Saturday 16 December 2023

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Anonymous -

Will William and Kate send George to Ghislaine Maxwell’s old school, Marlborough College?

‘The Waleses are spotted visiting Marlborough College for the second time in two months’

- Lord Jacob Rothschild’s daughter, Hannah Rothschild, was a student at Marlborough College from 1978-1980.

- Ghislaine Maxwell, based on her date of birth, would similarly have been studying for her A-Levels at Marlborough College in the period 1978-1980.

Ghislaine Maxwell and Hannah Rothschild were Marlborough College classmates?

As well as being the alma mater of Lord Jacob Rothschil’s daughter and alleged ‘Mossad’ child trafficker Ghislaine Maxwell, Marlborough is also the alma mater of:

- Ian Maxwell and Kevin Maxwell;

- Sally Bercow, the wife of the former Jewish MP and Parliamentary Speaker, John. Using Twitter, Sally carried out an alleged social media ‘ruse’, the effect of which was to crush all ongoing press and media speculation into Lord Alistair McAlpine. Until Sally Bercow’s Twitter activity ‘shut everybody down’, media including ITV’s ‘This Morning’ had been revisiting allegations first published in Scallywag magazine that Lord McAlpine and Tory colleagues had trafficked boys from North Wales care homes to Dolphin Square;

- Anthony Blunt - Blunt’s name appears on Mary Moss’s list of visitors to the Elm Guest House. At the time of Blunt’s alleged visits to the Elm, the commercial establishment in Barnes was allegedly functioning as a ‘child brothel’ for VIPs such as Blunt, Lord Brittan and a pop star who used to visit the Dolphin Square swimming pool;

- Catherine Middleton, the UK’s joint head-of-state-in-waiting. Now known as the ‘Princess of Wales’, Catherine seems destined to become Queen Consort of the United Kingdom. For reasons entirely unclear, Catherine and her husband William opted to name their second son ‘Louis’ in honour of Jimmy Savile’s close friend Lord Louis Mountbatten.

It seems almost impossible to believe that the royal Waleses could have been unaware of well-researched allegations linking Lord Mountbatten to incidents of child abuse.

Why, in heaven’s name, then, did Catherine Middleton want to burden her second son with such a stigma and ill omen?

Unknown commented
It is believed that the Zionism-aligned intelligence services, or factions thereof, use elite schools such as Marlborough College as recruiting grounds and venues for monitoring, evaluating, and grooming/training future ‘prospects’.

By prospects we refer to the kids selected to grow up and become ‘controlled’ public figures, whose adult careers will be manipulated and controlled by Zionism-aligned Intelligence operatives using tools such as sexual ‘carrots’ (rewards) for ‘good behaviour’ (i.e. for doing the bidding of the Zionists); trauma based mind control; and sexual blackmail that may begin with a honeypot setup involving illegal sex, such as incest or child rape, that is videotaped by the Zionist watchers.

Guilt and self-loathing, as well as the fear of being discovered and brought to justice, are found to be very effective tools for controlling the likes of national and regional politicians, heads of NGOs, top judges, important public servants, influential business executives, media celebrities, media executives, and key journalists, ‘influencers’ and opinion formers.


At 17 December 2023 at 05:47 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Zionist Aligned Intelligence Services"....that's a mouthfull for something far more sinister.Lets cut to the Chase....The jews control both the American Intel Services AND the British Secret Police....USUALLY the Director of MI5 a could hardly be any clearer.

At 17 December 2023 at 07:19 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

“The Jews”?

Let me ask you something. Do you consider yourself to be a mere facet of an undifferentiated blob of humans called “The Gentiles”?

Or “The Women”, or “The Men”?

Or “The Brits”, “The Irish”, “The Scottish”, “The Americans”, “The Canadians”, “The Europeans”, “The Australians”, or whatever?

“The Whites”, “The Blacks”, “The Hispanics/Latinos” or “The Asians”?

Human beings are *not* undifferentiated automatons, capable only of manifesting the characteristics, and living out the inescapable trajectories, of our genes and our socialisation experiences.

Even if genetics and socialisation play a huge part in shaping each of us (which they do), each of us is ALSO a unique and differentiated being with some real capacity for self-determination. Some exercise this capacity for self-determination more than others, sure, but all of us have it and exercise to some extent, however small.

Even in North Korea among the brainwashed multitudes exhibiting highly similar mannerisms, habits, thoughts, etc., there is *some* divergence between individual citizens in how they think and act.

It is inaccurate, unfair and — above all — *dangerous* to simply lump together all individuals who happen to share a ‘race’, ethnicity, religion, nationality, gender, sexual orientation, or whatever, and declare or assume that all in group x must think or behave in the same way as their cohort.

After all the bloodshed humans have perpetrated on ourselves and suffered through the ages, we must never again lose sight of the fact that people are *individuals*, first and foremost.

With individual characteristics, as well as those we might share with others in the various demographic groups to which we belong.

So ‘The Jews’ do not exist; or rather, they exist, but they also do not.

Human being comes first.


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