Sunday 27 December 2015


John Bercow, Keith Vaz (dark suit), a boy.

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    Keith Vaz MP is known for demanding justice, so I'm sure he'll investigate the Labour MP in Leicester who's been accused of child sex abuse.
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    Keith Vaz's Criminal Legacy via
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    ANDREW PIERCE: Why Vaz makes a most unlikely moral crusader via 2011
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    just from memory, was a lot of stuff about Vaz's finances in Tory media circa 1998. I think he even took sick leave at one point.
  5. Has Keith Vaz purged Google of any mention of yesterday's article?
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    Trouble mounts for British MP Keith Vaz - The Times of India via
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    interesting and original take on Newsnight
  8. Do you get today's Mail and Telegraph stories when you google news of Keith Vaz?
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