Tuesday 22 September 2015


On 18 September 2015, Dubai's Sheikh Rashid, aged 33, died in mysterious circumstances.

Rashid was the son of Dubai's ruler Sheikh Mohammed.

Rashid graduated from Britain's Sandhurst Military Academy in 2002.

In 2008, Wikileaks released a cable, written for the CIA, by the USA's Acting Consul General in Dubai David Williams.

According to the cable, "It is alleged that Rashid killed an assistant in the Ruler's office.' 

A cable written by the USA's Consul General in Riyadh, Martin Quinn , referred to Dubai's royalty being involved in sex and drugs parties.

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At 22 September 2015 at 04:12 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Don't forget about the Al Maktoum's jockey boys.

Excerpt below from http://www.bigclassaction.com/lawsuit/camel_racing_slave.php

A lawsuit has been filed and is seeking class action status against several rulers of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) for allegedly enslaving tens of thousands of boys over the past three decades. The boys were allegedly forced to work as jockeys in the popular sport of camel racing. The lawsuit alleges Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid al Maktoum, the crown prince of Dubai, and Sheikh Hamdan bin Rashid al Maktoum, the deputy ruler, were the most active perpetrators. The lawsuit claimed the boys were taken largely from Bangladesh and Pakistan, were held at desert camps in the UAE and other Persian Gulf nations, and forced to work. It also claimed some boys were sexually abused, given limited food and sleep and injected with hormones to prevent their growth.

At 22 September 2015 at 15:26 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

China in Syria? Ready to Join Russia in ISIS fight


Get ready for the rise of the great king of the mongols.

One who the infernal gods of Hannibal
Will cause to be reborn, terror of mankind
Never more horror nor worse of days
In the past than will come to the Romans through Babel. (C2 Q30)

What is interesting is the quatrain which predicts this scenario will give rise to the great king of the Mongols. I have oft wondered for many years just how such a situation could unfold. But as we see above, not only is it being mulled but actually called for by some in China, that China should embark upon fighting terrorism beyond it’s borders, which suggests Russia and China combining to fight ISIS in Syria as Chinese Uyghur separatists have now established a beach head there. Now one could write this off as a stretch however remember Chinese troops are already in Iraq guarding China’s oil interests. And Russia has a base at Tartus in Syria.

Hannibal’s God was Hammon which can be taken to mean “Lord of the Sky.” We certainly know that in the 90’s the Chinese resurrected Genghis Khan to his rightful place in Chinese history. Khan was known as Bogdo-Emporer of Emporers. His empire was nothing to sneeze at, his empire included modern-day Iraq, Iran, Pakistan, and the Central Asian republics of the former Soviet Union.

For more on Genghis Khan
Genghis Khan-Emperor Of Emperors-Bogdo-Race Of The Gods


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