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It has been suggested that Lord Hutton might be a child abuser.

"A letter written by Lord Hutton, who chaired the public inquiry into Dr Kelly’s death, shows he was asked to do the job just three hours after the Iraq weapons expert was found dead.

"At that point he had not been identified and no cause of death had been established.

"Hutton was contacted by Lord Falconer, Tony Blair’s former flatmate who was Lord Chancellor and played a key role in the events leading up to the Iraq War, and the handling of Dr Kelly’s death."


Lord Hutton first got married at the age of 44.

At one time he lived in Pimlico.

At Edge of Nonceness - Political Paedos on Parade, we observe:

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Brian Hutton and Kincora. Come on. Come on. Fall out of the woodwork, damn you.

Interesting.  I'd heard of the latter of course, from both old-skool Private Eye and the related Paul Foot book referred to on here earlier, but not the former in this context (that I recall).  So I looked him up on Wikipedia, and we must be careful because he's still alive, but the following struck me as an interesting sentence:

Though [he is] a dour Presbyterian, there were spectacular acquittals of some very grisly IRA terrorist suspects when he was a judge in the Diplock era.


Lord Hutton has been regarded as being a 'fixer' for the Powers-That-Be.

On 21 March 2002 Lord Hutton was one of four Law Lords to reject David Shayler's application to use a "public interest" defence as defined in section 1 of the Official Secrets Act 1989 at his trial.

Jimmy Savile at Belfast's Europa hotel. SEX AT THE EUROPA HOTEL

Lord Hutton represented the Ministry of Defence at the inquest into the killing of civil rights marchers on "Bloody Sunday".

Later, he publicly reprimanded Major Hubert O'Neil, the coroner presiding over the inquest, when the coroner accused the British Army of murder, as this contradicted the findings of the Widgery Tribunal.[3]

Hutton also came to public attention in 1999 during the extradition proceedings of former Chilean dictator Gen. Augusto Pinochet.

Pinochet had been arrested in London on torture allegations by request of a Spanish judge.

Five Law Lords, the UK's highest court, decided by a 3-2 majority that Pinochet was to be extradited to Spain.

The verdict was then overturned by a panel of seven Law Lords, including Lord Hutton[4] on the grounds that Lord Hoffmann, one of the five Law Lords, had links to human rights group Amnesty International which had campaigned for Pinochet's extradition.

In 1978 he defended Britain in the European Court of Human Rights when it was found guilty of torturing internees without trial.

He reportedly sentenced 10 men to 1,001 years in prison on the word of "supergrass" informer Robert Quigley, who was granted immunity in 1984.

Lord Hutton was appointed by the Blair government to chair the inquiry on the circumstances surrounding the death of scientist David Kelly.

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At 17 June 2015 at 10:20 , Anonymous sovereigntea said...

Another intriguing instance in which child abuse blackmail has been suggested relates to the recent inquiry headed by a senior judge from Northern Ireland, Brian Hutton. The inquiry was supposed to investigate the death of David Kelly, a government scientist who leaked details about the falsification of intelligence relating to Iraqi WMD, but whose death ended up being used instead as a vehicle for the Blair government to attack the BBC, who had reported the leak. Among the documents posted on the inquiry’s website was a bizarre and cryptic document concerning child abuse, the presence of which has never been officially explained or even mentioned. In his book about Kelly’s death, Liberal Democrat MP Norman Baker refers to rumours about the document: ‘One, actually repeated to me in all seriousness by a very senior BBC executive, was that a leading figure in the Hutton inquiry process was known by the

5 Wallace has been given permission to talk. See .
government to have had a paedophile past in a part of the United Kingdom well away from London. Was the inclusion of this particular document a way of reminding him to “do his duty”?’
Who's panicking? Evidence from Wallace is not easily dismissed as so-called ‘conspiracy theory’, despite Hewson’s portrayal of the affair as a populist ‘moral panic’. There are other highly credible witnesses and investigators who stand to gain nothing from speaking out.

At 17 June 2015 at 13:24 , Anonymous Anonymous said...


At 17 June 2015 at 14:09 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Diana Inquest: The Documents The Jury Never Saw
dated: 28 Apr 2011

At 17 June 2015 at 19:18 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Blair and his Jew mates got away with the murder of Dr Kelly.
Only if things get too hot for comfort for the Jewish elite will there be a chance of Blair facing justice...they will throw the conniving cunt to the take the heat off.
According to the film "ghost writer" based on a book by Robert Harris (jew).Cherie Blair is said to have been recruited by the CIA.
The whole point of the jewish produced film seems to be to convince the audience that participation by Britain in the Iraq war was the fault of the US...and that Britain was a helpless pawn.
Stupid nonsense of course.The Iraq war was a war for Israel using western lives and equipment.Both the US and Britain are completely controlled by a jewish elite....this is why Britain was an accomplice to this war crime.
Put it this way...any movie made in Britain or the US or France for that matter...always contains a jewish spin...the "ghost writer" being no exception.
Blair has the unique distinction of being hated by people from the whole spectrum of political beliefs.....AND they are still imposing him on the public by appointing him to high profile positions?????!!.

At 17 June 2015 at 19:28 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Secret Death Squads Backed by Thatcher Government Killed Hundreds in N. Ireland

At 18 June 2015 at 11:26 , Anonymous Greg Pearson said...

Everyone does recall Trump's name was found in Epstein's little black book, don't they?

At 18 June 2015 at 11:31 , Anonymous Greg Pearson said...

Whoops, my memory failed me- I only find Ivana Trump's name listed therein in this article- but I swear I saw Donald's was in their somewhere- I'll keep looking

At 18 June 2015 at 11:45 , Anonymous Greg Pearson said...

OK here is where I saw Trump's connection to Epstein- not specifically mentioned as listed in the book by phone number, but having visited "pedophile island" - and although I am not apologizing for it, du Nugent's mention of Hitler seems to me to detract from the impact this video makes, is unnecessary as the video could stand without it, but the video footage is good-

At 18 June 2015 at 11:51 , Anonymous Greg Pearson said...

At 4 July 2015 at 15:35 , Anonymous Anonymous said...


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