Friday 4 November 2016


We don't trust Hillary and we don't trust Donald.

Beware of nonsense from Kent Dunn.

1. Kent Dunn - political news commentor

Hillary Dying Of Sepsis Encephalopathy In Secret Med Facility – Report

by Kent Dunn | September 17, 2016

2. Kent Dunn Intel Report November 2, 2016

Kent Dunn Intel Report Private Emails Reveal Hillary Clinton As Part of Pedophile Sex Ring, ISIS Created By Members of Congress, Military Confirms No Elections in 2016.

Beware of nonsense from Steve Pieczenik: Limited Hangout.

Pieczenik is Jewish and was Deputy Assistant Secretary of State under Henry Kissinger.

The above photo shows an actress wearing makeup. Fake photo.

Young Donald Trump dreamt of being an actor.

At the age of 23, Donald Trump was a producer of the 1970 Broadway comedy called Paris is Out!

The comedy failed at the box office.


A Trump Model

What is the difference between the Clintons and the Trumps?

Both are linked to Jeffrey Epstein.


Donald Trump is currently involved in at least 75 current lawsuits.

One of these lawsuits, in New York, alleges that a Trump business defrauded customers out of $40m.

On 28 November 2016, Trump is due in court to face trial in San Diego, California, in a civil suit accusing him of fraud.

Would a Trump presidency hurt or help Trump Inc?

There is a child rape accusation against Donald Trump.

Donald Trump's companies have destroyed emails in defiance of court orders .

In 1991, Trump's Taj filed for bankruptcy in 1991.

It was the first of several corporate bankruptcies.

Top New York banks now avoid Trump.

In the past, Trump has supported having an amnesty for illegal immigrants.

In 1991, a judge found that Trump has conspired with business associates to hire illegal workers and cheat them of their pay.

Detective Shaved.

Trump has supported leftist Democrats like Rahm Emanuel.

Emanuel got $50000 from Trump

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At 4 November 2016 at 02:14 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

good 2 know

At 4 November 2016 at 03:05 , Anonymous Brabantian said...

The signal for Yanks to leave the USA, was when in his last few days in office in January 1977, US President Gerald Ford allowed the death penalty to be practiced again, after 10 years in which it was not done, beginning the wave of prisoner executions still continuing there

Barack Obama has unlimited power to cancel any USA execution, & reduce the sentence to imprisonment, but he does not use it. Obama boasts he is 'really good at killing people', speaking of his drone plane killings of women & children & alleged 'terrorists'

The 1967-77 moratorium on US executions, was the result of compassionate judges which used to exist in the USA, who collectively tag-teamed to delay any execution ordered by the blood-seeking judges

So Richard Nixon was the only US President under whom there were no domestic USA executions (tho he committed many war crime killings)

Many nations, such as Venezuela & Portugal, have not used the death penalty since the 1800s

New Zealand last hanged a man in the 1950s; Canada, Australia & the UK in the 1960s; the USA stopped killing prisoners in the 60s too, but then sadly restarted it

85% of countries no longer execute people ... Most all countries that do execute people, are Muslim nations ... plus 4 countries which have fantasies of empire: USA, China, Japan, & India

It is also horrible how most of these nations kill people, by hanging, which is actually always slow strangulation, usually 15 minutes to an hour to die. If there is a trap door and a long rope, the neck can break, inducing coma, but death is still slow

Smaller people take longer to die. Iran hangs many petite women - with no rope-drop - and Iranians watch the women die more slowly strangling in torture at the end of the ropes

An brave honest Indian policeman has said, Kill criminals in action if necessary, but never in custody - the latter is barbaric

At 4 November 2016 at 13:49 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

In an earlier, recent, post you stated that WIKILeaks came from NSA through the CIA, then at Mossad, reviewed and "sexed up" in order to make HRC look bad, on to Julian Assange....and, finally, to the international public. That's what Steve saying minus the mention of Mossad, right? Yes, no doubt he has a function in the larger context. He did, after all, become a psychiatrist at Havard and thus is no doubt a master of CIA mind control and torture and ran Op.Gladio while Moro was murdered. Nevertheless, since 9/11, he speaks the truth to me and understands what makes the world go round. I don't know why he's being truthful, but for whatever reason, he is. And he understands precisely what HRC, Huma, BC, A.Weiner, Epstein, et al are doing. Little glich is that Trump is right in there with them. So arguments supporting either candidate are totally insane. (I am strongly against TPP and so is Trump.....but, is Pence?! HRC is strongly for it.) Now Peter Kazdik of DOJ runs the investigation, or at least is heavily involved, and I am now reading that some emails are supposedly faked.Sure. HRC wants to bring in 500% more Muslims into the country?! Well, we already have 22 Wahabbist centers around tbe U.S. who will know just what to do with them. People want to emmigrate, go to Canada. Why? Just as evil or more so. Only one can give us peace and salvation amidst the increasing chaos and violence surrounding us, often perpetrated by persons who are yrauma-based mind controlled assassins. And that person is JESUS!!


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