Friday 15 December 2023

You are next?


BRICS and the Resistance Axis: a convergence of goals 

 by Pepe Escobar

The Gaza war has accelerated cooperation between Global South countries  resisting western-backed conflict. 

Together, the Russian-led BRICS and Iran-led Axis of Resistance can shape a US-free West Asia. 

Arab and Iranian inclusion in BRICS will eventually rewrite the rules in West Asia, to the detriment of the Zionist project.

There's even a strong possibility this time around that Israel's certified war crimes in Gaza will be prosecuted, as Palestinians, Arabs, and Muslim-majority nations, with full BRICS support, form a Global South-recognized commission to take Tel Aviv and its armed forces to court.

Forget the tainted ICC, servile as it remains to the Hegemon's Rules-Based Order. The BRICS will help usher international law back to the forefront of the global scene, as intended when the UN was born in 1945 before it was castrated.


Mark Glenn- We are ALL Palestinians now.

Further to who "G-d's Chosen" REALLY are, what (((they))) ALL believe.

Judea's Death Warrant Against ALL Gentiles-The commandment to 'utterly destroy Amalek' - The Ugly Truth


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