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Michael Egan, who says he was sexually abused by Bryan Singer and others in Hollywood.

Michael Egan's mother has said, "I wrote every news channel, every magazine, every talk-show host, everybody, from Oprah to '20/20' to '60 Minutes'....

"Nobody wanted to do anything because of the high-profile people involved."

Media Accused of Hollywood Sex Ring Cover-up - April 25, 2014

Bryan Singer (left)

Bryan Singer is a major financial contributor to the Democratic Party.

"Records of the Federal Election Commission (FEC) show Singer making donations totaling $75,800 to Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Senator Barbara Boxer (D-CA), and the North Carolina Democratic Party."

And, "spreading $5 million of his wealth around, the University of Southern California School of Cinematic Arts has established the Bryan Singer Division of Critical Studies."

Media Accused of Hollywood Sex Ring Cover-up / CAROLINA MASON LINK...

Egan says that the Hollywood 'pedophile ring' told him that his and his family's phones were being monitered and they could be killed if they acted as whistleblowers.

'X-Men' Director Bryan Singer Accused of Drugging, Raping ...

Sounds like the CIA at work.

The CIA and its friends are said to make use of pedophile rings.

Roger Dean Kiser-Founder of "The Whitehouse Boys" (

In Florida, at the Arthur G. Dozier School for Boys, children were sexually abused, tortured and murdered.

Florida School for Boys  / US CHILDREN RAPED

Green Isle Boys Ranch

Young boys were reportedly raped at the Green Isle Boys Ranch which operated in Clermont Florida.

Green Isle Boys Ranch was run by a large organisation called Bridges of America.


Melvin Floyd Sembler, former United States Ambassador to Italy, founded Straight Inc., which ran drug treatment centres for children.

According to Dr. Bruce K. Alexander of Simon Fraser University: "I believe that Straight's treatment can be fairly compared with 'brainwashing'..."

Mel Sembler's Unauthorized Biography

"This was torture - there was deliberate degrading and humiliating treatment, sexual abuse..."

Melvin Sembler's Legacy of Abusing Children

Paul Bonacci in front of the ranch where, reportedly, Johnny Gosch, and other boys were held captive. Paul was kidnapped by the US military and tortured and mind-controlled to turn him into a sex slave.

1. Reportedly, there are "pedophile farms and ranches like .... Green Isle Ranch in Central Florida - operated by ... Bridges of America...

"Rick Scott, Charlie Crist, Jeb Bush and his father and brother have taken money from Mel Sembler (founder of Straight, Inc.,)
 who is the grand daddy of organized children's abuse facilities...

"'Officials' work so hard to lie and cover up the sex abuse reports of children in these so called facilities like Dozier School; Green Isle Boys Ranch; and, YSI (Youth Services International)."

Dozier Second Grave Site Theory Gains Traction April 15, 2014

According to the former Nebraska senator John DeCamp, the charityCovenant House was used to acquire children for the purposes of child abuse. COVENANT HOUSE

2. "Researchers say ... the Green Isle Boys Ranch was owned by the Don Brown Family who control numbers of Florida Department of Corrections vendors under various Bridges of American corporations...

"The locals around the old Green Isle Ranch have claimed for years to have heard about boys being taken by well connected men to Lake Louisa State Park’s cabins on Lake Dixie..."

Dozier Second Grave Site Theory Gains Traction April 15, 2014

Throughout the UK, children's care homes have reportedly been used as child brothels by the security services. CHILD ABUSE; EARLS SCHOOL; KINCORA ...

3. "APRIL 7, 2014 - Last week, Governor Rick Scott held a fundraiser at the home of Pinellas County based developer Mel Sembler.

"Over the course of the past two decades Sembler, his family and his companies have donated over a $1,000,000 to the coffers of various Florida Republicans or the RPOF...

"In 1976 Mel Sembler founded Straight, Inc. which evolved into a nationwide ring of houses of horror - sex abuse of the children."

Dozier Second Grave Site Theory Gains Traction April 15, 2014


How many of the big name 'alternative news' sites will research and feature this sort of material?

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At 26 April 2014 at 10:44 , Anonymous Anonymous said...,2237719
Deseret News - 11 November 1975
School director answers charges

BRIGHAM CITY [UTAH] - The acting director of the Intermountain School today answered charges made in a $1 million lawsuit against school administrators filed in U. S. District Court Monday.

David Birch said that in no way did they ever intend to send a student home without due process of law, as charged in the suit filed by the American Civil Liberties Union and the National Indian Youth Council.
The suit also alleged that some students weresent home on long bus trips with no food or money to buy food. Birch said they were not sent home without food. He said they were given a sack lunch if they needed a meal en route. If more than one meal would be missed they were sent home by plane.

However, he said if there was noncompliance with that policy, it was because of failure in communications between his office and the staff.

He indicated that about 30 students had been sent home, but most of them had returned to the school.

Gerald Wilkinson, executive director of the NIYC, Alburquerque, N.M., who held a press conference when the suit was filed, said 102 students had left the school since September, some expelled, some forced to leave and some, presumably, for their own reasons.
Wilkinson said that other civil rights violations, not included in this suit, but possibly the basis of further legal action, including staff brutality, use of tranquilizers, confiscation of Indian religious recordings, attempts to interfere with the functioning of the NIYC chapter at Intermountain, and requiring students towaive their constitutional rights as a condition to admittance to school.

Birch said the school had discontinued the use of tranquilizers more than a year ago and the charges of sexual assault and beatings were "not true."

He said the only medication given to students is that prescribed by a doctor.

Wilkinson also said the students claim they are forced to watch movies made by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Birch said dormitory councils made up of students elected by other students, sometimes have shown Mormon-made movies at Tuesday dormitory meetings at which attendance is mandatory. He said some councils also have had Roman Catholic priests and nuns as speakers.

The acting superintendent said he knew of no instances of confiscation of religious articles and such action would be against school policy.

Birch said for the first time in two years the school has a full administrative staff, and that while he and several others are in an acting capacity now, the functions of the school are being carried out.

Interior Secretary Thomas S. Kleppe and John Artichoker, superintendent of the Bureau of Indian Affairs in the Phoenix-area office, are also named as defendents, but punitive damages are not asked of them.

The school formerly was only for Navajos. Navajo authorities sought to have their students educated closer to home and there was a move to phase out the Intermountain School, but congressional action resulted in it becoming an intertribal facility one year ago.

Wilkinson charged that Rep. Gunn McKay, D-Utah had been "afraid the largest industry in his district would be closed" and that McKay reorganized it along intertribal lines.

"The fact is that Intermountain exists mainly as the chief industry, a children's industry, for the employment of the citizens of Brigham City [Utah] not to uplift the Indian People." Wilkinson said in a statement read at the news conference.

At 26 April 2014 at 10:44 , Anonymous Anonymous said...,36495
Deseret News - 1 May 1971
Indians File School Suit

A suit seeking to close the Intermountain School in Brigham City on the basis that it violates the rights of its Navajo Indian students is in the hands of a federal judge.

Filed Friday in U.S. District Court in Utah, the suit is a class action in behalf of more than 1,600 Navajo students, aged 13-23, who attend and reside at the boarding school.

The complaint charges that the school racially segregates students at an off-reservation school, in violation of treaty with the Navajos, physically abuses some pupils, invades their privacy, disallows religious freedom and quashes controversial political or social views.
The complaint asserts that racial segregation at the Intermountain School "is not the product of an historic de facto housing pattern, but was established and maintained by the federal government through a deliberate policy of busing students more than 500 miles from their homes to a government-operated Indian ghetto, set in a small white-dominated town in northern Utah."
Indians File School Suit [Page B-2]

"Most of the teachers at the school," the suit declares, "are incompetent to teach, for the reason they do not speak or understand the native language of their students, nor do they appreciate or respect the Navajo culture."
It charges that the Intermountain School was built to supply an occupant for the former Bushnell General Hospital, to provide a federal payroll for Utah Sen. Arthur V. Watkins, and destroy and replace the Navajo cultural heritage, which "plaintiffs would otherwise be receiving from their parents and others on the reservation."

Citing "specific policies and practices," the suit claims the Intermountain School is not only inferior "by objective educational measurements, but psychologically destructive as well." It charges:

- "Defendents maintain a policy of injecting thorazine, a powerful tranquilizing drug, into the bloodstreams of students under the influence of alcohol.

- "Defendents require plaintiffs in the presence of defendents to open personal letters and packages, regardless of age.

- "Although repeatedly informed of the identity of several white employees . . . who have handcuffed and shaved the heads of students, physically abused and used racially offensive language toward students, and made sexual advances toward Navajo dental assistants, defendents have failed to bring disciplinary action.

- Defendents expel students without "adequate notice or hearings.

- Defendents discourage "free exercise of religion by members of the Native American Church" and encourage establishment of the religion of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
- Defendents ban, censor and confiscate newspapers, magazines, buttons, posters, records and other material "carrying messages deemed controversial or otherwise objectionable."

- Defendents use electronic surveillance of Buildings 44 and 58 at the Intermountain School, designated as "honors dormitories."
-Defendants require white guidance counselors to examine luggage of arriving and leaving students...

At 26 April 2014 at 10:44 , Anonymous Anonymous said...,5268701
Deseret News - 22 May 1971
Indian Aide Renews Campaign Against Brigham City School

An Indian militant from California claims the Bureau of Indian Affairs plans to phase out the Intermountain School at Brigham City in two or three years, but school officials say they doubt it.

Lehman Brightman, founder and president of United Native Americans, Inc., renewed his campaign against the school Friday, charging that the school is "a national disgrace" where students are treated like "prisoners."
On April 30, Teddy K. Austin, a student at the school and president of the Intermountain School Chapter of the National Indian Youth Council, filed suit in U.S. District Court for Utah seeking to close the school.

Days later, several student leaders launched a counter-campaign, circulating petitions among the student body of 1,600 to keep the school open. The school's principal has denied Brightman's charges that students are "prisoners" but conceded that the tranquilizing drug, Thorazine, is used on the students but is prescribed and administered by Public Health Service doctors who operate a clinic at the school.

Brightman Friday described the school as "really a shocker" and as "nauseating."

He accused the school of "playing Russian roulette with our Indian youth" by injecting students who have been drinking with Thorazine. He said the manufacturers of that tranquilizer have said it should not be used when alcohol is in the body.

Brightman also took the Bureau of Indian Affairs to task: "If white people want to run something, let them run their white affairs. We could set up a Bureau of White Affairs and let them run it."
Deseret News - 24 September 1974
Troubles at Indian school
Reading Eagle - 4 December 1974
Sudents Bury Hatchet
Milwaukee Journal - 10 May 1975
Fights Disrupt School for Indians
Deseret News - 9 December 1947
To Visit Schools

Roland Cartwright, British educator, arrived in Salt Lake yesterday to investigate Intermountain education techniques. He announced that he will visit the University of Utah and public schools here. Mr Cartwright serves as secretary of the British Head Teachers Association.

At 26 April 2014 at 10:51 , Anonymous Anonymous said...
Intermountain Indian School

The Intermountain Indian School (1950–1984) was a Native American boarding school in Brigham City, Utah.

The Intermountain Indian School was originally the Bushnell Army Hospital, which was open from 1942 to 1946 and served wounded soldiers of World War II. The land was donated by the city to the Federal government so Brigham City could get the hospital. Doctors, nurses, military personnel, wounded patients, and their families arrived in Brigham City to work at Bushnell. After the hospital's closure, the buildings sat empty for a short period while the city decided what should be done with the land.

In 1948, Brigham City got a proposal for an Indian school. The estimate for remodeling, new construction, and equipment was $3.75 million. President Harry Truman signed the bill allocating the money in May 1949. The superintendent and a few assistants began working on June 4, 1949, and by January 1950, 542 students were accepted at the federally run Intermountain Indian School. Since that time, the school was authorized to enroll 2,150 students. The school served Navajo children who were bused from Arizona and were taught from elementary to high school, and had its own medical facility and printing press.

In 1954, 24 students graduated from the school, and by 1955 that number jumped to 188. By 1981, 5,319 students had graduated.

Despite its success as a Navajo boarding school, enrollment was down in the early 70s, so the school was changed to the Intermountain Inter-Tribal School for the 1974-1975 school year. It grew to having students from nearly 100 tribes.

The school closed in 1984, after which city officials submitted a master plan in Washington, D.C. to get the 17 acres (69,000 m2) along U.S. Route 91 back from the federal government. The agreement reached was that the land would remain open space and not be used for anything other than recreation, and it was deeded back to the city.

Urban legends

Until recently the school was left largely deserted. This allowed local delinquents to break windows and enter to paint graffiti. Entering these buildings is done as a sort of dare. There are several urban legends concerning the buildings. The most popular are that the buildings are haunted, or that tunnels built during WWII connecting the buildings underneath are used for satanic blood filled rituals.

The School property and buildings were originally the Bushnell Army Hospital, designed specifically to treat amputees during WWII. The buildings were all connected by ramp ways for wheelchair access, including ramps between the first and second floors. Both steam heating pipes and electrical power lines ran under the ramps. The students used to speculate that during the war, they threw all the amputated limbs under the ramps. During the war the grounds were meticulously kept by German POW's. In the late 1970s and early 1980s numbers of former POW's returned to show their children and grandchildren where they spent the war. The original School classroom buildings and the school auditorium have been torn down.

At 26 April 2014 at 11:10 , Anonymous Anonymous said...,3957690
Daily Courier - 29 March 2001
Developer agrees to save mural at Intermountain Indian School

Brigham City, Utah - It began as a stereotypical battle: arts and community groups fighting a real estate developer over the planned demolition of a mural painted by one of the nation's best-known native artists.

But on Tuesday, the developer offered to pay whatever it costs to rescue the mural, which was scheduled to be reduced to rubble - along with the gymnasium that houses it and the rest of the abandoned school - as early as next month.

"I am flabbergasted," said Nelson Foss, the curator of a foundation dedicated to the works of the late Allan Houser, who painted the mural in 1954 while teaching at the school. "I just heard five minutes ago. It's amazing. It's philanthropic."

The 6- by 12-foot mural of a Navajo horseman is painted directly on the plaster wall of the gym's entryway and could cost about $40,000 to remove. One appraisal pegs the mural's value at about $50,000.

"I don't know how big of a task it's going to be to have the thing removed," said Matt Petersen, a partner with Cape Advisors Inc., which owns the property. "Hopefully it will be simple, but like everything else it probably won't be."
The decision means the mural will be the last remaining trace of the Intermountain Indian School, except for a faint "I" etched into the rocky hillside above the campus.

"I cry every time I come here," said Karen Bagaii-Wilson, a Navajo who was born and raised at the school, where her mother and her father drove a bus. "This is all that I've known. My whole childhood, when people asked what my reservation was, I said the Intermountain School."

The school, which opened in 1950 on the grounds of a former military hospital, once housed 2,100 students in its barracks. It was one of about 150 federal boarding schools nationwide for native children.

For most, attendence was mandatory. Children as young as 5 were rounded up on reservations and sent to schools hundreds of miles away. When they arrived, their hair was cut and they were ordered not to speak their native language.

"It was traumatic," said Dan Edwards, who attended the Chemawa Indian School in Salem, Ore., from the age of 8 to 13 and is now director of Ethnic Studies at the University of Utah. "For little children, it was really hard."

...there were Indian teachers, including Houser, a Chiricahua Apache who arrived to teach art in 1951.

By then, Houser had already exhibited his work at the New York World's Fair and the National Gallery of Art and had painted a set of murals at the Department of the Interior building in Washington. Houser was given the National Medal of the Arts by President George Bush in 1992, two years before he died.

In 1954, he painted the gymnasium mural in the bright terra-cotta colors of the Southwest. At about the same time, Houser also painted a Navajo family on horseback in the adjacent auditorium, which was torn down soon after the school closed in 1984.

When the school shut down, the city turned part of the campus into a golf course and sold the rest to Petersen's company. Cape Advisors converted some of the dorms into townhouses but plans to tear down the rest and build a mix of homes and apartments.

At 26 April 2014 at 11:21 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

About Intermountain Indian School

Brigham City, Utah

Brigham City is located in northern Utah in Box Elder County. It has a population of about 20,000 residents. It is located on the western slope of the Wellsville Mountains, a branch of the Wasatch Ranger at the western terminus of the Box Elder Canyon.

Intermountain Indian School Information:

The Intermountain Indian School is located in southern Brigham City at the corner of 400 S. and E. 960 S. near the Eagle Mountain Golf Course east of Main Street. The Intermountain Indian School was once an army hospital during World War II. The Bushnell Army Hospital, as it was known at this time, operated between 1942 and 1947, serving wounded World War II soldiers. After the Bushnell Army Hospital was closed in 1947, it sat empty for a short period of time while the city tried to decide what to do with the land.

In 1948, Brigham City got a proposal to develop an Indian school. President Harry Truman signed the bill allocating the money for the project in May 1949. The superintendent and a few assistants began working on June 4, 1948. By January 1950, 542 students were accepted at the federally run Intermountain Indian School. Since that time, the school was authorized to enroll 2,150 students. The Intermountain Indian School was for Navajo children who were bused from Arizona. Students were taught from elementary to high school.

Brigham City turned the open land at the Intermountain Indian School into a golf course and sold the rest to fund the golf course. Currently, some of the buildings remain vacant and some have been torn down, but the dormitories have been turned into townhouses called "Eagle Village". A furniture store, a consulting firm, a martial arts company, and various churches all house their businesses in the former home of the Intermountain Indian School.

Ghosts and the Paranormal at the Intermountain Indian School in Brigham City, Utah:

A variety of paranormal phenomena have been reported. Paranormal investigators have been able to capture numerous EVP's and other paranormal evidence at the Intermountain Indian School.

Some Brigham City locals believe that the tunnels built during World War II connecting the buildings underground were used for satanic blood filled rituals.

At 26 April 2014 at 11:40 , Anonymous Anonymous said...,2056054
Deseret News - 10 December 1950
Indian Children Bank At Brigham City Firm

Navajo Indian children brought up in the bleak hogan country of the Southwest where they traded bracelets and earrings for provisions are learning about the white man's banking system at the Intermountain Indian School.

Approximately 300 of the 1000 pupils enrolled here have deposited their pennies and nickels in a school bank just formed.

Thomas Tommaney, bank manager, says the pupils are offered every banking service except loans.

The bank was opened to give pupils a safe place for keeping their money, to encourage thrift, and to give pupils a practical lesson in finance and banking procedure.

Certain days have been set aside for making deposits and withdrawls to prevent pupils from all flocking to the bank on the same day.

Not more than $1 can be withdrawn without approval of advisers, who previously handled pupils' money. Banking of the Indians' money is done at a local bank by the Student Activity Council. Only enough money remains at the school bank for each day's business.

Deposits total $1200, with individual deposits as large as $15.

Mr Tommaney is being assisted by Harold Knudson, business manager, and Mrs. Norma Jensen of the administrative staff. Advanced Indian pupils will be used later as bank assistants.
Deseret News - 14 December 1955
A Cultural Revolution
Indians whose ancestors once roamed the range are learning how to make a living in the modern world
Thomas Tommaney, principal at Intermountain and himself a graduate of the Chilocco, Okla., federal Indian school,...
Deseret News - 13 March 1957
Indian School Leader Gets Federal Position
Lawrence Daliy Journal-World - 8 June 1971
Seeks Job as Tribal Chief

At 26 April 2014 at 11:49 , Anonymous Greg Pearson said...

Another blockbuster. Gonna send it everywhere. Had some misgivings, as site shutdowns often mean co-opting or even takeovers, and some of your links from other posts seemed misleading after I found your new site- but I take it back. This and the Egan posts show how gov't will sell kids and the Constitution down the river to Hell for a pittance. God-awful. All my gov't reps are going to hear about this. Great job (as usual) and thanks!!! By the way, seen this? The ADL banned it-

At 26 April 2014 at 12:14 , Blogger James R said...

I really admire your dedication to the exposure of the criminals behind these hideous acts Aangirfan. I was recently listening to an interview with Gordon Duff of Veterans Today, he discussed the Franklin Scandal and it occurred to me that I couldn't remember ever reading anything about these protected pedophilia operations on that site. Other than Wayne Madsen the big names of the US alternative media almost always avoid this subject.
One thing worth considering is that the alternate media (especially in the USA) is fairly big business and they are really in the entertainment business. Alex Jones, most obviously is a media entertainer. That's not to denigrate but it's the truth.
Your frustration is completely understandable, but you should remember that to people who aren't aware of this stuff, it's extremely upsetting and disturbing. The realisation that September 11th was a false flag attack conducted by Westerners is horrifying, but also exhilarating. When I read the Franklin Cover Up and first learned about this stuff, it was very traumatising and upsetting.
It's very grim material and people often would prefer not to know. There is no humour in the subject. There was a quote in the Mail the other day from one of the parents of a student at the school Vahey targeted, and they stated plainly " I don't want to know if my child was abused." I'm not trying to discourage you, but urging patience.Keep up the great work.

At 26 April 2014 at 12:34 , Blogger James R said...
This is the actual quote regarding the parent at the Southbank International School who would prefer not to know.
"One mother whose son went on a field trip with the pervert said: ‘I couldn’t sleep last night. I am shocked, very shocked. My boy is 13 now and his class teacher was Vahey. Even if they find my son in the photos, I would rather not know and just forget about it. "
Apologies for wasting space due to previous laziness.

At 26 April 2014 at 17:17 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

"There was a quote in the Mail the other day from one of the parents of a student at the school Vahey targeted, and they stated plainly " I don't want to know if my child was abused." I'm not trying to discourage you, but urging patience.Keep up the great work."-James R

TY for your thoughtful responses to the very grim work Aangirfan does. I know full well of parents who do not want to know what their children have been through.

It is parents like that, whose children are precisely vulnerable to predators of every description-simply because the parents have their heads in the sand, or somewhere else.

As a retired child therapist, I met plenty of people who regard themselves to be adult, but really, they are just big kids in 'adult' bodies carrying their own unresolved childhood issues.

Suffer the little children…is not some far out cri de coeur from an oddball Christ.

At 27 April 2014 at 04:30 , Anonymous Troyhand said...
Huffington Post - April 1, 2007
The Dark Legacy of the Indian Boarding Schools
Tim Giago

It is not in the least bit uncommon for the thousands of Native Americans pushed through the Bureau of Indian Affairs and Church operated boarding schools for more than 100 years, to have suppressed memories.
A Cahuilla Indian man from California, Rupert Costo, a man who had been a product of an Indian mission boarding school, read the packet of poems I had written in the 1950s, poems I wrote whenever I had this deep feeling of depression related to my 10 years at a Catholic Indian mission boarding school on the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota. As editor of the Indian Historian Press, Inc., he said to me, "These poems must be published."

A young reporter working for the Albuquerque Journal by the last name of Talley did a book review for that newspaper. When she called the mission school I had attended, Holy Rosary Mission, she was told by one priest that I had never gone to school there and by another that I had only gone to school there for six months.

These priests could lie with a straight face because since I had been a student there the school had changed its name to Red Cloud Indian School. I had several of my former classmates write affidavits swearing that I had indeed attended Holy Rosary Mission. One former student, Gerald Clifford, now deceased, wrote, "I definitely remember Tim as a student at HRM during most of my school days there and although he may not have attended Red Cloud Indian School, he did attend Holy Rosary Mission." Thank goodness my family had saved many of the photographs taken of me while I was a student there because when I visited the mission school after the book came out, all of my photos had mysteriously vanished.
... I recently wrote a book, Children Left Behind, and added the poems from The Aboriginal Sin into the book because I felt that they were a vital part of my life's experiences at the boarding school. I also included many of the photographs of me while I was a student at the school so that the Catholic Church would have a hard time denying my presence at the school.
The elderly man was from the Jicarilla Apache Reservation in Northwestern New Mexico. He began his question with, "I went to a mission boarding school," and then he stopped speaking. Tears began rolling down his face and he apologized to me for crying. But he could not ask the question he wanted to ask because he was too overcome with grief.

I understand how this Jicarilla Apache man felt because when I speak about the time my eight year old sister, along with dozens of Lakota girls the same age, was raped at the mission school by a pedophile, I often get choked up, but I continue because I want people to know the horrible damage done to Indian children by the boarding schools over the more than 100 years they existed. I want people to know how we were beaten with leather straps, shorn of our hair, and used as child slave-laborers at these boarding schools.

Thousands of former boarding school students, now in their old age, experienced and witnessed the many abuses. The terrible impact of those days still haunt them...

My younger sister told me about her abuse on her deathbed and I, along with her three children, finally understood why she had become a violent, alcoholic woman for so much of her life. She died angry at the world and all alone. If only she had spoken sooner maybe we could have helped her.

My book and my lectures are now opening many of the Native minds that have forced out these terrible memories all of these years. Many of the problems of alcoholism and drug abuse now prevalent in Indian country can be traced back to the physical, emotional and sexual abuse suffered at the hands of our keepers in the BIA and mission boarding schools.

As we, the Indian people, revive the memories of those dreadful days, perhaps the process of healing can now begin.

At 30 April 2014 at 08:09 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Huffington Post Buries Story Of Pedophile Director of X-Men Bryan Singer

From :

''Just another nugget of info I wanted to share... some folks including my boss have been questioning why the HUFFINGTON POST site has buried this BRYAN SINGER story on their site...folks in the comments of the story on CNN.COM were even wondering about it and I found out the poss. reason...

Arianna Huffington who co-owns?? THE HUFFINGTON POST site has an ex-husband named MICHAEL HUFFINGTON who is old Texas oil money as well as being an ex CA. Senator and also known for coming out as GAY decades ago...

Michael has spent the last 10-15 years in HOLLYWOOD producing documentaries and such.....anyhoo

2013 on IMDB.COM Michael Huffington co-produced a gay indie film called THE GEOGRAPHY CLUB written and directed by Gary & Edmund ENTIN also known as the drk haired TWINS who RESIDE with Bryan Singer...see earlier posts with photos of the twins with Bryan.

perhaps, Arianna Huffington's GAY ex-husband and father of her 2 daughters spent some time at these Twink pool parties and doesn't want to be dragged down with Bryan Singer......just my 2 cents"

At 18 July 2014 at 10:46 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Lake County school safety expert threatened by local Sheriff’s deputies!

Wolfgang Halbig Holds the Impeachment Key To Bringing Obama To Justice
Submitted by zooamerica on Thu, 02/20/2014 - 22:57 - Daily Paul Liberty Forum

The president can't be impeached unless the republicans win majority control of the Senate after the 2014 midterm elections, which is a big maybe. Let's say the republicans do win the Senate and hold on to their House majority. Impeach the president based on what? Benghazi? The IRS?
Benghazi has already essentially been blamed on Hillary Clinton, and the IRS scandal targeting conservative Americans led to what? Amazingly nowhere. What happened after Sandy Hook?
Only the biggest gun grabbing attempt in American history.
NYSAFE ACT anyone? Did you register your, "Assault Weapon," in Connecticut yet?

Bush waged war overseas after 911. Obama waged war on American gun owners after Sandy Hook. Has anyone ever noticed how the republicans are used for foreign affairs, and the democrats are used domestically to create, "change?" History is the expert witness.

School shooting expert, Wolfgang Halbig has been asking simple questions about what really happened at Sandy Hook only to be met with government spooks knocking on his front door and telling him to stfu or else they would charge him with harassment.
All for asking simple, basic questions any professional investigator would and should ask.
What? Here is Wolfgang Halbig's latest interview. Please watch, listen and please help keep Wolfgang Halbig in the news, and alive. He needs our public support, he's an American hero for having the balls to stand up to America's Tyrant and Thief. Interview starts at 17:40. Red meat begins at the 25 minute mark.
The police parked a quarter of a mile away from the school, and then walked to the school.
Huh? No trauma helicopters. Why not? Porto Potties delivered on site? Seriously.
Who made the decision to NOT let the paramedics inside the school?
"It just doesn't add up." Gee, ya think?

Wolfgang Halbig was visited by Detectives from the Lake County Florida Sheriff’s Dept in late December 2013 and told to “back off,” or the Connecticut state Police would arrest him on harassment charges, all for filing FOIA requests, and calling law enforcement officials concerning the event. He breaks the news that after doing an interview last week, that went viral over the internet, and literally right before this interview took place, Wolfgang was visited by another Lake County Florida Sheriff’s deputy and told again to back off. That’s the second visit. And as if that wasn’t enough harassment, during the interview, Popeye and Wolfgang are interrupted, and the interview abruptly ended when Lake resident Wolfgang Halbig was visited by Detectives from the Lake County Florida Sheriff’s Dept in late December 2013 and a Lake County sheriff’s Deputy appeared at the house for a third time. Literally in the middle of the interview. He says they also treated him in a threatening manner, stating “if I don’t comply that bad things are going to happen to me.”

Why would the Lake County Florida Sheriff send his deputies out to the home of Wolfgang Halbig and threaten him with “if he didn’t back off “bad things are going to happen?”

Because like former Colorado Sheriff Pat Sullivan, Sheriff Gary Borders is part of a pedophile network [Green isle Boys Ranch with partners Donald Brown and Mel Sembler] along the lines of the Finders of Lost Children and the perpetrators of the Franklin Scandal child sex ring. They run pedophile operations like “the Franklin Scandal” from coast to coast, and as Wolfgang Halbig can certainly attest like the mob they are they have their Gestapo goons ready at a moments notice to stop anyone caught spreading the truth from coast to coast as well.

At 18 July 2014 at 10:48 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

We have proof that Obama is
Submitted by Columbine family on Mon, 03/17/2014 - 11:55. Permalink
We have proof that Obama is covering up the Pedophilia that provoked the Columbine shooters. We also met personally with Bill Clinton and asked him for an independent investigation of the January Incident. We have yet to have that investigation. Lead cover up architect was Ken Salazar as Colorado attorney General. He was appointed as the Interior Secretary by Obama. Also Bill Ritter who was invited to speak at the Sandy hook advisory committee was deeply involved in the Cover up. Donna Taylor, mother of Columbine victim Mark Taylor was refused her request to speak. Google Release Mark Taylor.
Obama signed the stimulus bill after a meeting "Columbine ten years
after, Lessons learned". The meeting was blacked out.
Do you notice that Lieberman is signaling his buddies?

July 17, 2014 - The Tri-County Tea Party Florida - WE NEED YOUR HELP!
We now have contacts with ALL FL Tea Parties- State Senators- State Reps- Pastors- PLEASE share and add every contact that you know!! This is a battle that we MUST WIN!!!ALL PATRIOTS ARISE!!!!!!
Sunday July 20 @ 1:00 @ 3142 Darlington rd. Holiday Florida.
....We need all PATRIOTS ON DECK!!! Our government is purposely letting OUR country be invaded.There many different theories of why and all are plausible but the main thing is to get out there and be heard!!!! We need people to know what is happening. We must restore America YOUR voice is needed.WE HAVE TO FIGHT ON EVERY LEVEL.WE CAN WIN THIS FIGHT.See you there PATRIOTS...Please bring signs. ***NO AMNESTY- ILLEGAL IS ILLEGAL- ILLEGAL IS CRIMINAL- AMERICANS DO NOT COMPLY TO CRIMINALS***- etc.
In the midst of a swirling national debate about undocumented immigrant children crossing illegally into the United States, a federally funded shelter in Pasco County is housing boys from Central and South America and asking the county to double its capacity to accommodate more.
PASCO COUNTY, FL (WFLA) -Eight on Your side has learned that some of the undocumented kids who've cross the Mexican border have landed in a federally-funded shelter in Pasco County operated by Gulf Coast Jewish Community Services.

"These children have fled persecution at the most terrible level," said Gulf Coast Chief Operating Officer Anne Marie Winter. "Some of them have been human trafficked into this country for sexual slavery."

The shelter has been quietly operating, under what amounts to a gag order from the federal Office of Refugee Resettlement, for about two months.

Now Gulf Coast Jewish Family Services is asking Pasco County's Planning Commission to double the capacity to 32 beds for undocumented boys ages 8-17 who have crossed the border to reunite with relatives in the U.S. "These children have no criminal backgrounds they are not in the dependency system they have been vetted for all communicable diseases," said Winter." They are the sweetest children like our own." Residents at the Aloha Gardens subdivision across the street from the shelter in Holiday have mixed views on hosting what Gulf Coast calls its "safe house."

At 18 July 2014 at 10:48 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Our property values are going to go down and then I don't know if they're going to be wandering around," said neighbor Marie O'Conner. Another neighbor, Michayla Deane, welcomes the boys.

"I don't think that any human being should be illegal and I think if they're giving them a place to stay and a better life then why not, said Deane."
The governor's office was apparently caught by surprise by the federally-funded shelter until contacted by 8 On Your Side and did not have any immediate response.

Gulf Coast executives consider the shelter a humanitarian response and want no part of the national political controversy swirling around the border kids. But that agency is knee deep in it now after applying to double the capacity of its 16 bed shelter.

Wednesday, the Pasco County Planning Commission put off further discussion until August after raising questions about funding for the program.

Until 8 On Your side started pressing questions Thursday, Gulf Coast was under orders from the Office of Refugee Resettlement to not discuss the program and had to receive permission in writing before talking to us about the benefits of sheltering the undocumented boys in Pasco.

The agency asked 8 On Your side not to disclose the exact address of the shelter to protect the boys from harm since some of them are victims of international human trafficking.

Governor Rick Scott issued this statement about the new influx of young refugees: "We have a humanitarian crisis with thousands of unaccompanied minors on our southern border and the Obama Administration has demonstrated incompetence in their failure to deal with it. The people of Florida, like all Americans, have compassion for the children involved. It's the adults who are failing. If the Obama Administration did its job and secured our borders we would not be in this mess." [And once again we see Mel & Brent Sembler behind this secret mission as well. And since Mel Sembler owns Rick Scott, Jeb Bush and family and all the rest of the politicians in the USA nothing will ever been done about this child abuse!]


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