Tuesday 24 October 2023

Palestinian kid - Afterwards


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At 24 October 2023 at 05:47 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

So sad. Sadder FB censored my excerpt from an SBS interview. The reason? The Hamas soldier was handng the elderly hostages over & he appeared to be well mannered. The elderly were clean, well fed & in no way harmed. In my opinion it is entirely possible that there are those in Israel who do NOT WANT the HOSTAGES back...

In a shocking revelation, Israeli hostage Yasmin Porat has raised disconcerting questions about the tragic events of October 7.

The Testimony:

In an exclusive interview, Porat disclosed that Israeli forces eliminated everyone, including hostages, amid heavy crossfire and tank shelling.

Censorship Concerns and Unfiltered Truth:

Porat's account mysteriously vanished from the "Haboker Hazeh" program, sparking questions of potential censorship. The full interview has also been completely censored off of all social media platforms and off of Kan's website. However, her unfiltered testimony has already resonated widely on social media.

In her interviews, Porat reveals a shocking twist: Palestinian fighters treated the hostages humanely, offering them hope of a safe passage to Gaza, despite the chaos. The compassionate act stands in stark contrast to the chaos that unfolded.

The captive group's relief was brutally disrupted as Israeli forces arrived, unleashing a storm of gunfire that wounded fighters and hostages alike. She said this about the Israeli forces to Israeli radio:

"They eliminated everyone, including the hostages." https://twitter.com/MarioNawfal/status/1716337785789927642?s=20&fbclid=IwAR35X9kF6Os-k3ly1gghtrkHlSAEsc58ELjd0U7mjC6R8jtkYQfF-kEL2fA


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