Wednesday, 8 June 2016


Above, we see the Jewish prime minister of New Zealand, John Key, and his son Max Key.

Above we see Max Key, son of the Jewish prime minister of New Zealand, John Key.

Max Key plays golf with Barak Obama (above).

Max hunts grouse with Prince William and stays with Queen Elizabeth at Balmoral.

Are you thinking that the Powers-That-Be understand the secret sexual desires of the elite?

Max and parents.

Max celebrated his 21st birthday dressed as Batman.

Above we see Max.

Read more: dailymail.

Above we see Stephie Key, the sister of Max Key.


Above we see Stephie Key.

Stephanie Key has been posing naked with an octopus and Big Macs.

Stephanie is the daughter of John Key, the Jewish prime minister of New Zealand.

Daughter of New Zealand Prime Minister

Stephanie Key

New Zealand has had three Jewish prime ministers: Julius Vogel and Francis Bell and John Key.

One might think that Israel insists on controlling New Zealand.

Former New Zealand prime minister Helen Clark, whom Mossad reportedly tried to assassinate.

In 2004, Mossad's Zev Barkan's reportedly tried to to assassinate New Zealand Prime Minister Helen Clark.

( Assassination)

New Zealand prime minister David Lange, who claimed the US government threatened to kill him.

In 2002, David Lange, prime minister of New Zealand 1984-89, announced that the USA had threatened to kill him.

(aangirfan: David Lange says US threatened to kill him. )

Lange died in mysterious circumstances in 2005.

Stephanie, whose pop is the New Zealand Prime Minister.

One might wonder if Stephanie has been mind-controlled?

Stephanie Key


  1. 3 Jewish prime ministers?! Did Kim Dotcom (Schmitz) know this before he was robbed his Megaupload business and went to jail?

    1. No, just one, Key.

    2. I think three. Francis Bell and Julius Vogel were also of Jewish extraction.

    3. I think John Key is the third. The other two were Francis Bell and Julius Vogel.

    4. Sorry, I missed that bit about Bell and Vogel and thought he was roping in Lange and Clark.

      Carry on.

      Me at 18.48

  2. Good to bring all this (((tribe))) activity to the fore.
    Who are the other (((children of Judah))) in NZ Govt.?
    Is Grosser one of the (((dual citizens)))?
    The (((tribe))) works for itself, so the NZ Elite in Education and Business and Law must be well entrenched.
    NZ Food Distribution / Construction / Real-Estate is in (((their))) control.
    Australia is 100% run by the (((chosen of g-d)))
    NZ (((banks))) are (((Australian)))

  3. Apparently not, which is a warning to us all!

  4. Wtf?? That photo of "the family home!" All of it...

  5. This tribe of demons are in dire need of expedient disposal for the good of mankind!

  6. Something definitely unwholesome showing through.Ugh.

  7. John Key wears a toupee.

  8. Don't be surprised at the way Keys hatchlings behave...they're just Jews behaving as Jews do....Once they gain an ascendant position they can exhibit their customary degenerate behaviour.They no longer have to be concerned about a backlash from the goyim.
    Key is an especially slimy creepy individual...his appearance says..."a financial crime waiting to happen".


  10. The photos in the 'family home' are photo-shopped! Check out the flash-lights showing in the second window from the right, at top.