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The young girls photographed for artist Edward Hornel "came from a number of local families."

"Rose, Edith and Maud Poland, the young daughters of a gamekeeper at Torrs Farm, appear in many of the photographs." 

(Hornel - by Bill Smith - Chapter VIII)

"Hornel would pose the girls, chaperoned by his sister, either singly or in groups, get the light as he wanted it and then have them photographed, usually by McConchie."

(Hornel - by Bill Smith - Chapter VIII)

Hornel's garden.

"In those days this did not present any problems or raise any eyebrows, as it would do today.

"Parents were delighted to allow their daughters to be photographed and painted by a much respected artist and it was very convenient for Hornel."

(Hornel - by Bill Smith - Chapter VIII)

Hornel's girls at Brighouse Bay.

Some of Hornel's paintings were of nude young girls.

Edward Hornel, Kirkcudbright artist.

In 1901, the artist Edward Atkinson Hornel bought  Broughton House, an 18th-century Georgian residence, in Kirkcudbright, in Scotland.

Broughton House

Edward Hornel lived in the house with his sister Elizabeth.


Kirkcudbright "is the Venice of Scotland", according to Lord Cockburn in Circuit Journeys.


Edward Hornel made his fortune by painting young girls.


Hornel's paintings were influenced by his travels to Japan, Sri lanka and Myanmar.

Hornel had a world-class garden at Broughton House.

Hornel's garden.

Hornel and his fellow Glasgow Boys, exhibited paintings in St Louis, Chicago, Cincinnati and New York. 


Hornel liked to paint 'young girls cavorting in dense thickets'.

He also liked to paint young girls in his studio. 

Nudity was a feature of the occasional painting.

Hornel and a friend.

E. Rimbault Dibdin visited Hornel in Kirkcudbright. 

Dibdin noticed that, "All about his doors are the children of the poor, many his red-headed young models … 

"His garden is full of flowers, and the flowers of humanity are free to come in from the street, through the side gate, and enjoy themselves in it. 

"He meanwhile studies and paints them, the flowers and the children, in the open air’.


Hornel was born in Australia in 1864. 

His parents were from Kirkcudbrightshire. 

Claude Monet made friends with 12-year-old aspiring artist Daniel Fontaine, son of his landlady. 

Monet became a father-figure to the boy, who accompanied Monet on his painting excursions.


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