Wednesday 16 September 2015


Jeremy Corbyn's favourite London restaurant is Gaby’s Deli , a Jewish Soho restaurant which dishes out beef on bagel, falafel and chopped liver.


Jeremy Corbyn described Hamas as a 'friend'

Is that because Hamas was set up with help from Israel?

Corbyn made friends with Gerry Adams.

Is that because he believes that Gerry Adams works for the British security services?


How is Jeremy Corbyn performing in the UK parliament?

Mark Wallace: "Even bearpit politics is better than this dishwater debate.

"Only Jeremy Corbyn could radically change something to make it more bland.

"His new approach to PMQs, to read out questions sent in by supporters and members of the public, was fine – but only fine.

"Fine in the sense of plain porridge, or a grey day on which it neither rains, blows nor shines. Fine because he survived intact, while Cameron was given a safe platform to talk about how well the government is doing. There was no sign of real scrutiny in the proceedings.

"If he gets good advice, Corbyn will sharpen it a bit in future – using the guest question as an introduction, but following it up with more pressing queries. If he doesn’t, then it’s hard to see anyone tuning in for more of this. For all the griping about the bearpit approach to PMQs, even Punch and Judy politics is preferable to such a dishwater debate."

Jeremy Corbyn's first PMQs: Guardian writers' verdict.

Is Jeremy Corbyn a Freemason?

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Michael F. Corbin.

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At 16 September 2015 at 14:19 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sad to say because I admired Corbyn's backing of the return of the Bradbury pound in 2013, in other words to abolish the central private bank, the Bank of England and restore the power to the Government of the day to create money for social projects INTEREST FREE. He has now diluted these plans. I also read today in the Jewish Chronicle that Corbyn is fully behind the official version of 9/11, like George Galloway. Corbyn also detests Holocaust revisionists and wants our children to be brainwashed with the holocaust mantra, without the wherewithal to think critically. He is a product of JTRIG (GCHQ/MOSSAD/NSA)... they are monitoring MSM/AM sites and Corbyn is no more than controlled opposition to pacify people who seek the truth.

At 17 September 2015 at 00:29 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Exactly,you have got it.

But most Guardinistas for example.believe that if Corbyn becomes PM he will usher in a new era.
Exactly how many times does the voting public need to be duped by false "messiahs" before they wise up.
Probably as many times as you like,it seems that only food shortages get people thinking.
The elite knows all this of course...

Corbyn is a crypto jew,there is absolutely no doubt on that score.Part and parcel of the ruling elite.The screaming headlines about Corbyn by the Daily Mail would have Machiavelli in raptures.

At 17 September 2015 at 09:06 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good news for Britons...The head of MI5 Parker (crypto Jew) has just given a reassuring interview with the Daily Mail...He's doing his level best to fight terrorism on a daily basis and has seen off many attempts so far.
Its all lies of course.Parker is part of the cabal responsible for flooding Britain with millions of alien people in the first place!.
Even a halfwit could predict the outcome of this mad policy,introduced against the wishes of the vast majority of people.
So the crypto Jewish elite which Parker is part of,creates the problem,then tells the public he needs to have access to all communications to stop it.
Many of the comments on the article actually see through the crap spouted by this Jew...which is surprising?!.
The Guardian takes a different tack.In an article attacking Hungarians for protecting their borders from illegal immigration...the Guardian has not,so far,allowed any comments.The reason being the Guardian censor would be working overtime removing comments not to the Guardians liking.
There is reality,then there is the make believe world of the Jewish controlled media constantly lying and trying to shape public opinion into believing people want this invasion to take place.
The placards held up by idiots saying "welcome" represent a small minority of people in western countries...the Guardian would have you think otherwise. What gives the b*****rds at the Guardian the right to deliberately deceive the public??!.

At 17 September 2015 at 10:44 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

The way in which the ability for the public to comment on various MSM news items (suddenly "Comments on this article are being moderated", "Comments are not being accepted on this article", etc.) is so transparently manipulative that it is comical. There clearly is a dread of public reactions getting out of hand.

At 17 September 2015 at 11:54 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I heard Parker on the Today programme lobbying for more powers to snoop on the public. What an appallingly lame interview by Mishal Husain too. The obvious point that any terrorist worth his salt wouldn't use the internet for communication was completely overlooked. (Even as a law-abiding citizen I stay away from private topics online.)
The other thing that struck me was Parker's manner - he sounded like a mind-controlled robot and kept repeating the same phrases. God help us if he is the best the country can offer against terrorists.

At 17 September 2015 at 12:00 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm not sure you can make this connection. Coincidentally, I am a vegetarian like Corbyn and often go to Gaby's Deli when I am in London. I am not sure the staff in there are in fact Jewish - they look Indian to me - but if they are Jewish I don't see the problem. I have no problem with Jews, only zionists exerting undue influence on the political process. I think that is Corbyn's position too, quite justifiably.
I'd recommend Gaby's Deli to anyone visiting London, by the way - it's near Leicester Square tube station.

At 17 September 2015 at 13:47 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

It will be owned by Jews,but the staff will be from third world countries.
Right across London in the kitchens of restaurants you'll find sweated labour from the third world toiling away being paid a pittance. But Jews like Anthony Woral-Thompson the celebrity cook are profiting magnificently. Some even keep the tips from the customers!.
Worral-Thompson is also known as "the squashed bee gee". A name coined by Gordon Ramsey (Jewish spouse) ...who is in turn a good mate of Marco Pierre White (Jew).
Curiously Woral-Thompson does indeed have the appearance of a beegee who has been compressed.Tony was recently arrested for shoplifting at TESCO'S (as in TessaCohen)

At 17 September 2015 at 20:31 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

jason bourne aka matt demon loves gabys
paul mi5 greengrass
tony cia gilroy
plated dish for the goy with heavy metals
something pure and kosher for the chosen

gladio operatives can be on a holding pattern for 20 or 30 years
corbers is an inside talmud job.

charlie fall coner can you believe it that freak should be in wormword scrubs


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