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Spooky New Forest, Dolphin Square ....

Julian Lewis

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The New Forest MP is chairman of parliament’s Intelligence and Security Committee. His closest friend in parliament is John Bercow.

Bercow has said: “The best man at my wedding and my oldest, longest-standing friend in parliament [is] Julian Lewis, the MP from New Forest East”.

Julian Lewis was known to Scallywag magazine, and John Bercow allegedly protected Keith Vaz from facing allegations that he sexually abused minors.

Bercow’s wife, Sally, was instrumental in an alleged ‘Twitter ruse’ that had the effect of shielding the late Lord Alistair McAlpine from scrutiny into his past as a reported paedophile and child trafficker linked — according to Scallywag magazine — to paedophile John Allen, Dolphin Square, and a host of Tory politicians and fixers who allegedly preyed on boys in that complex ultimately owned by Dame Shirley Porter’s council.

Lewis and Bercow are both Jewish, as is Dame Shirley Porter.

Porter’s late son, John Robert Porter, had “strong links to the Israeli military establishment” and the US defense industry.


Derek Laud’s close friend Christine Hamilton “spent her childhood in the New Forest area, where her father was a GP in Ringwood.”

Christine and her husband, Neil, were arrested in May 2001 by police investigating an alleged rape.

Fortunately, the Hamiltons could show that they were ‘innocent’ of the alleged rape because at the time it occurred they were having dinner with their very close friend, Derek Laud: a former joint master of the New Forest Foxhounds.


Christine Hamilton’s close friend Derek Laud was elected joint master of the New Forest Foxhounds in c. 1999.

Like Dr Lewis and other prominent Tories of the 1990s, Derek Laud was prominently featured in numerous investigative articles published by Scallywag magazine in that era.

Some of these investigative reports concerned the child trafficker John Allen (since convicted), Lord Alistair McAlpine, another Tory operative linked to foxhunting and the New Forest, and politicians at ‘VIP paedophile parties’, said to have been held at Pimlico’s Dolphin Square.

According to Scallywag, several of the child rape victims at Dolphin Square had been trafficked from Allen’s care homes in North Wales by McAlpine; 

subsequent to which, two of Allen’s former ‘wards’ wound up ‘mysteriously’ dying in Hove, in a rental property set ablaze by an unknown arsonist.

Some have linked that ill-fated house and the street to Nicholas van Hoogstraten and the former Hove MP and President of Conservative Friends of Israel, Tim Sainsbury. Tim Sainsbury is Jewish.


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Another good Neil Oliver. Covers excess mortality in all age groups as well as other topical issues.


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