Tuesday, 10 February 2015


Ricky Dearman

The mother's story.

Ricky Dearman


  1. What a total creep.

    It seems safe to assume RD has put this 'showreel' together himself - given it only comprises one role [hardly a 'reel'].

    It's of note that at the beginning of the reel - when he's giving his spiel about "not wanting to kill anymore", etc - his eyes repeatedly veer to top/left. This is the location eyes veer to when lying:


    On that note: I've studied the behaviour and tells of liars all of my life - microexpressions, eye movement, eye direction, body language, changes in voice [pitch, intonation, distancing language, style, 'pressure' of speech and other tells]. I can spot a liar at fifty paces and I have no doubt whatsoever; the children are not lying.

  2. The consistency of the children's stories between
    a) private recordings
    b) Police interviews on 4, 5 and 11 September
    c) Clearly coached retractions
    and all those details - no chance, Mister!

    But having all these fancy clients, he seems to have clout!

  3. PS. Don't forget to sign the petition, please, to show the Home Secretary that 'the public' wants her to do the right thing!!!


    Already growing fast - but not as fast as video views!

    1. Is this some sort of social experiment or is it real world because there doesn't seem to be a lot of hype generated by the usual YouTube truth seekers?

    2. the courts & youtube are trying to protect the reputations of the filth. As usual.


    3. The petition has bee removed ..

    4. whoever started the petition needs to chase up who had the power and right to remove it?

    5. Everyone of us should follow this horrific story, until justice is done. To have savaged these two beautiful children, is unspeakably horrific. No one should walk away from this story.
      It could be your story next!

    6. Why the need for "approval"..................

  4. Publishing the 'Mother's List' is very dangerous in two ways, as you must well understand.
    Firstly, it makes names on the list (most named without any serious evidence presented against them) vulnerable to the violent attention of unstable or misguided types which could lead to all kinds of unfortunate consequences for genuine web whistleblowers and the cause of prosecuting child sex abusers.

    Secondly, such dreadful allegations made in this manner in the public domain could give just cause to a court to dismiss charges against any of the named individuals, should it ever come to that.

    You don't operate out of an office in Thames House do you?

  5. These people can easily clear their names, simply answer any questions in a straightforward manner. There is sufficient evidence against them to warrant publicising names. The safety of children takes precedence over adult's safety.There is no choice but to go public as the courts have proven to be, at best, sorrily inadequate in dealing with these matters, outright corruption and destruction of evidence is the norm. These child abuse networks have their people placed in every social institution, and wield considerable influence. The real danger is to the people who choosto expose these crimes. The list of unexplained deaths of witnesses in similar cases is long. Perhaps you don't understand what is at stake and the extent of the Evil involved.

  6. Interesting that Ricky Dearman was born and raised in Rotherham, South Yorkshire. A town which has featured a lot in the news recently

  7. Jesus Christ will Overcome this Evil! This can be cleared up in a matter of minutes, make them show their private parts to investigators.

  8. Why close Mc Donalds if there is nothing in it? Where has the petition gone?

  9. Dear totally schocked and upset people in London,[ me too]

    it might be an idea to make a sign in the form of a cartoon think cloud with the text

    Hampstead Heath
    Sacrifice Central???

    preferabely in primary colours like screaming yellow with a black outlining makes it really look like a think cloud

    and untill now it aint forbidden to think. right!

    just walking down any buzy important street should draw a lot of attention from the bypassing public. Walking behind with a camera filming reactions might make a good you tube to upload.

    or making a sign in the form of the subway logo of hampstead heath station with these words on it an just standing on the exit and entrances of the station for a day or so will draw alot of attention from the bypassing commuters.

    no need to shout or say anything . No disturbing of the peace just excersising your rights to freedom of speech in a peacfull manner. may be just handing out a leaflet here and there on request[ no littering fee's]
    i live in the netherlands at this moment it is not possible for me t travel to London, i would do it myself if i could.

    Please feel free to share the idea,

    not much needed just some thin sheets of cardboard in the primary colours/ metro colours, pair of scissors, pencil, thick black marker[ for outlining effect]
    and one stick.

  10. hmmmm....I have never seen a mcdonalds with a storefront thats painted so black like the one in Hampstead - funnily enough the starbucks also mentioned in the childrens video in hampstead also has very black font.

  11. I totally believe the children, and the father is guilty.These things are happening in real life, and because police, social workers etc are involved, it is covered up and not properly investigated.The children described the accused's genital areas in detail.Why have they not been examined? It would clear up the case .

  12. these kids have suffered enough... time for them to heal from the horror their evil mother has done...her bad choice of men has ruined them for life..

  13. Where is the petition? This is an outrage!