Saturday 1 October 2016


Donald and Hillary.

"Hillary Clinton is not a progressive, but a neocon war criminal of the highest order."

Political Succession - Larry Chin

"Contestants are chosen based on propaganda purposes. 

"Those deemed the most effective actor for any given period are chosen in advance.

"George H.W. Bush versus Bill Clinton was a lie.

"George W. Bush versus John (Skull and Bones) Kerry was a lie.

"Barack Obama versus John McCain and Mitt Romney, the same."

Political Succession


"Trump's choice of Mike Pence as vice presidential running mate should crush all hope for those who believe that a Trump White House would be free of the Bush poison.

"Pence is a super conservative neocon, who has supported all things Bush.

"He supported the Patriot Act, the Iraq War, is pro-torture (opposes the closing of Guantanamo Bay), and supports war in the Middle East."

Political Succession

"Mike Pence supported the toppling of Libya, and thanked Hillary Clinton for doing it.

"He supports globalization and free trade agreements, supported NAFTA and CAFTA.

"He is a corporatist who opposes banking and campaign finance reforms, who praised the Supreme Court ruling in the Citizens United case that made “corporations people”. (i.e. corporate personhood)."

Political Succession


Things are not always what they seem.

John F Kennedy appears not to have been told that Fidel Castro was being protected by a faction within the CIA?


Donald Trump "confused the Kurds with the Iranian Al-Quds Force, couldn't tell the difference between Hezbollah and Hamas, and couldn’t recognize the name of the leader of ISIS."

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At 1 October 2016 at 13:14 , Anonymous walkaway said...

"John F Kennedy appears not to have been told that Fidel Castro was being protected by a faction within the CIA?"

The best analysis of the "JFK assassination" fairy tale was written by Miles Mathis. The Hidden King(s).

"In this paper I will tell you what really happened that day [November 22, 1963], and what has really happened since 1944. The JFK mystery is just one part of a much larger mystery, a mystery I will unravel for you in the second half of this paper. The JFK assassination is the key that unlocks more than a half-century of closed doors, allowing us to see behind the greatest curtain of all. Up to now, we have had two possible theories. Either Kennedy was killed by Oswald or he was killed by someone else. I will show that the facts, taken alone, point to neither of these two conclusions."

Read the PDF from Miles Mathis website:
or in html at Gaian Corps:

At 2 October 2016 at 10:00 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Rockefeller and Castro - the masonic handshake - clearly both part of the brotherhood of the dragon or the brotherhood of death - all working towards the 'great work' - the mingling of mans DNA with fallen angels DNA to create the 666 man/beast offspring to take over the Earth - the 666 man who will never die and they plan to have their consciences transferred into these 'human beings' - we are mankind but these hybrid or humans.

The 'G' in freemasonry means 'Generative Force' - this is to say Freemasons believe when they sodomize a little boy, they suck the 'life-force' of the child into themselves thereby extending their own 'life-force' and renewing it. This is why wherever in the UK there is a child sex ring discovered - you can bet your last dime there will be a masonic lodge nearby.

At 3 October 2016 at 10:33 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Aangirfan,

Yes, the political puppets are chosen by the inner plutocracy. Trump is an interesting anomaly, but, despite having his own money, he knows the ineffable rule: which inviolate line he may not cross.

You can talk about abortion, gay rights, gun policy, whatever.

But in Western politics, there is an invariant, an unspoken red line which all politicians know not to cross:

Zionist money.

Should you speak ill of the names Greenberg, Rothschild, Murdoch, Lowy, Schwarzmann, Sorrell, Silverstein (and confederates Wachtell and Mukasey), Eisenberg, Lauder, Kravis, Speyer, Tisch, Bronfman, Crown, Fink, you've crossed the line: you're now an "anti-Semite".

Truth be damned. "Anti-Semitism" trumps all, even truth. The profane religion of the West: the untouchables shall remain untouched.

(This is why the ADL so hated Michael Collins Piper and smeared him as a racist and anti-Semite, by the way.)

Once upon a time, those families could, just hypothetically speaking, kill 3000 people in the middle of Manhattan and a million in the Middle East and get away with murder. Not any more.

As for Trump, either he's there for the corrupt-but-mildly-sane faction of billionaires, or he's there to throw the election to Giant Douche (aka Hillary) for the utterly-insane neocon financier faction. Evidence points to the former.

JFK was probably the last real President of the US and leader of the West. (And one of my favorite Kennedys, after the beautiful Rosemary.)

But evidently the Bush and Dulles families were not so fond of the Kennedy brothers. Ben Gurion wasn't too fond of JFK either.

People don't realize it, but we are already in World War Three.

No, not the antiquated model of war where nation state kills nation state in service of plutocracy, nor the proxy war model of the Cold War.

World War Three is not Russia and friends versus the Western Plutocracy. It is something entirely different.

"What I wouldn't give for a large sock with horse manure in it. What do you do when you get stuck in a movie with a guy like this behind you?"

If you'll permit me to drag out an insightful analyst:

"World War III is a guerrilla information war with no division between military and civilian participation."

This is our information war:

Seven billion mostly decent people on this Earth versus the head of the serpent, maybe seven dozen lying, thieving, mass murdering plutocrats.

Fortunately, there are some nations states on the side of humanity:
- Russia, a nuclear triad to be reckoned with.
- Iran. And Hezbollah, an army worthy of its name.
- Syria, the battleground, last stand against planetary-scale tyranny.

Judging by her involvement in Western-dominated thinktanks, China seems to be hedging her bets; like the US and Europe, China is dependent on Middle Eastern energy. If China ever thinks it expedient to ally against Russia, consider how fragile the energy routes are: area denial weapons on Ras Tanura and Fujairah, or, catastrophically, Cobalt-60 Status-6 in the middle of the Ghawar and Burgan fields.

"Tell them to look into the future. They will see me staring back at them. Ready to give the order. The order to destroy all spice production on this planet."

But probably China, the US and Europe prefer non-radioactive petrochemicals, as nice as that deep blue Cherenkov look may be.

The various participants with enormous power need to take stock and ask themselves a simple question:

What do you want for your children?

Peace or extinction?

"Presently she could see the submarine no longer; it had vanished in the mist. She looked at her little wrist watch; it showed one minute past ten. Her childhood religion came back to her in those last minutes; one ought to do something about that, she thought. A little alcoholically she murmured the Lord’s Prayer."

At 12 October 2016 at 18:38 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Draco/Reptilian/human (Nephilim) DNA that's responsible for the Nazi Aryan phenotype described in Thule Society/Vril Satanism, shared with Khazarian Nephilim who escaped the flood in eastern Europe?

Isn't the 'generative force' also transmitted by drinking the blood of sacrificed children? Although human growth hormone, HGH, has been used for decades to reverse aging, Science magazine, Sept 12, 2014 published a paper by a Harvard researcher on the phenomena that blood from young mice transfused into old mice transferred a youthful "life force". Paypal founder Peter Thiel has promoted 'young blood' as "the fountain of youth". Peter serves on the Bilderberg Steering Committee. The Bilderberg Group is linked to “servants of Satan.” comment


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