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"Clinton takes every opportunity to talk tough on China."

Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, and China

However, Hillary Clinton knows that taking tough action against China will not be easy.

"China's currency is probably overvalued against the US dollar.

"China once used an undervalued yuan to spur exports of Chinese manufactured goods. No longer. China's export numbers have been stagnant for the past five years.

"The only way to prevent US companies from transferring technology to China would be to prohibit American companies from investing in China - a step no US leader is likely to take."


Trump has been buying steel from China.

In recent construction projects, Trump bought his steel and aluminum from Chinese manufacturers rather than United States corporations based in states like Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan and Wisconsin.

For example, Trump International Hotel Las Vegas used steel from China.

Trump International Hotel and Tower in Chicago used steel from China.

Chinese companies make suits and ties for the Donald Trump Signature Collection.

Donald Trump Ditched US Steel Workers in Favor of China - Newsweek /
Trump Killed 'Rust Belt' Manufacturing Jobs in Secret Chinese Deals

Inside the Trump Hotel in Washington, DC: bedding made in China, not the USA..

The Trump Hotel in Washington has Italian bed linens, French table linens, Chinese duvets, Korean TVs and Mexican tequila.

Inside the Trump Hotel in Washington, DC: a Trump Hotel bathrobe, made in China.

These Trump Hotel branded umbrellas are made in China, not in the U.S.

The Trump Hotel is filled with items that were not made in America. Here, a lamp made in China.

The king-sized beds inside the suites at the new DC Trump Hotel were not made in the USA.

More here: Busted!


"China's position as America's largest banker gives it some political leverage."

If China sold some of its US treasury bonds, U.S. interest rates would rise, which would slow U.S economic growth.

The U.S. Owes China


Trump can be trusted?

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At 5 October 2016 at 03:46 , Anonymous Brabantian said...

The global economic game is far different than most anyone realises

China's partial power is not via those 'Treasury bonds' or 3.4 trillion 'foreign exchange reserves' ... that is a minor matter relative to the 30 or 40 trillion of total (tho half-hidden) Chinese exposure to international debt ... turns out everyone is vulnerable to debt collapse ... no one will be safe from the upcoming Big Crash

Besides, central banks of the USA, Japan, the UK, the EU etc are all printing trillions to buy their own Treasury bonds Gilts etc ... sometimes 30%, sometimes even all of their 'new' government debt ... if someone 'sells Treasury bonds' the US can just print up some more electronic digits to offset ... they can buy their own bonds via Cayman Islands secret 'hedge funds' ... that is all a game

China has 'leverage' over the US as all major economies do, but in a different way than thought ... the leverage is only that China can 'crash the world system' if it chooses but that would mean upheaval within China itself ... & that China has good infrastructure & social capital for post-crash re-building ... tho current regime may topple after crash, China can be strongest later - like USA 2 decades after huge 1929 collapse


It is not easy to explain, but there is a giant pyramid of ill-understood global credit that is more complex than simple 'debt', it is the whole 'shadow banking' realm of banks & companies doing back-door-type deals ... this is in effect dozens of trillions, a system not tracked or even easily visible

That pyramid likely peaked nearly a decade ago, & has been contracting ever since, it cannot reasonably be 'fixed' as it was always greatly a scam

World 'money' is evaporating, unstoppably ... today's 'money printing', 'quantitative easing', all the 'stimulus' that does not really stimulate ... that is all a doomed game which however (1) delays system collapse (2) transfers wealth & assets to oligarchs before the collapse

The black hole of the evaporating trillions is so big, even all the 'money printing' by US UK EU Japan etc, cannot even begin to fill that hole

China took advantage of the bubble when it grew ... but China is as as powerless now as anyone given its giant 'shadow banking' paper-wealth pyramid, which is doomed like everywhere ... China seems to 'know' & is hoovering up technology, resources like oil, gold, getting ready

A short time ago, China had 4 trillion in cash & paper reserves ... that is really just a fire extinguisher ... in the space of a few months that 4 trillion became 3.4 trillion ... in a big crisis, that could be gone overnight, when Chinese entities face a 20-30 trillion collapse

There is both something very devious in world gov't - central bank actions, but also something unavoidable in what is happening ... the global system will crash, perhaps very soon now ... & we will need help from divine powers to save us from the fascists when we rebuild

Most illuminating economics writer - not easy to follow at first - is Jeffrey Snider of Alhambra Partners / Real Clear Markets

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