Tuesday 1 November 2016


Donald looking fit, after a party.

Mike Crapo is an Eagle Scout.


'God says that Trump will win.'

Sam Harris: Donald Trump would be our first atheist president.

Melania looking happy.

Donald Trump decided to run after God spoke to Melania..


Are Americans easily pranked?

Adorable: Barron Trump.

Is that Mike Pence?

Barron Trump.


In 2005, Trump held a reception with guests who included Bill and Hillary Clinton, Rudolph W. Giuliani and Simon Cowell.


Trump has a home in the Caribbean.

Russian models display Trump Vodka.

Donald Trump's ties to Russia.


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At 28 October 2016 at 12:29 , Anonymous Brabantian said...

Pranked indeed we are, on just about everything

Seems that the major frauds have all major nations around the world in collusion

Fake 'big power conflicts' ... fake 'nuclear weapons' ... fake 'moon landings' & 'space travel' ... fake 'leakers' ... 'false flags' by Nato's fake 'opponents' as well

(1) Evidence is that there was *never* any serious conflict between the USA & Soviet Union / Russia, that was all fake theatre

Decades ago, UK-born economist Antony Sutton proved the 'Cold War' was fake, that the USA had been transferring tech & resources to Moscow since the 1950s, Israel a main transfer node ... Vladimir Putin inherited this tradition ... Putin & the USA elites are closely linked through their mutual friend & ally Israel

Putin always pulls back or signs on to wars & conflicts enough to keep much of the world burning - Ukraine - Libya - Syria etc

Russia ever since 1917's Communist Revolution, the USA ever since the 1913 establishment of its central bank, & even China ever since 1949's Mao Communist Revolution, all have shared a network of Jewish Zionist top leadership connections, along with much of the world

Possibly both World Wars I & II were both staged by global elites, in part to kill off the bravest citizens who otherwise might be anti-oligarch revolutionaries

(2) Evidence is that nuclear weapons have never existed

It seems clear Hiroshima & Nagasaki were chemical fire-bombing horrors just like Toyko, people burned satanically along with their wooden houses

See Swedish engineer & nuclear expert Anders Björkman who has provided evidence of this for years ... See how on Hiroshima bombing day, at the same hour, US records log a fleet of 66 bombers, a fire-bombing-size fleet, to 'bomb nearby Imabari Japan' ... which no longer existed, wiped out in 2 previous raids

(3) Evidence is that the USA did *not* make 9 'manned space trips to the moon' in 1968-72 (with 6 alleged 'landings')

See David McGowan, 'Wagging the Moondoggie' - Laural Canyon CIA movie studios - NASA original 'moon landing tapes' all officially 'lost' HA!

European high schools no longer even 'teach' the moon landings as part of 'history'

(4) Evidence is that there is no 'International Space Station' (Fake Station?) that was ever built (impossible engineering) ... and perhaps never even any space travel ever, even in orbit

See much evidence of laughable fakery ... e.g., female astronaut with hair mousse making her hair stiff, not moving as it would in genuine weightlessness ... 'space walk' films with underwater bubbles in 'space'

(5) Evidence is that all of the major Western 'leaks' & 'leakers', have been fakes run by USA-Israel, every single one involving key Zionist-Jewish figures

1971 Daniel Ellsberg 'stolen' Pentagon Papers
1973 Watergate 'Deep Throat'
2010 Julian Assange 'Wikileaks'
2013 Edward Snowden 'stolen' NSA Papers
2016 Panama Papers 'leaked'


(6) Evidence is that the many apparent 'false flags' as run in Nato countries, are not only indulged by other nations, but also carried out by them

E.g., A number of Russians, some of them later killed, have said that about the same time as the events of 11 September 2001 New York towers demolition ... Russian leaders conducted their own 'false flags' against Muslims, to halt the secession of Chechnya & Dagestan, & preserve their key oil & gas revenues for Moscow

At 29 October 2016 at 19:16 , Blogger Unknown said...

So those of us who believed that the Russians had/have superior technology, that CERN actually does something, that there's a secret NASA program that really goes somewhere, are all wasting our time because absolutely none of it is true. These guys can barely get a tank down a mountainside? I've bought into the fakery of the moon landings- Kubrick's The Shining convinced me, I accept the NATO false flag events ( the Paris nightclub and Charlie Hebdo ) Never considered the fakery of the space station- but why not? Just fun for them but risky because it reveals the Russia/US collusion and makes all that posturing between them superfluous. I know that both Jinping and Putin are surrounded by a coterie of Khazarian advisors and ministers, that they have offshore accounts and somewhere to go when it all breaks loose.

I never doubted that nukes were real, but the suggestion that they aren't is intriguing. So does the technology not exist at all? What about Tchernobyl? 3 Mile island? Fukushima? They weren't firestorms. Many of us have long believed that far more advanced technology exists and we just aren't told of it, you're suggesting that even the tech we've been told about doesn't.

It's a game changer really, Matrix level I'd say. No wonder they want all the guns, they don't really have anything better than good old fire power. How sad, how gullible I feel. I'd like to say I hope you're wrong, but our chances are better if you're right. Eye-opening.

At 16 November 2016 at 18:19 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Neither my husband or I voted for either degenerate candidate this time around. It's a shame that in this fine country we couldn't find anybody better than these two idiots? My God!


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