Monday 14 September 2015


Charlie Hebdo laughs at the Alan Kurdi psy-op. Christians walk on water...

Charlie Hebdo likes to make fun of Christians and Moslems.

Some people may be laughing at the 'gullibility' of the public over Jeremy Corbyn.

"It is most likely that somewhere there is the whiff of Soros money behind the Corbyn white noise."

Is Soros funding fake 'corby'?

Sheikh Raed Salah with NATO's 'Free Syria Army' flag

"The Jewish Chronicle are being completely disingenuous about Corbyn's friendship with the treacherous Palestinian Sheikh Raed Salah because the true reason for their 'friendship' is based upon the fact they are both controlled opposition really working for NATO."

Jeremy Corbyn and Gerry Adams. What do they have in common? Both working for the security services?

"Could Conservative Central Office not plant someone as a lowly Labour MP? ...

"He would be instructed to either cause trouble in Labour or even become leader and make all manner of crazy decisions that alienated sensible voters, thus making the life of the Conservative party, the City and business easier."

In 1986, the UK Member of Parliament Geoffrey Dickens reported allegations of 'child brothels' on a council estate in the London Borough of Islington.

He said that he had received a letter and a tape recording from a resident of the Elthorne Estate claiming that adults on the estate were organising ‘wide-scale’ child abuse involving 40 children, some as young as seven.

Dickens was attacked by the MP for Islington North, Jeremy Corbyn.

Corbyn said Dickens was "getting cheap publicity at the expense of innocent children".

Jeremy Corbyn | spotlight.

Labour cabinet minister Denis Healey.

When he was at Oxford Denis Healey was reported to be a communist. 


Healey became a member of Bilderberg.

Jeremy Corbyn with his former agent Derek Sawyer, who has been linked to child abuse rings.

Both Jon Snow and Jeremy Corbyn worked for Voluntary Service Overseas.

MI6 tried to recruit Jon Snow.

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At 14 September 2015 at 13:33 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Aangirfan "nailed it" with the link to the Jewish encyclopedia concerning the name Alvarez.

This is what you look for when trying to ascertain whether "X" is a crypto Jew.
The important bit is the deliberate concealment of his ethnicity....this tells you he is up to no good. He does not want the public to know.
In the unlikely event he was elected his gushing supporters would be in for a rude surprise.Israeli war criminals would still be showing up a No.10 to give the British PM his instructions on Mid East foreign policy.
What IS Cameron doing there right now.Photo opping his way in Lebanon.
Cameron is of course a traitor to Britain...

Notice how BOTH the conservative and labour parties have exactly the same policy regarding flooding Britain with economic migrants.
The new Australian PM has just mentioned his support of flooding Australia with thousands of Syrians.The leaders change the policies don't...democracy...where you have a choice.Its like going to the supermarket and buying different brands of butter.Only the packaging is different.

At 14 September 2015 at 14:11 , Anonymous brabantian said...

The man officially launching the New World Order in a few days

Pope Francis I - Jorge Mario Bergoglio is 'Death Squad Frankie', with a major and personal role in torture & mass murder in his home country. Bergoglio headed Argentina's Jesuits during the brutal murderous military dictatorship of General Jorge Videla (1976-1983), seen in photos walking & laughing with the future Pope

Pope Francis had criminal charge complaints filed against him for his role in murder & torture in specific cases; junta documents name him as an accomplice, "complicit in extensive crimes against humanity ... 22,000 dead & disappeared"

At 14 September 2015 at 15:01 , Anonymous Anonymous said...


Burton Agnes Hall is situated 6 miles from Bridlington, East Yorkshire, 5 miles from Driffield, East Yrokshire and 20 miles from Scarborough, North Yorkshire.

At 17 September 2015 at 02:42 , Anonymous Anonymous said... is a #SHILL Yawn!!!!!!

EVERYONE who tries to fight tyranny on our behalf is a shill!
*Because their sister knew a man who knew a man who was a policeman!

The revolution, always eats its children.

And how many people who are saying this shit are actually government disinfo or just the stupid sheep regurgitating it without knowing!?

When you realise, it's the message we listen to, not the person and that we only pick the bits that support our cause, you realise, that, even if they are shills, it makes no difference; because we have used their words for our good!

For shills, it's a "lose lose" situation; and if we don't know they are shills, let's treat them with respect; not demonise them based on hearsay to stroke our own ignorance and insecurities!

Just saying!


It's insane to leave the EU when you depend on it.

You need to understand economics to understand why you can't Just leave it. The UK sold itself to the devil and now it relies on the global markets, mostly europe, to make ends reach.

To come out of Europe will take decades of restructuring and becoming insular! And if you are not part of it [Europe], you don't get the backing of NATO and the IMF, which leaves you vulnerable to imperialism, which isn't good when the USA / Israel is trying to take over the world right now, albeit via LONDON; but let's not get too complex about this! Yes, both are evil [NATO and the IMF], but we are currently dependant on them (short term); as we are the Bank of England, which is run by the banking cartels that own it and the UK (Google Rothschild).

If Corbyn took tried to take Britain out of Europe, he would be fired immediately by all his party members.

His plan is long term. A mission creep, but in a good way. It can't be any other way because we don't live in fairy land.

And let's not forget the different types of Europe. There is Europe as a trade agreement, which is not such a bad thing and theres Europe as a member, which is a very bad thing. Stepping out of Europe as a member is something you can do a lot quicker than stepping out of it economically, when you whole economy is based on European / world economics... being the world's biggest international banking epicenter!

Let's put our thinking caps back on and step back into reality. We can't just click our fingers and expect Mary Poppins to clean everything up in a matter of minutes!

Disappointed with #Aangirfan and others who should know better than to use the 6 degrees of separation to further their popularity!

At 23 September 2015 at 10:05 , Anonymous CanSpeccy said...

"It is most likely that somewhere there is the whiff of Soros money behind the Corbyn white noise"

Is there Soros money (presumably American taxpayers' money laundered by the CIA, or other agency of covert US Government action, via Soros) behind the foolish antics of the enthusiastic Corbyn supporter, Craig Murray? Or is he just a self-hating white nutter?


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