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Jeremy Corbyn (above), a left winger, wants to be the leader of the UK Labour Party.

Can anyone remember Corbyn telling is that 9 11 was an inside job or that ISIS is run by MI6 and its friends?

Is he a fake?

His constituency is linked to widespread child abuse.

In 1986, the UK Member of Parliament Geoffrey Dickens reported allegations of 'child brothels' on a council estate in the London Borough of Islington.

He said that he had received a letter and a tape recording from a resident of the Elthorne Estate claiming that adults on the estate were organising ‘wide-scale’ child abuse involving 40 children, some as young as seven.

Dickens was attacked by the MP for Islington North, Jeremy Corbyn.

Corbyn said Dickens was "getting cheap publicity at the expense of innocent children". 

Jeremy Corbyn | spotlight.

Dickens then said that he had more evidence and was more certain than ever about the truth of his allegations. 

Social Work Today 24/02/86

Islington is next to Hampstead.

Jason Swift and Tony McGrane were young boys living in a children's home in Islington.

Both were murdered.

Boy, 13 stabbed by sex beast / Tony murder link to 16 child killings,

Jason Swift

In 1985, 14-year-old Jason Swift was killed by a child-abuse gang.

Jason is believed to have lived in Islington council's Conewood Street children's home. 

(Jersey child abuse link to Islington, London)

Sidney Cooke, Leslie Bailey, Robert Oliver, and Lennie Smith, were imprisoned in 1989 for the manslaughter of Jason Swift.

Cooke and his gang had sexually tortured and prostituted a number of boys.

The gang is believed to have killed at least nine children.[2]

Cooke was sent to prison.

In 1998, Cooke was let out of prison eight years early.

There have been allegations that very powerful people have been involved in a child-abuse ring connected to Islington children's homes.

In 1982 Margaret Hodge (nee Oppenheimer) became Islington council leader.

She became a close friend of Tony Blair, who lived in Islington, a few doors away from Hodge.

In February 1990 Liz Davies and David Cofie, senior social workers, discovered evidence of sex abuse of children and reported it to a residents' meeting attended by Mrs Hodge.

In May 1990 Mr Cofie and Ms Davies were told by Lyn Cusack, assistant director of social services, to stop interviewing children about the abuse claims.

On 1 May 1997 Tony Blair moved from Islington to Downing Street.

In June 2003 Mrs Hodge was made minister for Children. 

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At 11 June 2015 at 03:42 , Blogger Unknown said...

Don't forget Corbyn is linked to that bunch of gatekeepers, Exaro...

At 11 June 2015 at 14:38 , Anonymous Anonymous said...


Re the comment left above by Men Scryfa: An article examining ExaroNews would be most welcome. It seems a little strange to me (and I suspect to others) that this publication should go to such great lengths in soliciting CSA survivors to come forward to ExaroNews with their accounts of abuse. It seems somewhat unusual for a serious (ie non-tabloid) news organisation to seek to 'insert itself' into the news it is covering in this way.

Further, it is not clear to me how the ExaroNews operation is funded, given that their articles are free to access, site advertising is relatively discrete, and site 'viewing' figures are presumably on the low side for a news organisation.

Is ExaroNews really all it appears? Or have they a hidden agenda? And if so, what might it be? I'm concerned that they are linked to the Intelligence agencies, either knowingly (ie as agents) or unknowingly (ie via phone tapping, concealed cameras to capture the identities of survivors coming forward, hacked computers etc etc)

Thanks for all you do on this site. You do a great service to the cause of truth & transparency.

At 11 June 2015 at 19:44 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Corbyn is a Jewish surname...but Corbyn is easily recognisable as a you don't need any knowledge of Jewish names to identify him.
One thing is for sure whom ever is "chosen" as Labours leader will either be a jew (ir crypto jew like Hitlery Clinton) or will have strong direct connections to Jewery.
Ken Livingstone made a highly publicised comment about "concentration camp guards" (or something like that).From this "anti-semitic outburst" the public will deduce that Red Ken is not a Jew...incorrectly.
Hillary Clinton the jewess pulled a similar deception when running fir the senate....there was some earnest discussion about Clinton being "anti-semitic.Just another example of the Jews charades and deceptions....obviously people eventually wise up and expel them...people better hurry along on that score before these fiends from hell destroy Europe altogether.

At 12 June 2015 at 01:12 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

"In May 1990 Mr Cofie and Ms Davies were told by Lyn Cusack, assistant director of social services, to stop interviewing children about the abuse claims."
I've a feeling that Cusack is Jewish too.Wasn't/isn't there an actor John Cusack,also Jewish?.The thing is,we get so used to reading these surnames that we start to miss the importance of sensing how un-British they actually are.

At 16 July 2015 at 20:49 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for that... just as I thought! The nose alone is enough to raise suspicion. Looks like he has been approved by the british jew lobby/syndicate/cabal. Sems they're willing to overlook his past misgivings because after all he is a jew!

At 10 August 2015 at 21:49 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Corbyn is an Anglo Saxon name actually. It's mentioned in the Domesday book. I'm fairly sure Cusack is a French name.

At 22 August 2015 at 15:17 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Originally "Robinson" was probably an English name....ditto "Rose".Today that is a different story.Often names are adopted by Jews because of their similarity to their original Jewish names.That is Robin and Rabin.
Robinson as in the crypto jew leader of the English Defence League.Or Rabin the Israel leader.
Anyway...don't take this as fact...wait and see what happens should Corbyn become PM....and expect to be disappointed.
Remember all thise fools who expected "change" when the half jew Obama got elected???!.
You may notice that the media tells you there is "considerable tension between Obama&Netanyahoo".The media is quite convincing on this score...with photo's of the two jews giving each other nasty looks.
And the reason for all this?.Word is getting around that the US is held hostage by Israel...thanks entirely to the internet.
The fact the US is the jews poodle has plenty of evidence to back it up.

So the Jew sets up a deception in order to "prove" the US leader is not held creating false conflict between the two leaders.

It will be business as usual between Britain and Israel should Corbyn become PM....example....would Corbyn remove the legislation that prevents the arrest of Israels war criminals....nah.Would he initiate sanctions on the criminal state...nah.Would Britain stop importing Israeli products..nah.

As Clint Eastwood (crypto jew..was his name in the Doomsday book?)...said "go ahead punk,make my day,and vote for Corbyn"..


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