Friday 7 October 2016


Marissa Mayer

"It has been revealed that Yahoo conducted surveillance on its users for the U.S. government.

"Yahoo had an operation to scan the incoming email of its customers for information requested by the U.S. government.

"Yahoo Chief Executive Marissa Mayer agreed to the spying operation."

dailymail. / Exclusive: Yahoo secretly scanned customer emails

Our advice has always been to sell/dump Yahoo.

In 1993, Marissa Mayer was selected by Tommy Thompson, then the Governor of Wisconsin, as one of the state's two delegates to attend the National Youth Science Camp in West Virginia.[27]

Mayer joined Google in 1999.

Mayer held key roles in Google Search ... and Gmail.[46]

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At 7 October 2016 at 06:34 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

At 7 October 2016 at 07:02 , Blogger Charles Edward Frith said...

Marissa Mayer's job was to tank Yahoo. She did it well.

At 7 October 2016 at 08:43 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I wonder what kind of trauma Miss Mayer endured at that national youth science camp to make that exotropic strabismus so prominent?



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