Thursday 11 January 2024


Mark Regev, next to Rothschild.

UK 'anti-BDS' bill PASSES third reading

The legislation ‘undermines efforts to reject Israeli slavery and human rights abuses’

“The UK government's anti-boycott bill passed its third reading following a debate in the House of Commons on Wednesday night …

“The bill seeks to block public bodies, such as local councils, from conducting … [financial] boycotts against Israel, the occupied Palestinian Territories, and the occupied Golan Heights …

“Amnesty International UK Chief Executive Sacha Seshmukh labelled the bill ‘draconian’, stating that it will ‘… undermine efforts to procure goods and services free from slavery … and other human rights abuses’” …


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Islington child abuse scandal overseer Margaret Hodge meets Israeli president on ‘solidarity visit’

“Labour Friends of Israel have sent a delegation of current and former parliamentarians to Israel this week in a ‘solidarity’ visit … The group, which included … Dame Margaret Hodge MP … also held a meeting with Israeli president Isaac Herzog …”


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Labour MPs call for suspension of Lord Mandelson from the party over his Jeffrey Epstein ties — but fear REPRISALS from Keir Starmer for speaking out

‘Starmer is happy to turn a blind eye’

“A photograph buried in the legal papers shows [Lord Mandelson] trying on a white leather belt in a fashion boutique in St Barts, watched on by Epstein.

“The cosy shopping trip was orchestrated by Ghislaine Maxwell, whom Lord Mandelson met THROUGH HER FATHER, [‘Mossad’s’] Robert Maxwell … in the early 1990s.

“… [Many believe] Sir Keir Starmer should not only sever ties with the former politician but suspend him from the party.

“One senior Labour MP [said]: ‘… People have been suspended for less, and here we have clear evidence, including a photograph, that Mandelson was closely connected to a proven paedophile.

“‘I think Starmer should cut ties with him.’

“In an intriguing sign of Lord Mandelson’s continued influence, the MP said they could not speak out against him publicly for fear of reprisals from the Labour leadership.

“Meanwhile, a Tory source said: ‘Mandelson is closely involved in Sir Keir’s bid to win the next general election. He had a front row seat at the last Labour Party conference … and has been tapping up donors …

“‘As a man of the law, Sir Keir may well have questions to ask of his close ally’s links to convicted paedophile Jeffrey Epstein’ …

“… [Last] week, Sir Keir … was asked, during a keynote speech on transparency in Bristol, whether Mandelson had questions to answer.

“… Sir Keir stammered and stuttered … ‘On Peter Mandelson, look, and I do try to give pretty full answers in these sessions…’ he said.

“‘I don’t know any more than you do and therefore there’s not really much I can add to what you already know, I’m afraid, you know that’s simply the state of the affairs’ …

“When it comes to Lord Mandelson’s poor judgement … he appears happy to turn a blind eye.”

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House committees advance effort to hold Hunter Biden in contempt of Congress

“The Republican-led House judiciary and oversight committees voted Wednesday to advance a resolution recommending Hunter Biden be held in contempt of Congress for defying a subpoena …

“… Democrats [held up] a poster board with a photo of Donald Trump standing next to Jeffrey Epstein … and Republicans [displayed] explicit photos of the president’s son …

“‘You are the epitome of white privilege. Coming in to the Oversight Committee, spitting in our face, ignoring a Congressional subpoena to be deposed’, [said Rep. Nancy Mace, addressing Hunter] …

“‘I think that Hunter Biden should be arrested right here, right now, and go straight to jail’, she added …

“[Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene] later held up a poster board with large, censored photos she said were taken from a Hunter Biden sex tape …

“Republicans have long accused Hunter Biden of peddling influence to foreign governments when his father was vice president …”


At 11 January 2024 at 03:43 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Arresting and prosecuting political opposition for obvious stitched-up reasons, seems to be a key part now of 'strategy of tension'

We have Putin continuing to jail his much-admired opponent Igor Girkin aka 'Strelkov', less than 90 days away from the presidential election in Russia 15-17 March

In the USA there are a slew of pro-Biden criminal charges against Trump ... not that Trump is 'innocent', but some of these charges are so unrelated to serious issues, and the prosecutors so crassly 'political', the charges have a stitched-up character ... this alongside how evidence of Biden family crimes is ignored

And now a constitutional crisis situation in Poland, the pro-EU government of Donald Tusk, who had been EU Council President 2014-19, arresting two political opposition figures, who had actually received a presidential pardon ... the arrests thus seem to many, entirely 'illegal' even if the men had done something before their pardon

Photo meme, the immediately previous Polish Prime Minister Morawiecki, saying how in Poland 'we have political prisoners for the first time' since the communist era ... now is a new 'black page of Polish history'

Even further de-stabilising, the apparently illegal arrests in Poland, were made at the presidential palace ... with the president's personal security assisting Tusk against the president and, it seems, joining in violating the law


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