Sunday 17 December 2023

'Either go to the dark place, or stand up against those who take from us...


At 17 December 2023 at 06:08 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jeffrey Epstein never stopped abusing women — and his VIP circle helped marked it possible


Lawyer Brad Edwards: ‘more than 20 men have been named as participants in sexual exploitation or abuse by women who were trafficked by Epstein’

“In March 2014, Jeffrey Epstein took his private jet to Seattle to visit BILL GATES at his office. Epstein brought along a Polish model he had met a few months earlier … [She] posed for a photo with the Microsoft co-founder. Epstein took the picture.”

“[Epstein] told the Polish model he could help her get involved at the GATES FOUNDATION.”

“… [The] Polish model, who was then in her 20s … notes how young she looks at the time. And how strange she must have appeared to Gates …”

Epstein also photographed the Polish model “with … [WOODY ALLEN] and former Israeli Prime Minister EHUD BARAK.” “Epstein told some of the women he could get them into Woody Allen films …”

“The Polish model was renting a room in New York in 2013 when she was introduced by another model to RAMSEY ELKHOLY …

“Elkholy, an anthropologist and musician … suggested that she meet a friend of his with connections to Harvard University who could help her pursue other careers … ‘He never mentioned that this Jeffrey Epstein had a criminal record’ ..

“… Elkholy was communicating with Epstein about finding attractive women … and Elkholy brought several of them to Epstein …

“In the first half of 2014, the Polish model said, she flew with Epstein to various places, including his Paris apartment and his ranch in New Mexico … [She] met Epstein’s associates, including Gates, TERJE ROD-LARSEN, then president of the International Peace Institute, and ARIANE DE ROTHSCHILD, the head of a Swiss private bank …” “Rød-Larsen resigned from the nonprofit in 2020 after disclosing he had taken donations and a personal loan from Epstein.”

“After her March 2014 visit to Gates’s office, Epstein’s accountant, Richard Kahn, emailed the Polish model a letter of support for a visa, which said she planned to survey the progress of the Gates Foundation’s work in three African countries …

“Epstein also connected the Polish model with [MELANIE WALKER, a Gates Foundation deputy director] … who had known Epstein for years [and] was one of several Gates Foundation employees who had visited the townhouse …”


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