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Matthew Freud, New Forest, Madeleine mcCann, Jeffrey Epstein ...

Clement Freud and son Matthew

Unknown commented on "Military killing by mistake"


Clients of child psychiatrist Dr Joan Coleman alleged that the late Lord Montagu and his second wife, Fiona Lady Montagu (both now deceased), were involved in a litany of sex attacks in Palace House on the Beaulieu estate and in the ruined Beaulieu Abbey, as well as in the surrounding New Forest. Lord Montagu was said to be "very important in the group" (of alleged ritual abusers).


In 1981 Lord Montagu gave the pair of celebrities and alleged paedophiles a chauffeur-driven tour of the grounds of his museum in Beaulieu.

“Lord Montagu in his Rolls Royce Silver Ghost with Liberace and Michael Jackson in 1981”:


In the 1970s Jimmy Savile visited Avon Tyrrell House in Sopley, in the New Forest, where boys, and possibly also girls, were reportedly sexually abused. Savile may or may not have been among the abusers.

Avon Tyrell House’s custodian is UK Youth (originally the National Association of Girls Clubs and Mixed Clubs), which has held it on a long lease for a peppercorn rent since the aristocratic Manners family created a Trust for this purpose after World War II.

“As a 9 year old, [I] went on a 7 day school trip to Avon Tyrrell in 1977 [and] met Jimmy Savile. He insisted on watching girls swim in the outside pool.”


Dr Michael Salmon lived in the New Forest village of Woodgreen.

Dr Salmon “has been jailed for 18 years for sex assaults on girls at Stoke Mandeville Hospital during the 1970s and 1980s, at the same time Jimmy Savile was abusing patients …

“Savile repeatedly abused patients at the hospital, where he had his own office”.

Unknown commented on "Military killing by mistake"


Chewton Glen Hotel in the New Forest was the favourite hotel of Henry Barnato Rantzen, according to his surviving daughter, the New Forest resident Esther Rantzen.

Chewton Glen was bought in 2006 by Ian Livingstone, the Jewish billionaire property developer. Livingstone’s early developments with his brother, Richard, were financed by Lord Jacob Rothschild's merchant bank, Dawnay Day.

In 2011 Ian Livingstone bought a home previously owned by Matthew Freud. Freud is the Jewish former Vice-Chair of the NSPCC Full Stop campaign, whom we associate with events surrounding the abduction of Madeleine McCann by a presumed child trafficking ring, and whose details appear in the black book of ‘Jewish Mossad’ child traffickers Ghislaine Maxwell and Jeffrey Epstein. (Matthew Freud’s business partner, Arlo Brady, was a ‘founding citizen’ of Maxwell’s TerraMar organisation.)

Ian Livingstone and his brother redeveloped Marks & Spencer's former headquarters in Baker Street.

During the 1960s, Jimmy Savile — whose charity partner Lady Gabrielle Greenbury was the wife of a Marks & Spencer’s executive — assaulted children as young as 12 at a hotel called The Mascot… just off Baker Street.


Like Ian Livingstone, Stowe School alumni Richard Branson is another high-profile owner of a New Forest hotel.

Richard Branson, the Caribbean island neighbour of Jeffrey Epstein, owned the Rhinefield House Hotel in Brockenhurst from c. 1988 - c. 2003. “The hotel is set in 40 acres of land … And there's even a helipad … a remnant of when Richard Branson owned the place.”

Branson’s youth saw him study at Stowe School, the elite institution now run by the son of Robert Maxwell’s business partner. Stowe School is associated with Maxwells Robert and Ghislaine, British intelligence operatives, Ghislaine’s former lover the Duke of Rutland (listed in her ‘black book’), Rutland’s current live-in employee Harvey Proctor, and a reported historical VIP paedophile ring that allegedly assaulted Carl Beech and other victims.



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