Thursday 11 January 2024

Epstein - Israel

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Is Israel blackmailing the US?

‘Mossad manages political relationships through a network of pedophilia and prostitution’

“The case of [Jeffrey Epstein] … has been opened to the public following an order by a federal judge. The list of prominent figures revealed has dominated headlines for days …

“Are there undisclosed names shielded for reasons like national security?

“Are these individuals presently holding official positions? …

“Epstein's list includes numerous politicians, such as former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak, Shimon Peres, Moshe Katsav and Ehud Olmert.

“Could the central reason behind the close ties between the US and Israel be Epstein's established network?

“It's not [outlandish] to suggest that [Mossad] manages political relationships through a network involving pedophilia and prostitution.

“[Former] Mossad agent and Israeli businessperson Ari Ben-Menashe [said] that Epstein worked for Israeli intelligence, alleging that Israel engaged in blackmailing American male politicians using videos of child abuse …

“… [Attempting] to rationalize the bewildering support that the US extends to Israel's war crimes in Palestine … is nothing short of absurd.

“… [The] US administration's and celebrities' endorsement of Israel's genocide in Gaza might be intricately connected to the web spun around Epstein.”


At 11 January 2024 at 05:35 , Blogger Angelina said...

Researcher Reports Soviets Created Child-Trafficking Rings in the West for Blackmail
A scholar on Soviet Russia has uncovered claims that former General Secretary Yuri Andropov wanted to subvert the West by creating child trafficking and pedophile networks to blackmail business leaders and politicians.
The original last name of Andropov who led KGB and Komsomol where children are sexualy abused ,was Liberman,his father was Polish jew Velva Liberman,and he changed his surname five times. Andropov was last name of his second stepfather.
,One of the advantages of a horrible method is that nobody believes that anyone would do such a thing,
Soviet Union began conducting experiments in its Komsomol camps on how to grow sexual perversions. The camps were for members of the communist Young Pioneers and included children aged 10 to 15. Andropov is building networks for child trafficking and pedophilia, and this is a project the KGB has begun internationally, around the world,’”

At 11 January 2024 at 11:48 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Israel’s DNA wars: Forbidden Tests


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