Sunday 13 December 2015

Rigged Elections; Terror; Syria; Manningham-Buller

Anonymous13 December 2015

Sharp comment left beneath a story on The Guardian website:

Terror Attack

look out for these features:

1. Discrepancies in the number of attackers

2. Immediate identification of the attackers, perhaps a passport and a personalised Koran in a conveniently located 'getaway' or 'discarded' vehicle or some such.

3. Drills/exercises involving emergency services, simulating the exact events which actually transpire, at the exact same locations the events will occur and on the same day.

4. Suspects will turn out to be known to the authorities. Suspects will turn out to have links with intelligence agencies.

5. Suspects probably shot dead at the scene, or nearby, if not suicide bombers etc.

6. Immediate links to a middle Eastern country, probably Syria.

7. Immediate calls for escalation/bombing/troops on ground etc, somewhere where oil and or mineral interests are at stake.

8. Immediate denunciation of attacks on 'freedom' followed by immediate reductions in freedom, protest, privacy etc in the name of retaining freedom.

9. Inevitable conspiracy theories which will revolve around all of the above features.

10. Rinse and repeat ad-infinitum.


Anonymous13 December 2015

This is terrifying, another brilliant Eric Zuisse article.

In the Planet of the Apes film the humans blew the planet in a nuclear war. The ruling class and underground and survived down the subway. They were very cruel, were mad and worshipped the nuclear bomb.

In this Eric Zeusse article the whole world might go up in smoke because of insane religious fanatics, and insane atheist neoconservative fanatics who worship money, and Jewish religious fanatics. The Guardian was once a good paper, but it too has gone barking mad. Only Russia seems sane, under the thoughtful leadership of Putin.

Anonymous13 December 2015

Another brilliant but terrifying article by Eric Zuesse. To see all this propaganda at work which is so transparent to us here, but in the past, like during WW2, how many people would have found the truth? And despite the Internet, how many in the West today have any idea? Most don't seem to care, and tell them they could end up fried and they think your mad.

U.S. May Be Salvaging Victory for Jihadists in Syria: How & Why

Eric Zuesse, originally posted at


However, the Telegraph article does prominently make note that, “Deployment of T-90 tanks is [the] latest sign that [the] Kremlin is being forced to escalate its intervention from an air to a ground war.”

The cost of a Tow antitank missile is only $180,000. The cost of a T-90 tank is $4.5M, which is 25 times as much. This is therefore a battlefield strategy designed to bleed Russia’s economy to death. That’s how Obama intends now to conquer Russia, on the battlefields of Syria — to use Syria against Russia, in the same way that ‘we’ had used Afghanistan against the Soviet Union. And the man speaking there, Zbigniew Brzezinski, is a longtime personal friend and advisor of Obama. The identical strategy is being repeated, but this time without the ideological gloss of a conflict between communism and capitalism. It’s just raw conquest the U.S. aristocracy want, and are determined to get.

1 October 2015
The Wellcome Trust is pleased to announce that Eliza Manningham-Buller starts today as the Trust’s new Chair.

Anonymous13 December 2015

Two Million Syrian Christian Population Being Exterminated by ISIL


The massacre of Syrian Christians in Kessab by “moderate” terrorists, backed by the Turkish Military in 2014, is only one example. Despite the truly heroic efforts of a re-Christianized Russia to protect them, these Syrian Christians continue to be killed and even crucified by “moderate” and “extremist” Muslim terrorists alike.

Yet no one in the West is talking about it. NO ONE! Not Obama. Not the Republicans. Not the “liberal” media. Not Fox News. No one in public life. Not even Donald Trump.

It's downright criminal!

Everyone in Washington would like the American people to think that Syria is a Muslim nation. And everyone there is a Muslim. There are no Christians in Syria to save. So the US and NATO can do what they please to the Muslims who remain. They’re untermenschen, after all.

It's a lie! A damned lie! The neocons might call it a “noble lie.” But it's a lie nonetheless.

Christians Safe Under Assad

Anonymous13 December 2015

Mr. Soft Heart or Brutal Tyrant? Anti-Assad Narrative Falls Apart at Seams

The Western media narrative about brutal "dictator" Bashar al-Assad is falling apart at the seams, Australian academic Tim Anderson underscores, adding that the leader still enjoys high public support in Syria.

There is a huge gap between the Western ugly "caricature" of the Syrian President and the real political figure of Bashar al-Assad, Syria's popular secular leader, Tim Anderson, Senior Lecturer in Political Economy at the University of Sydney, notes.

Read more:

Anonymous14 December 2015

DM journo gets embedded with Israeli commandos for this -

8 December - Saving their sworn enemy: Heartstopping footage shows Israeli commandos rescuing wounded men from Syrian warzone - but WHY are they risking their lives for Islamic militants?
Elite Israeli troops rescue wounded Syrians from the world's worst war almost every night

was it because this had been revealed so recently -

22 november - Troubled Australian journalist Sharri Markson detained on press trip to Israel after 'breaking protocol'
Journalist for The Australian was detained during visit to Israeli hospital
Sharri Markson was held back for 'putting Syrian soldiers at risk'
Markson was attending a one-week trip with fellow Australian journalists
Hospital takes extreme measures to protect identities of Syrian patients
After treatment, the patients are transferred back to Syria in secrecy...
Last week, The Australian announced Markson would no longer be the paper's Media editor, and would instead take up reporting duties.

Greg Bacon14 December 2015 at 02:45

If you're afraid of getting another rotten apple from the barrel, then get one from the tree.

Anonymous14 December 2015 at 03:21

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At 14 December 2015 at 04:57 , Blogger Michael K. said...


As you know, Russian bombardment of Syria has been heroic victory lap, with ISIS forces reported to be near breaking point since first week. Humane, Christian smart bombs have been celebrated for their victorious work across the Internet, and around the truly informed world. Only decadent Western imperialist shills have dare to question the morality or effectiveness of glorious Red Army indiscriminate assault.

And everything was evolving as it naturally must according to science of humanitarian bomb,in Syria, until treachery by radical Muslim Obama, leader of ISIS, stabbing Russia in the back and depriving victory parade planned for beloved leader of world Conservative movement.

Note, we are not retracting statement that humane bombing make Russia victorious. Russia is victorious, now and forever. It is the Third and Final Rome. It is historic force shaping destiny. It is God's Kingdom on Earth.

But dirty Muz blackamoor Obama and his Western American treachery now threatens whole world with nuclear war, because he put another 30,000 jihadists in Syria himself to try to stop inevitable victory of the Red Army.

Russia will not be held responsible for what happens next, as it is fighting existential threat posed by cheating and lying terrorist American Obama and his Islamic caliphate. We hope we have to use nuclear forces. Hope we don't have to, rather.

At 14 December 2015 at 05:01 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Osborne and the Bankers.

The ruling class seized control of the money supply centuries ago. Today most people, most politicians, and even most people who work for banks don't even know that banks create money out of thin air, and then they charge us interest on it. But it gets worse, most economic college professors don't even know either, and this includes the ones who really do study money, the Modern Money Theorists.

I got into an argument recently with a guy recently who posts on YouTube who is very anti right wing like me, but he seriously criticised me when I said that banks create money out if thin air. He said I sounded like a libertarian, which I am certainly not. He was very aggressive and I ended up getting some Modern Money Theory college professors involved. One supported my position but the other one said I had it wrong. In the end I conceded defeat but it turned out that I was really right after all, and so was the college professor who supported me.

Throughout this century economists have always said that money creation is tied to real government money that central bank holds as reserves, and so as this money is part of the economy it doesn't need to be put into any economic calculations. And in this way the ruling class have been able to screw us, turning the population into slaves. Neoclassical economists are lackeys for the ruling elite.

But the latest research proves conclusively that banks simply create money out of thin air and do not need to rely on bank deposits (people putting their money into bank accounts) or on central bank reserves. I won't go into deep detail here, but banks are allowed to multiply people's savings, and any government money they hold as reserves at the central bank, by ten times and then loan it out at interest. People will them borrow this money from say bank A, and then deposit it into their bank B, and this bank B is allowed to lend out 90% of it again, and so on. It's called fractional reserve banking where banks can multiply people's savings many times over to loan out. The theory goes that as most people will leave their money in the bank, and only one in ten might take their money out, then if a person puts £100 in a bank, the bank can then lend out £90 without there being a problem. In other words, if one person puts £100 in a bank it can lend out £90 to another person and this equals £190, although there is only really £100 in existence. But that £90 that the person borrowed can then be put into another bank account where that bank is allowed to lend out £81 of it, and so on.

Because economists said that fractional reserve money is tied to real money in the economy they said they could simply ignore it in their calculations believing it to naturally be part of market forces. Neoclassical and neoliberal economists are pro the ruling class and have conveniently accepted this nonsense.

For instance, there is a shortage of houses so if two people bid on a house the one that loses out may end up renting forever and so in desperation they will both continually try to outbid each other until they are maxed out. But the bank can simply create all money it needs out of thin air and this is not related to market forces at all. The winner may now have to do 4 hours OT every night, plus 12 hour Saturday or Sundays, while his wife might be working two part time jobs as well. In this way the whole nation gets maxed out on debt as we all try our best to get on the property ladder, and the ones that fail get stung with high rents instead. The bankers can simply stamp numbers into computer keyboards and then get people to sign an agreement for a loan. So borrow £100,000 for over 25 years and you will pay back over £200,000 with interest. That's easy peasy money for the bankers.

Here's the proof: Werner, R.A., A lost century in economics: Three theories of banking and the conclusive evidence, International Review of Financial Analysis

At 14 December 2015 at 05:49 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well said.

Like most people I have worked hard all my life. I put some money into a pension and had to retire early due to stress at work which brought on fibromyalgia. I now get on with my hobbies, play guitar and keyboards, and I really enjoy mindful waking. I don't have much money, but I'm slowly sorting myself out. But I wonder how long it will last, because the bastards want to rob me of my pension, and take my life if I perish in one of their wars. This had already happened to millions of people in the Middle East.

In the Guardian today, most people posting negative comments under my post with numerous people ticking their replies agreeing with them. They believe what they have been told, that Assad and Putin are the devil. If only I could post the JFK to 9/11 film, but the Guardian would remove my post and probably pre-moderate me forever after that.

At 14 December 2015 at 08:14 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hacking Democracy:

Good find Aangirfan, or if someone else may have sent it in. It's great how we can all contribute to this terrific site. Many thanks.

At 14 December 2015 at 16:14 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I wouldn't assume that your critics are genuine readers. The 'security services' are very twitchy about some issues, and appear to have teams of trolls to shout down anyone who tries to contradict the official narrative on media sites.

At 14 December 2015 at 16:19 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

What planet is Osborne on in that video clip? It's hard to understand how a man so obviously ill at ease at the most basic of public occasions would go into politics at all.
But of course he ticks all the boxes for a future prime minister - he's Jewish, not very bright and compromised by his past.
Quite frightening.

At 15 December 2015 at 09:07 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Guardian eh?.
Go here & scroll down to this comment;

reinertorheit August 9, 2015
I understand the anger and frustration many people have voiced here – and I think that it would be worth posting an explanation of what has actually happened at The Guardian.

At 15 December 2015 at 09:12 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Once again I post this because this is the start point of our present monetary slavery;

Sorry to put this in capitals,& yes ,I am shouting,
In brief,William the Conquerors army was melting away,he needed money to keep at least some of his
mercenaries by his side,so he had to make a deal as he had no chance against the City's walls.
I.E.,no siege equipment.So he had to "cut a deal" as the Yanks would say.
The City would be independent - but not too obviously so - & he would be guaranteed his money supply - & kings always need money.
Thus no Domesday book for the City because it was never his to tax.


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