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Hanukkah is a Jewish holiday.

Sold for  $450 million.

In 2017, the 'Jewish mobster' Dmitry Rybolovlev sold the above 'fake' Leonardo to Abu Dhabi.

In 1958, the painting was sold by Sotheby's auction house for less than fifty pounds because experts refused to believe that Da Vinci painted it.

In 1996 Dmitry Rybolovlev was arrested for murder, but later set free.

In 2008, Dmitry Rybolovlev bought Trump's seaside Florida mansion, Maison de l'Amitie, for $95 million.

Mar a Lago.

Donald Trump has been close friends with Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell, whose father was 'Mossad agent' Robert Maxwell. 

Above we see the Israeli military abusing a child.

On November 21, 1963, a US government informant named Thomas Mosley was negotiating the sale of machine guns to a Cuban exile named Echevarria.

Echevarria said that "we now have plenty of money - our new backers are Jews" and would close the arms deal "as soon as we (or they]) take care of Kennedy."

The next day, Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas.

The FBI quickly dropped the case.

Homer Echevarria - Taking Care of Kennedy - Mary Ferrell Foundation


In 2017, Hanukkah begins on Dec. 12 and continues until Dec. 20.

House of Payseur.

Scotland's Cardinal Keith O'Brien with Sir Jimmy Savile, friend of the UK military and Israel.

A woman has told how she was subjected to a Satanic sex ritual by nuns at the Smyllum Park orphanage.


In evidence at the Scottish Child Abuse Inquiry, she told how she was sexually assaulted in a candlelit chapel in the grounds of the Smyllum Park home run by the nuns.

The assault was carried out by man wearing a hood – and the sisters told her he was 'the Devil'.

Afterwards, she said she was buried alive overnight at the orphanage in Lanark, then forced to bathe in what she was told was blood.

Catholic Church Always Crypto Jewish

Issue # 113.

Thomas Jefferson called the writers of the New Testament 'ignorant, unlettered men' who produced 'superstitions, fanaticisms, and fabrications.'

Jefferson did not believe that Jesus carried out miracles.

In 2007 Newsweek Magazine asked: 'Was Thomas Jefferson the first Jewish President?'

The article reported that researchers at the University of Lancaster in the UK discovered that Thomas Jefferson’s Y chromosome 'is part of a line known as K2 - most prevalent in the Middle East.' 

Jews may may have brought the chromosomal line to Europe.

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At 12 December 2017 at 00:46 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

in the 1950s and 60s the catholic orphanage of st marys shernhall st walthamstow was run by nuns the head nun sister peter was as evil as they come and enjoyed abusing small boys in various ways. while i was there i saw children go missing and never seen again many times, the catholic church of st georges just down the road was destroyed by arson, fireman told me people gathered outside and were clapping, several of the priests were homosexuals

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At 12 December 2017 at 04:32 , Anonymous Brabantian said...

A few days ago there were a number of posts on 'Yes, the Leonardo Painting is a Fake', by an increasingly popular 'radical truth' writer, 'Miles Mathis' ... who has 'art' images of nude children on his site

There is interesting and true material on the 'Miles Mathis' site but it is mixed with much that is suspicious

'Miles Mathis' is maybe most noted for his unusual theory that the 1963 JFK assassination was fake, a movie like the 'moon landings', also the 1968 killing of Kennedy's brother, also the 1999 plane crash killing of JFK's son were fakes ... 'Mathis' suggests the Kennedys actually help run the USA from behind the scenes, the top elites being quite hidden

'Miles Mathis' goes very extreme on assassinations, mass murders, and celebrity deaths being widely fake, as if almost no one ever is really dead

'Miles Mathis' writes about psy-ops ... tho he himself seems to be psy-op. 'Miles Mathis' says:

« The Agencies don't care what you think. The truth can't harm them. It has gotten to the point where they leak the truth themselves, to inconvenience one another - or just for fun.

« The secret agencies are so powerful they don't even have to be secret anymore. Haven't you noticed how all the movies and TV shows are about the CIA now? They write about themselves, because that is what they know and because they can. So what if you see through them? Suppose you learn the whole truth? Suppose you decode the matrix? What are you going to do about it? Same thing you are doing now: nothing. »

'Miles Mathis' seems to be several different people, at least 4

There is a somewhat real-seeming person, an artist in Taos, New Mexico, USA, selling paintings and drawings, he gives his phone number on the site ... some of his 'art' is of nude pre-pubescent girls

Then there is this 'math physics genius' with scientific papers on the site, supposedly creating controversy amongst university professors etc

Then there are 2 or more people doing a high volume of 'truther' pdf files with lots of hard-to-read genealogy ... sometimes he sounds like a US guy ... sometimes a very Brit bloke using obscure UK slang, obviously not the same writer

'Miles Mathis' says the elite don't fly on aeroplanes because they whizz around the earth quickly on some kind of super-fast craft developed in secret, which people don't know about, that is why the Mach 2 Concorde was cancelled after 2003, and why most of us still fly on planes not much changed from the late 1950s

At 12 December 2017 at 13:57 , Blogger Kaivey said...

Pedophilia & Empire (12 Book Series) Kindle Edition
by Joachim Hagopian

From Book 1: According to research compiled over two decades ago, it was estimated that 20% of girls and 10% of boys had been sexually victimized as minors. A more recent finding asserts that now one in three girls and one in five boys is sexually molested. Multiple reports are now coming in from around the world, in places like Africa, India and Europe, all confirming that child sexual abuse is surging, including online child pornography, to become a worldwide epidemic today. We must take a decisive stand now to stamp out this growing scourge, first by educating ourselves as to the extent and pervasiveness of the problem, and second by becoming proactive activists committed to positive change that includes taking steps to protect children from further exploitation and abuse, helping victims of all ages heal, while eradicating this malignant network of child rapists operating behind a millennium of sealed off impunity and previously impenetrable power.



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