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As news of the Hampstead scandal spreads, we look at some links.

California Dreamin - Ricky Dearman on Vimeo

There is a video of Ricky Dearman performing California Dreamin' by the Mamas & the Papas in a church.

[link to]

Ricky plays the part of rock star John Phillips, aka Papa. Mackenzie Phillips confessed to having a consensual sexual relationship with her father John Phillips.

Child sex on Goa beaches.

Goa is popular with the Jewish Mafia, Israeli soldiers, Israeli tourists, drugs traffickers and child sex traffickers.

In June 2013 it was reported that 'a Mr Ricky Dearman' and 'a Russian woman' were involved in a violent incident in Goa in India.

In the Baga - Calangute area of Goa, "two shots were fired from a pistol during a fight between a hotel owner and his relatives, on one side, and a group of taxi drivers and others."

Calangute brawl leaves 3 hurt, hotel thrashed - The Times of India.

"Traffic policemen were in the process of towing away a two-wheeler... A Russian woman, who had parked the two-wheeler (motorcycle), objected...

"Ricky Dearman, an English tourist whose sister is married to the owner of a resort in the vicinity, intervened...

"The police released the vehicle and allowed the Russian to take it away.

The Ricky Dearman above is not necessarily the one who visited India.

"This angered a group of taxi drivers ... who claimed the cops were lenient towards foreigners.

"An argument ensued between Ricky and the taxi drivers, allegedly leading to a scuffle. Ricky then phoned his sister and her husband...

Savio (right)

"Ricky's brother-in-law, Savio Valles, the owner of the Linda Goa resort in the vicinity, reached the spot along with wife, Lisa, around 12.10am.

"He was armed with his licensed pistol... He then fired a warning shot in the air and another shot in the direction of the taxi drivers...

Lisa Dearman Valles

"While Savio and his relatives took shelter inside the hotel, the group ransacked the front of the hotel...

"Police reinforcements ... brought the situation under control..."

Ricky Dearman Valles is originally from Rotherham in England.

On her Facebook page, Lisa Dearman Valles lists two Groups, one of which is the Red Lion in Rotherham.

Lisa Dearman Valles | Facebook.

Britain Condemns Leaders in Town of Rotherham for Ignoring Child Sex Abuse Ring - The New York Times

Feb 4, 2015 - A report by the British government found a culture of cover-ups and bullying that allowed a sexual abuse ring to exist from 1997 to 2013.


Before the 2008 Mumbai terror attacks, the American organiser of the attacks, David Headley, is believed to have maintained contact with the Mossad station in Goa.


Freddy Peats

For 20 years, Dr Freddy Peats ran a large children’s home in Goa in India.

He acted as a social worker with the Catholic church. He was a top member of the Lions Club.

FREDDY PEATS – Tehelka / The Independent / A Can Of Worms – Outlook / PIE/PAN/NAMBLA

Goa – not a safe place.

A small boy who used to visit Peat’s children’s home told his father that Peats had injected something into his testicles.

The father contacted the police.

In April 1991, the police raided Peats’ residence and discovered narcotics and a huge collection of sadistic hardcore child porn.

In one photo, a two-and-a-half-year-old girl is held by her hands and legs 'like a hammock'

"Another partially visible man holds her legs while his huge organ stabs and twists into her.

"The baby’s mouth is stretched in an explosive expression of unbearable pain and shock. Her face is rumpled and you can tell she's screaming."

One photo shows a six-year-old boy blindfolded and strapped to the wall. Drugs are being pumped into his testes.

One seven-year-old boy is seen bound with rope, and his month gagged with a cloth.

India - "colony of Israel."

Peats was part of an international child abuse ring.

This ring supplied children and porn to child abusers worldwide.

Some children were kidnapped.

Hundreds of children were 'spirited away' from India by Peats’ associates.

The ring is believed to have links to the Paedophile Information Exchange (PIE) in the UK, the Paedo Alert Network (Pan) in Holland, the Lewis Carroll Collectors’ Guild, the Childhood Sensuality Circle and the North American Man-Boy Lovers’ Association (NAMBLA).

Duncan Grant who was jailed in India for six years in 2006 for sexual abuse. He had set up Anchorage shelters for street children in Bombay, where the abuse took place. He is a former Royal Naval Reserve officer and the grandson of Maj-Gen Sir Philip

It appears that neither the police nor the local government of Goa wanted to prosecute Peats.

However, a Mumbai-based child rights activist called Sheela Barse campaigned to have Peats brought to court. In 1996 Peats went to jail and that was where he died.

But most of his associates have been allowed to escape.

Peats' associates were from the UK, New Zealand, France, Australia, Sweden, Germany…

2010 -Chief of Naval Operations Adm. Gary Roughead visiting with Sailors at INS Hansa in Goa, India.

Roy Fernandes, one of Peats' victims said: "I was with (Peats) from the end of 1975 till 1984, nine years.

Fernandes says: "Peats used to send photos to his friends. To Holland, to Germany, to France…. They used to send him money. Foreigners used to come here… They took … some of them… abroad."

Gurukul/Beats/Varley/PIE/PAN/NAMBLA – David Icke.

Freddy Peats – linked to the security services?

From the Herald, Goa:

The sandy beaches and the sleepy hamlets of Goa are no longer safe. They are, in fact, turning into a hideout for members of the underworld.


So one more murder in broad daylight … people brandishing swords and threatening others with guns…

Drugs, paedophilia and now gang wars. / Anti-Terror Bureau warns Israelis not to travel to Goa – HaaretzDELHI ATTACKS – ‘INSIDE JOB’

Goa. David Headley, the organiser of many terrorist attacks in India, has a link to Goa and to an American in Goa.

(David Headley’s Goa link traced with US terror suspect

The Indian officials investigating the 26/11/08 Mumbai attacks traced David Headley's Goa connection.

The officials say that Headley was in constant touch with an American who has been living in Goa.

Reportedly the American in Goa has been running several business, including beer bars and massage parlours, in Goa.

Anjuna beach in Goa has a Chabad House, a Jewish prayer home, which is frequented by Israelis during the tourist season.

Israeli tourists, who form a sizeable portion of the foreign tourists in Goa, visit Goa in the months of October to February.

(No central input on Headley’s stay in Goa: policeISRAELIS, DRUGS AND TERROR IN GOA

Lucio Mascarenhas, from Goa, was quoted by Anders Breivik.

Israel reportedly wants to stir up hatred between Moslems and other religions.
Lucio Mascarenhas (above), from Goa, was quoted by Anders Breivik.

Breivik (or his Mossad scriptwriter) wants the European and Indian 'resistance movements' to learn from each other and cooperate as much as possible.

(Breivik’s ideology threatens ChristianityBREIVIK AND HEADLEY LINKED BY GOA

David Headley, the American who has admitted planning the Mumbai attacks of 2008.

Headley said that he was a Jew.

At a Jewish prayer centre in India, Headley met a Jewish couple.

The couple reportedly gave him the address of a Jewish Chabad house in Goa.

Headley moved to Goa, a part of India inhabited by Israelis with military connections and various Israeli mafias.


Scarlett Keeling, pictured enjoying her holiday in Goa before she was murdered. Read more: http://www.dailymail.

Places like Calangute in Goa are hotspots for Israelis.

Senior police officers "confirmed that special measures are in place around such places, which are claimed to have been surveyed by terror suspect David Headley during his Goa visit."


Highgate School (above) is applying to build a bunker underneath a playing field.

CCTV and patrols to guard Highgate School's new ...

The proposed new location is to the rear of the Portman Clinic which is part of this hospital in north London

In Hampstead, the Tavistock Children's Day Unit "is be moved to a new location just metres away from a paedophile therapy centre."

Camden New Journal.

Hospital bosses are considering relocating this children's unit in north London to within a few metres of a clinic which treats paedophiles

Read more: http://www.dailymail.

Timothy Gardner. 

03 April 2014

A senior figure in Catholic education who was found in possession of more than 5,000 images of child abuse has been spared prison and could even return to working in the church.

Camden Catholic friar escapes prison despite possessing thousands of child abuse images

The judge described Friar Timothy Gardner's actions as 'depraved' but suspended his eight-month sentence for two years.

The court heard that he had taught religious education (RE) at Maria Fidelis Catholic School.

Police discovered more than 5,000 prohibited images of children on his computer.

One showed a six-year-old child wearing a cropped top with the words “Paedophiles, can you blame them?” printed on the front, while another showed a nine-year-old engaged in a sex act with a dog.

Ella Raulyevna Draper (mother of Alisa and gabriel) was employed as a Director at Ricky Dearman's LIGHTHOUSE NUTRITION LABS LTD from 12 November 2008 to 29 June 2010

Ricky Dearman says:

February 19, 2013 at 11:57 pm

Hi Earl,

A quick question;

I am British (British passport) staying in LA, USA for about 4 months now, looking to fly out to India Goa from LAX via Bangkok, to visit my sister who lives there with her Indian husband, Savio. I am looking to fly towards the end of March and go for about 1 month but how does one go about getting a visa for India if one is British staying in LA?

Can i get the visa from the USA without the hassle of getting/going to the UK?

Best Regards


How Not To Get An Indian Visa

Anonymous writes:

Looks like one huge (child abuse) group operating across Germany, France, Belgium, Netherlands, and I suspect probably Austria.

You really believe Josef Fritzl operated completely alone for over 20 years?

He HAD to have been running other dungeons with girls other than his daughter, and made money by selling them sexually.

Natascha Kampusch also taken in Austria, may have been on of several or many taken by her captor, Wolfgang Priklopil, who supposedly killed himself, when she escaped.

I feel strongly that the 'Fall Pascal' at the Tosa-Klause bar, near the French border was involved.
Pascal's body was said to have been dumped across the French border near some bulldozer pit.

The kids in both the French and German SRA documentaries describe each other's countries, or people from there, and the Germans speak of being taken to the Wewelburg near Paderborn GER in the castle dungeon, chained and abused....

Michael Aquino (US Army Psyops expert and high up Intelligence officer, a former Church of Satan member , and founder of the Temple of Set, and SS aficionado)  writes on his website, that he did a ritual to call up the spirit of Heinrich Himmler, who made Wewelsburg a spiritual capital for the SS, with it's own slave labor camp.

Aquino was named by some witnesses as a major player in the Franklin Coverup scandal, also acting bag man for the underage sex and drug trafficking ring money in part going to support the US congress support banned Nicaraguan Contras, which ban Oliver North and a covert shadow group of CIA drug traffickers and arms traffickers, even dealt restricted Stinger missiles to Iran, in exchange for holding US hostages past the end of the Carter vs Reagan election time.

Terrorism, drugs, the sex trafficking of children and teens, and the blackmail based corruption that comes with it, is the order of the day, the week, the month, and the years. Government business as normal. It's time the People went cloak and dagger, you think?

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Gary Webb, Iran-Contra Drugs for Guns, Freeway Ricky Ross
Free Movie Site for Kill The Messenger:

Poor Gary, it was seven years to the day that he supposedly killed himself with TWO shots to the head. I wonder if at about that time was when he found out how high level this organisation went, including Aquino's involvement in the sex abuse trafficking industry, military, and Baine Capital's laundering operations(Romney).

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Thanx Anngirfan..S's mother is a named satanist by Chris Spivey.. please sign petition supporting his vital investigative work here in the UK.... she sell/sacrifice her own daughter?she is alleged to have organized meetings of satanists in the New Forest in the UK? Heres the link.. friday the 13th to 1&all & Keep up the pressure X

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A Twitter OP is up and running with lotsa info from various UK cities:

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"the Prince of Wales’s lavatory seat. This handy personal device, covered in soft, white kid leather, is said to go everywhere with Charles" ... hmmmm ... kid leather?!?

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I'm from Ireland and I have just watched the entire clip. I hope something is going to happen over this. Poor kids, I'm actually in shock.

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Google "Paul Wilcher"

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