Saturday 27 August 2016


"CELTIC were facing disciplinary action after fans went ahead with threats of unfurling Palestinian flags against an Israeli team in the Champions League.

"Despite warnings to avoid political gestures and the certainty that the club will be fined, some Celtic supporters raised Palestinian flags at the Scottish champions’ match against the champions of Israel, Hapoel Be’er Shiva."

Celtic face fine after fans unfurl Palestinian flag at Israeli match.


Spot the Israeli flags in Kirkcudbright.

"I was abused by Gordon Brown".

GottaLaff ‏@GottaLaff Aug 25

I took a grab of Trump's "not racist" campaign spokeswoman's tweet just in case she felt compelled to scrub it.

Liam Fee & Mikaeel Kular had SAME SOCIAL WORKER!

Abu Abdullah al-Britani

The Sun has reported that a British boy, identified only as Abu Abdullah al-Britani, has appeared in an ISIS 'execution' video.

The boy is white, blue-eyed and aged around 12.

The boy may be the son of Abu Abdullah al-Britani, a young British jihadist 'who married in Syria and was killed in a drone strike'.


William Hasmo Clinic, believed to be from London, who went by the nom-de-guerre Abu Abdullah al-Britani, is reported to have travelled from the UK to Syria to join ISIS.

MI5 and its friends are said to mind control kids.

Above, we see a seven-year-old Australian boy holding a severed head. This suggests mind control. KURT LEWIN, TAVISTOCK, ISIS.




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At 27 August 2016 at 04:13 , Anonymous Brabantian said...

UK rebel Jew Gilad Atzmon has an interesting take on why Donald Trump is feared by Jewish groups

Even though Trump himself has a lifetime of Jewish involvements, a current web of advisors linked to Israel etc

Atzmon says, the Trump 'problem' is not that Trump himself is likely to make a strong stand against Jewish mafias, as some people say they believe is one of Trump's hinted-at 'secret plans'

But Atzmon says that the nature of the Trump dialogue & discourse, has opened the Pandora's box of questioning elite mafias in general, & their media control & corruption

Which, Atzmon says, will lead to an eventual explosive USA backlash against Jewish mafia influences

Other known leading rebel Jews, such as Nathanael Kapner of 'Real Jew News' and Israel Shamir, also are in the pro-Trump camp along similar lines, despite themselves also recognising Trump's 'kosher' connections

At 27 August 2016 at 06:46 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Schemers and parasites of the working class are identifiable by the fact they seem to be all Canaanites. Ha Ha. Oh ya, they are quick to award themselves with all forms of proficiency badges too.

At 27 August 2016 at 11:07 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

@ Brabantian:

You are really delusional in these comments.

Brother Nathanael is an Orthodox Christian monk and he is not a Trump supporter.

You must have been raised Protestant or some other fake religion to be so ignorant.

Brother Nathanael was raised a Jew, but like St. Paul and countless others, he became a sincere follower of Christ. The true information is on his website for all to see.

Atzmon and Shamir are Jews. Period.

At 27 August 2016 at 16:07 , Anonymous Brabantian said...

Jewish writer Israel Shamir converted to Orthodox Christianity just like Jewish Nathanael Kapner ... So why do you say that 'Shamir is a Jew period' but 'Kapner became a sincere follower of Christ'?

Brother Nathanael Kapner has waffled on Donald Trump, acknowledging the Trump kosher connections as described on Aangirfan

But Kapner but has so much positive to say about Trump that he is effectively in the Trump camp ... Kapner sees Trump's Jewish ties as 'necessary tactics' to be where he is

Nathanael Kapner on 24 Aug 2016 has an article on Trump attracting the black vote, Kapner writes:

« Here comes Trump ... he's got the inside track ... Trump's built lots of towers and employes lots of people ...if he's President, can he derail the rigged system & save the inner city? ... If Hillary gets in, nothing will change ... cities will go up in flames »

Nathanael Kapner on 11 Aug 2016:

« Warmongering Jews run America’s security apparatus ... I’m inclined to say that Hillary’s their gal and [they] will do anything they can ... to get her in the White House ... The fix is in. It’s Killary Clintonstein or bust ...

« Trump responded to all the Jew jazz ... Trump keeps on saying: If our country got along with Russia, that would be a great thing ... Oh, Donald! The Jews don’t wanna hear that! Russia is Jewry’s number one enemy, don’t you know that? »

Nathanael Kapner on 10 Aug 2016 published an admiring lengthy list of 'Trump's Vintage Put-Downs', arguing how clever & truthful Trump is versus Hillary

Latest Posts of Brother Nathanael Kapner, Jewish convert to Christianity, on his site 'Real Jew News'

At 27 August 2016 at 16:14 , Anonymous Brabantian said...

With Geert Wilders & his Netherlands 'Freedom Party' making headline ZeroHedge news with their new & very anti-Islamic political platform

Would like to repeat some helpful material from Aangirfan back in 2009 ...

« Geert Wilders, is a Dutch politician, and possibly a CIA-Mossad asset ... Wilders believes that he has Jewish ancestry ... Wilders had been regularly meeting officials at the Israeli Embassy in The Hague ... »

In that 2009 article, Aangirfan further quotes a blogger Dr M, who discusses in English the work of Dutch anthropologist Lizzy van Leeuwen, on the Jewish roots of Geert Wilders, & Wilders' possible mental complex due to his family being regarded as 'half-breed', 'not truly Dutch', given their part Indonesian heritage, plus his grandfather having been treated harshly by the 1930s Dutch colonial overlords ...

Perhaps part of why Wilders colours his hair to Nordic blonde, trying a bit too hard to be North European 'Dutch':

« Geert Wilders is a Zionist Jew ... Anthropologist Lizzy van Leeuwen describes how ... Wilders' grandmother, Johanna Ording-Meijer [Mayer etc], was from a Jewish-Indonesian family ...

« Wilders' grandfather on his mother's side, Johan Ording, was a regional financial administrator in the Dutch colony who suffered several bankruptcies & was fired while on leave in the Netherlands in 1934 ... reduced to begging when the government refused to give him a pension

« Many mixed-race people moved to the Netherlands after Indonesian independence [1949] ... these people were put in the same 'cultural minority' box with labour immigrants from Turkey & Morocco ... this group has long been part of extreme-right movements ... »

At 27 August 2016 at 19:29 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mikaeel 9 social workers sacked for rakin through his files, Whatever they were lookin for musta bin hellava important!

& of course Mikaeel's Dads best pal was Sheku Bayoh (& there's STILL no cause of death over a yr & half later)

& as for Israeli Scotland... mind only a few weeks b4 the Glasgow Bin Lorry Crash that never happened, It was an Israeli firm called NICE that took over the Glasgow City CCTV.. Funny, all those CCTV cameras & NOT ONE caught the lorry careering down the street like a bat outta hell, mowing ppl down willy nilly! CARNAGE it was! & not 1 piece o footage (nor 1 drop o blood!)

many thanks for another fab blog. xx

At 27 August 2016 at 21:33 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Brother Nathanael is Jesuit controlled.

At 27 August 2016 at 21:39 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Orthodox Church is heavily infiltrated with Jesuits and Jesuit agents like “Brother Nathanael”. It is the Left Leg of the terrible statue the Prophet Daniel saw in Nebuchadnezzar’s dream, with Rome being the Right Leg. It is almost as hampered by humanistic and pagan religious traditions as Rome is. But through it, a mighty thing has happened; the good Russian people are living their Christian values and this does not sit well with the Luciferian Elite that runs and rules the West (through the Vatican).


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