Wednesday, 1 February 2017


In his first television interview since becoming president, Donald Trump was interviewed by David Muir.

It feels like @DavidMuir is interviewing someone in a mental health facility who thinks they are President w/ this rambling. 

In his first television interview since becoming president, Donald Trump says:

Watching Trump I really miss a President that could speak in complete sentences and didn't have bloodshot coked out eyes.

Here's what Trump says about his talk with the CIA:

"They loved it. They gave me a standing ovation for a long period of time.They never even sat down, most of them, during the speech. There was love in the room."

Trump on torture:

"Absolutely I feel it works. Have I spoken to people at the top levels and people that have seen it work? I haven’t seen it work. But I think it works. Have I spoken to people that feel strongly about it?Absolutely.

Full transcript: Pres. Donald Trump's interview with ABC News' David Muir

"In countries with populist or autocratic leaders, we often see democracies in decline and a disturbing pattern of attempts to crack down on civil society, limit press freedom, and weaken the independence of the judiciary.

"'Instead of tackling crony capitalism, those leaders usually install even worse forms of corrupt systems,' José Ugaz, the chair of Transparency International, said in a statement..."

Report: Populist leaders often add to corruption they vow to rid from governments

Katie Johnson says she was raped by Trump.

"Since the inauguration, the new administration has provided "alternative facts" about crowds at the event and barred the Environmental Protection Agency from openly disclosing information to the public.

"In addition, the president faces a lawsuit regarding potential conflicts of interest between his business and position as an elected official.

"All together, some observers say, those types of actions mirror patterns across the globe in which populist and autocratic leaders have risen to power."

Report: Populist leaders often add to corruption they vow to rid from governments


  1. As much as I wanted to hate him I'm finding him speaking sense, who wants illegals in their country? Who wants big business leaving their country? Who wants a borderless country? Who doesn't want more jobs for their own countrymen? I don't know, this is confusing as most of the media says he's mad but he's talking sense and acting on it so far, can anyone correct me?

    1. True, but in the end he will show his real face. As I said before, he has managed to fool many.

    2. Immigrants can be kept where they belong without a wall

    3. So,one of the most powerful nations in the world, which has the money, technology & manpower to monitor situations around the globe, is incapable of securing it's own border without the need of a wall? We know that Trump is a puppet. So who is behind this? Who benefits from keeping immigrants out, and trapping Americans in?


  3. Trump on rich guy drugs?
    Trump to 'protect Syrian gays'
    Alex Jones to get premium White House press pass

    Trump seems to me more like common wealthy people on drugs I have seen, rather than the clinically mentally un-stable

    But the seemingly high-on-drugs aspect should be sufficient to remove Trump from office when the Deep State wants to act

    It is horrifying to hear Trump advocate torture ... tho there he is just more honest, without the joy in layers of hypocrisy as with the psychopathic Obama, who oversaw torture (see Washington's blog etc) whilst it was generally pretended it wasn't happening

    Now Trump says he will mount aggressive action against Syrian sovereignty, technically a war crime for which Trump could be hanged by the neck until dead by a Nuremberg tribunal

    Remarkably, Trump's staff say his proposed Syrian 'safe zone' will exclude anyone not committed to diversity & acceptance of gay people ... it would be amusing to see how many openly-pro-gay people can be found in socially conservative & mostly Muslim Syria for Trump's enclave

    With Trump's drone killings of Muslims starting in Yemen his first weekend as President, drone murders to help the Saudi Wahhabis who are covert friends of Israel, & Trump's pro-torture fantasies he keeps burbling, & now this essentially war-criminal statement of intention to invade Syria -

    The world indeed has a Trump 'problem' quite different from what Trump voters expected, & even what Trump promised on the inauguration podium about leaving other nations alone

    But Alex Jones & InfoWars are getting deluxe ultra-premium White House Press credentials as just announced HA

    1. Syria 'safe zone' just like an Iraqi 'no fly zone' on the ol days.

      Great point on Obama hypocrisy on torture vs. the honesty from the lunatic Trump. That extends to Obama voters too.

      No doubt the new phase of the rape and destruction of Syria will include the NWO servant Vlad Putin who will partner in the big show with Trump as they 'work together' to save Syria.

  4. You often speak as though Trump is actually the one in charge here. I'm not defending the sorry sack, but what are we talking about here? A genuine executive in the WH whose been shown "JFK's brain in a jar" and kept against his will? A monolithic conspiracy in control of everything? A power struggle among different factions of the elite?

    1. "A power struggle among different factions of the elite?"


  5. Lots of media are already trial-ballooning US President Donald Trump's removal from office via USA Constitution Amendment 25, which allows for quick coup d'état if Vice-President Mike Pence & half the Cabinet declare Trump mentally unfit for office, the Congress can then vote & Trump would be out in a day, with VP Pence in his place.

    The scenario replicates that of another populist President, the democratically-elected Mohamed Morsi of Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood, also hated by his nation's Deep State.

    Like Trump, Morsi & the Muslim Brotherhood stood for reformist change as desired by many of his nation's people, tho quite different reforms for their respective nations.

    Egyptians - & likely the majority of Muslims - gravitate naturally to the Muslim Brotherhood, with its religious, democratic, non-monarchical socialist agenda, with shariah law that is devout but less fanatic than the Saudi Wahhabis.

    Like Trump, Morsi appeared hated by his country's Deep State from the very beginning.

    Like Trump, Morsi was seduced by advisers to scrap his promises & go along with neo-con-desired foreign adventures against other peoples ... neither Morsi nor Trump realising that going along with neo-cons, endangers their own ability to survive in office.

    In Morsi's tragic case (elected June 2012 - deposed July 2013), Morsi welshed on doing what a billion Muslims wanted him to do - End the Gaza blockade on the Egyptian side (Gaza used to be part of Egypt), & relieve the sufferings of the Palestinians there ... If Morsi had done this he would have become the eternal, unstoppable hero of the Arab & Muslim worlds.

    The foolish Morsi, however, believed the lie it was 'smarter' to go along with neo-cons & Israel 'for now'. Morsi not only went along with continuing to oppress his fellow Arabs, but even agreed to support Saudi Arabia & Israel & terrorist extremists in the war on Syria, instead of patiently advancing Muslim Brotherhood interests there.

    These betrayals cost Morsi the support of his base, whilst Egypt's Deep State escalated manoeuvres against him, till finally Morsi was deposed by Israeli asset General al-Sisi (el-Sissi), born of a Moroccan Jewish mother associated with Israeli regime figures.

    Now we see Trump seduced by the same siren song of the neo-cons, as Trump escalates Obama's drone plane murders of mid-east Muslims, & Trump plans raw aggression against the Syrian government with its Russian support ... Trump already dispiriting his base who often see Putin as a hero, & Syria's Assad as someone who stood tall against terrorism & stupid USA war-mongers.

  6. Mind control taking its toll on Mischa Barton

  7. All that innocuous crowd size nonsense was blatant filibustering. No one gives a crap, yet he talked about this the most.

    America has put Trump's ego into the WH. And it's truly disturbing when he refers to himself in third person.

  8. So it looks like her "mom" is her handler and poor girl is trying to break away from her control


  10. "He's going to be the head of the CIA. And you will have somebody fabulous, as opposed to the character that just got out who didn't - was not fabulous at all"

    Fabulous Mike Pompeo being a Jesuit, just like past directors Brennan and Morell.

    1. What did we expect, really?

    2. Fair point. Goddamn crypto-Jews

    3. It is a depressing picture Trump and his choices, who they really are.
      On the website the Neo anthroposophical Douglas Gabriel and his wife. Who clearly want to and are doing good however they can including as writers on CCRG and TMR . He speaks on YouTube videos too.
      The point is he was brought up a Jesuit before leaving it , going into Rudolph Steiner and anthroposophy and was at one time an NSA employee. He seems a very decent person. So maybe people in government from Jesuit ranks might also be acting with the force of good inside them. In this mixed up world.

    4. Yes the Pope is also a Jesuit, but doesn't seem to be completely evil.

    5. Anonymous27 January 2017 at 22:11

      Looks are deceiving.He's the one eye creature with two eyes. Beware.

  11. same propaganda for same idiots



  14. John Pilger talks on RT about Trump, Very Interesting Interview :