Thursday 16 May 2024

Slovakia - Mafias



Prime Minister Robert Fico of Slovakia has been shot, multiple severe wounds, alleged shooter arrested at the scene is 71-year-old Slovak 'poet' Juraj Cintula

Fico blocked Slovakia weapons supply to Ukraine, spoke for cease fire and peace negotations

Fico condemned war crimes of Israel

Fico refused to sign the WHO World Health Organisation pandemic treaty

Fico had denounced the covid lockdown rules, and called the covid 'vaccination' campaign a possible intentional genocide

Fico opposes much of EU 'neo-liberalism' and NATO activities

short video of the scene, starts with the five shots you can hear

27 Feb 2018 — Agricultural land in Slovakia ended up in the hands of families linked to the Italian 'Ndrangheta — who then used it to benefit from EU farm ...
18 Feb 2019 — In the post-communist political upheaval in Eastern Europe, some of the most powerful organized crime families in the world sought new ...


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