cards had been suddenly blocked.

Tony Rossini on Twitter.

It all looks like another false flag.

On 22 March 2018, in England's High Court, Justice David Basil Williams reports:

"Blood samples from Sergei Skripal and Yulia Skripal were analyzed and the findings indicated exposure to a nerve agent or related compound." 

Reportedly, military-grade nerve agents assure death in minutes at most.

The Unraveling False Flag Skripal Incident - Stephen Lendman

Russia's London embassy has said  that the UK authorities refused a request to grant consular access to Skripal and his daughter, Russian citizens.

No information about their condition or whereabouts was provided.


The Diligent Truth‏ @DiligentTruth

"NO Patient has experienced symptoms of Nerve Agent poisoning in Salisbury" - Stephen Davis - Consultant in Emergency Medicine Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust.

The three being treated are for the effects of poisoning - but NOT by a Nerve Agent.

Joanne Trueman‏ @trueman - "Why are these firemen standing at the site of an alleged chemical weapons attack with no chemical weapons protection clothing on?"  

 The Diligent Truth‏ @DiligentTruth - "Anyone see any of this at Salisbury Hospital ?

"No Neither did I 

"No one in the Hospital, staff or patients, was protected. Yet no further casualties ! How odd is that?"

Above, we see Theresa May visiting Salisbury after the attack.

Any pictures of Sergei Skripal in hospital?

Russia's EU ambassador, Vladimir Chizhov has suggested that the UK research laboratory at Porton Down could be the source of the nerve agent used in the attack on Sergei Skripal.

Chizhov said Russia did not stockpile the poison, Novichok, and that the Porton Down lab was only eight miles (12km) from Salisbury, where Sergei Skripal lived.

Chizhov said that the scientists who invented Novichok are currently living in the UK.

Russia spy row: UK lab could be poison source

Russian foreign ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova has said that the most likely source of the nerve agent was Britain, or the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Sweden or the United States.

Russia spy row: UK lab could be poison source

'Between 1961 and 1966 Mr Nyman, who was employed at Porton Down, received 19 injections which he was told were immunisations. They included doses of anthrax, smallpox, polio and bubonic plague.' 

'Porton Down has murdered lots of people.'

Were we lied to about Russia and Ukraine?

Maidan icon Savchenko faces arrest after claiming top anti-Russian Ukraine official 'led snipers to central Kiev'.

Former UK ambassador Craig Murray writes:

"I have now received confirmation from a well placed FCO (UK government Foreign Office) source that the UK's Porton Down scientists are not able to identify the nerve agent as being of Russian manufacture."

Of A Type Developed By Liars


What about MOSSAD?

"Israel has a clear motivation for damaging the Russian reputation so grievously. Russian action in Syria has undermined the Israeli position in Syria and Lebanon."

Skripal, Novichok, Russia, Israel, Syria, MI6 and Salisbury

Writing in The Sunday Times, about the poisoning of Sergei Skripal, Andrew Gilligan and Tony Allen-Mills write:

"Why deploy the one weapon that would instantly identify the Kremlin as the number one suspect in the case?"

Gilligan and Allen-Mills remind us that the UK government has refused to investigate the laundering, in the UK, of certain stolen Russian money.

Sergei Skripal: the spy who came into the cul‑de‑sac .

Andrew Gilligan

It was Andrew Gilligan who was sacked by the BBC, and threatened with death, after he suggested that a UK government document on Iraq had been 'sexed up'.

Jeremy Corbyn

In an article in the Guardian, the UK Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn says that "a connection to Russian mafia-like groups" cannot be excluded.

Corbyn draws a link with the Iraq War - a result he says of "dodgy dossiers".

Nia Griffith

The UK Labour Party's Shadow Defence Secretary is Nia Griffith, a fervently pro-Israel lesbian.

Nia Griffith blames Putin for the poisoning of Skripal.

The UK Foreign Secretary (partly Jewish) Boris Johnson and Lord Rothschild.

The more intelligent members of the public, in letters to the media, support Corbyn.

Letters: Corbyn was right to hesitate before condemning Russia - HeraldScotland

In The Herald, John Inglis writes:

"Why has the British Government refused to show the evidence to the Russians when asked? ...

"It is shocking to discover that Russian oligarchs have donated to the Conservative Party..." 

A giant psy-op in Salisbury?

David J Crawford writes:

"I read that the centre that was trying to manufacture the new class of chemical weapons was in Uzbekistan not Russia and that following the collapse of the USSR the facility was dismantled under the watchful eye of the United States. 

"The other imponderable is how our experts at Porton Down, our own chemical weapons facility, can be so certain of the provenance of the incriminated toxic substance without verifiable samples to compare it with."



William Burns writes:

"I cannot get to grips with the idea that Russian secret services would try to bump off the former spy Sergei Skripal with a poisoning agent knowing it would be like leaving a calling card, implicating them directly, when they could have done it in numerously more efficient ways...

"Could this be but another distraction to build up support in the propaganda battle against Russia for supporting President Assad and the Arab Socialist Ba’ath Party in Syria? 

"It seems more likely to me that British agents were behind the attack in an attempted publicity murder of Vladimir Putin."


Sergei Skripal was poisoned in Salisbury.

Myra Forde's Salisbury brothel (above), within the WILTSHIRE police district.

Myra Forde made allegations that she had supplied rent boys to former UK Prime Minister Sir Edward Heath.

Edward Heath had a home in Salisbury in Wiltshire

In 2011, Wiltshire's Deputy Chief Constable David Ainsworth, was found hanged in his home.


Ronald Maddison who died an unlawful death at Porton Down

Russia did once have the nerve agent 'Novichok, but, "it is no longer produced and the destruction of its stockpiles has been verified by international observers."

False Flags for Newbies

"The British secret services ... poisoned Skripal and his daughter using a nerve agent obtained from Britain’s military research base at Porton Down in order to obtain an excuse to compromise the World Cup games in Russia this summer and also to create a scandal immediately before the Russian presidential election."

False Flags for Newbies

And, the purpose of the Skripal poisoning is to get more money spent on Porton Down?

The UK is now to build a new £48m chemical weapons defence centre at Porton Down.

'Every laboratory in the West, inclusing Porton Down, has samples of the 'Novichok' nerve agent' .

And, Skripal may have known too much about the Kosher Nostra?

Might the UK government want to kill some people off?

More than 10,000 extra people died in the first few weeks of 2018 than is usual for the time of year.

Experts say the additional deaths in England and Wales are not the result of flu or bad weather.

Health officials have acknowledged the 12 per cent rise but have so far given no indication of any possible causes.

dailymail. Mystery over 12 percent rise in Brit fatalities in 2018.


Sergei Skripal was struck down near to the UK government's Porton Down labs.

The UK government has a history of using nerve gases to kill British and other people.

At the UK government's Porton Down labs, over many years, unsuspecting 'volunteers' were exposed to nerve gases and other killer poisons.

Many people died hideous deaths.


In 1963, thousands of members of the British public were hit by government scientists who released a 'plague-like' germ on the London Underground railway, at Colliers Wood station.


'Rex Tillerson blames Russia for the poisoning of its former spy Sergei Skripal at a British pizza restaurant - something Trump has not done.'

So, Trump dramatically FIRED Rex Tillerson as secretary of state and replaced him with CIA boss Mike Pompeo.

In Salisbury in the UK, Sergei Skripal was reportedly attacked by a nerve agent.

In the UK parliament, Theresa May explained: 

1. The UK's Porton Down laboratory says it has identified the nerve agent as being Novichok.

2.  Russia is known to have manufactured Novichok (according to a whistleblower)

(Other countries have also manufactured Novichok. Porton Down may have its own Novichok.)

3. The Government has concluded that "it is highly likely that Russia was responsible for the act against Sergei and Yulia Skripal."

Russia dismisses Theresa May's ultimatum over chemical attack as "circus show"

Theresa May has a home in Sonning, west of London,

For 35 years, the village of Sonning was home to 'Mossad agent' Uri Geller.



The senior MI6 officer who looked after Sergei Skripal also looked after Boris Berezovsky and Alexander Litvinenko.

Both Litvinenko and Berezovsky were murdered.


MI6 is said to work closely with Mossad.

In its Dec. 30, 1996 issue, Forbes Magazine accused Berezovsky of having numerous mafia connections. 

Sergei Sokolov (above) was Boris Berezovsky's head of security.

According to Sokolov, Berezovsky was murdered by the Western security services because he was about to hand Putin the evidence of a plot involving leading oligarchs to topple Putin in a coup.


Sokolov says: 'I knew that Boris was in close relations with MI6, Mossad and the CIA.

'When he became dangerous for their recruited residents such as Russian politicians and oligarchs, the Western secret services decided to get rid of him.



Litvinenko reportedly had links to the Israel-based Russian Jewish mafia and the smuggling of radioactive materials.


The poisoning of Sergei Skripal may be linked to the Jewish Mafia?

Sergei Skripal was close to an intelligence expert linked to the story of 'Trump and the Golden Shower'.

Donald Trump has visited a  nightclub called The Act, where  shows have featured bestiality, sadomasochism and a 'golden shower' routine

The nightclub is in the Sheldon Adelson-owned Palazzo hotel, in Las Vegas.


Aras AgalarovTrump's Azerbaijan business associate Aras Agalarov reportedly has knowledge of compromising information about Trump. Trump does business in Russia - McClatchy Washington Bureau.

In 2013, Trump visited The Act nightclub with the son of Russian billionaire oligarch Aras Agalarov, who also met Trump in Vegas.

Russian Roulette: The Inside Story of Putin's War on America and the Election of Donald Trump.

In Las Vegas, Trump had dinner with Aras Agalarov, British music executive Rob Goldstone and Trump lawyer Michael Cohen.



Sergei Skripal was close to an intelligence expert who worked for Christopher Steele.

Christopher Steele claimed that Trump was involved in sexual activity in Moscow, including a Golden Shower.

Poisoned Russian spy Sergei Skripal was close to consultant who was linked to the Trump dossier


Is there a tape showing the Golden Shower?

The BBC's Washington correspondent is Paul Wood.

He wrote: "I got a message back that there was 'more than one tape', 'audio and video', on 'more than one date', in 'more than one place' - in the Ritz-Carlton in Moscow and also in St Petersburg - and that the material was 'of a sexual nature'."

Donald Trump has had a business partner, Tevfik Arif, who was prosecuted for trafficking underage girls.

Sergei Skripal

Sergei Skripal's fellow Russian exile Valery Morozov has told Channel 4 News that Sergei Skripal was not retired, and remained in contact with military intelligence officers at the Russian Embassy.


David Kelly

In 2003, the British government biological weapons expert David Kelly was allegedly murdered after revealing that the British government had lied about Saddam Hussein's weapons of mass destruction. 

There have been 41 deaths among workers at the top secret chemical research establishment at Nancekuke, in Cornwall, which has produced deadly Sarin B nerve gas for the UK government.

Nancekuke has supplied nerve gas to Porton Down, which is near Salisbury, where Sergei Skripal was poisoned.

Deaths at UK nerve gas plant | The Independent

Parallels are being drawn to the Litvinenko case as Sergei Skripal is found critically ill after exposure to an unknown substance.

Before his death by poisoning, ex-KGB spy Alexander Litvinenko, reportedly recorded a tape.

In this tape, Litvinenko reportedly claims that Vladimir Putin has a "good relationship" with Semion Mogilevich.

Mogilevich is a Jew, born in the Ukraine.

Mogelivich is believed to have an Israeli passport.

Mogilevich, who lives mainly in Moscow, is said to be the "boss of bosses" of the worldwide Russian-Jewish mafia.

Mogilevich 'trades in drugs, nuclear materials and prostitutes.'

According to this post, Robert Mueller has brought on board attorney Lisa Caroline Page who worked on the FBI Task Force in Budapest that investigated Russian Mob kingpin Semion Mogilevich. 

"By adding Page, Mueller may be sending a signal that he’s going after links between Trump and Russian organized crime, and perhaps zeroing in on Mogilevich ties."

In 1998, the Village Voice reported on previously classified FBI and Israeli intelligence documents. 

These documents stated that Mogilevich was the leader of the Red Mafia, the Russian mafia which operates in such places as New York, Pennsylvania, Southern California, New Zealand and Budapest.

In 2008, Russian police arrested Mogelivich, who was using one of his many pseudonyms, Sergei Schneider, in connection with tax evasion.

Three years later, the charges were dropped.

Semion Mogilevich.

"Trump is a longtime money launderer for the Russian mob.

"His business partner, Felix Sater, has ties to Semion Mogilevich."

Trump, Putin and the mob.