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Vera Brittain's brother Edward was killed during World war I.

Vera Brittain wrote about Edward in her memoir Testament of Youth.

In the latest film based on Testament of Youth, Edward is played by Taron Egerton (above)


According to Vera's memoir, in 1918, Edward was killed by a sniper.

According to historian Mark Bostridge, Edward likely committed suicide.

Vera Brittain And The First World War, by Mark Bostridge, published by Bloomsbury.

Edward Brittain was the son and heir of Thomas Brittain, a wealthy paper manufacturer.

During World War I, Edward was awarded the Military Cross.

Edward was gay. 

Most Military Leaders are Gay.

Mark Bostridge discovered that the day before Edward's death, a letter from Edward to another officer was opened by censors. 

The letter made clear that Edward had had sexual affairs with soldiers - from a lower social class. 

In 1934, Edward's Commanding Officer, Colonel Charles Hudson, told Vera what had really happened to her brother.

Edward reportedly faced a court martial and public disgrace.

In 1936, Vera Brittain wrote a novel called Honourable Estate in which an officer hero deliberately chooses death rather than revealing his homosexuality.

Read more: http://www.dailymail

It is always possible that Edward was murdered so as not to expose the sadistic gay elite within the military.

Corporal Anne-Marie Ellement hanged herself two years after telling her superiors that she had been raped by colleagues

Recently a 20-year-old male UK soldier was sexually assaulted by a group of male soldiers aged 21 to 33.

Former officer Major Ross McLeod said: 'Sexual assault and male rape are, unfortunately, pretty routine."

Read more: http://www.dailymail.


Fidel Castro.


Anonymous writes: 

"According to Cuban born American writer Servando Gonzalez:

"Researchers at the Ochsner cancer clinic in New Orleans ... developed, under CIA auspices, injectable, rapidly-developing cancer cells that can be used as bioweapons to kill people...

"The CIA shared the technology with some of their friends, among them their secret agent Fidel Castro,who has used it over and over on unsuspecting victims."

Cuban writer in exile Carlos Alberto Montaner says that, 19 years ago, a young Cuban biologist, 'David'. asked for political asylum in Spain.

David told Montaner that in Bulgaria he had been trained in the use of a technology which could be used to induce cancer in people Castro wished to destroy.

"The simplest way was to plant a radioactive isotope in the chair, in which the target regularly sits, or in an often-worn jacket, or in a sofa cushion or a mattress, or even in an automobile seat.

"After a few months, there was a great likelihood that a cancerous growth would develop with fatal results."

Vladimir Putin meets Fidel Castro in Cuba. The Telegraph. 12 Jul 2014….

Putin Spokesman Tells Press to 'Shut Trap' on Cancer Rumours, Yahoo! News, October 29, 2014…..

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"Researchers at the Ochsner cancer clinic in New Orleans ... developed, under CIA auspices, injectable, rapidly-developing cancer cells that can be used as bioweapons to kill people..."

There's a deep rabbit hole here! According to cancer researcher Judyth Vary Baker this lab had ties to oddball David Ferrie and the 'lone nut' Lee Harvey Oswald of JFK assasination fame. Oschner lab researcher Mary Sherman was murdered in strange circumstances.

There's a book, Dr. Mary's Monkey.

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