Sunday, 2 February 2020



SARS had a mortality rate of 9.6%, whereas about 2% of people infected with the new coronavirus have died.

The Wuhan coronavirus seems to have a low fatality rate, and ...

Above, in the UK, we see people suspected of maybe having the coronavirus being taken on coaches to Arrowe Park Hospital on the Wirral near Liverpool.

On the coaches, the specialists are wearing hazmat suits but the bus drivers are not wearing hazmat suits.

Jane Godman, from the Wirral, wrote on Twitter, 'Decision to have a coronavirus quarantine centre at Arrowe Park Hospital on the Wirral is bizarre.

'One of the busiest hospitals in the North West, with a maternity unit, in a built up area, 170 miles from where the Wuhan plane lands. Who decided this and why?'

Dallas, 2014.

In Dallas, 'the second U.S. nurse to contract Ebola' boards a plane bound for Atlanta.

A man holding a clipboard directs the transfer.

He is not wearing protective clothing, and yet he was seen grabbing a container and a hazardous materials trash bag.



On 16 September 2018, in a Salisbury restaurant, a 'Russian' couple fell ill with symptoms similar to Novichok poisoning'.

Joanne Trueman‏ @trueman - "Why are these firemen standing at the site of an alleged chemical weapons attack with no chemical weapons protection clothing on?"


By pure chance, an army nurse was passing by the Skripals as they passed out.

By another pure chance, army-trained doctors were on duty at the Salisbury hospital at that same moment. 




"The US-staged Hong Kong protests, 

The U.S. tariff regime against China, 

The threat of economic sanctions against nations working with Huawei, 

The CIA-inflamed Xinjiang conflict involving the Muslim Uyghurs, 

The Provocative sailing of US Navy warships through the Taiwan Strait, 

The transparent political prosecution of Huawei's CFO, 

The ravaging of China’s pig farms by a bioengineered virus, etc." 

"The Chinese government has been under withering attack."

"In October 2003, Tong Zeng, a Chinese lawyer and a volunteer in a 1998 Chinese-American medical cooperation program, published a book [16] that speculated that SARS could be a biological weapon developed by the United States against China.

"In the book, Tong disclosed that in the 1990s, many American research groups collected thousands of blood and DNA samples and specimens of mainland Chinese (including 5,000 DNA samples from twins) through numerous joint research projects carried out in China.

"These samples were then sent back to the United States for further research, and could be used in developing biological weapons targeting Chinese.

"These samples came from 22 provinces in China, all of which were hit by SARS in 2003.

"Only provinces like YunnanGuizhouHainanTibet, and Xinjiang were left out, and all these provinces suffered less severely during the SARS outbreak."


REALITY CHECK: Coronavirus fear porn – OffGuardian


It was a multibillion bonanza for Big Pharma supported by the WHO’s Director-General Margaret Chan.

Remember the 2009 H1N1 Swine Flu Pandemic ...


  1. Interestingly the name of the coach company is 'Horseman' and the livery is white and black. Not so subtle references to Pestilence and Famine? Someone sending a message to someone? No doubt a deliberate 'error' to draw attention to the coach and therefore it's symbolism.

    1. The whole Coronavirus thing is both a massive hoax and a drill.

    2. Yeah, but doesn't mean some people given the nod and a wink can't make a lot of money out of it - and this "message" on the coach must be more than a co-incidence, eh? Do you have eyes to see that?

    3. I just shared those same thoughts on facebook and it was taken down immediatly...




  5. WUHAN CORONAVIRUS PANDEMIC BIOENGINEERED: Who’s behind it, why now and why China?

    Everything Points to Biowarfare Being Used Against China
    by the Western Powers Which Seek to Contain Her
    Growing Power and Influence in the World

    1. I have issue with how the West world is run and how much suffering has brought to this world but I don't see China being any different. Just look at places like Cambodia how they are destroying the local towns building huge casinos that benefit only the Chinese.


  7. Aang,
    I highly recommend that you read this short article from Jim Fetzer¡s blog who as you know was sued by Sandy Hook's Pozner who won a $450,000 judgeent adainst him.
    Rebecca Carnes from Newtown who wrote the article has since been arrested in Newtown,CT. for questioning the local energy company's plan to install ' ‘Smart Meters’ on Your Home as Part of its Massive 5G Smart Grid'.
    You must read comments below her short article to even know this as well as the fact that Wolfgang Halbig was just arrested on DeceMber 27 in Florida as well !

    Ryan Lanza, Adam Lanza and the 2007 NHS Freshman Yearbook Oddities
    January 26, 2020

    Wolfgang Halbig arrested!

    James Fetzer says:
    January 28, 2020 at 10:29 am
    I rather strongly suspect that this arrest (with spectacular publicity) was conducted to distract from a third-generation Newtown mother (who is also a journalist and former teacher) speaking out that she has come to the (belated) realization) that Sandy Hook was a scam, where I bumped my scheduled guest Friday to put her on and get the word out–where she has already been arrested on a trumped-up charge of 1st degree criminal trespass for going to her energy provider and asking that the Smart Meter on her home be replaced. Here are the relevant links (with more to come). SHARE FAR AND WIDE..

  8. Sorry I neglected to post the link to the video of Jim Fetzer's interview with Rebecca Carnes.As it turns out she is the person who challenged Beto O'Rourke to a debate that he remained silent about during his phony 'town hall' meeting in Newtown in 2019.At the time she had little to say about Sandy Hook.Yet she grew up around some of the characters involved although it does appear many of the Sandy Hook characters were not long standing members and residents of Newtown.
    She comes off very much better to me in this sit down interview than she did at the Townhall meeting where Beto O'Rourke's silence made it appear she was talking to herself.Note this interview occurs after her arrest in Newtown for the 'crime' of requesting that the 'smart meter' installed in her home without her permission be removed.

    The Raw Deal (24 January 2020) with Rebecca Carnes

  9. Good questions at:

    Is there a connection between 5 G and the WuFlu? Wuhan was the first city where the 5 G flying carpet was rolled out , a role model for China and the world so to speak.

    Facebook of course denies any such connection.

  10. Jim Stone has some good information about the Coronavirus. good stuff. The virus has 4 strains of HIV in it.


  12. ATS update with graphs. nCoV 2019 is legit. Also Indian Defence link - Prof. Boyle claims it is a bio warfare weapon. Mr Keshe (50/50) working in China with their govt. alleges it is bio war. He claims the same with pig virus which he says was spread by palm sized drones put in place by American agents.


    Eustace Mullins – Vaccinations and population control


    The Rape Of Justice youtube deleted videos