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Donald Trump is the Deep State.

Michael Aquino is supporting Trump.

Trump was chosen by the Deep State at least 15 years ago.

The US elections were rigged in order to put Trump into power.

Trump supporter Michael Ledeen, who was involved in Iran-Contra. Michael Ledeen, Gladio and 9 11.

Trump is supported by a number of billionaires, including:

1. Peter Thiel, the  cofounder of PayPal, is a top supporter of Donald Trump.

Thiel is listed as a member of the Steering Committee of the Bilderberg Group.[70] 

He participated in every conference between 2007 and 2016.

Thiel grew up in an evangelical Christian household. 

In 2007, Gawker published an article on Thiel, outing him as gay.[61]

2. Sheldon Adelson, of the Las Vegas Sands Casino is backing Trump.

Billionaires Supporting Donald Trump for President

3. Woody Johnson, heir to the Johnson & Johnson fortune, is backing Trump.

4. Carl Icahn, the activist investor, is backing Trump.

5. Tom Barrack, the billionaire private equity veteran, is supporting Trump.

6. Stephen Feinberg, of private equity firm Cerberus Capital Management, is supporting Trump.

7. Steven Mnuchin, the hedge fund manager, serves as Trump’s chief fundraiser and as head of his national finance committee.

8. Robert Mercer, the hedge fund manager, is supporting Trump.

9. T. Boone Pickens, the Texas oil baron, is supporting Trump.

10. Stanley Hubbard, the media mogul, is supporting Trump.

11. Darwin Deason, the tech entrepreneur, is supporting Trump.

12. Wilbur Ross, chairman and CEO of WL Ross & Co., is supporting Trump.

13. Andrew Beal, of Beal Bank, is supporting Trump.

14. John Paulson, who made his fortune betting against the housing market before its collapse, is supporting Trump.

Billionaires Supporting Donald Trump for President

Some very powerful people are supporting Trump, including:

Michael Ledeen
, who was involved in the Iran–Contra affair, and reportedly in Operation Gladio .[17] Michael Ledeen, Gladio and 9 11.

Rudolph Giuliani - mayor of New York on 9-11.

John Ashcroft, 79th United States Attorney General (2001–05)[1] Attorney General on 9-11.

John R. Bolton, 25th United States Ambassador to the United Nations (2005–06)[3]

Dick Cheney, 46th Vice President of the United States (2001–09) and 17th United States Secretary of Defense (1989–93)[4]

Edwin Meese, 75th United States Attorney General (1985–88)[5]

Dan Quayle, 44th Vice President of the United States (1989–93)[7]

Donald Rumsfeld, 13th and 21st United States Secretary of Defense (1975–77, 2001–06)[8]

Jerry Falwell Jr. has been one of Trump’s staunchest backers.

And, Donald Trump had former CIA chief James Woolsey as an adviser.

Trump's supporters in the military include:

William G. Boykin, ret. 3-star General, Deputy Under Secretary of Defense for Intelligence (2002–07)[10] He helped advise Attorney General Janet Reno regarding the stand-off at Waco, Texas, between the Federal Government and the Branch Davidians.[1] He was the commanding general, United States Army John F. Kennedy Special Warfare Center, Fort Bragg.

Michael T. Flynn,[a] ret. 3-star General, Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency (2012–14) [11]

Jeffrey D. Gordon,[a] Pentagon spokesman (2005–09)[12]

Joseph E. Schmitz,[a] Inspector General (2002–05)[13]


Richard Secord, Major General[226] He was involved in the Iran-Contra affair.

William E. Thurman, Lieutenant General[10]

Jay Garner, Lieutenant General[224]

Bert Mizusawa, Major General, Deputy Director for Strategic Initiatives, Joint Chiefs of Staff[229]

Crosbie E. Saint, General, Commander in Chief, U.S. Army Europe/Commander, Central Army Group (1988–92)[10]

Sidney Shachnow, Major General, a Holocaust survivor[10]

Paul E. Vallely, Major General, 351st Civil Affairs Commander (1982–86), Deputy Commanding General, Pacific Command, Military Committee Chairman for the Center for Security Policy[232].

Vallely is a supporter of the Jerusalem Summit organization and an advocate of the organization's proposal to "relocate"/"resettle" Palestine and the Palestinian people to surrounding Arab countries as a solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Vallely co-authored a 1980 paper with then PSYOP analyst Michael Aquino entitled From PSYOP to MindWar: The Psychology of Victory. 

Vallely blasted allegations of detainee abuse at Guantanamo as "myths of the left-wing press".

Jerome L. Johnson, Admiral, Vice Chief of Naval Operations (1990–92)[236]

Jerry L. Unruh, Vice Admiral, Commander of the Third Fleet (1992–94)[10]

News Corpse.

Trump has had a lot of supporters in the media world, including:

Rupert Murdoch who decided to back Donald Trump.

Murdoch - owner of The Wall Street Journal, Fox News, and the New York Post - suggested in March that the Republican Party coalesce around Trump.

Roger Ailes, former Chairman and CEO of Fox News Channel, media consultant to presidential campaigns of Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan, and George H. W. Bush[419]

Conrad Black, Canadian-born British former newspaper publisher, convicted fraudster, author and member of the House of Lords [381]

Eric Bolling, commentator, co-host of The Five and Cashin' In on Fox News[382]

Ann Coulter,[a] political commentator and writer[384]

Bo Dietl, Fox News commentator[387]

Lou Dobbs,[a] television personality, author, radio host and host of Lou Dobbs Tonight on Fox Business[389]

Pamela Geller

Pamela Geller, political activist and commentator[393]

Katie Hopkins, newspaper columnist and TV personality[395]

David Horowitz, conservative writer, founder and president of the David Horowitz Freedom Center, and editor of FrontPage Magazine[16]

Paul Johnson, journalist, historian, speechwriter and author[396]

Andrew Klavan, novelist, screenwriter and columnist for The Daily Wire[399]

Lawrence Kudlow, conservative commentator, economic analyst, television personality, newspaper columnist and host of the The Kudlow Report.[17]

Michael Ledeen, foreign policy analyst, and writer.[17]

David Limbaugh, conservative American political commentator and author[400]

Michelle Malkin, blogger, political commentator, and author[401]

Piers Morgan, journalist and television personality, writer for the Daily Mail[405]

Melanie Phillips, newspaper opinion columnist[406]

Norman Podhoretz, neoconservative pundit, former adviser to the U.S. Information Agency (1981–87), and writer for Commentary[407]

Michael Scheuer,[a] former CIA intelligence officer, blogger, author, political analyst, and former Chief of the Bin Laden Issue Station[408]

Cal Thomas, conservative syndicated columnist, pundit, author and radio commentator[414]

Andrew Breitbart (left) Larry Solov (right of Breitbart) and Netanyahu. Andrew Breitbart died in mysterious circumstances at the age of 43. Solov now runs 'Breitbart News' as a pro-Netanyahu website.

Netanyahu 'controls Trump and Breitbart'.

The Ties That Now Bind Trump to Netanyahu and Breitbart.

In 2015, Breitbart News opened its bureau in Jerusalem.

Breitbart's President and CEO Larry Solov has written that Breitbart's transformation into a media empire began in Israel in 2015.

In 2015, Breitbart News opened its bureau in Jerusalem. 

Larry Solov's visit to Israel was financed by pro-Israeli hasbara (Israeli propaganda) groups. 

Breitbart News was "founded by Jews, is largely staffed by Jews, and has an entire section dedicated to reporting on and defending the Jewish state of Israel," Breitbart's Jewish CEO Larry Solov announced.

Stephen Bannon, Breitbart executive chairman, became the Chief Executive of Donald Trump's presidential campaign. [2] He holds a master's degree in National Security Studies from Georgetown University, which has been linked to the CIA. Bannon is a former a Special Assistant to the Chief of Naval Operations.[9] After his military service, Bannon worked at Goldman SachsBannon became an executive producer in Hollywood. 

Donald Trump hired Breitbart News's executive chairman Steve Bannon as his campaign manager.
Trump is 'in' with the top people.

The World Knowledge Forum is a Bilderberg-style group which meets to discuss world problems.

Among those involved are:

Donald Trump
Alan Greenspan 
Colin Powell 
Condoleezza Rice 
Maurice Strong 
Tony Blair
Lawrence Summers 
Dominique Strauss-Kahn

Supranational Society: NGOs and the Top 400 people

Jeffrey Epstein's little black book contains the names of:

Donald Trump
Ehud Barak
Sir Evelyn de Rothschild

Rahm Emanuel, Donald Trump, Ari Emanuel

Donald Trump donated to Rahm Emanuel's mayoral campaign; and Donald Trump employed Rahm Emmanuel's brother Ari as his agent...

GAMHOF is a group of powerful establishment figures of German origin.

It has been run by:

Hon. Louis J. Freeh, Former Director of the FBI,

Donald J. Trump

And a few others.

Ivana Trump in London, June 2013. Celebrity Sightings In London

Donald Trump is linked to Bilderberg and the Trilateral Commission.


Bilderberger Henry Kissinger, who is very close to Donald Trump.

It can be argued that the secret rulers of the world are German Americans, such as Donald Trump.

Think of some names that are German-American:

Epstein, Cohn, Adelson, Trump.


Think of some others with German-American links:

Ann Dunham, mother of Barack Obama, Richard Nixon, Herbert Hoover, Dwight Eisenhower, George Bush,Theodore Roosevelt...

Germany, after May 1945. A girl in the Kloster Indersdorf children's centre, photographed in an attempt to locate surviving relatives. Displaced Persons

Allegedly, the German-Americans run the world.

There is a theory that certain powerful Americans, both Jewish and non-Jewish, financed Hitler and encouraged him to wreck parts of Europe.

In 1939, there were German-Americans, and others, who "dreamed of scavenging the assets of a doomed British empire."

That special relationship

How America planned to destroy BRITAIN and grab its wealth..

Before World War II, many German-Americans saw Britain as the enemy, and the Pentagon had a plan to invade the British Empire.

aangirfan: WAR PLAN RED

Joseph P. Kennedy, former U.S. Ambassador to Britain.

James Forrestal, the first US Secretary of Defense (1947-1949), quotes Joseph Kennedy as saying:

"Chamberlain (the British Prime Minister) stated that America and the world Jews had forced England into the war."

(Diplomats Who Were Close To The Events at Northerntruthseeker)

The Order of the Illuminati, founded by Adam Weishaupt on 1 May 1776, had its origin in Bavaria in Germany.

The powerful secret society called Skull and Bones, whose members have included George Bush and John Kerry, was reportedly based on a German secret society linked to Germany's Illuminati.

American journalist Edwin Black, author of the 2009 book Nazi Nexus, claimed that some American corporations and foundations, which helped the Nazis during World War II, are now conspiring to build a Nazi New World Order.

Some theorists, such as the American writer Jim Marrs, claim that Nazis in the USA and elsewhere, are secretly working to promote Nazi ideas such as spying on citizens, militarism and the use of brainwashing.

They cite Operation Paperclip and the control of conglomorates by ex-Nazis and their sympathizers after the war.[59]

There is a theory that the top 'Nazis' are secretly in alliance with the top members of a Judeo-Masonic conspiracy.

In other words, the Feudal Lords find it convenient to cooperate as much as possible.

American Ambassador in Berlin, William Dodd, wrote about Hitler's American and Jewish friends:

Hitler's Secret Backers -

Professor John Coar ... told me that he had been a personal friend of Adolf Hitler's and in 1923 had advised him against his putsch in Bavaria. 

(So Hitler had American advisors among his circle already in 1923!) 

Hitler continued to give him interviews all the time and he was intending to go to Hitler's summer house in Bavaria in several days. 

He offered to bring me back an exact report of his conversation with Hitler, if I would give him a letter for President Roosevelt, to whom he wished to bring a final report...

Bottom left - Max von Oppenheim, German Jew

One evening my wife visited Baron Eberhard von Oppenheim, who lives splendidly and quietly near us. Many German Nazis were present. 

It is said that Oppenheim gave the Nazi party 200,000 marks, and that he had received a special party dispensation, declaring him to be an Aryan. (p. 86)

Hitler's Secret Backers -

A book, 'written by U.S. banker Sidney Warburg', a joint owner of the New York bank Kuhn Loeb and Cie described three conversations he held with Hitler at the request of American financiers, the Bank of England and oil firms to facilitate payments to the Nazi party.

"The book alleged that Hitler received $10 million from Kuhn Loeb and Cie during 1929, further payments of $15 million in 1931, and $7 million when Hitler took power in 1933."

Hitler's Secret Backers -

Siegmund Warburg, back row, second from right. The Warburgs are German-Jewish.

Some people have pointed out that 'fascist' or 'feudal' ideas, such as imperialism or political repression, have a very long history, and predate Hitler and the Illuminati.

What we can say with certainty is that German-Americans, many of them Jewish in origin, have wielded great power in the USA and abroad.

Over 50 million people in the USA identify German as their ancestry.

So, who are these German-Americans?

Below, we list some of the names.

John D. Rockefeller, industrialist

David Rockefeller is a banker and key figure in Bilderberg, the CFR and the Trilateral Commission.

Nelson Rockefeller was vice-president of the USA.

Henry Kissinger, alleged war criminal

Henry Kissinger was former Secretary of State.

John Jacob Astor, IV

John Jacob Astor was first multi-millionaire in the United States.

Solomon Loeb founded Kuhn, Loeb and Co.

The Warburg Family are bankers. Paul Warburg was a banker.

Jacob Schiff was a banker.

Angelina Jolie - German American of German Descent

Theodore Roosevelt was US President.

Herbert Hoover was US President.

Dwight D. Eisenhower

Dwight Eisenhower was a top general and former US president.

Pat Nixon was Richard Nixon's wife.

Richard Nixon was of English, Irish and German ancestries.

Pat Nixon, first lady

Rosalynn Carter was First Lady.

George W. Bush was American president (2001–2009)

How Bush's grandfather helped Hitler's rise to power

Barbara Bush was First Lady.

Barack Obama's mother, Ann Dunham, has German ancestries.

Rock Hudson was born Roy Harold Scherer, Jr.

Chuck Hagel was US Defense Secretary.

Timothy Geithner was US Secretary of the Treasury.

Donald Rumsfeld is a former Secretary of Defense.

Wernher von Braun, rockets and spaceships.

Wernher von Braun was a rocket scientist.

Robert Oppenheimer was "The Father of the Atomic Bomb".

Brad Pitt - German American of German Descent

Joseph Augustus Biedenharn set up Coca-Cola.

William Edward Boeing founded Boeing.

Walter Chrysler founded Chrysler.

George Clooney - German American of German Descent

Walt Disney made films and reportedly worked for the CIA.

Steve Jobs was co-founder and CEO of Apple.

Charles Pfizer founded the Pfizer.

Eric Schmidt is executive chairman and CEO of Google.

Charles M. Schwab was a steel magnate.

Steve Schwarzman owns the Blackstone Group.

Peter Thiel is co-founder of PayPal and the first outside investor in Facebook.

Donald Trump is a real estate developer.


Mark Zuckerberg is co-founder of Facebook.

Jimmy Hoffa was a labor union leader.

J. Edgar Hoover was the first Director of the FBI.

Chester W. Nimitz was Commander in Chief of Pacific Forces for the United States and Allied forces during World War II.

John J. Pershing was a top officer in the military.

Norman Schwarzkopf, Jr. was a United States Army General.

"The Bush tax cuts of 2001 and 2003 were followed by increasing income inequality and the worst financial crisis since the 1930s."

Donald Trump plans to reduce taxes on the rich, make bankers richer, boost real-estate speculation, spend more on the military, borrow more and put Goldman Sachs in charge of the economy.

Nafeez Ahmed, who believes that 9 11 was an inside job, has written: How the Trump regime was manufactured by a war inside the Deep State

According to Ahmed:

1. Trump's team is clearly not planning on acting in the interests of American workers .

They will act in the interests of US banks and corporations.

Trump's defense appointees and advisors are part of the military-industrial complex. 

2. Henry Kissinger's critical role in developing Trump's strategy was revealed by the German tabloid, Der Bild, which obtained a document from the Trump transition team. 

Trump's national security team draws on the views of the Kissinger team concerning the threat of overpopulated poor countries.

3. Trump's Deep State is interested in controlling resources, raw materials, fossil fuel energy reserves, and cheap labour.

The Deep State is involved with "illegal capital flights, profits from criminal enterprises, drug trading, smuggling..."

Among Trump's draft executive orders is one that allows US corporations to buy conflict minerals from the Congo  -  which are widely used in electronic products like smartphones and laptops.

4. The Trump regime represents a white nationalist coup by a faction within the Deep State.

But, are they all secretly working for the Kosher Nostra?

Trump's faction are keenly aware that the US economy has problems.

But, Trump's policies will not help the American workers.

5. The charity ActionAid showed in a 2013 report that a  realistic poverty measure lies between $5 and $10 a day.

World Bank data shows that since 1990, the number of people living under $10 a day has increased by 25 percent.

Today, 4.3 billion people  -  nearly two-thirds of the global population  -  live on less than $5 a day.

Global debt is now higher than 2007 pre-crash levels.

The oil industry has amassed two trillion dollars worth of debt.



5 days ago - Nafeez Ahmed, who believes that 9 11 was an inside job, has written: How the Trumpregime was manufactured by a war inside the Deep State


Feb 8, 2017 - Donald J. Trump and The Deep State Dr. Paul Craig Roberts points out: 1. Trump's neocon military chief General Mattis has just declared that ...

sex and the deep state 2; trump, putin, jfk, ford - Aangirfan

Jan 14, 2017 - Ellen Rometsch Reportedly, Ellen Rometsch had affairs with both J F Kennedy and Gerald Ford. Presidents Kennedy, Ford had affairs


Jan 14, 2017 - Mark Galeotti, an expert on Russia's security services at the Institute of International Relations in Prague, says that the Russians would be very ...


May 10, 2016 - Trump Poised to Lift Ban on C.I.A. 'Black Site' Prisons ... was put into power because he is allied to the Nazi/Zionist faction of the Deep State.
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Oct 6, 2016 - ... Conservatives in charge, 636,000 migrants arrived in Britain in one year. The Conservatives like to confuse you. ~~ CLINTON AND TRUMP.


Oct 13, 2016 - The televangelist Pat Robertson told Trump recently, 'You inspire us all. ... "Like fools, we expect salvation from the deep state's cynical puppets ...


Jan 14, 2017 - Stella Capes, aka Mariella Novotny. "Mariella Novotny was part Jewish, she was actually quiet proud of that and spoke Hebrew." (NightHawk: ...

Aangirfan: IS TRUMP OK?

Jan 26, 2017 - Watching Trump I really miss a President that could speak in .... be sufficient to removeTrump from office when the Deep State wants to act

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At 17 February 2017 at 11:45 , Blogger Unknown said...

Please look into #bloodoverintent...this is how the ( holographic!)elite manipulate the holographic simulation that we are all involved in...we can use it to shut down the illusionary games&exit the matrix...this is the revelation that they do not want shared ..we need practical solutions to the endless information about the horrors that are occurring in this virtual labyrinth..we can use our blood,intentions& current technology2 create the realities which we actually desire& suit our spirits..not some Archon infected lost souls....& please check out Devin Madgy,s excellent research..he,s making more sense than any one else I have ever researched ..I hope Aangirfan shares this information with 1&All...#exodus2019!..X

At 17 February 2017 at 13:14 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

All these contrived run-ins with the media, 'fake news' 'dishonest media' etc, are surely being set-up to reign in and control all media including alternative and internet sources of honest and impartial information.

At 17 February 2017 at 13:57 , Anonymous Anonymous said...
Bill Gates says he is hopeful that President Trump's administration will take the necessary steps to be able to respond to a global pandemic or act of bio-terrorism.
- sounds like someone is planning one

At 18 February 2017 at 13:06 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Trump plays the opposite but complementary role to Obama. He's a convenient bogeyman so that no one - and especially the Left - thinks to look elsewhere for the real villains. Look how obsessed the British media are with Trump, when they don't lay a finger on May or any other establishment figure. Obama, by contrast, was the smiling ventriloquist's dummy while the ventriloquist was in the shadows doing the opposite.

At 18 February 2017 at 14:11 , Blogger abe mullivan said...

The guy is nuts...did you see his speech yesterday?

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