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Jean and William Vahey, who may have been working for the CIA and its friends.

In March 2014, in Nicaragua, William Vahey's maid came across a 'USB thumb drive' belonging to William Vahey.

The USB showed images of boys being sexually abused.

The maid took the USB thumb drive to the bosses of the American Nicaraguan School, where Vahey taught.

American Nicaraguan School project, observed by the locals.

The school contacted the FBI, who presumably contacted the CIA.

William Vahey then 'died' in mysterious circumstances.

Vahey had a home at Hilton Head Island, South Carolina, which has CIA connections.

William Vahey's wife, Jean Vahey, was the executive director of the European Council of International Schools.


Eugene Hasenfus arrested in Nicaragua after being shot down.

The CIA uses charities and schools as covers for their activities.


The USA's General Singlaub used the services of J. Peter Grace and AmeriCares to supply arms to the Contra rebels in Nicaragua

Eugene Hasenfus, the CIA agent shot down over Nicaragua during Iran Contra was an Americares' operative.

Council for National Policy (CNP) - Sh - Member Biographies

William James Vahey, an American, drugged and sexually abused large numbers of boys.

The spooky Vahey was a teacher at various famous, mainly American-run schools around the world.

Obama at the Jakarta International School

These schools include:

1. The Jakarta International School where some young children were recently raped.

Vahey was in Jakarta, from 1992-2002.

During this period, the CIA was planning to topple Indonesia's President Suharto.

Second case of potential child sex abuse emerges at Jakarta International School...

Sir Chris Woodhead had a 'pupil affair'

2. The Southbank International School in London, where the Chairman of Governors is the very well-connected Sir Chris Woodhead.

Vahey abused boys at the school between 2009 and 2013

The Southbank International School is part of the Cognita group of schools.

3. The Tehran American School, The American Community School of Beirut, The American School of Madrid, The Passargad School in Ahwaz, Iran, The American Community School in Athens, The Saudi Aramco Schools in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia,  and The Escuela Campo Alegre in Caracas, Venezuela.

Vahey, 64, was found dead in a Minnesota motel in March 2014.

 Southbank International School in Westminster

Vahey's posts included:

The Tehran American School in Iran from 1972-73

The American Community School of Beirut in Lebanon, 1973-75

The American School of Madrid in Spain, 1975-76

The Passargad School in Ahwaz, Iran, 1976-78


The American Community School in Athens, Greece, 1978-80

The Saudi Aramco Schools in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia, 1980-92

The Jakarta International School in Indonesia, 1992-2002

The Escuela Campo Alegre in Caracas, Venezuela, 2002-09

The Southbank International School in London, 2009-2013

FBI Hunts For UK Victims Of Paedophile Teacher / FBI investigates London links of teacher who abused 90 boys /dailymail.

Jack Moyer (above) came to Japan in 1951 as 'a scientist' with the U.S. Air Force. 

On 20 March 2014, it was reported that The American School in Japan (ASIJ) had admitted that teacher Jack Moyer sexually abused students while employed by the school between 1963 and 2000.

Numerous former staff and students allege that ASIJ administrators had been aware of the abuse for decades - and failed to act on the victims’ complaints.

Moyer 'committed suicide' in Tokyo in 2004.

Janet Simmons says she was abused by Moyer at ASIJ as an 11-year-old in 1970.

She told The Japan Times that she had first made school officials aware of the alleged crimes in 1990.

ASIJ admits honored teacher sexually abused students

John Mark Karr, an American schoolteacher, was involved in child pornography crimes in the United States.

However, spooky John Mark Karr was able to escape from the USA and get jobs at three elite international schools in Bangkok.

Eventually Karr was arrested by Thai police on 'sex charges'.

Karr publicly claimed to have murdered 6-year old Jon Benet Ramsey in Boulder, Colorado.

The CIA arranged for Karr's hasty departure from Thailand.

"Karr was flown, un-handcuffed and sipping champagne, in business class from Bangkok to Los Angeles on Thai International Airways, courtesy of the American taxpayer."

Karr would appear to be a Jimmy Savile type of character, supplying children to top people, while being protected by the security services.

The Boulder, Colorado authorities declared that Karr lied about killing Ramsey.

The Sonoma County, California prosecutors discovered that the computer containing the child pornography images for which Karr was originally arrested in April 2001 was missing. 

As a result, all criminal charges from that case were dropped against Karr.


Spy boss Sir John Sawers is linked to a 'spy school'.


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At 24 April 2014 at 09:24 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I seem to remember Woodhead coming under pressure to resign as head of ofsted after it was revealed he'd had an affair with a pupil.

At 24 April 2014 at 10:02 , Anonymous Anonymous said...
Alec Peterson

Alexander Duncan Campbell Peterson OBE (13 September 1908 - 17 October 1988) was a British teacher and headmaster, greatly responsible for the birth of the International Baccalaureate educational system. He was instrumental in the formation of the International Baccalaureate Organisation in 1968, and served as the organisation's first director-general until 1977. He was also the first honorary member of the organisation's Council of Foundation from 1983 until his death in 1988.

Peterson was the son of John Peterson an Indian Civil Service official and Flora, and was born in Edinburgh, Scotland. He attended Radley College and Balliol College, Oxford and after spending two years as a management trainee became a teacher at Shrewsbury School in 1932. At the beginning of World War II he joined the Ministry of Information and joined the propaganda branch of the Special Operations Executive. He played an important role in South-East Asia, and was largely responsible for the Indian Forward Broadcasting Unit, which was very successful in the Burma campaign. He became Deputy Director of psychological warfare for South-East Asia Command and was awarded OBE in 1946. After the war he was appointed headmaster at Adams' Grammar School. He spent two years as Director General, Information Services in Malaya from 1952 to 1954 during the Malayan emergency. He was later headmaster at Dover College, where he set up an international sixth form. In 1958, he was named head of the Department of Educational Studies at Oxford University, a post he held until 1973. He was the Liberal Party's spokesman on education for some time and served as chairman of the Army Education Board for many years.

He married Corinna May Cochrane, daughter of Sir Arthur Cochrane of the College of Arms. Corrie was a member of the Society of Analytical Psychology and was a tutor at Beech Lawn College Oxford during the 1960s. They had two sons and a daughter.

In 1962, Peterson's connections with the military (he had served in Lord Mountbatten of Burma's staff) and his acquaintance with Kurt Hahn earned him a job planning an academic curriculum for the future students of the newly founded Atlantic College in Wales. In 1966, he was named head of the International Schools Examination Syndicate, which was reorganised in 1968 as the International Baccalaureate Organisation.

During the first five years of his time as director-general of the IBO, Peterson continued to live and work in Oxford, despite the fact that the IBO offices were located in Geneva, Switzerland. He remained in his job at Oxford University, retaining the directorial job with the IBO as a part time work. In 1973, he retired from his Oxford post and took up a part-time teaching job at the Hammersmith and West London College of Further Education, teaching Theory of Knowledge and managing his IBO directorate from London.

At 24 April 2014 at 10:18 , Anonymous Anonymous said...
Washington Post - 23 May 1998
U.S.-Trained Unit Suspected of Torture

U.S. officials believe that an elite U.S.-trained military unit in Indonesia has been involved in kidnapping and torturing political dissidents, and Washington is considering a permanent ban on ties with the unit, U.S. defense and diplomatic officials said.

Shortly after a number of influential political activists began disappearing in February, the U.S. ambassador in Jakarta, J. Stapleton Roy, met with Lt. Gen. Prabowo Subianto, who headed the Kopassus special forces until March, to express U.S. anger over the disappearances and to request that Prabowo try to gain the activists' release, sources said.
Despite the U.S. concern about the kidnappings and Indonesia's deteriorating political situation, officials tried to maintain good relations with Prabowo and Kopassus. Even after Roy's meeting with Prabowo, U.S. Special Forces troops held three training exercises with Kopassus -- in March, April and May.
The possible involvement of Kopassus troops could become an embarrassment for the U.S. military, which nurtured its ties with the unit through frequent training exercises involving America's most highly skilled guerrilla warriors and visits by senior military officers.

Prabowo, 47, whose ties to the U.S. military are the closest of any among the U.S.-trained officer corps, attended the Advanced Infantry Officers Course at Fort Benning, Ga., in 1985 and the Army Special Forces Training Course at Fort Bragg, N.C., in 1980.

In January, Defense Secretary William S. Cohen met with Prabowo and was treated to a display of Kopassus skills, which included unflinching contact with scorpions and bats. Since 1991, U.S. Special Forces troops have conducted 41 training exercises with Indonesian troops, and at least 26 of those were with Kopassus. The training involved counterterrorism, mission planning, sniper skills and rapid infiltration of troops. U.S. defense analysts in Jakarta said the training included discussions of the human rights standards of the U.S. military.
The presence of several dissidents in the same place, Western officials said, indicates that their abduction was part of a centralized, organized operation and not one carried out by renegade troops or police. Some captives have also told Indonesian investigators that they overheard their captors talking about receiving foreign military training.

These and other details have given Western government officials reasons to believe that the detainees may have been held at a military base in south Jakarta used by Kopassus's Group 4 intelligence unit and its Group 5 counterterrorism unit.

Group 4 is responsible for interrogations and carries out clandestine operations around the country, according to Western defense officials.

The U.S. Special Forces held a maritime exercise with Group 5 in August and September 1996. They have not conducted exercises with Group 4, but Western defense officials here note that members of Kopassus are routinely rotated from place to place and group to group, just like in the United States.

At 24 April 2014 at 10:26 , Anonymous Anonymous said...
Jakarta Globe - Apr 24, 2014
JIS Head Begs Media to Respect Victims as Sexual Assault Scandal Widens

Jakarta. The head of the Jakarta International School apologized on Thursday for the institution’s early silence in the days after information emerged about the alleged rape of a kindergarten student at the hands of janitors in a school bathroom, but excoriated the local media and to a lesser extent Indonesian officials for their handling of the incident.
Police on April 14 said that a kindergarten student at JIS had been raped in March, and reports of a second alleged victim have emerged in recent days.
Police have also said they they are looking into allegations that an alleged international sex criminal worked at the school from 1992 until 2002. Carr said on Thursday that he had discussed the matter with the US Federal Bureau of Investigation.
In a tense exchange with Erlinda, the secretary general of the Indonesian Commission for Child Protection (KPAI), who also spoke on a panel at the JFCC event, Carr said that the school was doing everything in its power to comply with government standards and comply with the investigation.
“We are very sorry if our steps that have been taken in our investigation for this child have been conceived as improper by JIS and that JIS didn’t appreciate or expect us to take these steps,” she said. “What we did was for the protection of the child. Yesterday we met with the parents of a second potential victim, a 6-year-old child.”
The public confrontation added to the perception that the incident had brought out disparities between Indonesian and Western responses to sexual assault against children, with Indonesian police and government agencies making frequent, detailed public statements about the investigation as the school remained tight-lipped.
[So sorry, CIA!! We're so sorry! Smoochiesmoochassasssmooch!]

At 24 April 2014 at 10:54 , Anonymous Anonymous said...
Focus Magazine - March/April 2012
[Page 28-29]
The World as a Classroom
At an international school, the chances are that most of the students will already be well-travelled in their personal lives and may have already lived in several different countries. ..
***Southbank International School in London*** values the educational experience of travel so much that it offers a travel bursary to one student every year...
Recent proposals have included assisting doctors in India to learn about children's health; volunteering and studying at the Institute for Canadian Citizenship to explore what it is to be Canadian; working with a charity in South Africa, conducting workshops in schools to teach art, drama and music; working on a UN programme in the Democratic Republic of Congo, looking at how to improve the standard of living;...Japan; and working with a non-profit, non-governmental organisation in Ghana,... One recipient ... climbed Kilimanjaro to raise money for the Msamaria Street Children Centre in Moshi...

Taking a more leisure-based approach to education through travel, with the emphasis firmly on fun was the idea behind an international school's ***Travel Club*** which was founded two years ago by ***teacher Bill Vahey***. Jordan was the first destination. A lucky group of students and teachers spent 10 days enjoying a variety of physical, social, historical, recreational and natural history experiences: floating in the Dead Sea, having mud baths,... camel trekking and snorkelling over the coral reefs in Egypt's Pharaoh Island...

At 24 April 2014 at 11:54 , Anonymous Anonymous said...
Association of American Schools in South America Newsletter - March 2009

[Page 6]
During the opening session of the VANAS Conference held in Caracas March 23 JEAN VAHEY was
presented a certificate from the Office of Overseas Schools which recognized her valuable work for the students and faculty of Escuela Campo Alegre. In July of this year Jean will leave Caracas and move to London to become the Executive Director of ECIS. Making the presentation on behalf of Dr. Miller and Dr. Scotti of the ***State Department*** is Dr. Max R. Tudor of AASSA. Also pictured is ***Bill Vahey***.
The European Council of International Schools

ECIS is the leading collaborative global network promoting and supporting the ideals and best practices of international education

ECI Schools T/A ECIS is a registered Charity in England and Wales No. 1150171. Registered as a Company limited by Guarantee in England & Wales No. 08109626. Registered office at 146 Buckingham Palace Road, London SW1W 9TR.
Message from the Executive Director

Welcome to new ECIS website!
Our intent is for this website to provide the resources or direct you to them as you and your organization grow in international education. Almost forty years ago I began my personal journey of working in international schools as a College Counselor. It was ECIS and their network that provided the resources to assist me in helping students select universities.

We will soon celebrate the 50th Anniversary of ECIS and I am proud that we have remained true to being a “collaborative global network promoting and supporting the ideals and best practice of international education.” Our network is strong and our members share their ideals and practices to assist schools in improving through conferences, programmes, consultancy, committees, outreach and resources such as the interactive Statistical Survey.

Enjoy your time on the website and return frequently to learn of new initiatives in this area of International Education.
Statement About Executive Director ***Jean Vahey***

Jean Vahey, Executive Director at ECIS, has taken compassionate leave to be with her family at a very difficult time. She has asked us to respect her privacy, which we are doing, out of respect for Jean.

Darlene Fisher will act as Interim Executive Director while Jean is on leave. This will not affect our Seville Conference, and we look forward to seeing you there.

On behalf of the entire ECIS Board of Trustees,
Edward E. Greene, Ph.D.,

At 24 April 2014 at 12:35 , Anonymous Anonymous said...
ST. CATHERINE’S & ST. MARY'S Newsletter - March 29-30, 2014

[Page 3]

ETERNAL LIFE–Pray for eternal rest for the father of ***** *********, *** ********* whose funeral was Wednesday at St. Pius X Church in Glencoe. Our parish sympathy & prayers are offered for ***** & everybody in the ********* family.

Also, pray for eternal rest for ****Bill Vahey, son of Jean Vahey**** & brother of Chris (*****) Vahey in our parish. A Memorial Service was prayed on Monday evening at Poplar Creek & his funeral Mass will be Wednesday at his home parish in South Carolina. We offer sympathy & prayers for everybody in the Vahey extended family.
St. Catherine of
Alexandria Church
203 E. Brown
Luverne, MN

At 24 April 2014 at 12:55 , Anonymous Anonymous said...
Houston Chronicle - 23 April 2014
Houston FBI leads global search for victims of predator teacher

Victims sought of American who taught abroad since '72
Vahey, 64, committed suicide in a Minnesota hotel room last month before he could be arrested and perhaps provide some answers.
"It appears he was able to perfect his craft in such a way these children were unable to know what happened to them and unable to report it," she said. "He has been teaching overseas the entire time. We strongly believe there are more victims."
Vahey has residences in London and Hilton Head, S.C. He has taught in Iran, Lebanon, Spain, Greece, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, Venezuela and London. He was most recently in Nicaragua, where in 2013 he was contracted as a ninth-grade history teacher at the American Nicaraguan School.

The schools are often preferred by the families of American diplomats, military personnel and business executives, especially from energy companies, stationed abroad.

The school in London did not respond to comment, but ****Vahey's wife, Jean, is the executive director of the European Council on International Schools**** and was previously the ****superintendent of Esceula Campo Alegre, in Caracas, Venezuela****, where William Vahey worked from 2002 to 2009.

The Caracas-based school's current superintendent, Gregory Hedger, confirmed that Jean Vahey no longer worked there and had moved on to the London-based position.
Mike Cole of Cypress remembers Vahey as a teacher at the Tehran American School where he was a student in the early 1970s.

"I remember him being a seventh- or eighth-grade history teacher in Tehran," said Cole, now 57. "I find it strange that he was only there for a year. Makes me wonder if the administration knew something. I feel so sorry for any of the victims. We had a very large and caring American community."

It was in Nicaragua last year that his scheme was finally uncovered by a housekeeper who was fired by the school for stealing from Vahey, according to the FBI.

Months later she went back to school administrators with the thumb drive that she had taken from him that was filled with images of Vahey and nude teenage boys who appear to be unconscious or sleeping.
St. Catherines & St. Mary's Newsletter - March 29-30, 2014

[Page 3]

Also, pray for eternal rest for ****Bill Vahey, son of Jean Vahey**** & brother of Chris (****) Vahey in our parish. A Memorial Service was prayed on Monday evening at Poplar Creek & his funeral Mass will be Wednesday at his home parish in South Carolina. We offer sympathy & prayers for everybody in the Vahey extended family.

I'm tending to believe the church over the Houston Chronicle in fact-checking, and that Jean Vahey was William Vahey's mother, not wife...

... unless she was both. :(

At 24 April 2014 at 12:57 , Anonymous Anonymous said...
Jean Vahey

During her career in international education, Jean Vahey has had the opportunity to work in Europe, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, and in South America. Her positions have been in large schools (Jakarta International School and Saudi Aramco Schools) as well as middle sized schools (American School of Madrid; American Community School in Athens). Her background includes teaching, counseling, curriculum and professional development; and administrative duties in elementary, middle, high school and central office. In July, 2009, Jean assumed the position of Executive Director of the European Council of International Schools based in the United Kingdom. Her strengths lie in the areas of collaboration, organization, accreditation, and knowledge of the needs of various sized schools in different parts of the world.

At 24 April 2014 at 13:02 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

TITLE: Jean to step down
PUB. DATE: ****June 2013****
SOURCE: IS: International School;

ABSTRACT: The article announces the resignation of Jean Vahey as executive director of the European Council of International Schools (ECIS) effective June 2014.

2:53 AM - 2 Jan 2013

Over the holidays, Jean Vahey was busy recruiting new international teachers at Teachers' College, Columbia U!

At 24 April 2014 at 13:33 , Anonymous Anonymous said...
Smart Brief - 9 April 2013
Executive Director Jean Vahey to leave Summer 2014

During the Opening Plenary Session of the ECIS Leadership Conference Friday, Executive Director Jean Vahey announced that for personal reasons, she would not be requesting a further extension of her contract once it expires in June 2014. Vahey has led ECIS since July 2009 and among many accomplishments during this time: successfully relocated the organisation's headquarters to London; reorganised ECIS; and obtained UK charity status. A search committee has been appointed to oversee the search for the next Executive Director.
Next Frontier Inclusion

Our Background
The Next Frontier initiative came out of a casual conversation between what was to become the NFI Design Team in the Spring of 2010. Each of the four of us has spent virtually our entire careers in international education and wholeheartedly embrace the idea that dynamic schools have a great diversity of student ethnicities, nationalities, language groups and religions. We were, however, concerned that not all international schools also embrace learning diversity.

And so the Next Frontier Inclusion project was born.

There have been many individuals and organizations that have contributed to it. It has been generously supported by a grant from the European Council of International Schools and the Office of Overseas Schools, US Department of State. Specifically, we would like to ****thank Jean Vahey, the Executive Secretary of The European Council of International Schools**** and ****Robert Gross, Connie Buford and Keith Miller from the Office of Overseas Schools, US Department of State****. Their moral and ***financial support*** have been much appreciated.

We would also to thank the many special educators and regular classroom teachers who have contributed their thoughts, comments and enthusiasm to this project. Our greatest debt of gratitude goes to ***the International School of Brussels, which has served over the past twenty years as a lab school for inclusion*** – showing time and time again what is possible.

Bill Powell, Ochan Kusuma-Powell, Kevin Bartlett and Kristen Pelletier

At 24 April 2014 at 13:44 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

AADD responsibilities
March,, 2007
Jean Vahey
The Academy for International School Heads (AISH) is a non-profit, member-based professional organization, dedicated to support, professional development and advocacy, founded in 1999 by 15 organizations and individuals AISH membership is open to current and former international schools heads and deputy/assistant heads. The AISH membership body makes this organization what it is today.....built by heads, for heads. Members collaborate with each other, offer advice, mentor, support and advocate via personalized interaction and through our member community list-serve AISHnet.

AISH offers annual Supporting Memberships to international organizations that provide specialized services to the international school community. Supporting Members are invited to attend AISH meetings, are publicized in all AISH advertisements, and are a member of the AISHnet community.
The Academy for International School Heads is a nonprofit 501c3 corporation governed by a self perpetuating board drawn from its individual members.

Supporting Members
• AAIE Institute
• Association of International Schools in Africa (AISA)
• Center for the Advancement and Study of International Education (CASIE)
• Clearpath Emergency Planning Management
• Crystal & Company
• Finalsite
• International Baccalaureate
• ISC Research LTD
• Mosaica Education
• Schrole
• SUNY, Buffalo State
• TD Bank, NA
• University of Northern Iowa OVERSEAS PLACEMENT SERVICE for educators
• USC Rossier Global Executive Doctor of Education Program

At 24 April 2014 at 14:12 , Anonymous Anonymous said...
University of North Carolina

American Diplomacy
Foreign Service Despatches and Periodic Reports on U.S. Foreign Policy

Special Section - June 2004

Embassy bombings spur security boost. Diplomats abroad kept insulated.
'Paid to be paranoid'
John Limbert, president of the American Foreign Service Association, praised the State Department for its efforts on diplomatic security, but urged it to pay more attention to so-called soft targets, such as schools and residential areas.

"We see this as an issue involving our members and their families," he said. "No one will ever be perfectly safe. You can't eliminate every risk, but still you have to look at it."

Jean Vahey, superintendent of the American International School in Caracas, Venezuela, said the higher threat level around the world also has changed the way educational institutions operate.

"When we gather for conferences, the main topic is security," she said. "Ten years ago, it was education."

At 24 April 2014 at 14:17 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jean K Vahey is 66. So she is William Vahey's wife.

She works for the State Department [can we all say CIA?], so I won't be surprised if we find out she's really a 100-year-old pod creature that's also Bill Vahey's mother. Strange times indeed.

At 25 April 2014 at 00:49 , Anonymous Anonymous said...!search/profile/person?personId=55653063&targetid=profile
Jean Vahey
Board Member

Academy for International School Heads
1694 Falmouth Road #126
Centerville, Massachusetts 02632
United States

Company Description: AISH offers annual Supporting Memberships to international organizations that provide specialized services to the international school community. Supporting Members are invited to attend AISH meetings, are publicized in all AISH advertisements, and are a member of the AISHnet community. The Academy for International School Heads is a nonprofit 501c3 corporation governed by a self perpetuating board drawn from its individual members.

ECIS - 28 May 2002

Escuela Campo Alegre

This school is accredited by ECIS
8424 NW 56 Street, Suite CCS00007,
Miami, FL, 33166, USA
Tel: (+58) 212 993 3922
Fax: (+58) 212 993 0219

Director - Jean Vahey

Escuela Campo Alegre is a private, non-profit, co-educational day school founded in 1937 and sponsored by multinational corporations and parents.

Campo Alegre is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools and by ECIS. ECA offers a comprehensive academic program for students from Nursery to grade 12, including a university preparatory program. The school has a fully written curriculum and assessment plan. The IB program opened in 1993. Forty percent of the faculty hold advanced degrees.
Located on an 11- acre site in the Las Mercedes area of Caracas, the capital of Venezuela, the school's facilities include two gymnasiums, a modern theater, nine science labs, an extensive library, elementary, secondary computer labs and several instructional buildings. There are no residential facilities on campus.
All students participate in Spanish instruction, the fine arts program, computer training and physical education activities. A wide variety of co-curricular activities are offered such as drama, gymnastics, outdoor education, yearbook, newspapers and literary magazine. Interscholastic and intramural sports are offered at all grade levels, together with an extensive after-school program of recreational, club and enrichment activities.

day only -US$ 6481-US$ 16245

At 25 April 2014 at 00:59 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Commemorating An Impressive School Achievement
By: Ena A.

For Escuela Campo Alegre, the dedication of the Jean Vahey Early Childhood Center (JVECC) and Jeff Paulson Sports Complex (JPSC) represents a remarkable school achievement as it resulted from years of communal effort. These two monumental complexes’ existence is the product of numerous individuals’ hard work and dedication. Initially projected as a two to three year project, the building’s construction spanned nearly six years. Its development included three different superintendents; the first two, Ms. Jean Vahey (responsible for developing the blueprints for the project) and Dr. Jeff Paulson (responsible for carrying through most of the construction) are commemorated in the site’s official name. The third supervising administrator, Dr. Gregory Hedger, monitored the construction’s successful culmination.

... Following complaints from the surrounding community’s members, the school was criticized and denounced for alleged environmental infractions. Even though ECA had conducted studies that indicated no considerable harm would be committed against the environment, the neighborhood insisted that the construction be terminated as some trees and plants might have to be cut down. Misunderstandings of this nature eventually led the Mayor to decide to completely suspend the project. The seven month hiatus that ensued proved extremely inconvenient and worrisome for all those involved. After much negotiation and correspondence with the municipal government, as well as the Venezuelan Ministry for the Environment, construction continued.

Complications and predicaments, however, continued to emerge. The next issue pertained to the building’s overall design. A region completely surrounded by a mountain, which was where all of the construction was to take place, was not exactly the best location to accommodate an incredibly large building and additional full-sized soccer field. As Ms. Vahey put it, there remained “not a square inch of unused space” for a building that “had to fit perfectly.” The space issue was finally tackled by a skilled group of architects from the American firm H2L2 and the Venezuelan establishment Kunckle; they agreed to dig up a large hole to build the gyms, placing the soccer pitch on top of the building's roof.

Thereafter, the construction’s greatest challenge was, as Dr. Paulson described, maintaining “momentum on a project that took over five years to build.” For the pre-construction alone, nearly 120,000 tons of dirt had to be removed from the excavated site. Shortages of building materials such as cement and belaying pins often led to prolonged interruptions or, even worse, the need for imported materials. This only added to the project’s increasing costs. Year after year, the prices of resources including labor and construction materials (such as rebar, concrete, and asphalt) progressively increased—whenever they were attainable, of course. Dr. Paulson remarked that “costs projected in 2007 were not entirely accurate in 2013.” Furthermore, once heavy construction was underway, an old issue emerged: neighbors...

At 25 April 2014 at 01:30 , Anonymous Anonymous said...
The south Carolina State - 24 April 2014
Admitted molester from SC ended life with knife thrust

On the day he ended his life with a knife thrust to the chest, serial child molestation suspect William James Vahey checked into two hotel rooms in a small Minnesota town.

Vahey, a part-time Hilton Head Island resident, got the first room at the GrandStay Hotel in Luverne on March 21.

He did not stay the night, a hotel receptionist who asked not to be identified said Thursday.

Hotel staff knocked on his room door after his brother called looking for him, the receptionist said.

Vahey wasn't there.

The 64-year-old, who told the FBI he drugged and molested at least 90 boys in the course of his teaching career, was only about 500 feet away at the Quality Inn.

There, police found him dead of the knife wound, according to the Star Herald newspaper of Luverne.

"He must have checked in here, kept his room as a coverup, checked into the other hotel and committed suicide," the receptionist said.

The FBI, which is conducting an investigation, has no explanation as to why Vahey was in Luverne when he committed suicide, but acknowledges the possibility he had family in the town of 4,745.

As the FBI continues its international search for Vahey's victims, more details about the serial molester are emerging on Hilton Head and across the world.

At 25 April 2014 at 01:45 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hmmm. So a spooky teacher goes "home" to Minnesota to kill himself, and the first thing he does is check into the GrandStay Hotel in Luverne, but didn't find the stay that grand there for suicide, so he checked into the Quality Inn hotel 500 feet away. Because decor matters when you're going to die by stabbing yourself with a knife. Hmmm.


Knife wounds in general....

When knives are used in a fight prior to the death of the victim, there would typically be defense wounds. Defense wounds tend to be on the hands and forearms, and to be quite severe-looking. They may look much worse than the fatal wounds. They can be distinguished from suicidal hesitation marks by their severity, and to a lesser extent, by their location and orientation along the body lines.

Langer Lines (or "longers") are the natural grain of the skin. When the skin is cut, as by a knife wound, the skin pulls back the along the langer lines. If the wound is lined up with the longers, the wound will appear to be longer than the width of the blade, even if it was stabbing wound. If the wound is perpendicular to the longers the wound may actually be shorter than the width of the blade, and would be more avulsed.

It is not possible to precisely determine the angle of a deep stab wound into the body. Any determination of the angle should be stated as only an approximation. The fact is that the internal organs of the trunk of the body and the muscles of the limbs normally move quite a bit. Even normal postures can move the internal organs substantially; therefore, any apparent angle with which a knife penetrates into the internal organs or muscles is only relevant if the body is placed in the same position it was in when the stab wound occurred. It is possible to state that a knife entered at an approximate angle.

Self-inflicted knife wounds....

Most non-fatal self-inflicted knife wounds are attempts to gain attention for the victim, and are not fatal or even serious. Officers who have dealt with such incidents typically find relatively neat, shallow, parallel wounds. In general, suicidal wounds are similar, only more severe. However, psychotic people have occasionally cut themselves with severely painful multiple wounds.

Suicidal knife wounds usually have hesitation marks very close by on the skin. These are caused by the knife being held poised on the skin in preparation for the actual cut or stab. They may be so close to the actual wound that they are partially obscured by the wound or the swelling around it. They are usually very superficial, and therefore not consistent with a wound inflicted by another person in a homicidal attack, unless there was a struggle with the knife poised over the victim.

If a homicidal knife wound is inflicted with a sweeping slash motion, then there should not be anything that looks like hesitation marks. However, if the killer had to position the knife with any care at all, such as preparatory to slashing someone's neck from behind, then it would be normal to see what would look like hesitation marks at the point of the beginning of the slash.

Except for wrist slashing, successful suicide by self-inflicted knife wounds is rare. As with homicide, it tends to be associated with passionate incidents. You would expect a person who commits suicide with a knife to have been a person with deep personality disturbances, more than the mere disorders that I have described above.

Again. Hmmmm. Spooky.

At 25 April 2014 at 02:14 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

A man who committed suicide in a southwestern Minnesota motel last month is suspected of molesting more than 90 boys, the FBI says.
Vahey’s March 21st suicide came two days after agents applied for a warrant to search a computer thumb drive of his. The AP says the drive was found to contain pornographic images of at least 90 boys aged 12-14 whom the FBI suspects were drugged and molested by Vahey.
It’s not entirely clear why Vahey came to Minnesota, but he may have relatives in the area [Yup, brother.]. The AP found a notice in the bulletin of a Luverne church asking parishoners to pray for eternal rest for Bill Vahey, who was identified as the son of one parishoner and the brother of another.

The FBI says the suspected victims pictured on Vahey’s thumb drive date back to 2008. But agents fear Vahey may have victimized many more children over the years. Some, the Bureau says, may not even realize they were abused.

At 25 April 2014 at 14:05 , Anonymous Anonymous said...
Pathfinder - May 03, 2010
Only One Can Be Best in Class

Nicaragua's Pacific boasts one of the most stunning seacoasts in the world. There are beaches that stretch for miles...with no-one on them. The mountains along the coast host some of the most breathtaking ocean views you'll ever see. It's paradise...a paradise that's slowly being discovered.

Rancho Santana is a private reserve of 2,700 acres and two miles of coastline. It’s the jewel of this stretch of coast. There are five reasons you should consider buying at Rancho Santana. There’s one reason why you should consider buying now.
4. The Developer at Rancho Santana I know and trust the developer. Rancho Santana is backed by IL’s parent company. Investors and homeowners include IL’s founder Bill Bonner and his top executives. I have the inside track on how committed they are to Rancho Santana. They spend as much time here as their schedules allow. They have the resources to follow through on their commitment.
Only Six Units Remain in this Premier Pacific Resort
The Seagate Condominium at Rancho Santana
...Seagate is a part of Rancho Santana, the "best in class" beachside community in Nicaragua.
The world’s most elegant properties all begin with an exclusive setting
Or you can settle down on one of five exclusive beaches, each with its own special character. From the wild beauty of Seagate’s Playa Santana…to the pink sands of Playa Rosada…to the private feel of the hidden Playa Escondida, there’s sure to be a beach that feels just right for your mood.
You’ll feel wonderfully isolated…but when it comes to life’s luxuries, you’re not
Best of all, you’re becoming part of a community…not just buying a lot in a development

And Jean and William Vahey said "After exploratory trips to Mexico, Belize, Costa Rica and Panama, we visited Rancho Santana. It was quickly clear to us that this was the paradise we had been searching for these past years."


At 25 April 2014 at 14:09 , Anonymous Anonymous said...
Daily Beast - 20 May 2013
Nicaragua’s President Accused of Sex Abuse by His Stepdaughter

Now Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega is facing a hell all his own. The trouble comes not from imperialist gringos, palace rivals, or hanging judges, but Ortega’s own stepdaughter, who claims that the Sandinista supremo began abusing her sexually when she was 11 years old. Now 45 and a mother of three, Zoilamérica Ortega Murillo also alleges that her stepfather is behind a campaign to silence her that is so vindictive and intense it amounts to a “civic death.”

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Whether you’re a departing teacher (a mentor of Andrew Powell’s, Jean Vahey, says that the highest quality educators always leave a school the same way that they begin another), or an incoming newbie, you’re attitude is everything…….make sure it’s the right one for what we are trying to accomplish.

Andrew Powell
Lower School Principal
Shanghai Community International School

At 26 April 2014 at 11:52 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

One funny thing I noticed that makes it fairly obvious that Mr. Vahey did not kill himself was that according to the dailymail article/ "FBI-brands-paedophile-teacher-one-WORLDS-worst-sexual-predators"etc. "The father of two plunged a knife into his chest two days after confessing that he had abused boys throughout his life using sleeping pills." He died via a knife to the chest yet, "Police later removed items from his £1.8million apartment in Maida Vale, west London, where he is alleged to have kept large amounts of sleeping pills." Realise this is stating the rather obvious, but it does stick out.

At 3 May 2014 at 10:52 , Anonymous Anonymous said...
Confidencial - 2 May 2014
ANS Director recounts the last hours in Managua of the pedophile teacher

She sent home a confessed criminal.

ANS hid the Vahey case from the police until the following day, when it was reported to the U.S. embassy to inform the FBI after he was flying away.

- "I believe you, I do not know why, but I believe you"
Thus reacted the Director of the American Nicaraguan School (for its acronym in English is ANS), Gloria Doll, when the pedophile teacher William Vahey admitted his crimes last March 11, and assured her that "he had made ​​a change in his life to stop doing that (pedophilia)."

On Tuesday, Doll was quoted by the teaching staff of the American College, to provide a detailed account of his performance, having met by chance the teacher William Vahey on 11 March, who was the keeper of hundreds of images of child pornography found on his USB memory .

Two participants in the meeting, who asked to keep their names private, confirmed to Confidential, what Doll said in the meeting held at 7:30 am.

The director admitted that her own initiative allowed the criminal in Managua to go home after discovery, said one witness. "She (Doll) said she made the decision in the presence of Carola Molina (in charge of human resources), to let Mr. Vahey go and then afterwards informed ANS advocates" and the U.S. Embassy itself, said one of the teachers.

Sources close to the association reported that on March 11, when the former maid accused the pedophile, Vahey was indeed in the ANS the rest of the working day and at night went to sleep "peacefully" at his home, located at Lomas de San Angel in Managua, "instead of being immediately reported to the National Police," insisted parents and teachers.

After remaining silent on the case for over a week, the first Commissioner Aminta Granera, revealed Tuesday that police conducting an investigation on its own initiative and was not informed by the director of ANS upon discovering Vahey. "The role of the principal (of the school) is not whether or not to confide (to the police), it is about facing a criminal act who must act," he said.

This Friday, the Board of the American Nicaraguan School, issued a statement supporting the actions of the director of the ANS. "The Board of the American Nicaraguan School supports the actions of our Director General, Dr. Gloria Doll, in looking after the sole interest of protecting our students, community and institution in the known case of William James Vahey".

The statement also "recognizes that in this situation it would have also been appropriate to take additional actions, including to notify the National Police."

They inform the FBI the day after.

According to teachers, Doll told the meeting that until the night of March 11, lawyers contacted the school, who advised to denounce Vahey with the U.S. authorities. The argument for taking this action, rather than report it to the National Police, was because the Nicaraguan victims in the USB memory were students or ANS it is alleged. Teachers refute this justification, since the director Doll herself said that she did not see all the pictures of the USB "because they were very graphic."

But Doll took the time to denounce Vahey to the Department of Justice United States. At the meeting with teachers, Doll admitted that she did not contact the U.S. Embassy in Managua until five in the afternoon of Wednesday, March 12, nearly three hours after Vahey departed on a commercial airliner to the United States.

Sources of the American College revealed that the direction of the center reserved and bought the air ticket to Vahey, and even that he was leaving for the Augusto C. Sandino Airport in a school vehicle.

At 3 May 2014 at 10:54 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

[Part 2]
Confidencial - 2 May 2014

The U.S. Embassy confirmed to Confidential that they did not know of the case until March 12, not the 11th when Vahey was discovered - but initially did not specify the exact time. "The American Nicaraguan School informed the Embassy on Wednesday March 12 about the allegations concerning William Vahey and we reported it to the United States."

After the new revelation made about the director of ANS, a source close to the U.S. embassy Friday confirmed the account of the events to Confidential and the sequence of the time provided by Doll. "True, we were informed that afternoon (March 12), this was the same time the FBI was informed," the source said.

In Miami, agents of the Federal Bureau of Investigation United States (FBI) waited for Vahey, but did not stop him, because at that time they had no evidence against him. He was told only that he was under investigation. Eight days later, the pedophile teacher committed suicide after being shot [stabbed] in Minnesota.

Attempted suicide and retirement

Another revelation entrusted to teachers in Tuesday's meeting, is that the Director Doll told them that Vahey admitted last November 25, 2013 he had attempted suicide. This happened a few days after the maid allegedly perpetrated the theft of USB memory.

Vahey was found unconscious at his home in Managua and hours later resurrected. The unofficial version which was published in the school is the pedophile teacher had a high level of toxins in the blood, and then it took care to say that he had been bitten by a poisonous spider. However, Director Doll said Vahey told her he had tried to "commit suicide with 150 sleeping pills" , fearing that he would be unmasked in his criminal activities after the theft of the computer and the USB.

The Director referred to the faculty of the ANS that Vahey said that it was "ironic" that they had discovered in Nicaragua, "because he had made ​​a change in his life to stop doing that (pedophilia)."
"I believe you, I do not know why, but I believe you," replied Doll to Vahey .

According to teachers, Doll confirmed Vahey's desire to retire in Nicaragua and so narrow his "change of life" with his wife Jean, an important official within the scope of these international schools.

At 3 May 2014 at 10:54 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

[Part 3]
Confidencial - 2 May 2014

In some documents obtained in a computer about Vahey, fortuitously found in a dumpster by Univision news team in Managua, we see that the pedophile's desire to retire in Managua was longstanding, before being hired at the ANS in August 2013.

He bought property in Tola.

Vahey in 2006 acquired land in the exclusive resort Rancho Santana, within the peaceful country in Tola, Rivas.

The property is registered under the number 37,073, volume 402 , folio 237, One Seat in the Public Registry of Rivas on behalf of him and his wife Jean Vahey, according to confidential documents to which we had access.

The Vahey couple lived at the time in Venezuela. But they gave a special power to Elsa Cruz Lamb, former director of the nonprofit foundation that administers the ANS.

Professor Cruz Lamb bought for Vahey lot LP2 of 9055.83 square yards (about a block) for $375,000 to partner Antonio Granados - Rancho Santana, with the deed number 59, first five protocol testimony made ​​by counsel Donald Ramirez Espinoza. The cost of the property is now around half a million dollars.

Espinoza Ramirez reported that in 2006 Vahey appeared before him to grant a special power to Professor Cruz Lamb, but declined to give further details considering the confidential treatment he has with his customers.

Convalescing in Florida from an illness, Cruz Lamb told Confidential through an email that in 2006 the Vahey family visited several places in Central America looking to buy beachfront property. "The Vahey sent me as a power of attorney for the sole purpose of signing the contract, and we did," he stressed.

" After returning to Caracas they decided to buy property in Nicaragua. Mrs. (Jean) Vahey is a professional colleague of many years and contacted me to ask if I would be willing to sign (the purchase of) that property. I explained that it was because her scheduling agenda did not allow them to return to Nicaragua shortly and also because I felt that my Spanish was better able to review the contract before signing," Cruz Lamb said.

The property was purchased and is registered to Vahey. The Rancho Santana Construction Manager, Roy Kruiswyk, said on lot LP2, Vahey never build a house .

The pedophile teacher who was planning to retire in Nicaragua, killed himself last March 22.


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