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Gabriel - 17 Sep - 24 min - Anonymous.

The following is from "We dance with the skulls in the church" 

I will repost this here from a local parents' forum for those who haven't seen it -- it shows there is some local awareness of this case and it gives court dates etc:

Christchurch school hampstead (6 Posts)
Add message | Report | Message poster tara49 Tue 10-Feb-15 15:32:55

What on earth is going on in Christchurch school hampstead? Enough to close the school website down and allegations of satanic sexual abuse of children by teachers, priests, parents and coffee shop workers all over web (Google it) WITH video'd 'disclosures' by the children - filmed by their mother and her boyfriend and posted online. Too bizarre and widespread to be true but what is going on with those poor kids!?!

Add message | Report | Message poster justiceforchildren Tue 17-Feb-15 16:19:53
Hi Tara, I'm glad you've made this thread, keep in mind the last one regarding this scandal was deleted! just search 'hampstead abuse'

Ok here goes. I was at the Royal Courts of Justice today to show my support for the children; at first I didn't know what to make of this situation but I know abuse is RAMPANT and wanted to learn more. I saw the father (I wasn't supposed to go in, but the receptionist gave us directions, I guess she was swamped with the crowds for other trials so didn't tell us it wasn't a public trial). Anyway he looked evil as all hell! At one point we were in the waiting room together and he gave me some very creepy looks..well maybe creepy isn't the word; empty? Just evil. The mother's parents were there (outside in front of the building) as were the ex bf (the English one who took some of the videos) and her friend showed up saying she saw the signs of abuse years ago when she was staying with them for a month. Belinda McKenzie of McKenzie's Friends was there also, and a few other supporters. Everyone seemed really genuine.

I know what the kids say sounds really far fetched, but we know there are people who enjoy harming children. And we know they form into groups and cover for each other. Is it a stretch to say people evil enough to do these things to children are evil enough to be involved in Satanic cults? More people need to know about this, at the risk of seeming crazy, we need to put the kids first!

Add message | Report | Message poster tara49 Tue 17-Feb-15 23:55:51

I don't understand why more people aren't TALKING about this?!? I don't know the details but clearly SOMETHING has happened to those gorgeous kids, they are clearly bright articulate children making Huge allegations...Silence. I don't get it which is why I put it here but it got deleted - I don't know why it was deleted.

Add message | Report | Message poster justiceforchildren Thu 19-Feb-15 00:12:17

The only thing I can think of is they're scared of libel in case it's wrong? But ugh..the kids video testimony is EVIDENCE in a case that is being covered up. Anyone with a modicum of humanity would be worried about these kids and want to find out what's going on. Belinda McKenzie will be outside the Royal Courts of Justice between 12-2 everyday until the case is closed, here's the info if you'd like to join!:

The dates of the F/F('fact finding') hearing are:

Tuesday-Friday 17-20 February

(Then a week off)

Tuesday-Friday 3-6 March

Tuesday-Thursday 10-12 March

I hope you can make it!

Add message | Report | Message poster justiceforchildren Thu 19-Feb-15 00:13:41

I should mention this is for people who want to support the children and those trying to protect them, we're meeting up outside of the Royal Courts of Justice to spread awareness about this case. xx
Add message | Report | Message poster Tiller345 Fri 20-Feb-15 19:40:32
I live in the Hampstead area, with children in local schools, and have been following this story since is first appeared. Tara, I too am shocked at the deafening silence with regards to the allegations. It is uncharacteristically quiet. Justiceforchildren I will be joining you on the 3rd of March, and hopefully with other mothers from the area. Time to get our pointy elbows out!

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At 25 February 2015 at 08:42 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Paedophile Father of Alisa and Gabriel:

The story of Alisa and Gabriel Dearman and pedophilia in high places:

Satanistyczny horror dzieci z London Hampstead:

Here posts aren't deleted.

At 25 February 2015 at 09:36 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks, Aang - another heart breaking video. It looks to me very much as if this little boy is being coerced into retracting his allegations.

At 25 February 2015 at 10:33 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

link to

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At 25 February 2015 at 10:55 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Pseudo Satanists use the trappings of Satanism to scare victims into silence. For them it has the added benefit of discrediting anyone who does speak out. As the article says, it just sounds too far fetched to be believed. We should be in no doubt, there is no end to the ingenuity of abusers in gaining access to children and evading justice. The lessons of the past MUST be learned. We hear, almost daily, of adults telling of years of abuse which was reported at the time only to be dismissed as fantasy by Police and other authorities.

At 25 February 2015 at 11:01 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I can't say which version is the truth, or if there may even be another version. There is certainly some abuse. Was it by the father and the Satanic cult, by the mother's boyfriend for putting them through this ordeal or someone who is playing both sides against each other for an altogether different agenda. After the police officer left the room Gabriel looked, what I can only describe as, triumphant. Was he happy in the knowledge that Abraham will be out of his life? Why? The obvious explanation is that the new version is true, but we can't discount other possibilities.

A lot of people have been named publicly and their reputation mired on the word of those children. What if the retraction is the true version? Maybe we should take a look at this Abraham, based also on the Children's word. What is know about him that may shed some light on the matter?

Could it even be smoke and mirrors - fabricating an outrageous abuse case only to have it completely demolished, because it really is untrue, in order to poo-poo such allegations in the future, even when THEY really are true? It could be that the children, both parents and the school etc. are the victims in this.

At 25 February 2015 at 15:40 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good to see at least one local mum who is interested and determined:

Hampstead. The Finders, Belgium and the Franklin Scandal: the Pattern of Cover Up Replayed.

For those who haven't seen previous leaks:

At 25 February 2015 at 16:34 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

There was always a possibility that the kids testimony was coached (by Abe) but if one views their original testimony with the police then there is a distinct likelihood they have subsequently been coached by police (or their psychologists) while in custody (separated from family) to retract their original testimony.

Was Gabriel smiling because he would be rewarded by a retraction? Are both kids subject to MK ultra as described by early childhood trauma inducing split personalities?

I know as an adult in my late 20's my gov. employer had successfully mind controlled me to do their bidding while in interview situations against my will and moral judgement, so how much more easily a child?

When I realised what had been done to me I raised serious objection but they are children and all we have are the police videos and why run video with no interview then return for interview and switch the camera off? What did we not see?

Someone is manipulating them - the question is which party?

No one needs to scuttle back behind rocks here because RSA is real, child snatching is real, HM gov and judiciary have become utterly evil rogues and if some skulduggery exists in this case to undermine public concern then most of us know the military and other institutes are in a propaganda war with the public and are perfectly able to stitch concerned blog followers up in such a strategy just as well as to do so with Sabine whom I have yet to be convinced does not have victims and their loving families at heart - contrary to some who think otherwise.

I implore you Aang and Tap to keep on the case in as much detail as possible (excluding contact details of accused) to the very end.

The jury is still well and truly out,

Abe was not the only lay party questioning the kids likewise the police are showing two alternative positions in the kids testimony and I have observed odd behaviour and body language by the police and just why is it that the kids video jumps, the audio is not in synch with the video - yet the clock runs unimpeded as if added after the fact.

How can police video be so seemingly manipulated if it is set up supposedly to provide evidence as at least not tampered with.

I sure can't say I have seen police video's elsewhere behaving so erratically and displaying evidence of tampering.

Game not over - the retractions are not in themselves conclusive - long way to go for it all to come out in the wash.

At 25 February 2015 at 16:49 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

How convenient, the videos of Gabriel telling the police the original account of abuse at school including PaPa have suddenly now gone from the internet so it can all be covered up and dealt with in private just as it appears the police and authorities want.

Re-load elsewhere please Anonymous

At 25 February 2015 at 17:11 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Watching the above video Alisa only seems to have changed her story having been sent to the hospital to see a doctor who specially deals with children.

The police officer halted the interview when she shared she had hit her brother with a picture frame where a "piece of glass went into his head" and nothing to do with school, PAPA or external abuse but she does testify to abuse by her father.

The kids testimony consistent over several days it seems she went to hospital for psychological reasons resulting in her retracting all earlier statements of abuse her now targeting Abe.

Interestingly she shares what I know to be normal human instinct:

"I wanted him to be pleased with me, not to give me...any licks or anything".

Kids will want to please anyone who have control over them, in this case, isolated from family, they will want to please the State.

Go watch old episodes of the TV series The Avengers if you don't believe in mind control

At 26 February 2015 at 02:30 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I also watched the retraction video of Alisa, and wondered why they used a male police officer to interview a little girl about such sensitive matters. That is highly inapropriate. If a grown woman gives evidence about sexual abuse, as far as I know they use a female officer. Was he the only one trained in careful manipulation or the only insider who could do it?

At 3 March 2015 at 03:51 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

A female officer is always present when the interviewing of a rape or abuse victim takes place. There is always more than 1 officer present too. Victims are taken to special "suites" that are made to look homely. Officers don't lead or guide the witness, instead they prompt and encourage. As far as I am aware, it is illegal to question a minor without an appropriate adult representative present...when kids are in the care system, the appropriate adult is usually a social worker. During Witness G's interview the police have acted outside of the law on several points, as detailed above. Surely there's a solicitor somewhere or a celebrity who would be willing to pick up this case and demand it be investigated properly.
Just the details of the Headmistress' private parts, if proven, would be enough to warrant a full criminal investigation.
Those children are currently being abused by the system...secret courts ensure their abuse continues indefinitely. If a mother was insisting her children see their proven-to-be violent father AFTER such allegations had been made against him, then she'd certainly get done for Child Abuse, if not why arent the courts being held accountable for their insistence of placing those children in an apparent monster's regular care?...unless of course, this case is just the snow-dust from the tip of a very very big iceberg.
I think this case will depend on the public and their demands...I believe making this stay viral over a prolonged period of time and not allowing the world to forget, is the only chance we've got of forcing certain people/groups to show their hands.
As a parent and survivor of sexual child abuse, I do know one thing for sure...when those children grow up, they won't just be scarred by the atrocities committed against them by a bunch of twisted satanists...they'll be worse scarred by the fact that no one gave a damn. That their voices, borne of courage, were considered worthless to the very people who truly should have listened.
Lastly, to those people still sending their kids to those Hampstead schools...when one turns a blind eye to the suffering of another's child, one can not expect open eyes to see the suffering of their own child.

At 17 March 2015 at 15:13 , Blogger Unknown said...


At 8 April 2015 at 03:38 , Blogger Unknown said...

Please note this care-ful analysis of Gabriel's retraction with its wise comments:

Please note also that yet another site with the videos has been taken down - this time by

Soo sad that internet corporations are part of the cover-ups!


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